QUESTION: How Can I Deal With the Challenges That Arise Regarding My Aging/Elderly Parents?

By Kimberly Cartwright

Do you have an aging/elderly parent parent who is sick or complaining often? Is your relationship with them becoming increasing challenging? It’s Kimberly and I recorded today’s video live from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital. I’m going to be answering a question from one of the members of our Teachers of God community, and I came […]

elderly parents

Christ Vision and Awareness

By Bill Free

God is, Awareness, Presence, Being, Christ Vision… Are all these descriptions really a different word talking about the same thing and leading us to the same experience of our own True Nature? In today’s video, I will walk you through the way workbook lessons 1 – 40 lead you to the experience of Christ Vision […]

christ vision and awareness

Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work and One That Will

By Kelly Russell

As we say farewell to 2017 and all the perceived good, bad, and ugly we may feel has accompanied it, we find ourselves turning to 2018 with a renewed sense of hope, optimism, and excitement. There is an almost electric vibration – a universal pull to release the old and welcome the new. A clean […]

why new year's resolutions don't work

An Early Christmas Gift: 3 Tools to Keep You Sane This Holiday Season

By Kelly Russell

So, I’ll just come out of the holiday closet right now and admit that I totally love Christmastime. I am that freak who listens only to holiday music from Thanksgiving through New Years Eve, who insists on watching a cultivated list of favorite Christmas movies starting with “A Christmas Story” on Thanksgiving night, who pretty […]

3 tools to keep you sane 2

How to Have a Miracle Body

By Kelly Russell

I know, it can seem like a pretty freaky thought, that this reflection looking back at us from the mirror; this entity that we spend so much time and energy thinking, worrying, and obsessing about the state of, isn’t even us. Not to mention the effort we put into working so we can have money […]

how to have a miracle body

Leave Your Baggage, Pack Your Bag – We’re Busting a Move to Miracle Camp!

By Kelly Russell

Yay Summer! It’s Kelly Russell, and I am so excited to welcome you as we head out to Miracle Camp today! This is going to be a place to have fun and get our joy on, to make friends with other campers, to learn new skills as well as develop those we already possess; to […]

Not Your Mama’s Definition of Sin

By Kelly Russell

One of the most accurate illustrations of the pervasive sense of underlying guilt I think a lot of people feel is a cartoon image I once saw of a kid in a classroom writing “I am personally responsible for the sins of the world” like 1,000 times on a blackboard while being watched over by […]

definition of sin