Above All Else, I Want the Peace of God

By Bill Free

One of my all-time favorite teachers in life was Jim Rohn who had a phrase he offered in many of his lectures.

I want the peace of god

He would say,

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away. If that were true, would you do it?”

If you knew that Peace is available to you in this moment for all time, would you be willing to take three easy steps to know you have it?

The Course says we all have it and many ask for it (to be revealed) but few actually mean it when they say they want it.

This is actually the answer to any perceived issues or problems in our lives whether it’s with our own inner disturbance, confusion, beliefs or upsets with relationships, money, health, and even spiritual questions or anything else.

When you have Peace you are connected to your essential Self as Love, Joy, Peace and you live your life with certainty, confidence, clarity and true happiness. Who doesn’t want this? Right?

The whole world is looking for it, mostly through getting things, attaining success or finding temporary relief through addictions or seeking but never finding. Honestly, it becomes exhausting even to think about, but it’s true. It’s not really true but we think it is until we call off the search.

Freedom is right in front of us.

Total lasting release and Freedom, The Peace of God that passes human understanding.

god's got this

Do you want it more than anything? You can have it.

Watch this video and do what it says.

Above All Else, I Want the Peace of God

Are you unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles and would like to know more about it? Click here to access Lisa Natoli’s free video that explains ‘What is a A Course in Miracles and Why Does Everyone Love it So Much?

The Peace of God is shining in you now.

After you watch the video, write down what you cherish still. Write down your declaration of independence. And write down the name of the person that you are going to join with in this one intent.

Then let me know that you’ve done it… I’d love to hear from you.

Question: Are you all in? Do you only want the Peace of God? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

Are you unfamiliar with A Course in Miracles and would like to know more about it? Click here to access Lisa Natoli’s free video that explains ‘What is a A Course in Miracles and Why Does Everyone Love it So Much?

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107 thoughts on “Above All Else, I Want the Peace of God

  1. I am all in. Above all else I want the Peace of God. I still cherish the pain of a broken relationship, the fear of a lost job, the fear that without THAT job I will lose the roof over my head. I cherish the idea of lack. I declare independence from all of the thoughts that keep me from the Peace of God. I join with you Bill, in the intent that Above All Else I Want the Peace of God.

  2. Hi Bill,
    I join you. I don’t have another person to join with.
    I only want the peace of God.
    Thank you,
    God bless you.

  3. Bill I would like to join with you in this lesson: I want the peace of God. I am willing to let go of being right, finding fault, trying make everything better and releasing judgement. The Peace of God is all I want.
    Thank you and bless you

  4. I join with you Bill, Lisa and All One. I AM the peace of God. More truthfully – God IS. The peace of God IS.
    I join with my brother and teacher Christ Jesus to renounce illusion in all its forms.
    I renounce all things I think bring me happiness including: a specific weight number on the scale
    A specific dress size
    Pretty dresses
    Ballet class
    “Sucess” at anything – especially ballet, sports, piano … and any other illusion I cherish still whether I am consciously aware of it or not
    Love you, jacquelin

  5. As I join with you my holy brother ” I know the Peace of GOD is possible” the moment of remembering came as I watched and devoted all attention on this joining with you. A softness occurred first in your eyes then in my heart. The observer became the All knowing and the Peace of GOD shined through. My love surrounds this holy endeavor the Teachers of GOD provides, and I love you.

    Always Rozes

  6. Bill above all else, I want the peace of God. I am all in. Thank you for being able to share the intent with you. Namaste

  7. Above all else, I want the peace of God. Bill, I join with you…..I renounce all other substitutes (money, relationships, drugs & alcohol, popularity) that would try to take the place of happiness provided by the peace of God.

  8. Hi Bill. Love from Denmark <3
    I am all in. I only want the peace of God in every moment. This is my declariation of independence .
    Just to day – on my job, I was so stressed one our ago. I is selfhat I reconice (I am not good enough) – but it is not what I am – I am the peace and love of God all the time – and I feel it now 🙂
    I heart your fredaymorning speek – and I did the exercise with my friend. It is so difficult with the body – pain, looking nice, being healhty and so on. ??
    But I only want the peace of God. Love from Ann-Marie

  9. Thank you mighty companion!

    My will and your will are the same, I join with you and Holy Spirit in intent and fullfillment of this one purpose, walking forward, together, toward the peace of God, as we brush away this illusion that seems to veils us from the peace of our oneness.

    Your video was forwarded to me this morning and it made me smile, my workbook lesson today is 101, and your video seemed divinely timed to lead me deeper into this lesson.

    Maybe my real lesson today is “God’s will for me is perfect happiness in communion with my brothers in our shared goal.”


  10. Yes Bill I join with you , above all else I want the peace of god. I renounce all the illusions I hold, blocks to the peace of god.

    Namaste Bill. Rand

  11. Above all else, i want the peace of God. I join with you Bill.
    The things i still cherish are the idea that i am not good enough, that i need money, a job, a partner and a lot of friends for a happy live.

  12. Hi Bill, Thank you for this wonderful message. I do want the Peace of God forever and always…. And then the ego says But you need these running shoes to! So I started to laugh because the Peace of God is within and is always present… I’s permanent and it’s our inheritance. I love it so! So yes if I do need running shoes, I can get them but Remember that they won’t last like your last pair of running shoes…. They are just material and they will get old. So I’m so in the Peace of God and as I do the ACIM365, I feel more connected every single day and just that is a blessing and a miracle…. I am no longer a story, I am a beautiful child of God and I receive His gift within each breath that I take. I thank you and the Teacher’s of God Foundation and I bless you with all my love….. NAMASTE 🙏❤️😇😘

  13. Namaste Bill, gratefully, I join as One Mind, I want the Peace of God. Conflict-free, totally at rest, bringing all illusions to the Truth, that Truth is true and Willingness to Trust God’s Will. After an experience of Oneness many years ago unsolicited by my conscious intent, awareness or desire, I realize since it was Peace I merged with, went into to, in an effortless, unrecognized state of appreciation at that time. I went into the deep void, and a deep inner voice spoke to me, calmly, but It startled me that I felt my consciousness coming back, so to speak to to the time and place I was at (on the beach!) and I was One with everything, literally! Beyond words, and as the field of perceptual awareness grew, there was a moment, an instant, where Iit all went blank, and I felt myself descending as an I again, back into the denseness of body. As I looked around me everything for a moment was still luminescent, and the unfathomable presence of Joy was unimaginably huge, uncontainable, not of this earth. And it was an inner awareness, could not be contained here, it would burst the ‘body’! So it translated then. In the Oneness, I saw everything perfectly clear, upon descending, that sight gave way to the nearsightedness had been experiencing for years. Such tears of joy and gratitude poured forth and something profound gave way to change. My thought after minutes was, “why did you leave me here? Come back!”. Peace, unbeknown to me at the time, was and is a key, growing in what it even means and is, to coming home to God, to True Self, to Heaven, to Reality, to Truth and divine Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness, Gentleness, Calm, Serene Tranquility and Quiet, and so much of what ACIM helps us with in Awakening, thank you God! And thank you Bill! In light and love, Namaste, Elizabeth. P.s I had an experience with the Light @ 8 or 10yrs. of age, that was undeniable, so loving, but I became afraid and prayed it to go away! Now, over the years,my prayers, my desire is to calmly welcome it back, and All It Is! Blessings!

  14. Hey Bill
    Good video. I’ve been asking for the Peace of God since stumbling upon the course many years ago, but you and Lisa explain it so clearly. Still craving what I think I do not have, but I’m with you. I want the peace of God. Many thanks and blessings.

  15. Bill, thank you for your gifts! I have been cherishing things of the world such as my family members, my grief and fear about a family law court matter, the well-being of my dog, and different aspects of my job. I join with you now in confirming that, above all else, I want the Peace of God, and I renounce my attachments to illusions of the world.

    Thank you!

