Confidence & Concentration: Learning to stay connected long enough to hear God’s Voice.

As a long time student/teacher of A Course in Miracles, I had heard of the story about Bill Thetford wanting to hear the Voice of Jesus the same way Helen Schucman heard it.

The way I heard the story is that Bill asked Helen to ask Jesus what he should do. The way I heard it is that Jesus told Helen to tell Bill that he should start every day with the words “Lord, here I am.”

Well, this is not exactly the way the story actually happened, as I just found out this morning.

This morning I happened to open up the book Absence from Felicity by Ken Wapnick and it landed on the exact page that tells the story of this incident. Ken writes: “The idea of Helen’s asking help for Bill (and others) remained an important issue for her.”

Below are Helen’s notes about what actually happened with this “Lord, here I am” story  – this is Jesus speaking.

I LOVE this – because this is precisely and exactly what I have a tendency to do – get part of the answer and then disconnect and stop listening. Then I decide I can figure out the rest myself. Jesus says concentration and confidence are needed.

So this isn’t really a message for Bill Thetford. It’s a message for me.

And perhaps it’s a message for you if you have been frustrated with not being able to consistently and clearly hear God’s Voice.



Jesus to Helen: I can’t answer where he (Bill) asks amiss. When he asks right I have answered. He has a tendency to get part of the answer and decide himself when to disconnect. He should ask if that’s all. Since I don’t know when he’s going to ring off I have to be very short and even cryptic. It chops messages up too much.

There is also interference from three major areas:

1. He doesn’t have much real confidence that I will get through. He never just claims his rights. He should begin with much more confidence. I’ll keep my promises, but you (Helen) do not act as if you really expect him to …

2. He has to learn better concentration. His mind flits about too much for good communication. Suggest a very short phrase like “Here I am Lord” and don’t think of ANYTHING else. Just pull in your mind slowly from everywhere else and center it on these words. This will also him the realization that he (Bill) really IS here. He’s not too sure.

3. Tell him to be sure not to mistake your (Helen’s) role. If he overreacts to or over evaluates you as a person, both of you will be in danger (from your own guilt)


I would love to hear from you! Please post in the comment area below. What’s your listening practice? How is your concentration? How is your confidence (that God is with you and that’s God’s Voice will get through)? Do you stay quiet long enough to receive the whole message? Or do have a tendency like Bill to “disconnect” and “ring off”?

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464 thoughts on “Confidence & Concentration: Learning to stay connected long enough to hear God’s Voice.

  1. Lisa, thank you so much for this great post. I think i listen long enough to get the whole message, but what i need to strengthen is my trust in the message. I completely believe the message at the time and then later in the day when contrary ideas appear i start to doubt the original message. I need to “claim” my “rights” for confidence in hearing directly from God.xoxo

  2. Hi Lisa, Thanks for sharing this. I have 2 struggles with this. First no matter how quiet I get or how long I sit, there is no quiet. I have ringing in my ears ALL the time and sitting for meditation, or laying down brings on severe ringing. I have always felt more in connection with Gods voice through inspiration. I continue to sit for meditation but rarely receive any form of connection that way. I have had a few very deep connections in this manner, but it does not happen often.

  3. I was much better at the confidence and concentration thing for the few years after my divorce, when I was totally surrendered.

    After that, when my expectations weren’t met in the ways I wanted, I disconnected from it. I was angry.

    Now I’m trying to get back to it.

  4. Thanks for the reminder to not “ring off” so soon! This does take practice. The thought to ask, “Is that all?” and then wait a little while longer is essential. The urge to jump up and do something needs to be postponed a while longer.

  5. I now realize that I have the same problem, I don’t give enough time to God to speak to me, other times when I hear something I think is my mind making this up, reading this, from now on, I will stay quiet long enough and feel the certainty that is God who is talking to me. Thank you so much!

  6. Thank you again Lisa for a message I needed! The synchronicity in this universe astounds me!
    Since doing your 49 day program I have committed to a consistent daily practice of prayer and meditation first thing in the morning.
    I wake up one full hour ahead of when I really need to and talk to God. This practice has literally changed my life!
    Most days I do say “here I am Lord” first thing. I then ask Him to use me this day. To fill me and use me. I say the words “what would You have me do today Father? Where would You have me go? What would You have me say and to whom?” I thank Him for sending the Holy Spirit and I invite the Holy spirit in. It is such a lovely start. I tell the Holy Spirit that I will make no decisions myself today and thank Him for making my decisions and for directing my thinking. I send love out to the world. I read my daily course lesson and meditate for 15 to 20 minutes. Then I head out into the world. 🙂
    My mind definitely flits around here and there and I do “ring off”, however because I have consciously handed my thinking first thing to the Holy Spirit I do come back to God quicker than I used to. Sometimes it is almost immediate and that is a miracle!
    Many of the things that worried me and caused me pain in my daily life have miraculously transformed since handing my days to God first thing.
    I will take the lovely blog post and meditate on this and I am sure it will help with the “monkey brain” I sometimes experience.
    Thank you Lisa and all of the teachers of God for all you do!
    Much love! Namaste ♡♡♡

