The Pen by Cyndi Krupp

cyndi krupp Jul 05, 2022

When given the opportunity to contribute to the Teachers of God Foundation Blog, I immediately said yes. The thought that something I may share here will create the experience of greater peace in your life journey lights me up from the inside out.

When I sat to write what came to me was to tell you about an experience I recently had with a pen.

This may seem like a simple, even silly story....

And perhaps it is. :)

And yet, what it is pointing to (in me anyway) is releasing me from having to believe everything about who I think I Am, where I think I came from, what I think will happen next.

It is helping me to heal the habitual belief in my *thinking"...

For the better part of the last 7 years my eldest daughter has been away from home attending undergraduate and then graduate school.

On a visit sometime last year, we were in Walgreen's and I needed a new pen. She pointed out her favorite pen and suggested I give it a try.

So I purchased it and decided to make it my favorite pen as well.

And so from that point on, I purchased only that pen. I bought refills for the pen, I even purchased a dozen at a time so I would never have to use a different kind. There was nothing better than this love of the pen I got to share with Sarah.

And there was no one, nowhere, who would have been able to convince me that Sarah and I did not love and use the same pen.

Except for Sarah. :)

When she was here last week, I lovingly showed her my collection of our favorite pen and the look she gave me was kind, but....

She remembered the trip to Walgreens — and even pointing out the pen she preferred — A Paper Mate InkJoy click pen.

The pen I have been using — a Pilot Precise V5 (no click).

They don't look alike — other than being pens — they had little in common.

And yet, when I went into my memory bank, there is no question that what I find is the Pilot pen.

The conclusion: My memories cannot be trusted to be true...

And as I looked at the false memory instead of being concerned, something sort of clicked and all the teachings I have been investing so much time with took on a most wonderful new meaning....

The only time that exists is Now.

My experience of Now is colored by what I *think* has led up to this moment — but what I think occurred, what has been stored as memories, can not be trusted to be true.

So why not give my willingness to let them all go and just be here now without the baggage of distorted memories of what I *think* happened before?

Who Am I Now without my past? Who are the people in my life without what I think they did or did not do before? Who are you and those in your life?

Crazy, right — all that from a pen. :)

Ok, so that is my “memories cannot be trusted” story. What is yours? Why not take a few minutes now to bring it to mind and then share it in the comment section below.

And then I invite you to join me in choosing to rest in the Here and Now without believing any of your past stories, no matter how convincing they may appear.