  16. I join you Bill
    I renounce all my illusions on Earth the beautiful sunsets the joy of all my loves ones and family to have the Presence of GOD for eternity’s oneness with GOD
    And so it is
    Thank you for asking

  17. Hi Bill, I join you right here in only seeking the peace of God, which is my essential being and I really renounce all illusions in any form which I still cherish – like wishing my son to heal from mental disorders and give up drugs, pleasure from carnal desires and even my daily cup of coffee – Ha!

  18. I am for sure joining you Bill. Thank you for joining me in wanting the peace of God. Love from Lisbeth Denmark❤️

  19. Hi Bill,
    Loved the video, and I too want the Peace of God, and join with you if you’ll have me! I am doing the 40 days with Lisa and love it although I still have to catch my thoughts, self-talk, ego having a go, judging etc.! I am being easy with myself…only on Day 11, but am already feeling the changes in my outlook on others and life itself…the big illusion that it is!

    I want with all my heart to wake up every day with the Peace of God and stay in that place 24/7, and I REALLY mean it! 🙂
    I love you all.

  20. hi bill. i recently finished another two year slow study of the ACIM text and wasn’t feeling drawn to doing the workbook lessons again (been through them a few times). i seemed to be guided to take up a prolonged commitment to one lesson, and soon after heard your recent post about doing # 185 (the HS leading me of course). so i am in my second week with this practice. i am happy to join you in mind partnership in asking only for the Peace of God.

    but i am also partnering up with every sister or brother that in the course of day to day living comes into my mind in need of extending forgiveness to. it looks like this: “i come into the part of this mind where You Are (HS) and join where You Are (HS) in the mind of my brother. i relinquish all illusion and ask for us both only this: the Peace of God.” it is a reaching out of God’s Voice in my mind to God’s Voice in my brother’s mind. as Jesus says, the store house of treasures are laid up equally….

    i experience Jesus instructing me in this lesson to relinquish through forgiveness the illusion of form as separation and to engage this forgiveness work internally with Him (HS) by joining with Him in the One Mind we all are. He is asking me to ask for peace in this lesson by no longer compromising, by letting go of the world of form and joining with
    my brother in Him.

    there needs to be no overt disturbance occurring for this practice to happen. Jesus (HS) brings me companions every day who appear to me as separate in form, and these are the Holy Ones he intends for me to join with in this practice.

    i extend to you the deepest gratitude for your help in this journey to the Home we never left.

    endless Love, nicci

  21. Bill, I join with you and the others here. Above all else, I want the peace of God. I cherish my humble home surrounded by flowers on a dead end dirt road safe from traffic and chaos, my means of transportation, my independent streak, my freedom, my health and my dog. Thank you for availing yourself to me and others to join with. Love, Michele

  22. I am and only want the Peace of God ;
    above all else.
    I renounce surrender all illusions in all forms .
    I join with you Lisa and Bill in this one intention thank you in advance for the Love & peace of God.

  23. Thank you for this Bill. Bill, I’m all in. Above all else I want the peace of God and I renounce all illusions. And as our two minds are joined in this intent, it is done.

  24. I only want the peace of God. Above all else, I only want the peace of God. I join you Bill in wanting only the peace of God. I renounce illusion in all its forms. I am all in. I am Spirit, I am whole, I am Love, I am Light, and I am complete just as I am. Thank you Teachers of God Foundation- I love you.

  25. I am all in with you Bill! My mind joins with yours! I only want the peace of God!!! Thank you for joining with me now. I love you.

  26. I join with you Bill.
    Above all I want the peace of God! That is the only thing I really long for.
    Thank you Bill,
    Love Leontine

  27. Thanks for this message,because this is the answer for me.I want only peace of God,nothing else.That’s all I need.I’m all in.I join with you with all my heart.Thank you.

  28. Thank you Bill. I join with you in wanting only the Peace of God. Blessings for this wonderful reminder of what I truly am.