  7. Thank you so much Lisa. What a gift ❤️
    This was really an aha moment. I concentrate and listen, but I never ask if there’s more to it. That could explain some of my experiences, where things doesn’t show up the way I was shown. I’ll definitely remember to ask, if there are more to it before I act on it.
    Lots of love and gratitude.

  8. Wow! This certainly was for me! I do hear God’s voice sometimes but usually I go by my intuition? Reading the above dialogue with Jesus and Helen I realized that I although I do believe it happens with some people I did not believe it would happen for me. Now I realize though that it is me playing small! This has certainly opened something up for me.

  9. Hi Lisa i am certainly a ring off person, my mind tells me that i am not doing anything sitting there and that i am doing nothing and should be doing something else. i use the course in miracles and the letting go book, the pathway of surrender by David R. Hawkins, also. that keeps me grounded longer, but would love stay longer hear more and listen and not rush. i am like some on in traffic jam, once i get an opening and insight i am off and running with it, and know i am not getting the whole thing. i forsake the joy of just being with, and insight i would appreciate, i want to grow in my relationship. but find myself floundering right now. thank you for the post Katrina

    • Hello Lisa…

      I wrestle with this very thing daily…not sitting long enough and not trusting. i also tend to read too much so nothing much can happen. Simplicity is key and i plan on utilizing this info! Thank you so very much! Skye

  10. Hi Lisa! Thank you for this post 🙂 For me it really depends from period to period. There are times when I can just easily tune and listen and get the whole message. But there are times when my mind is so active searching what I need ro do next that I actually could not get still enough. I love my moments in stilness and connection.

  11. …This is VERY helpful, thank you so much! Particularly about actually choosing TRULY to remain present and unafraid of what is to be heard!

  12. Hi Lisa!
    Thank you for sharing this!
    I feel blessed to have been practicing meditation for many years. Meditation has been insturmental with hearing Holy Spirit’s Voice.
    Going forward I will be diligent for any signs of misguided messages based on my “feeling”, rather than my intelect. Namaste????????

  13. I love the part where Jesus says, “pull your mind slowly from everywhere else and center in on these words.” Oops. I say these words every day to God , every morning. But , as you said, I stop there. I disconnect . What is my resistance? Hmm.
    I willing to go all the way. Thanks for this wonderful reminder

  14. I have been a student of the course for about 25 years and came to it at about the same time I was experimenting simultaneously with “tuning in” to the Ascended Masters (Lord Michael et al) and learning how to practice creative visualisation and karmic cleansing using various chanting and meditation techniques. As I became more immersed in ACIM, I left behind techniques that seemed to reinforce concepts of “karma”, white light, coloured chakras, cleansing vibrational flames and so on; because I began to feel that they emphasised “manifestation” rather than what the course’s focus is, which is inner peace through forgiveness.

    However there may be a pearl in this proverbial spiritual oyster: I usually began all my vibrational Tuning in – and prayer – alike with the words : “through my mighty I Am Presence and my Holy Christ Self…” This claims the desire of my heart to be guided only by the agency of the Holy Spirit for God to decide everything for me. Well before I had come into contact with the course’s “I will step back and let Him lead the way” or “Holy Spirit; Decide for God for me” I had been stating my intentions to be guided thus. I was a baby pilgrim then and that was the early-to-mid 90s and it felt right at the time.

    Bill Theford’s “Lord, here I am” is a beautiful and simple invocation to come into the holy Presence in a similar way. The “trick” is to remain in the “Here I am” part and try not to wobble! Part of Mastery is to eliminate this “wobble” and to learn to tune our vibration – our heart’s desire and willingness for inner peace and forgiveness – and learn to elevate gracefully into alignment each time.

    Despite my being able to enter into “The Mighty I am Presence and Holy Christ Self” I have found that my concentration, like Bill’s, waivers, wiggles and wobbles during the wavelength of often rather long combined prayer sessions (Part supplication/part adoration) and that I have to pull my mind all too quickly back into alignment and often the power of my intention seems to be scattered. Learning to emphasise the adoration and appreciation part and de-emphasise supplication and entreaty has been critical for me.

