“I am not a body.”


But, what does that really mean? 


You undoubtedly have a body! 


So what role then does the body play in your spiritual awakening? 


Ellen Emmet invites you to use the body as a mirror and a pathway to discover your true borderless nature.

Ellen Emmet shares what she will be teaching in September

You're invited to join Ellen Emmet  for 2 Live, Experiential Workshops


The Awakening Body

What you’ll get:


- on-demand access to replays

What you’ll learn:

- how to inquire deeply into your direct experience to allow it to reveal its essential reality of Awareness.

- how to access your felt sense so that the body is slowly realigned with your deepest understanding.

-how to discover the true nature of your body as a field of borderless vibration.


Through the body, we discover that we are love itself. First, we discover our longing for love and how we're cut off from love. And then somehow, through continued exploration, we dissolve in love"

— Ellen Emmet

 Class Schedule:


Session 1: Listening at the Source 


For most of us, most of the time, conditioning, resistance and preconceptions rooted in the past and calculating a future, step in between direct perception and the perceiver.  It is a way to defend and assert a body mind that we have tightly identified with. 

In this first session, we will share a guided meditation in which we will be invited to listen or welcome our direct experience and more especially the tactile realm, free of agenda. 

In this exploration, the openness that is the background of experience and the center of our being reveals itself spontaneously.


Session 2: The Tactile Body


In this session we will continue our exploration of the tactile and feeling realm. Starting where we are with the habitual experience of a solid, located body mind, we will return our experience to the openness and spaciousness and discover the true nature of our body as a field of borderless vibration.

 Gentle postures, movement and breath exercises may be part of our sharing.

Ellen Emmet

Ellen’s deepest intuition was confirmed when she met her teacher in the non-dual tradition, Francis Lucille. Hearing his words, she recognised the eternal, limitless and universal nature of our shared reality. Over the years, this understanding has continued to unfold, to deepen and to touch all levels of experience.

At the very same time, Ellen has never ceased to delve into the depths of her human experience, seen and unseen, thirsting for a wholeness and connectedness which seemed to be lost or obscured. This unstoppable quest brought her to therapy, Jungian workshops (and later Jungian analysis), Dream Work, Authentic Movement, creative writing and more.

More and more, she senses that each of our lives is a journey of revelation and integration, (including its darker crossings), through which the face of truth can shine uniquely and anew, wedding us to our direct experience and connecting us to the great family of creation.

Join Ellen for The Awakening Body.

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On-demand access to replays


"Something takes place that is profound and in a way doesn't need words, but then it echoes the words that we have also received through the traditions, through our teachers. It fits."


- Ellen Emmet


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