True Healing & Abiding as Love's Presence by Lisa Natoli

lisa natoli May 23, 2023
True Healing - Abiding as Love's Presence by Lisa Natoli

Hear Lisa describe of what got her beyond all the self-help books and the shift that occurred for her that allowed true healing... And tune in to find out how the simplicity of taking a pause, being in awareness as a witness to the Self, and being still in Love's presence can make all the difference...

"My path shows me that this is available to everyone... you don't have to wait for a near-death experience, you don't have to go sit under a tree and hope you have an experience like Jesus or Buddha or any of these people that we've heard about that had an awakening..."

"In this awareness we are the Way, the Truth and the Light... and this Truth will correct all errors in the mind... giving our attention to the Eternal Presence... "



This session with Lisa was recorded in preparation for a previous Pure Presence conference — complete recordings of that event and all past conferences are available within the Pure Presence Community.

Coming up in June!: Lisa's powerfully transformative 40-Day Program Group Journey... join the thousands who have benefited from this amazing program.