    I feel I am more often successful with hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit through signs, symbols, music or: “winks, nudges and prompts” as David Hoffmeister refers to them, and that maybe this is because my seeming lack of efforting can produce more connection that way. I am
    still working it out. Still experimenting. Playing.

    It’s quite zen that way: To be listening for and also not listening at the same time has resonance. To have a deep desire to hear the voice and yet not be invested in the ego-outcome of “having to hear a voice” is, I think, vital to “success” (notice the inverted commas here) in being in what Abraham-Hicks would call “receptive mode.”

    When we are in alignment and happy, then we are most likely to be “tuned in, tapped in, turned on,” says Abraham, who is – like Helen Shucman – also a seemingly human channel for helping us to remove the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.

    Hearing the voice of the Holy Spirit is beautiful and the essence of “the other way”, but as Jesus warns us in ACIM: we are should never substitute form for content.

    Limitless love,
    Robert David.

  15. Thank you Lisa. ❤️ I cut off too soon often, mostly I think because lack of confidence in worthiness in receiving. I think. I hear, I listen and then I cut off. I’ll now ask , “was that all, do you want me to listen more?” And more confident stay in tune. Knowing its for me to hear.

    Thank you. ❤️ Ulrika.

  16. I love how this process is laid out! I have difficulty staying quiet long enough to hear. And typically my answers come through in different ways – a song, an image, a blog post 🙂 , through someone, a FB post, etc. And they don’t come through immediately following my asking. It shows up later – when there is no resistance of course!
    I do have a question. In Ken Wapnick’s youtube video, Asking the Holy Spirit, he states that we should only be asking the Holy Spirit or Jesus to “remind me of who I am” or “remind me of everything I have”. Are these the questions you are asking? Because if I understand Ken correctly, to ask other questions is to make whatever problem or struggle we are facing, real. Which keeps us on the level of the ego.
    Any insights you have to offer, I am ALL EARS!

  17. Guidance I have got in many different ways.

    One need not be like the others, the only thing I know is

    I suddenly just know. And it need not have been any

    question I have asked, but I can contrary have resisted and

    not felt any desire or attraction.

    2013 I started writing with Gunnel on fb. She told me about the book God Calling, a book which she had had for many years and she recommended.

    Oh well, I thought. It sounded in itself an interesting book, but no more than that. So I forgot about it. On 23 December, she reminded me of the book again. Still, I felt no particular interest in the book. Than my oldest son asked me to get some envelopes, and when I was looking for them, I find a gift of 100 swedish kronor from the internet bookstore. The gift card was valid to December 23. That’s it, I just said well, to myself. I buy the book than.

    Now it’s the third year in a row that I put them out daily messages, now in their own Swedish group.

    Now, I have not asked Gunnel if she felt something “special” that she would talk about the book with me. That she might answer herself. The following guidance is rarely something “special”, it’s just something we do because we have asked for it, or just because we forget to resist.

    What is the common thread is the calm and peace of mind of knowing.

    To follow the Holy Spirit, it is natural, it does not feel special. To follow the ego, it is unnatural, and it may feel very special.

    Now that my son is about to get a driving license. Without income, it is not so easy.

    So I have after my litter, and really do not know how long that that money should be enough.

    We’re out driving practice a lot but I feel more or less panic as soon as the license is mentioned. The pressure and the feeling of being inadequate, irresponsibility for not even looking for jobs.

    So all of a sudden the thought: Does it matter if the money runs out after one month or two? It makes no difference after all.

    So we set off to the driving school, buying an intensive training package and pays the driving test.

    The son gets a little panic but I have not regretted it for a second. Peace and security is here. I know.

    They these examples, I just want to show that it is rather our desire to not resist the guidance helps us both more and easier than our desire to get answers and find meaning in everything.

    Guidance is in the small, the meaning of life is in the simple. <3

    I have heard Gods voice several times between 1990 and 1996. Then I ask God to stop it.
    These days I just ask for Everything, everything that is meant for me. And if hearing Gods voice will help me to fullfill my purpose I will hear it.

    We get what we want so think of what we thinking of.
    And all we need to do is wanting it as much as we want air when we have our head under water.

    It was the hardest time in my life the years than God (HS) was talking to me with a voice or pictures.

  18. I have a question.
    How do you know it is a God who talks?

    How do you know these aren’t your own ideas?

    I think I can fool myself easily.
    and most of the time it takes a long time only to find out even my own voice of my real deep needs.

