It’s in the Simple Things You Can Do - Choose Now by Cyndi Krupp

cyndi krupp Aug 10, 2022

“Your own Self-Realization is the greatest service you can render the world.” 
—Ramana Maharshi

Thank you for investing your time and your awareness here, with this blog post. It is my intention that these few words will leave you with a greater sense of expansiveness, peace and joy.

Ultimately what all the Truth teachings point to is that it is this state of quiet, peaceful joy that is our natural state. And remaining here, in this most natural state of peace, is also the greatest gift we can give to ourselves, our loved ones, and to all the world.

“Be the Peace you wish to see in the world.” — Martin Luther King

What follows is a list of “activities” you can do, right now, that will, right now, shift your awareness from problem solving / wishing things were different to a greater awareness of this peace and joy that is always with you. Play with any and all on the list that you are drawn to. Play with any and all on the list as often as you desire. It really can be this simple.

  1. Step back, pause, and do nothing but breathe. Often the greatest gift we can give ourselves is taking time to be without an agenda and without a goal. Just take time to rest in not doing.
  2. Bare feet on grass/sand/snow/water etc. Bare feet in nature even for a few moments can pull you out of overwhelm and into a state of balance and centeredness.
  3. Dance. Just put on the music of your choice and move your body.
  4. Walk. Whether you are in nature or on a busy city street just take a walk. And if you find yourself still lost in thought while you are walking then pay attention to your feet as they hit the ground.
  5. Do something creative. It does not matter what it is — as long as it is creative. I keep a giant box of crayons on hand because I love color. You may prefer clay or wood or writing poetry.
  6. Smile at the people you meet during your day and pay attention to how many smile back (it will be more than you think).
  7. Laugh — and if you need some help finding something that tickles your inner laughter here is a favorite of mine... Laughing Buddha
  8. Listen to music that lights you up inside — if you are looking for suggestions.... Beautiful Day
  9. If there are dogs or cats or children in your home, then get on the floor and play with them awhile.

Remember” why you do what you do.

A businessman visited a small fishing village and he noticed a fisherman quitting work by mid morning everyday. The man would bring his catch to market, collect the money he required to keep himself and his family comfortable, and then spend the rest of the day enjoying his family and the sunshine. The businessman didn’t understand why such a young vibrant man would waste his life in play so he approached the villager and asked him why he stopped work so early. He pointed out that if he continued to fish throughout the day he could catch more and more fish and amass greater and greater wealth.

The villager looked at the businessman and asked simply, “What would I do with this amassed wealth?”, to which the businessman replied, “Once you have great wealth you can take off and enjoy life”.

The villager just smiled at the businessman and answered simply, “Why would I put off enjoying life later when I am having so much fun today?”

There is no greater gift you can give to yourself, your loved ones, and the world, than your own happiness.

With that said, it would be awesome if you took a few minutes to share your list of simple things you do that shift you into a more peaceful place. I would love to give them a go.