Food Rules, Diets, and God – Part 2

By Linda Leland

Question: ACIM says that Love is the only thing that matters and that all healing comes from the absence of fear, so does that mean I just throw all caution to the wind, forget all my food concerns and eat whatever I want?

I love this question because we all find ourselves wondering the same exact thing!

ACIM never talks specifically about food so most of us don’t go there. But the Course tells us over and over again, with uncompromising clarity, that it is our fearful thoughts that block our love, happiness and well-being. So, if you have fears about what to eat or not to eat or concerns about your body image/identity, this video was made for you.

May you find freedom from this struggle and learn to use your relationship with food and the body to become more awake, more loving and more connected to God.

Food Rules, Diets, and God – Part 2

*** Watch this video first and then there’s a link to the full article under it.

Question: Is a food program something that you would be interested in? Let us know! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Here is the article I was telling you about.

This is where I’ve listed all of the food rules we’ve been taught and you get to see how insane it has become!

I’ve also listed some of the oldest surviving people in the world today and their secrets to longevity that may surprise you.

Wait until you see Dr. Emoto’s actual photos of how our thoughts effect water, which is what we’re made of! Even water that’s been severely contaminated is unaffected when exposed to love. It’s mind blowing! We can no longer avoid the power of our thoughts and think we’ll ever reach a state of health. This is the missing link!

Your body is not your identity

I hope you, not only enjoy this article, but find some freedom and a whole new outlook on the body. It is my hope that you’ll begin to understand that these bodies are here to be used as communication vehicles for the light! Let Love become the most important nutrient, because, as you will see, it really is! And when that becomes our focus, health occurs naturally until our job here is complete.

Question: Is a food program something that you would be interested in? Let us know! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Thanks for being here. I love you all.


Linda Leland

Director of Operations and Teacher, Teachers of God Foundation

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102 thoughts on “Food Rules, Diets, and God – Part 2

  1. I agree with everything you say, Linda! So much so that I’ve already written a book about these very ideas : ” The Miracle Diet”. In the back I include prayers and affirmations from ACIM.

  2. Yes! A food program which applies the guiding light from ACIM would be an answer to my prayer. This body is the last and largest obstacle to love. Thank you so much-feeling deep gratitude for this timely post.

  3. Linda I feel your Passion in every cell of my being. Your Truth can be heard!
    With your love and creativity your new program will be a blessing for everyone.
    Love ❤️ Always Karen

  4. Yes please. I am embarking on doing workshops for weight loss and this information changes everything…..i absolutely live it and I am interested to know more. Thank you so much…..Angela

  5. I need this program so much! Your video has arrived at THE PERFECT time. I have so much food angst. I have reached a point of giving up on all the rules! I have tried so many ways of eating and NONE of them work. Not when you are coming from food fear. Which I have reached this point, I realised it recently. And only yesterday I realised that the whole world is set up with such conflicting messages about food that we are all becoming so disturbed and frightened about what to eat and what not to eat. Food cannot be the answer. I have always said the answer has to be simple. It is not complicated. It cannot be.If I can be willing to STOP for a moment before I reach for the food to comfort my fearful thoughts/feelings and instead reach for God… I could change my world. I need support to do this. This is where TOG comes in. Others who resonate with you and share your views and teach/share with you the truth. Thank you, Linda, this message is so important and valuable xxx

  6. Perfect! Let me tell you…this is SPOT ON. I have been waiting just for you and just for this. Bravo! I’m in…Let me know the next steps.

  7. Yes I am interested in a food program I came to here of ACIM 25 years ago. I purchased a book by Sondra Ray called the Only Diet There Is, (the forgiveness diet). She referred to the course in this book. 20 years later and still not at peace with food.

  8. Great article some of what you said I have already been incorporating into my life. You definitely gave me more to think about. Thank you! I loved your article and yes I would be very interested in a food program

    • Thanks so much Melba! I love diving deeper into this and giving us all “more to think about”. Busting out of our old worn out thought patterns. Great job incorporating this in your own life already. You’ll be a great asset to the program. I’ll keep you posted.