    • Sandra, speaking only for myself – the voice for Love never “should” me or threaten me in any way what will happen if i don’t follow the voice. I feel completely free to believe it or not. And most often it comes from a place which I sense is completely TRUE

  19. This is the major crux of listening . . . the tendency to not take the time needed to hear. Also, for me, there is a nagging wonder if I will really like the answer. That requires me to let go of my ego and be open for whatever God wants for me. And even though in my heart I totally believe that what God wants is always in my best and highest interest it is my brain (oh, there goes my ego again!) getting in the way by thinking that I know what is best. After years of taking care of myself, sad but true, it takes some time to change gears and let God take control. While I know He was there all along, it is totally different allowing Him control rather than have Him patiently waiting for me to turn my life over to Him. In an instant I can do that and then in another instant I realize I need to do it again. And so it goes. A constant turning my life over to His will. I think that is okay. As long as I continue to work on it then I know that God is there with me. Always waiting and faithful to me.

  20. I have struggled with this my entire life. I have been in AA for 22 years and I never know what to pray for or I don’t hear anything from GOD. All I know is I do not want to live anymore. Now I have had a ringing in my ears for two months now so how am I suppose to hear my creator. I have lived in pain my entire life and don’t want it anymore

  21. Estoy empezando, muy difícil para mí mantener la concentración y la atención. . La ansiedad me gana. . Estoy muy tranquilo meditando y de pronto me doy cuenta que ya estoy pensando en otra cosa ajeno a la idea original.

  22. Well if that doesn’t just nail you right between the eyes, I don’t know what does! Have faith, slow down, and don’t compare your journey to anyone else’s.

    Thanks Lisa. I’ll take this with me.

    Love you!


  23. I’ve tried this and yet I seem to end by saying, “Shut up, Ego” . . .
    . . . as I type this I realized that my problem might be in “trying” vs simply “doing” it!

  24. I was born in a Catolic home,never liked religions,I asked to God to be in contact with mee,lot of time that doesn,t happend,I was looking for him in diferent groups,I mean religions,and that never happend, one day suffering and tired of everything was very bad in my life at the age of 21 years old,I meet Swami Devananda,guru from India,he teach me to meditate in Mantra Yoga Meditation,I still practice this meditation form,at that age a friend of mine recomended a course in Mexico City,place were I live,was Cristian Metafisic, was the signal I was waiting for,using every day this wonderfull information everything in my life started to be excelent and I used Crist Metafisic to have all the tinghs I always wanted, one day I got sik and same day I died and come back,died at nine o clock and returned at two o clock,from that day until now I have a mission that I love totally,to give to persons that apear in my life the Jesuscrist Message and those persons always are ready to listen and follow that message and begin to solve their problems,now wen I think in God,s and Jesus love,inmediatly have conection with them and feel so happy, conection comes all time and at the same time comes to me people that need help,and now i feel God sent me this wonderfull course,to continue with this mission,I,m so happy and give thanks to God, Jesus, Lisa Natoli and teachers of light…excuse my English with mistakes,I speak Spanish.


  26. Be still and know that I am God is the center of the circle I drew around myself for these 40 days. I am being very aware of noise outside this circle and very focused on staying still and letting go. I feel I listen mostly to the Spirit of God but I often fall short of excercising my rights to believe….that learned behavior possibly of not being worthy of miracles. I will let go of this. I have written it in my heart. Blessings to all.

  27. Thanks for posting Bill’s request. I’m going to call upon Him with “Here I am Lord” and wait for his assured guidance.


  28. I have read everything, and I think I am like Bill who have a tendency to “disconnect” and “ring off”?
    Why? I don’t know! Before in my life ! always was praying(in a religious way), every day, several times, all the time, in good and bad situations. Like talking with somebody. Later in my life I did meditation regularly for several years.

    Now, I have lost me believe in some way…I don’t believe in any god more of various reasons. And I am so tired to make meditation, I don’t want so much, and I don’t know why…

    But now, I’m prepared to say: “Here I am Lord”, meaning that I listen…only listen…

  29. gosh Thank You so much for posting this!,,!!…Yes I do hear…and I also have the tendency…when I get what i call exciting news…i go oh WoW…and go off track!…I am going to use This…coz it’s sounding in my ears…and my smile and laughter…yep…mmm…maybe…”Is This All for Now”…✨????????✨

  30. gosh Thank You so much for posting this!,,!!…Yes I do hear…and I also have the tendency…when I get what i call exciting news…i go oh WoW…and go off track!…I am going to use This…coz it’s sounding in my ears…and my smile and laughter…yep…mmm…maybe…”Is This All for Now”…✨????????✨

  31. I love to read, then take notes, and meditate, but they all feel like more ‘to do’s. Resting in the silence after welcoming in the Light of Christ sounds so much more peaceful and easy.
    I often don’t trust the guidance I do receive. Is it divine guidance or is it that ‘know it all’ egoic voice dressed up in sheeps’ clothing trying to dupe me?
    My dreams help alot, though. I have had dome very clear messsges from them in the past.
    Thx Lisa. The love you pour out each and every lesson is like a warm balmy breeze.

