Food Rules, Diets and God

You may not know this about me but I’ve spent many years as a Health Coach and Nutritional Educator.  A good percentage of that time I spent telling people what they should and should NOT eat.  I taught my clients all the food rules I’d picked up along the way.  Until the day I realized I was a fear pusher disguising myself as health conscious.

Today, I have a whole new freedom regarding food and I want to share it because it’s totally awesome and completely True.  I’ve always loved food; talking about it, planning it, shopping for it, sharing it and eating it. At the same time, I held many judgments and anxieties with food, body image and disease.

On this journey of awakening, I’ve asked to have the blocks to Love removed.  Food has been a biggie for me.  I decided to shift all of my perceptions and use these fears as part of my transformation.

Let me explain:

I was raised by a food-fearing (aka health conscious) Mom.  There were so many do’s and don’ts to manage and worry about. She ate an extremely (EXTREMELY) clean diet, always had a cupboard full of high quality supplements, no “bad” habits, went to bed early and worked full time for a famous Holistic Physician.  (Side-note:  her body died at the age of 68)

Because there are so many food rules that keep changing, I’ve spent my life looking for patterns.  I wanted the truth.  Which “diets” or lifestyle practices cause people to live well into their 90’s?  Which diet’s cause people to die at an early age “before their time”.  Do people who exercise 90 minutes per day live longer than couch potatoes?  Do skinny bodies last longer that chunky ones?  WHAT’S ACTUALLY GOING ON HERE?

Here’s the thing.  

There are no patterns.

I recently did some research on people who lived to be over 100 and told of their “secrets” to longevity.  So fun!  Of course there was a small percentage that chalked it up to diet and exercise but most of them never gave diet a thought. Everyone had a unique “secret”.  Here are some examples.

Jose Aguinelo do Santos (believed to be the oldest living man in the world), 126:  Walks without a stick.  No known health problems; smokes a pack of cigarettes a day since the age of 13.  His says his secret to longevity is that he sings every day and tells lots of jokes.  

Agnes Fenton, 110:  Says her secret to living 110 years is 3 bottles of Miller High Life (she was told it was the “champagne of beers”) and a glass of whiskey every day.  

Jessie Gallan, 109:  Jessie ate mostly porridge and never married.  She says the lack of men in her life is linked to her longevity.  (Hahahaaa! I’m not making this stuff up!)

Adelina Domingues, 114:  Never fractured a bone, never took any medicine and has never been to the hospital.  She says her secret to longevity is never wearing makeup and that religion has been her best medicine.

Susannah Mushatt Jones, 116:  Plenty of sleep and a steady diet of bacon, eggs and grits.  However, she believes her longevity comes from always extending Love and generosity to others.

George Boggess, 103:  No particular diet but has never driven a car and attributes his long life to walking wherever he needs to go.

Paul Marcus, 101:  He has always eaten whatever he wants and believes the secret to his longevity is plenty of ice cream.

Pretty cool, huh?

On the other hand, don’t we all know folks who “did everything right” and still managed to pass away at a young age?


Before we go any further, here is a list of some of the rules/fears the world tells us to worry about (and I’m sure I missed a few). Here goes:  Artificial chemicals, tap water, bottled water, calories, sodium, preservatives, microwave ovens, fats, fat-free products, Trans-fats, Saturated fats, low fat, high/low temperature oils, meat, fake meat, no meat, fish, soy, corn, corn syrup, grains, mercury, food coloring, plastic, Styrofoam, pharmaceuticals, aluminum, butter, margarine, hormones and antibiotics, parasites, germs, soil, alcohol, charcoal, dairy, too much sunshine, not enough sunshine, sugar, artificial sugar, too much fruit, not enough vegetables, free range, cage free, grass fed, raw, over cooked, homogenized, pasteurized, extrusion, food combining, Fluoride, bacteria, vaccinations, no vaccinations, toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, ….and running with scissors.

Dear Lord!  Stop the insanity!

Those thoughts are only of the mind and the body responds to the thoughts we think.  


Look, these bodies are NOT who we are, but they are really cool communication devices for our Spirit.    WHAT I AM SAYING is that food rules and dieting are NOT the answer to keeping these meat covered wagons in the safe zone!   Let’s take a look at fear’s influence on the body.

I love using Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work with water as an example.  It’s a pure and simple illustration of how our thoughts affect our bodies, the food we eat and the world.  Say loving words to water and it smiles; be fearful or angry and water shrivels.  Since we are mostly made up of water, can you imagine how our bodies react to the thoughts and words we use?


Check out these photos below that show how thoughts of Love and Gratitude affect water.