  9. Thank you Linda for these wonderful messages of truth. Yes, I would be interested for sure as food is the fuel to nourish this body (vehicle) of ours. And it makes such a huge difference when we are in a place of LOVE instead of fear in all our daily activities….. That’s when miracles occurs and it is so wonderful. I honor you and all the Teachers of God’s family for the sharing and teaching of God’s way, the only way towards peace and happiness…. The way to LOVE and GRATITUDE. Namaste🙏❤️😇

  10. Hi lovely Linda I have discovered through insight and Knowledge from the heart of our Father I believe – that to Him food is One, and One thing only, not two, not dual, good and bad ; ‘bad’ food that makes you fat and therefore to be avoided if you want to avoid weight gain – and then ‘good’ food which is ‘rabbit’type food which keeps us slim and trim. To the rabbit food we have to added all sorts of substances such as artificial sweeteners or oilless oil etc to make it seem ‘unrabbity ‘ and tasty. We have been designed for freedom and huge enjoyment and He wants us to enjoy ALL foods. I believe God says – enjoy all foods in the amounts and combinations you enjoy. There will be no weight gain if you can stop believing this UNIVERSAL HUMAN BELIEF that evokes huge fear when we disobey it’s tennets and rules. This universal human belief (which is a total lie) that started being propounded from somewhere in the 1940s up to today 2018 where there’s hardly a foodstuff that many articles as well as books have not been written about – how these foodstuffs should be avoided at all costs. He further tells us to undo our belief in ‘the dual truth human theory’ as we ourselves have created it. But there’s great fear in us to eat whatever we like because of our belief in the veracity of this lie … and therein is the journey I have walked and am walking – with His amazing Light and understanding and insight into seeing that FOOD IS ONE – and how we can get unwoven from this tangled web of deceit and lies of the ego that wishes to entangle us with huge daily entanglement of our thoughts, enormous fear and using up huge amounts of our time daily … (Linda I do apologise if I’ve chucked the cat amongst the pigeons in what you may consider – I hope not – to be a too long diatribe! ) lotsa lotsa love Rosemary 🌹

    • Rosemary, I couldn’t agree with you more! I do believe that we can use our fears around food for self-discovery. To become more loving, Trusting of God and more awake to the Truth of our Identity. It really shows us who we think we are. It shows us when we’re feeling like we are these vulnerable bodies, alone and must self-create. Your comment is spectacular! This is the place I wish for us all to land. Thank you so much.

  11. Love, love, love this and you Linda! I totally agree and know this is the truth. And I still struggle with it! I would love you to do a program, I am all in! Lots to talk about on the Camino!

  12. Yes…..count me in!!! My passion is brain health and the books I’ve been given to write are all about “healthy habits for healthy brains”. Junk in junk out…… We now know that the gut is the place to start to change the chemistry in our brain and the thoughts we perceive to be true. Lots of books written on this subject, for example: Genius Foods by Max Lugavere ( also has lots of presentations on YouTube). WSJ recently had an article on “Foods that Help Battle Depression” rise in a new field “nutritional psychiatry”. Thanks for answering the call to speak out on this topic!!!

    • Thank you Frances. Junk in junk out also must apply to our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves! Nutritional psychiatry…I love this.

  13. Linda- I feel your authenticity and love. In that space you share it with me and raise me up. I am deeply grateful and SO ready to turn the corner on reflecting lies through my body. I would be interested to learn more about what you have to share. Thank you again for remembering your brothers and sisters in your journey. LOVE, Anne

  14. Yes Linda, a food program as you live it , a love program, that is what I am interested in.

    With all my love, thank you


  15. Thank you Linda for suc a great article and video.

    I am very interested about
    Your class related to nutrition. My body has a
    Problem with diabetes. Therefore, I live in constant
    Fear about eating habits.
    Your class will help me a
    Great deal .
    Please, let me know when it
    Will start. Many thanks and
    Blessings to you.

