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Our staff and team does not answer personal questions. We do not give advice, coaching, or counseling. We offer encouragement, support and inspiration through our online programs, workshops and live events. The best suggestion we have for every question, problem or difficulty is always the same: Look Within. Ask Within. You have an Inner Guide who knows the way. Get a copy of A Course in Miracles and do what it says. 

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A Course in Miracles Friday Group: Every Friday at 10:30am EST
Facebook Group
40-Day Online Program
ACIM 365: One-Year Audio Program with Lisa Natoli to complete ACIM Workbook
True Prosperity: 7-Week Online Course for Unlimited Abundance
Living in Purpose Mastery Program
Unity Weekly Radio Show with Bill Free: Every Friday at 12pm EST
Unity Weekly Radio Show with Lisa Natoli: Every Friday at 3pm EST 

Email us at: [email protected]


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