        And here is a photo of water after it’s been exposed to thoughts of fear. (below)


Water exposed to thoughts of fear


Even if water has been severely compromised and polluted, it can be totally transformed by thoughts of Love. (below)

Water before and after prayer


Not even (so called “toxic”) magnetic radiation can mess with water that’s been exposed to thoughts of Love.
microwave water


Loved microwave water


CHECK THIS OUT!  Love healed this water exposed to nuclear fallout!





 DO YOU SEE?  It’s so simple and uncompromising.  These bodies we occupy are 80% water.

This means that the thoughts you think are much more important to the health of the body than what goes in it.

I’m certainly not saying we go out and ingest poison in the name of Love.  Just stay with me.  I’ll get to the right minded food practices in a minute.

What I am saying, is that all those food fears I listed earlier…those are what we need to “diet” from.

God is Love.  God is life.  God is all there is and God is in everything.  This is the only Truth and life only responds to that.

Does this mean we shouldn’t march against Monsanto and fight big Pharma?  Yes, that’s exactly what it means.  If your activism is fueled by fear and blame… YOU’RE NOT HELPING ANYONE.  Remember…only Love and Gratitude heal.  Ask yourself where you can extend more of that and now you’re making a difference.  Go out and give to what it is that you DO want.

We can use food to become more awake.  We can still be conscious about food decisions but from a place of Love and not fear. Eat beautiful and clean foods because you Love your body, not because you hate it and certainly not because you’re afraid of sickness and death.

Back when I gave value to all of those food fears, I always had a reason to feel worried and guilty about eating.   It was a constant pattern of fear, rules, deprivation, cravings, failure and guilt.  NOT a formula for health and happiness.  I am totally done with that.

Through practice and vigilance, I now have a completely different relationship with this body and with food.

First of all, I don’t see this body as “me” anymore.  I only want to use it to extend Love and to carry out God’s Will for me.  Joy and happiness are its favorite life sustaining nutrients!  Jesus says in ACIM that when I am using the body for this purpose, it will remain a healthy and serviceable instrument until it’s use is over.  And who wants to keep it when its usefulness is done?

Got body image issues?  Focus on the above!  Practice gratitude for this ever-loyal and miraculous instrument and stop focusing on every seeming imperfection.  Those are lies.

If I’m feeling worried about my health or insecure about my body’s attractiveness. It’s simply a clear sign that I have forgotten the Truth of who I AM.  Choose again, Beautiful.

So here’s where my relationship with food is now.

I KNOW that there is nothing to fear but fear itself.  The only ingredient I avoid is fear.  I gave up all my food judgments and perceptions.  If those fear thoughts pop in, which they sometimes do, I don’t value them and I don’t answer.  It’s merely an opportunity to remember the Truth.  I make the decision to choose a loving thought instead.  Food is a great tool to remember Love and to be compassionate with myself and I get to do it at least 3X a day.

As far as what I eat…here it is.   I totally Love God.  I have chosen to Trust God with all my heart.  So, I mostly choose foods as close to the way He put them here as possible.  God brilliantly created everything.  So, whole and unprocessed is my favorite way to eat.  I never count calories, measure or worry.  This just makes sense deep inside the Truth of me.  I listen.  I eat with God.

But please know… If I want to go out for pepperoni pizza, beer or a big bowl of chemicals with pesticide sauce, I do.  I bless that food and fully expect that food to bless me right back.  There is nothing I “don’t” eat.  I Bless it all.

Cooking is never a chore for me.  Listen and listen well.  Cooking is an act of Love.  I’ve collected hundreds of simple, REAL food recipes that are off the charts scrumptious.  It’s easy!   With joy and gratitude, I create meals that are loaded with those beautiful life crystals that would make Dr. Emoto proud.  I wish I could invite him for dinner!

I stay present when I eat and remember that the state of mind I’m in while eating it is most important.  In this way, you can listen to your body and stop eating when it’s full.  If you turn to food when you’re really not hungry, stop and listen.  Use this opportunity for self-discovery. Be awake!  What is it you really need?  (HINT:  It’s some form of Love).

When fear manifests in your awareness as an anxious mind, that’s what causes a dis-ordered body. True healing is learning to identify with the Truth of who you are.  For now, remembering is a choice you must keep choosing to make.  You are the Christ. You are God’s precious Son and you are Love.

I know this information turns everything that the world tells you upside-down.  It’s supposed to. I can’t wait to read your comments below.  I also have a quick question: Would you be interested in participating in a program using food as a tool to practice and remember Love?  A program where you would dedicate time and effort to shift all of your old perceptions and enter into a whole new relationship with food, cooking, and your body?  A fun new way to remember the Truth of your magnificence and the power of God?  Let me know your thoughts.  I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks so much for being here.

