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Weekly Book Study on the Work of Rupert Spira

Rupert Spira Book Study

An opportunity to immerse yourself into the direct pointing and deep teaching of The Essence of Meditation Series of books (FREE!)…
The focus is the book “BEING MYSELF”.

START DATE: December 8th, 12:00 – 1:15pm

Kick-off Gathering + Q&A with Rupert Spira, hosted by Bill Free.

Awakening the Light of Truth

Awakening the Light of Truth

For the holidays, we’re making some special offerings available for those on the path of integrated awakening.

We’ve bundled some favorite talks from the Pure Presence Conferences that will nurture awareness, rejuvenate, enlighten and bring inner peace…

The Integrated Awakening Conference:
LIVING the Nondual Understanding

Did you miss this conference? Or interested in upgrading to view video replays?

We received so many messages from people who were touched or changed in small and significant ways from this Integrated Awakening experience… If you missed this inspiring event or purchased the Live-Only ticket and did not get to attend some sessions that were calling to you, you can still upgrade to catch the recordings in video or audio / mp3 format!

This was our 4th Virtual Conference and with each one we are learning and growing — focused on providing you with the very best experience possible for your Highest and Best. Learn, Integrate, and Grow through Powerful Wisdom, Avita Yoga, Live Music and Truth Teachers from around the world.

✓ Learn how spiritual practices can be incorporated & embodied in daily life

✓ Be guided to your own direct experience of the True Self

✓ Learn to navigate all life experience with certainty, peace, abundance, and joy

✓ Discover how to remain calm and centered in Truth no matter what is happening externally

✓ Shift from perception to the unchanging awareness of experience

✓ Tap into tools that can transform every relationship, including the one with yourself

✓ Experience healing as a result of knowing

✓ Access the portal to unchanging peace and happiness

✓ Live as the awareness of Love’s presence — your natural state of being

Our inspired lineup:

Rupert Spira • Lisa Natoli • Ellen Emmet • Aaron Abke • Isira • Louise Kay • Shakti Caterina Maggi • Miranda Macpherson • Alan Cohen • Jac O’Keeffe • Amoda Maa • Judith Blackstone • Stephan Bodian • Helen Hamilton • Craig Holliday • Ilona Ciunaite • Peter Russell • Francis Lucille • James Twyman • Jackie Lora Jones • Regina Dawn Akers • Mary Lenihan • Daniel Shai • Jeff Bailey • Krishna Das • Jackie Greggs • Omashar • Bill Free

…supporting you to live the nondual understanding in your day-to-day life. This is authentic, embodied awakening — the reason we’re here.

If this is your time to Open your Heart and Know the Truth, give yourself the gift of Awareness: Know the Self, Know the Truth.

“AWESOME conference!!! OMG…I loved it sooooo much! I have gained so much from this! I have a passion for both the ACIM path and the nondual path. This has been such a gift! Everyone I heard just spoke such clear truth! I feel like I’m floating in Heaven, God, Presence, Awareness… THANK YOU!!!” – Shon Nelson

“OMG! AMAZING! The best conference ever. I can’t wait till I receive the recordings. These past 3 days were the best since the day the world changed on March 14th. I couldn’t wait to start each day with this conference. I had something to look forward to. Thank you everyone for doing this, especially @ this time. It was Pure Perfection!” – Judi Day

“The conference was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time. Thank you.” – Nancy Taylor

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Friday Livestream

Now offered as TGF TV

Every Friday at 10:30 am ET (Eastern Time), featuring a different host each week, we come to you live via this interactive webinar, often with special guests, to offer spiritual insights and discussion on topics relevant to your spiritual evolution. You can access these Friday broadcasts in the Evolve Membership Program bundled with other great offerings like “The Presenter Series”! Click the link below for more info and to register: