Coming in OCTOBER to Evolve

Many Ways To Freedom

with Tom Das


What You'll Learn:


Using the essential teaching of Sri Ramana Maharshi, Tom will share:

  • The path to true liberation
  • The importance of devotion and self-inquiry
  • The common distortions of the teachings
  • How to avoid common pitfalls on the path

Tom will guide you to realize and stabilize in your true nature.

What You'll Get:

  • Four 90-minute Live Masterclasses on Zoom with Tom Das: October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd: 3:00-4:30 pm EDT 
  • Meditations, teachings, and Q&A with Tom 
  • An invitation to 4 Live, follow-up Gatherings on Zoom for support and interaction with the community
  • On-demand access to all  video replays if you can’t join live, and downloadable audios to take with you on-the-go 

" Liberation is just pure humility, total humility, total openness. "

―Tom Das

 Live Class Schedule

Session 1

October 2, 2023 from 3-4:30pm ET.

The Essential Teaching of

Sri Ramana Maharshi

Session 2

October 9, 2023 from 3-4:30pm ET.

The Importance of Devotion

Session 3

October 16, 2023 from 3-4:30pm ET.

The Importance of Self-Enquiry


Session 4

October 23, 2023 from 3-4:30pm ET.

How NOT to Realize Your True Nature

(What not to do, common distortions of teachings, common pitfalls)

Community Gatherings


 October 7, 14, 21 and 28, 2023 from 11am ET.

Join with the Community Manager, Susan Telford, and fellow Evolve members for guided meditation, support and discussion of Tom's teachings.


About Your Teacher

Tom Das

Spiritual Teacher

Whilst Tom has explored many teachings traditions including Advaita (Nondual) Vedanta, Buddhism, Zen, Christian Mysticism, Dzogchen and Taoism as well as more “New Age” teachings such as the Law of Attraction, his love is to share the teachings of his Beloved Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi, as well as his devotion for Sri Ramana. That said, irrespective of your own seeking background, Tom has an uncanny knack of being able to meet you where you are and facilitate a greater clarity in those who approach him for guidance.

Tom lives with his wife and children in London UK. He holds meetings twice a week in person and online with the intent of sharing this wonderful message of love and freedom from suffering.


Are you ready to live an awakened life?


Ready to Know the Peace and Happiness of Your True Nature Every Day?

Ready to Feel Inspired and Guided by Inner Wisdom?  

Ready to Take Your Place in a Community Devoted to Awakening?

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​​Do you.........

  • want to know the joy and peace of your true nature?
  • want to let go of conditioned ideas and beliefs?
  • want to know the felt reality of being awake as a lived experience?
  • want to fall in love with yourself again?
  • want to learn from awakened spiritual teachers and ask them YOUR questions? 
  • want to make new friends with men and women who are devoted to their spiritual awakening? 



Evolve is a Community for Spiritually Awakening People

Evolve is Built on 3 Pillars 


Live and interactive Masterclasses with teachers who speak from their own direct experience 


Take the teachings into your life  and have the inherent peace, happiness and freedom which is your birthright.  


Weekly Book Group, Community Gatherings on Zoom and a private FB group for friendship and support.


Presented Live with On-Demand Replay Videos At Your Convenience


The Gifts and Perils of Power

with Jac O'Keeffe

Each of us has personal power; it is our birthright. Do you deny your power? Are you afraid of it? Do you misuse it, have you ever abused it?

Join Jac to explore your current relationship with power and to learn all about power with heart.

Become skillful and practiced, connected and accountable. You will gain many practical insights into the right use of power. Your inner authority and capacity to be compassionate aligns with your divine nature. Jac will teach you how to bring the divine power of inner freedom into your life in a real and practical way.


Enter the Stillness: Live from the Silent Heart

with Susan Telford

Silence and stillness lie at the heart of all the great spiritual traditions.

"Teach us that even as the wonder of the stars in the heavens only reveals itself in the silence of the night, so the wonder of life reveals itself in the silence of the heart. In the silence of our heart we may see the scattered leaves of all the universe bound by love." The Bhagavad Gita 

Join Susan to discover the stillness out of which all things are born and the silent heart from which all wisdom flows.

Immediate Access to Masterclass Replays  :

The Wholeness Experiment

(30 Days to Live and Be the True Self)

with Lisa Natoli

Have you noticed that whenever you “reach” happiness and peace, it is elusive? You “have” it, you’re “there” you have moments of joy and relaxation and ease, and then what?

You lose it. Something happens – either in your mind or in life or in the world - and you "fall back" into doubt and old habits again.