I love you,


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381 thoughts on “Food Rules, Diets and God

  1. Dear, dear Linda,
    What a gift this article is for me! My journey and relationship with food over the years parallels yours in many ways. And I have known of late (since finding Unity Church and ACIM last fall) that food “rules” of any kind are not what we need. I wanted to find a resource based on Unity/ACIM world views that explore food and beyond. I long to explore our entire relationship to our bodies — these precious temporary physical forms that exist in this amazing physical universe for a while — in a deep and authentic way… from spirit… metaphysically. I would LOVE to participate in a program using food as a tool to practice and remember Love.
    I must repeat, what a gift this article is! And it comes at a fascinating juncture for me. Ask and you shall receive! Thank you God!!!!!

    • Dear Linda <3

      Thank you so much for your mail, this was really what I needed.
      I know what thoughts does to water, and Years back I used to bless my food and still do with a prayer, but I was beginning to believe all the rules of the World AGAIN !! So thank you for reminding me dear sister.

      I would love to hear more about it.
      What do you have in mind (one mind of Course :))) )

      Love and light

      Betinna Silke <3

    • Thank you so much for such a sweet award! I will make a post about this shortly, once I do, I will come back and link it here! What a sweet husband you have, bringing you latte almost every morning in bed! I&1v2#7;8e tried to hint mine I’d like an occasional breakfast in bed. It’s a rare occasion that happens!

  2. Thank You Dear Linda, we are on the same page, I am grateful you have sent this Truth to me, and now I will share this with Love xxxx

  3. Tks Linda, well written. I saw Doc Emoto several years ago in Australia. I am fortunate, I don’t believe anything is bad for me but I also remember to impersonalise the human good as well to be aware the only Presence is God and I am one with that. I have sprayed by accident a toxic chemical in my face, did not wash off as knew it could not harm me, from a young age my late mum said don’t give anything attention, its an area that many people are fearful of food, alcohol, cigarettes, chemicals so I feel you will be used to others who are receptive to not buy into fear, I wish you every success, much love Bev, I am not a big acim person although love it, my way as been The Infinite Way Joel Goldsmith

  4. Love, love, love this, Linda! Thank you! Whether it’s food or anything else in our lives – shifting from fear to love is always the answer! Thank you for the reminder!

  5. Hi Linda, I have come to the conclusion that worrying about food is a form of fear, but am still stuck in a good/bad food mentality. So thank you very much for this email you sent. I am on the path of thinking consciously of God, Truth; so will now focus more on loving this wonderful body I have been blessed with, and whatever I eat/drink. I have also been aware for a time of emotional eating as a lack of love within myself so I will try to be more aware of old negative thought patterns, and replace them with loving thoughts.It is all about practising Love and trying to maintain a God/Love Consciousness.
    Thank you, Linda xxx

  6. Thank you Linda. I really enjoyed reading your email as I too have begun to correct my thoughts around food. I joined slimming world, but not as a dieting tool, (although I want this body to lose some weight) but rather as a way to relearn.
    I am also a fan of Mr Emoto.

  7. What a breath of fresh air this post is! YES, would be interested in joining with you and others to shift in this area, where so many of us have succumbed to fear!

  8. Linda
    Thank you so much for this…. I wept. When I was 10 years old my mom called me into her bedroom (I knew this was serious) she sat me on her bed and read me a letter sent by the school nurse that said I was obese. My life changed that day… I went to live in fear around food… Attended my first Weight Watchers meeting… At 10! I’ve had moments of living in love and that’s when I feel my best no matter how much I weigh. I would love a support group of like minded people to help me have a lifetime not just a moment!
    Light and Love

  9. Oh, Linda! This came at an exquisitely perfect moment. I have been asking God how to care for this body that I love through. My devotional reading this morning was all about how all foods are “clean.” It is the attitude we eat them with that matters and then up pops your email with this message. Amazing! Yes, I want to shift my perceptions around eating from denial and guilt to abundance and love!

  10. I am intrigued. Food to-dos and not-to-dos make my head spin and the result is always MORE weight. I’ve been through a number of difficult life changes lately: move to another city, selling home, building new home, death in immediate family, moving far from family … all stressful and guaranteed to load on the pounds – what with all the take-out food and crazy eating patterns… These changes are my choice (except the death of family member) and much has gone smoothly, but still the stress exists in my back, shoulders, and weight gain. I thank God everyday that we have come this far and that he has helped us toward our goal of a new chapter in our lives and I want to help my body by living in a healthy way.

