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The Awareness Conference

The Awareness Conference

Did you miss this event or were you unable to attend certain sessions? Interested in seeing a replay of your favorite presenters? Recordings now available!

The Awareness Conference is a frequency of awareness in a shared experience one rarely finds at a single event. Open the Heart, Know the Truth is that rare experience of Awareness that brings together Speakers, Musicians and Yoga Teachers who vibrate at a frequency not of time and space but of the Open Heart of Pure Presence and Grace, including:

Rupert Spira • Gangaji • James Twyman • Neda Boin • Alan Cohen • Francis Lucille • Lisa Natoli • Loch Kelly • Jon Mundy • Bayo Akomolafe • Regina Dawn Akers • Sheva Carr • Tony Ponticello • Antoinette & Clifton Sawyer • Ellen Emmet • Maureen Muldoon • Harri Alto • Kelly Russell • Miranda Macpherson • Cate Grieves • Freedom Cartwright • Aaron Abke • Tama Kieves • Karen Drucker • Carol Howe • Louise Kay • Gary Renard • Jeff Bailey • Corrine Zupko • Amy Torres • Jonathan Robinson • Mary Lenihan • Isira • Bill Free

If this is your time to Open your Heart and Know the Truth, give yourself the gift of Awareness: Know the Self, Know the Truth.

“The Conference is a vacation of healing within the ocean of fear-based thinking. I truly appreciate the selection and diversity of ACIM teachers who presented. I also appreciate the Non-Duality and other teachers who presented. Each different view of the same topic as a certain vibration. The correct vibration will find its match within the participants. When the message and recipient of similar vibration meet, there is the potential for the miracle of healing to occur. Your team created the conference with a great variety of vibrational frequency to reach the greatest range of people looking for a way to heal. This is good work you do.” — Nancy T

“Thank goodness for all of you teachers and students… I missed most of the talks but listening to the chat session with Lisa & Bill, I have to get the ALL ACCESS PASS…” — April W

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Friday Livestream

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Every Friday at 10:30 am ET (Eastern Time), featuring a different host each week, we come to you live via this interactive webinar, often with special guests, to offer spiritual insights and discussion on topics relevant to your spiritual evolution. You can sign up for just TGF TV to get access to these Friday broadcasts or as part of the “All-Access” option in the Evolve Membership Program bundled with other great offerings like “The Presenter Series”! Click the link below for more info and to register: