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A New Beginning – World Conference

Spiritual Answers to a Global Phenomenon  •  Original Broadcast: May 23 – 25, 2020

Video & audio recordings now available!

A New Beginning World Conference - 3 Day Online Retreat & WorkshopOn Memorial Weekend 2020 amidst a global pandemic, people from around the world joined together with 30+ inspirational speakers and teachers from the worlds of science, the direct path of nonduality, A Course in Miracles, and other wisdom traditions to explore this emerging time of new beginnings.

Rupert Spira • Neale Donald Walsch • Ellen Emmet • Dr. Rick Hanson • James Twyman • Loch Kelly • Dr. Jon Mundy • Carol Howe • Scott Kiloby • Bill Free • Aisha Salem • Shakti Caterina Maggi • Jennifer Hadley • Corinne Zupko • Alan Cohen • Maureen Muldoon • Lisa Natoli • Robert Perry • Emily Bennington • Dr. Bob Rosenthal • Carrie Triffet • Tama Kieves • Kelly Russell • Diederik Wolsak • Dr. Christine Keisinger • Jackie Lora Jones • Dr. Matt Lyon • Peter Russell • Francis Lucille • Tim Freke and more!

As the world moves forward in the days and months ahead, we are prepared to step into this time in ways that reflect the highest truth of ourselves and one another.

Pure Presence Productions and the Teachers of God Foundation extends our utmost blessings of love to all who were present at the Conference and all who will benefit through these teachings.

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Friday Livestream

TGF TV - ACIM teachers broadcast

Now offered as TGF TV

Every Friday at 10:30am ET (Eastern Time), featuring a different host each week, we come to you live via this interactive webinar, often with special guests, to offer spiritual insights and discussion on topics relevant to your spiritual evolution. You can sign up for just TGF TV to get access to these Friday broadcasts or as part of the Evolve Membership Program bundled with other great offerings like “The Presenter Series”! Click the link below for more info / to register: