The Awareness Podcast, Ep.48: The Living in Oneness Experience with Cyndi Krupp and Simone Anliker - The Great Mystery

cyndi krupp living in oneness experience simone anliker Dec 19, 2022

Tune in to this episode of the Living in Oneness Podcast as Simone describes her journey in The Great Mystery. Her desire for Truth leads her from a life in Law into one of study and service.  Learn how an interest in NVC (Non Violent Communication), Dyads, and Trauma Healing has shaped her current work.

Simone Anliker, is a CNVC Certified Trainer for Nonviolent Communication, a certified Trauma NARM Master Practitioner, a certified Trauma Havening Techniques Practitioner, an iEMDR Coach, and a Global Dyad Meditation Teacher. She has a master degree in law (LL.M.), she is the author of “The Power of Dyad Meditation – A New Way of Meditating in Times of Loneliness and Social Stress” and the co-author of several other books such as Holistic Healing.