The Awareness Podcast, Ep.41: Integrating Spiritual Awakening with Susan Telford and Tom Das: The End of Suffering

integrating spiritual awakening susan telford tom das Oct 27, 2022

When Susan sat down to interview Tom Das for The Awareness Podcast, she did not expect something extraordinary to happen live on the show. As Tom is giving a 4 part live workshop in November*, Susan wanted to find out more about him, how his spiritual journey has unfolded and how he became a spiritual teacher. However, when Susan asked this question,

“Let's imagine just for the sake of the next, 10 minutes or whatever that I have come to you and said, I've had a glimpse of my true nature. I know that I'm not just this, I've had some spiritual experiences, but I don't feel as if I'm in a state of total freedom because I'm still vacillating between feeling that I'm not this body, mind, personality and feeling very much contracted inside it and reacting to the things that are happening. Help me to see.”

The podcast changed from an interview to a holy encounter that led Susan to taste her true nature in a deeper way than ever before, while at the same time realizing it was something she had always known.


Whilst Tom has explored many teachings traditions including Advaita (Nondual) Vedanta, Buddhism, Zen, Christian Mysticism, Dzogchen and Taoism as well as more “New Age” teachings such as the Law of Attraction, his love is to share the teachings of his Beloved Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi, as well as his devotion for Sri Ramana. That said, irrespective of your own seeking background, Tom has an uncanny knack of being able to meet you where you are and facilitate a greater clarity in those who approach him for guidance.

Tom lives with his wife and children in London UK. He holds meetings twice a week in person and online with the intent of sharing this wonderful message of love and freedom from suffering.



Session 1: 7th November (3 - 4:30pm ET)
Discovering Your True Nature

Session 2: 14th November (3 - 4:30pm ET)
Freedom from Physical Suffering

Session 3: 21st November (3 - 4:30pm ET)
Freedom from Emotional Suffering

Session 4: 28th November (3 - 4:30pm ET)

Living Your Realization in the Midst of Everyday Life