  16. Absolutely! I’d be very interested in a good program based on the teachings of the Course … this would be the icing on the cake!!! Haha and YES, pun intended!

    • Thanks for your comment Solve. I understand! You’ll be one of the first to know when the program is ready to launch. This will be a very powerful group.

  17. Yes, i’d be interested in a group.!
    I have been working through Marianne Williamson’s a Course in Weight Loss and I’ve done a lot of great work. However, my body continues to reflect a fearful ego .

    • Thanks for your feedback Sharon. I love that book too. You’ll be one of the first to know when the program launches. <3

  18. Linda, This is terrific! Not only do I agree with you 100% but this is a topic I’ve been writing on for years (also inspired by ACIM) and am in the process of writing a book…not so much on food issues…but using food as metaphor for spiritual growth.

    I’ve loved hearing your personal story (sorry about your mom). As a young woman I couldn’t help but notice how the things my parents said and believe was affecting their life and health…and so I questioned it and began reading every thing I could get my hands on that had to do with the nature of reality. And so eventually it led to ACIM and as you know…that changes everything.

    I love that you’re doing a class on our relationship with food and ACIM. It is so needed and if I can do anything to support your work, please let me know.

    Thank you! Silvia

  19. Linda!
    As a Health and Wellness Coach I’ve felt for years that there was some essential ingredient missing beyond the hard and fast rules of the diet/health prodigal. It wasn’t until my discovery of Ayurveda and the mind/body/spirit connection that it started to open my mind to new possibilities of transformation and my business shifted dramatically! The pinnacle, however, has been my immersion into ACIM and my mind has been nonstop trying to think of ways to incorporate the principals into my business. Wouldn’t I just love to talk about LOVE to my clients instead of what they think they want to hear. I will be so excited to hear your thoughts on a food program! Many Blessings! Diana

  20. Yes I would absolutely be interested in this program. After doing the 40 day challenge, I’ve realized that one my biggest fears was/is around food (lack of love and self confident – using food as a reward and punishment at the same time – crazy!).
    I’ve also been raised by an awesome and very conscious health and spiritual mom. Now being a young mom of two I don’t want to share or install “my fears” to my kids. I want them to be concious about healthy eating and give them a chance to choose but not be afraid of what they eat (or even hide) and I want it to come from a place of love and gratitude and love from themselves.
    We already bless everything we eat (thanks to you) and give thanks to God (because he is the one that created all we need) and then all that was involved in the process of such food.
    Even though since the challenge my mind has completely changed and has positively affected my husband and kiddos (so much love and light around us) I’m sure I will benefit (and my loved ones) of the this new program!!
    Its the miracle to my thoughts/prayers.
    I love you all and thank you so much for all you do!!
    God bless you 💫💞😁

  21. I loved your article today! I just started getting into ACIM, and I’ve been praying for a resolution to my life long obesity battle. Then I read this. It’s a start in the right direction. Yes, I’d love to learn more on this topic and utilize your god program.

    Thank you!

  22. Hi Linda – thank you for sharing your enlightenment with food and Love! I am very interested in a program that practices Love with food. I have lost my Love for food and preparing it – I need it back for my daughter!

  23. I would be interested in a food program based on principles of ACIM. Struggling with food for over 50 years is too long.

  24. Yes I watched this last night thru divine direction I believe . I was in a 12 step food addiction group many many years . Had recovery fleeting .

  25. My friend and I listened to your video and loved it. So impressed to hear of your background, Linda. We both clicked to view your article and nothing happened. We tried several times, and even turned off computer. Can you send it to me?

    Thank you!

  26. Hi Linda, I loved this, and thank you for your blog, I would love to have an eating plan your way, a new way of seeing this. Let me know.

  27. Dear Linda,
    I was profoundly moved by this video, and article. Did you create a course around these issues?
    Hopeful for a response, love , and light Wendy

  28. I’d be very interested. This video, and article was profoundly moving. Please let me know if a class transpires! Thank you