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ACIM Friday  Livestream, soon to be TGF•TV

Worldwide ACIM gathering featuring a rotating panel of Host Teachers and interviews with other Teachers, Students of Non-Dual direct path, A Course in Miracles, Psychologists, Therapists and Scientists from around the world.

Available on location each Friday in Amesbury MA until December 6th 2019 from 10:30am-11:45am EST, join us in person or LIVESTREAM online… after December 6th, we will go full-time online, where you can view by joining The Presenter Series / Transformation Room. 

If you’re looking for an ACIM study group and a community of dedicated teachers, students, ACIM-lovers and friends, this weekly group delivers! Even if you’re not available “live”, once you join the monthly membership (Presenter Series / Transformation Room), you can watch the replay when you’re able to.

Please note that on the 4th Friday of each month and after December 6th this event will only be available via Zoom broadcast as part of The Presenter Series / Transformation Room membership (so no in-person / on-location gathering on the 4th Fridays and after Dec 6th). Click here if you’d like to join us for the 4th Friday of the month Zoom broadcast. (“Register Now” button below is for the livestream when we are on-location for all other Fridays through 12/6/19!)

Until December 6th, join us live / on location at:

Unity on the River Spiritual Center
58 Macy Street
Amesbury, MA

Click here to view ACIM Friday Group replay recordings.

ACIM Conference in Los Angeles: 20/20 Vision for the Real World – for $479

May (21), 22, 23, & 24, 2020

The current price is $519 from CMC going to $559 Nov. 1st includes all workshops for the weekend, a Saturday night dance, and 4 all you can eat buffet meals. Make it easy peasy. 8 tickets left for $479 while they last. Please write to [email protected] that you bought one for $479 so we can take this price down after 8 are sold. Thanks for helping:)

Also included is a pre-conference workshop on Thursday May 21st and a post-conference workshop on Sunday May 24th with Lisa Natoli & Bill Free.

Click here for more info and to register for the conference.