  29. I think I want it but am not sure I really do. I think when push comes to shove, I’m going to revert back to my old way of thinking and go back to the familiar, even though I know it’s not the best thing! So for what it’s worth, I declare that “I want the Peace of God in my life and in my heart, mind and soul.” I guess big things are going to change now, so I better sign off and go prepare myself!!! 🙂 p

    • Hi Phil:)

      This is great! thank you for noticing the false self has resistance to this idea. I join you in the Truth, And so it is <3

  30. I join with you Bill. I only want the peace of God above all else. I renounce my worries about the future. I thunder my attachment to my finances.

    • I join with you Bill. I only want the peace of God above all else. I renounce my worries about the future. I renounce my attachment to my finances.

    • Yes Denise we are in One mind agreement in this. <3

      The Will of God is established when two minds have agreement in Truth. TY

  31. It was during the millennium that I completed ACIM workbook lesson 185. On 10302000, I joined with a friend from yoga class, John Martin Freeze. We held hands and renounced all illusions and with our whole hearts requested the peace of God. Later I was tested to let go of my diamond earrings, baby grand piano, and even our home. As I showed non-attachment for these things, I was able to keep the earrings and piano. My husband and I moved from our million-dollar home for two years and during this time, the peace of God came in a form that I could understand as a Ph.D. in Computer Science with a minor in Artificial Intelligence. I wrote in my journal for 8 years (2000 to 2008) then hosted monthly Potluck & Presentations at my home. This material was edited (2010 to 2014) and the eBook went to #1 on Amazon titled, The Peace Prophecy Star Child: What The Soul Said About God, Truth, And The Heavenly Origin Of Humanity ©2015 Elaine Marie Christine.

    • Yes, it absolutely calls in the Presence and Power of the Universe when we make these seeming little renunciations and declarations:) This stuff really works.

      Elaine thank you for sharing this.

  32. I join with you Bill. I only want the peace of God.
    I still cherish my family and sacred relationships.

    • Awesome!

      Thank you for noticing the mind attachedment to form, You are healed and resting as and in The Peace of God, We are One <3

  33. Yes, Bill, I’m all in. I want the Peace of God and only the Peace of God….even though while writing this I am aware of my ego saying…”but what about this and what about that!!!!!! Blah blah blah” I renounce drugs, alcohol, fantasy world, needing to be special, jealousy, vanity…to hell with it all! I want the Peace of God and ONLY the Peace of God. I join with you Bill in renouncing the never-ending, exhaustive list of “needs” my ego tempts me with. Thank you!

  34. Hello My Brother, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    I am most grateful for your teaching.

    It has been five years now since i recognized that Jesus is a symbol that points to the Truth of who and what I truly AM. And it has been for five years that i have been exploring, contemplating and attempting to apply the lessons my elder brother has gifted me with. It is an empirical experience that with each cycle i make through the lessons, the density of the fog that seems to envelop me diminishes, interpretations shift and outcomes resulting from choices made are more easily experienced (stress is being markedly reduced).

    Not long into my first cycle of receiving the lessons, I began to mentally mock-up a scenario where Jesus would appear in my experience (i still do this). i had no specific image of form imagined to represent Jesus but i knew the presence that had appeared was that of my elder brother. In the mock-up, Jesus asks me if i am ready to go Home with him. My instant reply is Yes! Of course i am! However, immediately after i answer my brother, i am overwhelmed by a feeling of not being ready; needing to do something, finish something first. And I know what that ‘something’ is. I know that i have not yet completely forgiven the world.

    In each of the five times that i’ve received lesson 185, as much as i wanted to mean the words, “I want the peace of God.” as i intended that concept with all its ramifications…i knew that i was being glib; that is, i could confront the idea of wanting the peace of God yet I could not confront the doing; i.e., renouncing all dreams, which i understood, if I was actually willing to do, would mean exactly what my elder brother was telling me; that is, there would be no further sorrow possible for me in any form; in any place or time. Heaven would be completely given back to full awareness, memory of God entirely restored, the resurrection of all creation fully recognized. And even though I have had awareness that i obviously still maintained a desire for some aspect(s) of the dream, there was no desire to explore to see what it is about the illusion i’m not willing to renounce.

