The Awareness Podcast, Ep.54: Conversations in Truth with Bill Free and Prachi Jain

bill free conversations in truth prachi jain Feb 02, 2023


In December 2022, Bill Free and Lisa Natoli spent 3 weeks in India. They traveled with a group hosted by Prachi Jain, director of the tour company Escape To…

Listen as they share the joy of what India offers and how India brings a deeper awakening, a deeper sense of the peace and flow of Life.

About Prachi Jain:

Prachi Jain is director and trip leader of Fairkonnect, a travel company that organizes meaningful tours and retreats in India, Sri Lanka and Mexico. Prachi's personal journey led her to the Ramana Maharishi ashram in India back in 2010. Since then she has followed the path of Truth and abidance in Awareness, and loves creating spiritual journeys for people in her home country of India. Along with her partner, she has led over 800 travelers on tours that deepen their connection to themselves and to life. While not on tour, she spends time in Boston having tea with her fluffy cat.