  32. Thank You Lisa. i have used that phrase for a while to centre myself when i turn inwards. It felt simple and clear. I too had only heard the story just as you had. I love what you shared, it mirrors me too. My mind seems to operate just as Bills did. I never ask if there is more, and I love to ring off. If i don’t hear something in the first 5 mins i am wanting out of there.
    Over the past 20 years i have attempted lots of ways to get still and silence the constant thinking thinking mind. Mostly i wanted guidance on how to deal with the seeming choices that face me day to day.
    Since reading ACIM i realise i am now being still to have an Experience of God. I wanted to know – IS THIS TRUE. Are you really there? Can i hear Gods Thoughts? is there something other than this constant chatter in my head??
    My prayer has always been Show Me. Show me if your there. Let me know you please.
    When i do hear guidance it had come loud and clear like a person talking in my head. But it comes and goes, which has always been a great mystery, and source of frustration for me.
    What has been truly helpful was seeing my strong fear of God. The Course lessons and your 40 day programs helped me see that. It is no longer a mystery why i sit there in silence and hear nothing.
    Still frustrating though i will admit !!!
    The greatest peace has come when i just admit that I am still very attached to this sense of Personhood. if i sit now and experience only that i feel it is worth the effort.
    As i sit and write this a realization is coming to mind. My most powerful experiences of God have been when Spirit seems to have come through the “backdoor”. Surprised me. i had no expectations. No fear to bar the doors.
    When you mentioned Confidence and Concentration i was reminded of an experience i had a few weeks ago. i had been praying with a lot of conviction for an experience of God that would end all doubt and fear in my mind. Why not i thought!! Lets bust through this fear.
    very shortly after that my mother-in-law asked me would I help her with a weekend retreat she was putting on for her Quaker group. I knew nothing about it, she told me but i wasn’t paying attention. I knew it was very important to her and i really felt to go and help. Seeing as i was there i just jumped in and participated. It was a group called The Experiment with Light. I learnt that the founder of the Quaker movement George Fox back in the 1600s communed with God like no one i have ever read about before. And he taught others how to do it too.
    His writings are incredible. Rex Ambler took Georges writings and put together this modern day practice. It is so in line with ACIM.
    The 45 min guided meditation technique that was being taught in the workshop blew me wide open.
    Spirit ripped through that backdoor and entered every part of my House/Mind.
    I was left with Full Confidence that God Is Communing all the time. And it has helped with my Concentration now when i sit quietly with eyes turned in. I can’t pretend anymore like i don’t trust.

    It really helped that I allowed myself to follow the prompt and go do something different. I even feel like Spirit used my beliefs in a positive way too.
    I have a strong belief that sitting in mediation with a large group of people is very powerful. (this group was 30 people) I normally sit alone everyday.
    I also have a strong belief that my mind is more open when i don’t know anything about something beforehand. Meaning i haven’t yet made a decision for Fear.

    For a moment there, one holy instant, i must have wanted God more than this Personhood.
    It felt Glorious.

    Thank You for being here Lisa,
    Love and Blessings,

  33. So many comments from folks seeking to follow Jesus’ teachings in ACIM, A real blessing As to listening, there is so much ego static both from within and from the world’s stimulation, For me. centering on the one Voice is an ongoing process. Reviewing the daily work book lessons as often as possible every day helps A word from a recent lesson. “His voice awaits your silence. Still the meaningless desires ”
    Always a present exercise. We are on this “journey without distance”

  34. I learned not to be quick to speak before listening to the voice of God. I concentrate on HIS word by focusing on HIS message to me. I am very confidence that God is in control and with me. I know that HE is God. I have learned to have confidence that God is with me and that’s God’s voice leading me through the mist of it all. I learned to stay quiet so that I can hear HIS voice and receive the whole message by saying to myself peace be still. This is a blessing to have God’s grace and mercy upon me.

  35. Gracias Lisa, ésto es justo lo que yo necesitaba leer hoy.
    El haberlo leído, me dice que he recibido la Voz en forma de tu post.
    Quizá no he concretado los procesos de concentración y confianza de manera plena.
    Pero pienso que voy bien en mi proceso.
    Gracias de nuevo.