    Recently, my brother, when you gave your Friday morning teaching that was lesson 185, i recognized what it was in the dream that i was unwilling to renounce (my inner guide was helping me out again).

    What i am holding onto is the process of my waking up and remembering who and what i really am. i am savoring this process! In the illusion of time, i cannot begin to conceive how long i’ve been asleep dreaming a nightmare, listening to one teacher and all the while suffering through what seems to be countless body identities. At some point, in a moment of deep suffering while pretending to be a different body identity than the one now, i prayed for a better way. My prayer, of course, was instantly answered, however, from a perspective from within the dream, the answer has been unfolding incrementally through what seems to be a series of body identities and the dream is no longer a nightmare of tragedy, lack, loss, suffering and misery. Instead, the dream is now a process of me remembering, in each moment, that i have the option of choosing a different teacher; a teacher that is the pure reflection of who and what I truly AM. As i become increasingly more adept at exercising my option to choose a different teacher, proportionally, my dream experience becomes a fascinating classroom. And in this classroom the illusory i am knows itself as I AM and wants for nothing as nothing is lacking.

    My elder brother has informed me that the nightmare I conjured up in the illusory split mind is long gone and what seemed to have happened didn’t. The dream i seem to experience now is but a case of my reviewing a nothing that never was, which i believe is a something that is. As the i that i seem to be, through forgiveness, gradually undoes the belief that a nothing is a something, the i itself is also undone. i am really enjoying the process of undoing my insane belief and experiencing outcomes of love instead of suffering so this is going to be my course until it’s not (there is no such thing as a random choice or occurrence). And now, as I intend the concept, “I want the peace of God.” i hear a voice that is not a voice, say to me…”What a silly thing for you to say. The only way you can possibly want the peace of God is if you do not yet recognize that YOU ARE the PEACE of GOD.

    What a wonderful teaching you have shared with me my brother! Again, I am most grateful.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  35. Hi Beloved Friends,

    I just returned from The Byron katie School for 9 days immersing in “The Work” Which is basically, searching of your mind with self inquiry, paragraph 8 in Wb lesson 185, What do I ask for in my heart? consider what I think will comfort me and bring me happiness. But be not dismayed by lingering illusions. When I looked this morning I saw, Money, A nice place to live, sex, and good health. Then it says, Let not some dreams be more acceptable, reserving shame and secrecy for others. They are one. And being one, one question should be asked of all of them. Is this what I would have in place of Heaven and the Peace of God? This is the choice I make.

    Now, let’s go back to “The Work” – Put your words here, example (I want, money, A nice place to live, sex, and good health in place of Heaven?)

    1. Is it true? – Yes or No

    2. Do I absolutely know that it’s true that I want money, A nice place to live, sex, and good health in place of Heaven?) – Yes or No

    3. How do I react when I believe the thought that I want money, A nice place to live, sex, and good health in place of Heaven?) – write down what shows up, example, fearful, guilty, shame, compromise hypocritical, etc.

    Now, sit with this in contemplation, this is the searching without commentary or judgement, just notice.

    4. Who would you be without the belief in the thought, that I want money, A nice place to live, sex, and good health in place of Heaven?)

    Your answer comes next, write it down.

    The turn around.

    I don’t want money, A nice place to live, sex, and good health in place of Heaven?)
    I am the Peace of God.
    I am Heaven.
    I am One with God and all my brothers.

    And so it it…

    I join you here, thank you for joining me.

    I love you
    Bill Free <3

    • Hello again my brother,

      Your comment has prompted an anecdote.

      i was early into my exploration of ACIM when i first encountered Byron Katie and “The Work.” At the time i was tuning into a number of different teachers/students of ACIM via their YT videos. There was this one teacher/student that produced a four video series where he played a video session of Katie doing The Work with a young woman (this was my introduction to Byron Katie). Every so often he would pause her video and then deliver a commentary on what was happening in Katie’s session. Essentially, his commentary was an interpretation of Katie’s work through the lens of his understanding of ACIM. Personally, my experience in receiving this teaching was considerably insightful and I had an instant affinity for Katie and her four questions. I immediately recognized the viability of her method and, with a bit of adjustment on my part, i incorporated her questions in my morning contemplations of what seems to be the life journey of Monte.

