What is the Nondual understanding and How to Live It

Rupert Spira explains the Nondual perspective and how to actually live one’s life consistent with this understanding… Rupert will be a presenter at the upcoming Integrated Awakening Conference. Live as the awareness of Love’s presence and learn more about the conference featuring Truth Teachers from around the world.

Question & Answer Session with Francis Lucille

Francis Lucille is one of the clearest teachers of Truth alive today. Listen in as he answers questions, live, during a recent book study session.  To learn more about and register for Bill Free’s Book Study Group — as well the latest from The Teachers of God Foundation & Pure Presence Conferences, click here.

The Direct Experience of Oneness…

Living Mastery Panel 7.20.21

Bill Free, Lisa Natoli and Cyndi Krupp were joined by Dov Fishman, Rosalyn Rourke and Rona Marren in the first Open Living Mastery Meeting. Each shared and answered questions focused on their own understanding and direct experience of Oneness….

Will You Be Your Valentine? The Gift of Self-Love

By Kelly Russell

Yo Yo, Soul-Bro! In celebration of what I think of as the month of Love – because a) there is an entire day dedicated to the expression of it and b) my anniversary of meeting my boyfriend of 8 years is in February – this blog post is my valentine to you. It arrives enveloped in sparkling, shimmering light, and … Read More

Christmas in Pandemic With All of the Bros From Home

By Kelly Russell

  Yo Yo Ho Ho, God Rest Ye Merry GentleBros! It’s Kelly Russell, the Rock Your Joy Coach, and today I bring you tidings of great joy! I’m channeling my Three Wise Chicks and following that crazy-bright Star of Wonder – aka the guidance of Spirit – to lay some precious bling on that Christ child you’ve got all swaddled up in the … Read More


By Lisa Natoli

It’s Monday morning, November 2, 2020 as I write this blog. It’s windy, overcast and cold here in Maine where I live with my husband Bill Free. Tomorrow is election day in the United States and by the time this blog is sent out to the Teachers of God mailing list on Wednesday, November 4th, the United States elections will … Read More

Self-Inquiry: From Seeking to Knowing

By Regina Dawn Akers

I would like to share a brief, high-level overview of my spiritual journey, not because the story of my journey is important in itself, but because the story highlights how Self-inquiry fits on the spiritual path. This story puts Self-inquiry in its proper perspective. It illustrates Self-inquiry’s value as a key tool used for awakening, a tool that takes us … Read More

Mantras For Our Time

By Bill Free

Mantras for our time Can be very helpful in maintaining inner peace and presence at a time when the world seems to be spinning out of control and away from the values and integrity that support well-being and the common good for a shared experience of peace and happiness in our communities, our culture, family values and the experiences in … Read More