Join Us For These Upcoming Events

On this page, you will find events such as our weekly Friday ACIM meetings (they are live-streamed!), and our weekly online Unity Radio shows.

teachers of god events

You can also learn more about the upcoming ACIM Conference in San Francisco in February 2018.

We are so happy to have you as part of our community!

A Course in Miracles -Weekly Friday Meeting

Join Us Each Week for A Course in Miracles

Celebrate with us…

Come join us for A Course in Miracles each week on Friday mornings!

The primary purpose of a Teacher of God is to be a light in this world and carry God’s Love to others who still believe they suffer. Our message is simple: We have found a way to live in joy without conflict and we are happy to share it with anyone who is ready for a new way of life. Above all, we remain committed to letting Truth be our Guide and remembering that joy is our function here. Please join us.

To watch the meeting live-stream on Friday mornings from your computer or phone and to get all of the details about our meetings, – click here to visit our ACIM Friday Live Stream page.