What if you were able to stay aware in every moment even (and especially!) when there is discomfort or when something doesn’t go the way you want it to go?

What if happiness and peace is not something that you “reach”, but it’s what you are and requires only recognition.

In the Wholeness Experiment, you’ll come in touch with the real you, the Self. Lisa will guide you with weekly practices that will challenge you to change your perception about yourself.

You will learn how to stay present in wholeness, peace and love even when there is chaos and confusion.

Who Would You Be Without Your Story? 

with Diederik Wolsak


Who you think you are is a blend of stories and memories, but mostly core beliefs. Core beliefs keep choosing the stories they make up to defend your identity. What if we could relinquish the story? Would that allow us to return to the Truth? The answer is, of course, a resounding YES we can and YES it would. Let's, together, explore ways to examine our story, smile, and forgive it.

The time we have together will offer you the essential tools and teachings to make a foundational shift from your perceived identity to a more deeply integrated acceptance of the Love you are and always have been, without story, without false identity.

The teaching "It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain." must lead to an inquiry as to who it is that chooses these hurtful thoughts. That 'I' is not you. The real 'I' waits patiently for the story to fall away.

Diederik invites you to make a huge start together, with him and the whole Community. 

The Heart of Who We Are: Realizing Freedom Together

with Caverly Morgan

 This workshop is about the act of being. It’s about knowing a happiness you can’t explain because you have no reason to point to. The joy of pure
being. Together we’ll explore knowing who you are, resting in presence, and what it means to act in the world on behalf of
this deep knowing.

We’ll give our attention to the pleasure of being aware of being aware, and seeing what gets in the way of this—personally and collectively—while exploring how to let it go, to undo, to realize freedom together.

This workshop will consist of a guided meditation, a teaching, and a group discussion. It is based on Caverly’s new book: The Heart of Who We Are.

From Fear To Joy

with Shakti Caterina Maggi

The sense of separation leads us to live in a contraction of fear that we feed into our everyday life and dynamics. The heart is the great alchemist that transforms fear into the natural joy of being.
In this course, we will explore how the process of integration of spiritual awakening can allow us to embody this radical transformation and bring our spirituality down to earth. The course will be both theoretical and experiential.


The Simplicity of Being

with Anne Sweet & Amir Freimann

The simplicity of Being or awakened consciousness is your very essence revealed, and is already something known, intimate and familiar to you. So known and familiar in fact that you continue to miss it and dismiss it, all the while seeking and searching and hoping and longing for something else, something grander and more significant. In these sessions, Anne and Amir will discuss why this is so, and how to recognise and return to the natural simplicity of Being.

We are One, not #1

with Isira 

Ngaligumerra is one of the sacred teachings in the Australian indigenous traditions. It translates as, “We are One, not #1.” Indigenous wisdom teaches that everything in life is sacred. Sadly, our modern world has lost touch with this essential truth, which is why we are facing so much chaos and disruption. To restore a sense of peace, harmony, and joy, we must reconnect to the sacred—respecting, honoring and loving all of our experience.

Discover why understanding Indigenous wisdom is essential for our awakening, and how we can access this wisdom through what Isira calls the “Four Sacred Pillars of Life.”

While one of these four pillars is the Self or Spirit, these pillars go beyond just the Self to include our interconnected relationship with three other essential dimensions of life—the second is nature or earth; the third is kinship or others; and the fourth is the cosmos or universe. 

Move out of the mind into a lived experience in which the sacred is restored to each aspect and moment of your day-to-day life.


Unconditional Openness:

The Way of Freedom

with Amoda Maa

Discovering our essential nature as openness is the foundation of true freedom — but how can this freedom be known in our direct experience?

By offering potent pointers to the liberation from ego-identity, this openness can be recognized as our natural state. And by bringing to light some of the veils of perception that create psychological suffering, we can begin the journey of abiding as this openness in all circumstances.

Amoda offers the direct path — inviting and supporting you in living as freedom now.

Embodiment and Integration

with Louise Kay

The journey of spiritual awakening comprises two principal understandings, which are somewhat paradoxical in nature. On one hand there is nothing to do, nobody to do anything and a profound recognition that there is only this moment, which is totally and completely divinely perfect as it is.

On the other hand, as this understanding is lived experientially, namely by allowing the attention to rest continuously as pure awareness and consistently abiding as that, the natural and effortless consequence is that a process of healing and integration takes place on the level of form. This process, which happens in time and space, leads to transformation on all levels of physical life; physical, emotional, mental and circumstantial.


Living in Not-Knowing

with Jenny Beal

 The inherent peace, happiness and freedom of our true nature is our birthright. It is available to all of us all the time – not as just a peaceful state of mind, but as the felt reality of our being.

Investigate, uncover and dismantle the limiting beliefs that veil your true reality. Rather than replacing unhelpful beliefs with new, spiritual beliefs, you will discover the joy of abandoning all beliefs and living in not-knowing. The approach will be primarily experiential, and will include guided experiments to check out new ways of thinking, perceiving and relating. This teaching is not fixed – it unfolds uniquely every time in answer to questions. So Q&A will form an important part of these sessions.

Awakening to the Truth

with Helen Hamilton

What if you are not at all what you think you are? How would you find out what you really are? These are the questions you explore with Helen Hamilton. 

Dive into what awakening actually is and how you can experience it for yourself and begin to find peace.

Helen will guide you to look at how to awaken to what is real and essential about you so that you can finally be free of all fear and come to know your timeless, infinite nature.



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Join Susan Telford and members of Evolve to study spiritual texts in depth. 

Current Book:  

Awake- It's Your Turn by Angelo DiLullo

Weekly Gatherings on Zoom, hosted by Susan Telford. Enjoy guided meditations, ask questions, share insights and get support from Susan and fellow members.

Chat to other members every day in the Evolve Community FB group.  


What do you really want?

How committed are you to your awakening?

Are you ready to live a life of peace and happiness?

Learn the importance of giving yourself the time to rest, reflect and allow awareness to lead you intuitively.

Bill will teach you how to use self-inquiry to investigate your true desires and uncover the  obstacles that keep you from having what you want above all else.

You will learn how to rest as Awareness, perhaps the most important, valuable and yet unknown healing tool of our time.  

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Everything you have been looking for is here for you:


  • Live Masterclasses with the Clearest Spiritual Teachers in the World Today
  •  On-Demand Replay Videos At Your Convenience
  •  Practical Step-by-Step Methods, Lessons and Meditations
  •  Weekly Live Community Gatherings for Sharing and Support
  •  Weekly Live Book Group to Discuss Favorite Spiritual Texts 
  •  Private Facebook Community for Sharing, Love and Support


Take a moment, to close your eyes,

put your hand on your heart and ask within... 




You know the answer. 

 "We are all just walking each other home."
— Ram Dass

What people say about Evolve...

Sonya Pruhs

If you are - as I am - seriously wondering about the purpose and reality of what is happening inside and around yourself, and all over the world, this is what happened for me at Evolve:

Assisted by an incredible variety of spiritual teachers, who communicate each in their own unique way, I gradually started opening first my mind and then my heart.

Allowing these teachings to touch me more and more deeply, this process gradually pulls me back from the turbulence of my experiences and gently nudges open the doors to my own inner knowing where I can see questions and answers disappear.

My gratitude for this is far beyond words.

In my experience every member’s active participation helps to shape this lively, ever moving process of Evolving — “Evolve” is what its members do!

Here is an invitation for you to expand by giving and receiving as part of a vibrant, global community.

Accept it!

Richard Donnelly

The Evolve group has been a godsend for me. Here is an organization presenting the universal curriculum that resonates with me, so I decided to go all-in and join the Evolve Community.

What a joy it has been and continues to be. I am at a point in my spiritual journey where the refinement of my beliefs and practices is very helpful in my experience of the real Self. This continued refinement brings the experience of more clarity and peace into my mind and allows me to let things be what they are.

Since I believe that my only function is to be the love that I am in truth and to extend that love in all situations and experiences in my life, these refinements, provided by the numerous teachers of the Evolve Masterclasses, has been extremely helpful. Each Masterclass is aimed to all levels of mastery, from beginner to advanced.

Susan Telford, our mentor and host for the Evolve Community, is an advanced loving soul who grows with the group and shares her wisdom along with all of us.

Highly recommended!

Glenda Gow

I have been on a spiritual path for a very long time, and I was just so amazed when I started listening to Lisa Natoli and then joined Evolve because of her.

And then I thought, oh, I'll just stay on. Maybe there were some other teachers that I haven't met before and there are so many teachers with such rich incredible pointings!

I love the Evolve Book Group, just being able to read a chapter and then go on the book group. Because I'm in Australia, I don't do things live very often, but being able to re-listen to the replays and hear other people's perspectives just gives me such a depth of understanding of things I hadn't thought about before.

It's changed my life enormously: my relationships, my joy of living, my connection with myself and with others, and seeing us all as one has been such a incredible change from all the psychotherapy and all the previous work I'd done. I am forever grateful from my heart, for the benefits that I get and seeing everybody else treated with such open-hearted respect and the deep listening that is in every group. 

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