Christ Vision and Awareness

By Bill Free

God is, Awareness, Presence, Being, Christ Vision…

christ vision and awareness

Are all these descriptions really a different word talking about the same thing and leading us to the same experience of our own True Nature?

In today’s video, I will walk you through the way workbook lessons 1 – 40 lead you to the experience of Christ Vision and why this understanding and the practice of the early workbook lessons are so important in having the direct experience called “The Real World” that culminates in the experience of knowing thyself.

Also, what is the Borderland? Have you ever wondered?

And finally listen to what Adyashanti says about Awareness in this 2 minute blurb on Awareness at the end.

Christ Vision and Awareness

great rays of god

Question: What are your thoughts about Christ Vision and Awareness? What practice do you use to tap into your True Nature? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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9 thoughts on “Christ Vision and Awareness

  1. Hi Bill,

    On Christ Vision or “Getting it”:

    This is my second time around for the workbook which I began on the 1st of January and even though I’ve been a course student for 25 years, I feel like this time
    around I’m finally really “getting” it!!! Talk about slow learning! It’s amazing but during these 31 lessons so far – especially about Christ vision and God being “in everything I see because “God is in my mind” – that suite of lessons just totally popped out for me this week. I don’t know why I did not ever “realise” this, despite understanding seemingly more complex concepts like the illusion of time, forgiveness of self, ego dynamics and so on, I never “got” that everything I see is God around me because God is in my mind and so it’s only natural that that’s all I would see – extended – Him/God, extending inwards and outwards because that’s all there is: LOVE/GOD! Now… why didn’t I ever “get” that before? Why now? The answer probably doesn’t matter but only the awareness of that Truth in this moment does, and for me, that seemingly small integration of that idea feels like a major leap. That’s enlightenment right there! And I really, really, really felt as I was doing that lesson what Jesus means when He says that you will save many years (thousands) if you get even one of those lessons. He means it literally (within this illusion called “Life”). So for me, I have experienced that Christ vision in a very tangible way this week by really paying close attention to the lines I am uttering in the first 40 workbook lessons because when I truly and fully slow down, and think and feel into what I’m saying and really “feel” it, sincerely, something “alchemical” seems to happen inside me and I feel that shift occur. The best way to describe it is that “Oh My God! This is so obvious why didn’t I ever see that before” feeling! I just get sooooo excited! The Joy of Awareness bubbles up effervescently inside of me and I just want to share it with someone – except often there’s no one around at that moment to share it with…. uggh! Lol! … and also, just by “getting it”, or re-membering it, everyone gets it. Somehow it’s like re-joining or reconnecting with a group of people you haven’t seen for a while… your mind just notices them standing afar on the picnic ground and you walk up to them, so happy to see these old friends as if you’ve never been away from them all this time. That’s what “Christ vision” or “awareness” or “getting it” feels like for me. Like an old friend revisited, or as Jesus would put it: a forgotten song that I just remembered.✌🏼

    • Hi Robert, Sorry I’m just getting to these messages. Our site went down and I’m just getting back to it. I love your message and clarity. Yes! I feel the same way. Such an easy idea that makes all the difference in my experience.

      Christ Vision and Awareness, one in the same. The thing is, you don’t see it until you do; And when you do the Course opens up in a brand new way.

      Love You <3

  2. Hi Bill, Thank you so much for this .Such a feeling of clarity with watching
    video on “Christ Vision and Awareness.”I had never thought that I am as everyone else as well are the “Great Rays”.
    Thank you Bill,Lisa and all at Teachers of God for your dedication to Truth.

  3. Thank you for this Bill. I have watched this full Livestream 3 times already because it was just magnificent! You are on fire! And I’m so grateful that you are where you are and are sharing with us! So much Love! 💞

    • Hi Denise,

      I’m just getting to these messages. Our site went down and I’m just getting back to it.

      Thank you for the comment. I love it when people have the same experience as Awareness of Being and the Joy it brings, It’s so good!

      Thanks for watching.

      Love You <3

  4. So thank full and think less : ) for Teachers of God foundation. Bill, Lisa, and Linda have helped me to understand ACIM. My life is transformed and I am forever free. ❤❤ Here is an example of how the mind training is helping me learn small steps to a great transformation. While listening to some classic rock and rock the song by Poison began to play, Every Rose has its Thorn, and I instantly smiled and said it should be, Every Thorn has its Rose! LOL
    Bill, I loved your video and the great rays of God and the borderland. Yes, Yes, Yes!

    • I know… The Great Rays of God, Right?

      We are that… And you feel it as a knowing experience.

      Thank you for watching:)


  5. Hej Bill
    I try to keep it as simple as possible. For me is God Consciousness.
    Consciousness includes everything excludes nothing. Either you
    are in thinking mode or aware. To be Aware I ask the question,
    Am I Aware? Very simple.
    ACIM never speaks about energy. Why? Everything is energy
    according to Einstein. God, Love, Light, Consciousness is Energy.

    Love Kaj

    • Yes Kaj, I love your simplicity. <3 Perfect!

      He talks specifically about energy only in one place in MT:

      1. The term mind is used to represent the activating agent of spirit, supplying its creative energy. When the term is capitalized it refers to God or Christ (i.e., the Mind of God or the Mind of Christ). Spirit is the Thought of God which He created like Himself. The unified spirit is God’s one Son, or Christ.

      Otherwise it's focus is for the attainment of inner Peace through mind training... I really enjoy the Direct Path teaching to go along with A Course in Miracles.

      Thanks for your comment.