  36. I have been with the Course for a very long time, since 1983. It was in 2008 that I truly realized what Full Participation really meant and that it was required, 24/7. As I have moved to anchor myself in this knowing, life has been very interesting! I have total faith in the Holy Spirit to guide and lead. It is always only ever me that can interfere with clear hearing. Without bringing in a story, all I can say is that deep and profound healing is happening and I am so grateful. My favorite acronym is:
    T.R.U.S.T – To Rely Upon Spirit Totally
    I so love you all. Thank you Lisa for the 40 Days!

  37. I feel at times I can be like Bill. I sit quietly and ask questions. Almost immediately I get one or two word answers and as I am waiting to hear more I fall asleep. I also feel I am like a few others here. I hear a few words and think I know what God desires me to do but when I don’t see the results I desire I give up thinking I am not worthy to hear from God. It is my desire in the next 40 days to change my thoughts. I AM ALL IN!!!!!!

  38. Thanks so much for your post Lisa!
    I don’t hear answers when I meditate. It’s later, like when I’m driving or showering, that thoughts come to me – but it’s not like a conversation. Instead, it “sounds” almost like any other thought but it’s different because it seems to be a way of me realizing something I had been wondering about earlier. Still, I don’t know if it’s God’s voice or not.

  39. Hi Lisa, thank you so much for what you are doing.
    I do stillness now and then, I am confident but I don’t usually have conversations with GOD. Yes GOD do talk to me but it’s is usually more revelation than conversation. I appreciate both so I would like to have conversations as well.

    Lots of Love

  40. Here, I AM Lord. With the recognition of my Awareness comes a significant pause, which speaks to complete communion. I notice that most times I ring off before complete communion, that’s interesting.
    Thank you Lisa.

  41. I totally love all these comments. Thank you so much. Reading this section from Absence from Felicity this morning was a real wake-up call for me. I have the belief that I spend time listening, but in truth, I’m like Bill Thetford – you never know when I will “ring off” when I feel like I have given enough time to quiet, which is usually only a minute or two, and then my mind starts thinking of my to-do list. And I’m off and running! So this was really a new beginning for me today with this article, and I’m happy to share it with you. I wrote down 3 words on a card as a reminder to myself of what I want to remember: CONCENTRATION CONFIDENCE CONNECTED

  42. Hi Lisa,

    I’m a long time perfectionist which is improving, yes it’s the confidence thing for me – did I really hear that message right? I am loving the 40days I have A Course in Miracles which I have also read and read without much progress or understanding over many years. I pick it up have another go then put it down again.
    However it’s like everything is falling into place, since deciding to commit to do the 40days program which was recommended by a friend I am really excited to go on this journey with you as I know God has guided me to this special time for me to heal.

    Love Jannette

  43. Thank you for this blog! It’s a great reminder to know that I am not alone. Today I can’t seem to get away from the mind chatter. I seem to be so annoyed by the loud music they play in the hair salon ( where I work) I try to wake up early before my 9 month old baby gets up and he just seems to be waking up earlier and earlier. Things seem to be getting more challenging. Now I understand why Jesus went into the mountains to meditate. Obviously that is not realistic for me right now.. Haha. Any advice though? I know this is possible because it’s gods will.

  44. I felt my heart open to change my life, all the past in God hands, I only want to be in peace and love for all The people arround my life, I hear my Lord when my tears welled up leaving my feelings of resentment and help not feel them more

  45. I have been a course student for 7 years.I hear the actual voice of the Holy Spirit, especially in the mornings, when I am still in that peaceful state. I am a healer who works with Ascended Masters, Archangel Michael, Archangel Uriel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Quan Yin and angels who call themselves The Angels of White Light. He is telling me it is my time and I have one final forgiveness lesson. I am shown visions and the angels give me lots of numbers to communicate with me in Dorene Virtue’s Angel Number book. There are so many angels and archangels that they told me to just call them The Assembly when I call on them for anything. They like to keep things light and one day they called themselves The Salvation Army and I cracked up! I am experiencing many metaphysical things right now. It is amazing. I have met with Gary Renard and Joe Wolfe on many occasions, which has helped me so much. Joe’s stories of Quan Yin made me feel so comfortable. I loved having them to talk to about the things I am experiencing and I knew they would believe me. A beautiful thing is happening right now. I am having a lot of fear come up during the day and the angels told me to just hand it over to them when it does. I give it to them the instant I feel it coming up and it doesn’t take but a few seconds and the fear is gone every time. I am so blessed to be aware of all this help we have to awaken and go home to where we have never actually left.