      My process of reviewing the life journey of the dream character, Monte, involves assuming a point of view within a space that is completely void of objects and being willing to observe whatever incident (a finite durations of time) from Monte’s story that appears in the space. Typically, the incidents are charged; that is, they are experiences containing emotional and/or physical pain and suffering; experiences that i, without investigating, had pushed out of my awareness but not out of my journey.

      When an incident appears in the space with me it plays like a movie. As i observe the movie, i first notice my character’s behavior (how i am reacting in that moment, which is Katie’s question #3) and in noticing my character’s reactions, i am also noticing what the character is thinking and feeling (emotions, sensations, attitudes, etc.). After the incident has played through to the end, i then look for the character’s belief that justified the behavior and outcome. When the belief is discovered and examined, it is always found to be insane. Is the belief true? No, it’s not!

      i recognize that there is no truth in the belief that seemed to cause the incident. Furthermore, i recognize that there is no truth to be found in any aspect of the incident, indeed, the incident never even happened (i forgive it). Then i play the move again but this time without the insane belief. Consequently, the behavior of the Monte character and the outcome of the incident are loving and void of all charge.

      i have discovered that it is possible to rewrite my dream character’s story, but to do so I have to examine and forgive whatever incident my inner guide points me to. i could not begin to do this alone. i am immensely grateful for all the incredibly viable illusory teachers and tools that my inner guide points me to.


      Applying Katie’s four questions and the turn around to any lesson in the course can be most insightful; especially so in doing the turn around.

      Above all else, i want the peace of God. Is that true?

      In Love As Love
      I AM

  36. Peace to you Bill, I join with you in being the Peace of God with my deepest heart felt desire. I renounce the need, false belief that money and worldly possessions will bring me peace. I am peace and peace I bring to you. Love ya brother. Thank you.

  37. Thank you so much for pointing to Lesson 185!
    The illusions and dreams are now burnt in the fireplace.
    I join with you – Above ALL else, I want the Peace of God.

    Lots of love

  38. I join with you Bill in wanting the peace of God with all my heart no matter what is happening. I still believe these things will bring happiness: being right, lots of money, being praised, great relationships, travel partner, great style, beautiful skin/hair and getting attention. I lift all these illusions up to HS to be dissolved so I can have the peace of God as my only desire. Thank you for joining with me! I choose above all else to be joyous and free and so it is.

  39. Hi, I am all in. I am aware of the illusions and release them. I am with you and I want the peace of God. Thank you and I love you.

  40. Above all else, I want the Peace of God. I renounce the need to go on retreats to find God. I renounce the idea that God exists outside of me. I surrender to the peace of God and let go of all false ideas.

    Thank you Bill.

  41. Thank you so much for this, Bill!
    I join with you in declaring that, above all else, I Want the Peace of God! That is ALL I want. I renounce all illusions in any form!
    So much love, Denise

  42. Hello Bill, all I want is the Peace of God and I AM ALL IN. I have a beautiful life with a husband I adore and three beautiful children, 2 grand daughters and another grand daughter on the way. I do not “need” anything in the physical sense, the only thing I want is that my daughter delivers a beautiful healthy baby girl. I don’t think that is too much to ask and so I pray each day for this, and I know GOD will answer this prayer.
    Thank you Bill and Lisa for all you do. You have changed my life with A Course in Miracles. Namaste

  43. I’m starting anew today Bill and I’m all in. I loved listening to your video and Lisa’s. Many thanks to both of you…❤️

  44. I started out years ago saying I only want to find peace. Why am I so hesitant o surrender?
    Yes I want the peace of God. To give up my allusions and what I think will make me happy.
    Thank you Bill for showing us the way.