This Time of Spiritual Abundance by Annie Kiyonaga

annie kiyonaga annie kyonaga Aug 30, 2022

Recently I was in the presence of a highly respected spiritual teacher who had us contemplate that which draws us into the story of, into identification with, the temporal world; thus encouraging an awareness of that which entices us to capitulate to the transience at the cost of an abidance in that inner stillness - that sweet, deep intimacy which is our essential nature.  It’s not that this capitulation is wrong or bad. It’s that we are so short-changed in the process…We pay a very high price, indeed, in so doing.

And, in the presence of this teacher, this truth could be felt.

This is just one example of the amazing spiritual knowledge that has come my way in this life.  We live in a very fortunate time, in terms of this knowledge. The world today is replete with profound and transformative spiritual wisdom.  The age of YouTube, Zoom, etc., has gifted us with seemingly innumerable portals to frequencies which support awakening;  to beings of tremendous earnestness and compassion. This availability seems singular in human history. And, again, it is extremely fortunate.

Of course discernment needs to be strongly afoot in all this.  One’s spiritual antennae needs to be highly tuned to discern the real teachers, those that can provide true and transformative teachings.

This year, I have had the good fortune to participate in the Evolve Platform, a paradigm which invites in teachers of renowned spirituality. Each teacher came with his or her methodology (or lack thereof) which was reflective of their own spiritual awakening.  It was not only very valuable to be the recipient of these teachings, but also it showed clearly that spiritual awakening can express in so many ways. Additionally, it was seen that the path to this awakening differs according to the proclivities and temperament of that teacher.

This exposure was enlivening and illuminating. The mind, which might have set ideas about spiritual life and how it should manifest, is freed up in this realization.  

I am very grateful to the plethora of great spiritual wisdom available in this time, as exemplified in the Evolve platform and elsewhere. These sources provide such golden wisdom which supports connecting us to our divine essence so the same can shine forth, all while deeply honoring our humanness.

I am very grateful to the teachers who step forth to support us in discovering and abiding evermore deeply in our essential selves, so each of us can come fully home to ourselves.

I am very grateful to this time on our planet where such spiritual abundance exists; a time wherein we are given huge support  to step completely into That which we truly are.

I am grateful for it all.

Thank you. 

Annie Kiyonaga 


Annie Kiyonaga has had a very global destiny in this life.  Her beginnings took place in Tokyo, Japan with subsequent stays in various Latin American countries during her childhood.  Her adulthood continued in this manner, having lived in such places as Italy, India and the French West Indies.  (Guadeloupe). Additionally, she has visited many other foreign destinations (such as Poland, Morocco and Cuba!)

She also had the great good fortune to spent approximately 11 years in an ashram, in both India and the United States. 

Annie received her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Berkeley and her masters from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies. (SAIS)

She is a poet, writer and artist.  She very much enjoys the creativity found in the arts.

Annie has two beautiful sons and presently resides in St. Augustine, Florida.

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