  46. So, having been in love with Christ since my early teens, and having read some ACIM, and having completed your 40 days, and doing it again, thank you …I know now that Christ is my redeemer. I am loved unconditionally by our Father. We are one. I am holy. How cool is all of that …WOW. Do I listen to God ? Oh yes. God is within me. I ask daily, what are we up to today ? And I just go with it. Always enjoy it, even my most menial of tasks, moreso if they are done for others. Im in love with my life, and Im happy to share that love, that pure and Holy God given joy, with others. 100% Believer, Child of God, Light and Love. I dont have a lot of money, but I can tell you I am Everyday Living a Blessed Life ????

  47. I tend to ask my questions to God in the morning at the end of my meditation. By that time my mind is quiet and I have well and truly established in the truth. I listen to his answers and then I write them down. I find as I write them words pop out of no where and they are God words to me. I have 1000% confidence in His delivery on His promises. What I don’t do is listen enough during the day. I do connect with him during the breaks and whenever I am alone walking down the aisle or life etc. I have now developed a habit of blessing everyone and everything. I just do it all day. This makes me one with all

  48. HERE I AM LORD!!!
    Thank you Lisa!
    I am as Bill, get out of concentration very soon.
    But I am enjoying and feeling so much joy in ME with this adventure!
    I am blessed been able to join this wonderful experience and join you all!!!

  49. I like the story. Like a mirror:)
    I also have a tendency to disconnect. I really recognice the part that I stop and think I know the rest. I get easely distracted when other familymembers are in the house.
    When I am alone I can concentrate quite differently.

  50. Isaiah the prophet answers God ‘s call in Isaiah 6 . 8 with the words
    Here I am Lord send me

    I knew the words resonated!
    There’s also a lovely hymn ‘Here I am Lord”

    I think I switch off , because of fear, and lack of concentration , too much clutter in my mind, emails phone bills to pay, aaahhh, no time for God, the material world calls.

  51. Dear Lisa, Thank you so much for your interest. Love your being with all my Heart. My listening practice: I am trying to focus on the silence between my thoughts. The one time my concentration is better than the other time. I wish that I can see my actions and my thinking fully throughout the day. That I am the observer. But most of the time I see that I lost my concentration.
    Confidence: I have never consciously thought about it, but now you mention it, there is a part in me who believes that I am not good enough, not worthy. It’s a feeling that makes me sad. (Of course I know that this is not true). As a child, i have to say many times in the creed of the Roman Catholic Church: ‘I am not worthy that thou shalt come to me’ and in the collective confession: ‘I confess to Almighty God, and for all of you, that I have sinned in Word and thought, in do, through my fault, through my fault, through my most grievous fault. (in doing so, we had to beat three times on our chest).
    Therefore I beseech Blessed Mary ever Virgin, all the angels and saints, and you, brethren and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord our God.’
    Yes, now I look back, it is possible that this may have been some influence. So now I can let it go, I put it in the hands of the Holy Spirit.
    And than: Disconnect” and “ring off. Yes it’s possible that this also is involved. Maybe an unconscious escape behavior. I as a person don’t know, so everything I will surrender to the Holy Spirit.

    Again Lisa, thank you very much for your effort and your devotion. Ny Heart is always with you. Bless you! One Heart.

  52. Thank you so much Lisa for sharing your thoughts. Same for me. I have been ‘reading’and ‘doing’the Course in Miracles for the past 15 years and do my best to keep remembering duting the day the lesson. But really feeling the words and living them is totally different. Thanks to your daily talk it helps me to cencentrate. I say to myself “I am in my circle of love ” when I feel that the peace I am in is slipping away.

  53. When I am calm & concentrated to hear the Voice of Holy Spirit I can hear it And it gives me peace then I know I am connected and nurished.Listening to Voice for God is quite demanding,sometimes I am whole day connected,and it goes good,and there are moments in the day where I feel disconnected and then I say Holy Spirit show me,give me your interpretation of the world and then there is something what I see or someone says something and I know it’s from HS because information or what I see give me peace and joy.How ever I go back on track when I say HS show me…

  54. I’m grateful to have received this as it brings authenticity for one of ACIMs channels. I’m sure it’s ego liking the ‘humanity’ of it all, though, too, it tells us of Jesus’ perception of how Bill’s doing it. It’s a training . . . only I can do mine . . . and I’m expecting success because I want it to happen. Here I am Lord! And Holy Spirit. And Self!

  55. Hola!,
    Qué buena pregunta, y qué bueno saber que no soy la única que se desconecta.A mí me gana la ansiedad y la desvalorización y pienso, “no, a mí qué me va a contestar!” Y como no me contesta bien rápido, me levanto y me voy.

  56. He talks thru a deep dark voice inside of me.. The voice is so certain and calm. The first time it happend I was sitting on a meditation stool for a quiet meditation in a church.. I was so suprised that I almost fell of the stool! Immediatetly I opened my eyes and looked around to see if anyone else had heard the voice!! But no, they all sat still with closed eyes!

    He also speaks thru visions.. Often when I least expect it, I get a flash of what is going to come.

    If I do not listen or take time for listening, my mind goes chaotic.. Leaving me in the stresszone, not able to reason with myself. It’s a dangerous place for me to be and still I sometimes skip my God-time, thinking that I can manage on my own.. I CAN’T!!

    It’s as simple as that!

    He ALWAYS speaks.. And I need to ALWAYS listen!

    Thank you and I love you!


    • to mansuetude: have the same feeling with the stupide smC.isliamella, somebody told me about a gallery with the heads from P.Rada.They are approximately 8cm high, porcelain and cost about 80 euro. When I will go to the center, I´ll visit the gallery and if they allow me, I´ll take some pictures for you.

  57. Dear Lisa and Bill! I start my day with prayer and meditation. I follow the daily ACIM Lesson. I ask Jesus to take this day and say: I am here only to be truly helpful. I am here to represent HIM WHO SENT ME. I do not have to worry about what to say or what to do, because He Who sent me will direct me. I am content to be wherever He wishes, knowing He goes there with me. I will be healed as I let Him teach me to heal. I am also a friend of Bill W. coming up on 33 years of recovery. I stay in gratitude all through the day. I bicycle ride practically every day. I ask who rides with? Who walks with me? Who speaks to and through? THANK FATHER LOVE AND LIGHT CHRISTINA K

  58. HeHello Lisa!!!
    Greetings from Greece!
    Thank you for this post! It is a very helpful reminder.
    Here is what I do: I usually ask for help to see and hear through Jesus’ eyes and ears and then I “wait” and trust that I will certainly hear. I may not hear the answer right away but it always comes in the form of a thought later and there is no doupt about its origin and truth. The test of truth leaves no place for doupts!

  59. I practice the Light and Sound meditations and also the technique of Self-Enquiry. These things are helpful but still need Grace to work. It’s always about that divine ingrediant in the end

  60. Lisa thanks for this post. I think my biggest hurdle to hear the voice of God is fear to be creating it with my mind. In other words fantasizing information. I’ve noticed that when I allow to spread the word spoken by God is calmer and more concise. But even I have to work confidence and concentration.
    love, Sylvia

  61. HI Lisa thank you for this story re Bill and Helen. I recognize its a habit of mine to listen and half-way through to decide I know what the person means and is going to say so I interrupt. Maybe also impatient to get my word in. Egoic thought system running me.

    • Hey there! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO? I&#;2178m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good success. If you know of any please share. Thank you!

  62. I am so in love with all of you! Thank you so much for these amazing, beautiful heart-felt inspiring messages. WOW. What an incredible BIG group of miracle workers here in the world. HERE WE ARE LORD! We are your messengers, your miracle workers, your friends, your companions. We are here. We are listening. We are joined as One. Send us.

  63. This phrase I had been using myself thinking it should work for me too.
    It never did until I changed the emphasis, the tone, the timbre.
    I put emphasis on HERE (not separate) I AM LORD. It opened the channel and brought down the trinity into ME, into my Heart. Realizing who I am and the power and glory I could not accept. Before this it was only me looking upward and thinking God is up there somewhere and please don’t forget about me. Thank you. Nathan

  64. This is an awesome piece Lisa! Totally spoke to me today, as it probably would on any day.

    I, too, have each and every one of Bill’s tendencies. It’s so great to see them in print so that I can be ever more clear about them.

    Thank you! Love you

  65. I’ve been receiving messages for years from a group entity called The Ancient Ones. Since I’ve been connecting with God/Holy Spirit/Jesus with, “Here I am, Lord,” I’ve been getting the same messages and now that I’m seriously studying ACIM, the messages are hitting me like a hammer (of light/insight). I’m so much more able to take in the messages and act on them. The messages are always positive and uplifting and they’re finally sinking in. I feel so blessed in so many ways. Thank you for all you do to spread the word of ACIM.

  66. Yes, this the challenge to listen long enough, to be patient. I say this prayer now and I wait for the voice but I usually get busy and forgot that I’m waiting for a response. The fact that I only wait secs is highlighted now that I’m writing it. I thought I was doing the 2nd half of the prayer but I really wasn’t. Expressing what you think you’re doing makes you aware if you’re doing it or not. You are witness to my lack of patience.let me go now and try this 2 part scene. Thx so much for guiding me towards a much clearer place of comfort and joy. I’m on Lisa’s 40 days and I’m at 35 today. It has been a wondrous enlivening journey that makes me want more. Ann

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