  11. Hi Linda
    Thank you for sharing this wisdom. I have been eating with all the fear based thoughts you described. I live in fear a lot and DO fight fear with positivity, joy and gratitude in my daily prayers and meditation. I have lost about 19 lbs in the last year and have about 17 more to be at my best weight. Dieting has been a constant struggle from Medifast, Isagenix, Nutrisystem, shakes etc. but I fall back to eating too much when I allow myself to comfort myself with food and old addictions. These old patterns sabotage my ‘hard work’ and then ‘Guilt and Comdemnation’ come to visit and so I pray to release these as I affirm who I really am in God.
    What I truly want is to be completely healed of all manner of fear and to live and move and have my being totally IN Christ. I have ‘surrendered’ many times but I think my surrender is an act of MY will a form of work and not a ‘resting place’ in true confidence and faith in complete trust.
    I would love to share in a practice of using food as a tool to practice love.
    Also if you could share a meditation or prayer to help release fear or how to uncover the blockages.
    Thank you

    • Hi Winette, I see you quote the Bible. What about getting yourself a Mirror Bible (paraphrased by a South African pastor, buy online) and THEN when you read what the Word of God really says, then you lose more quilt put upon us by the churches!
      Life changing!!

  12. I love your writing about food, you echo and expand my thoughts on it! I have long felt that having an endless list of “no-no’s: and being afraid to eat them was just too much body identification – which is not who I am. Your approach is balanced, full of love and fearless! I will share with my friends. Thank you.

  13. I really think you’ve got it right! I’m also trying to eat this way, and still struggling, but it’s getting easier every Day😃 And I absolutely love beeing able to eat without shame! Love💟

  14. You Rock, Linda!

    LOVE this topic as there are so many thoughts about food in humanity. Recently, noticed my body felt dense. Thought it had to do with eating bread. Noticed judgements about it, and took it out of my diet to experiment with the Truth of thoughts. Then, bread started showing up everywhere. When I was invited to dinner, when there where work luncheons, etc. In this, recognized that my thoughts about bread is where I was allowing my Peace to be disturbed. So, committed to Loving and being Grateful to and for bread, and noticed Peace restored within.

    Thank you!

  15. GREAT blog, I ate up every word. As I’ve heard it said, “it’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you”, right? Thank you for the reminder to shift to eating from a place of love. Rather than feed ourselves the ego’s diet of fear, guilt, shame, blame, and judgment, let us instead instead allow ourselves to be nourished with all of the joy, gratitude, appreciation, forgiveness, beauty, fun, and other tasty morsels of love that we can fit into our plates!

  16. Hello Linda,
    At first I was just skimming through your blog because I kept thinking that this doesn’t apply to me. I’m not interested in a diet. Then it hit me. I choose what I eat out of fear because I’ve been struggling with RA and “THEY” say certain foods are good and certain foods are bad. So if I eat one of the bad foods I beat myself up and get fearful of the results.

    “Eat beautiful and clean foods because you Love your body, not because you hate it and certainly not because you’re afraid of sickness and death.”

    The sentence above touched me and reminded me that God sent this message to me with love. It reminded me to continue to infuse love into EVERYTHING in my life.

    I am very interested in a program that helps me to bring God into my relationship with food. Thank you for this beautiful message.


  17. Love your reflection. It. Is true that we are what we eat if accompanied with love and gratitude. I do want to participate in the program. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Linda, thank you for this! You are indeed an amazing beacon of Light! I have battled fourty years (since I was 8) with overweight, emotional eating and self loathing because of it. I have lost 70lbs through fear based restriction, only to gain it back when I “weaken”. The Course has been giving me glimpses of Truth, but my veil is still thick. I have been spending the last year practicing “I am under no laws but God’s Law”, i.e., no food laws (until recently). But I think that was sneaky ego tricking me into eating ice cream and bread! Haha I fell for it! Anyhow, I hope my crazy makes sense here. I would love love love a program that would help me realize love for myself through food.

  19. This article outlines the same concepts that the Holy Spirit has been showing me over the last year. I entered my thoughts into a post in the 40 day facebook page a few weeks ago and really appreciate receiving it again from you as a conformation. Thank you for sharing.

  20. i loved your article! I love the perspective you put this whole food thing in…. i would love to participate in a new relationship with food…

  21. Great article!! I’ve been practicing good nutrition for over 40 years. Keeping up with all the latest science. But love has not been part of. I’m interested in combining the two. Yes to a program that does.

  22. Thank you Linda! What a wonderful article and what a great reminder. I had read about Dr Masaru Emoto’s work several years ago and forgotten about it. What you are writing makes so much sense and it certainly re-inspired me to become more aware and let go of outdated food beliefs. I would love to hear more about your program to shift old perceptions around food and the body!

  23. Eating is a big part of this life, and I have SO struggled with trying to make peace with all concerns, (fears) around GMO’s, food and water additives, what supplements to take… and the loving principles of ACIM. They seemed to stand in opposition to one another because – THEY DO; Fear vs Love. This is the first time I have seen someone address this very practical, day to day part of “how to live” and be consistent with the teachings of the course. All I can say is a giant THANK YOU. You said what my mind needed to understand.

    Peace with with you, and with us all.

  24. I am on day 4 of clean eating but my stomach is bothering me and I asked God in my quiet time for a food plan that I could love!! then I came in to my computer and received this email so I would be interested but I am not willing to pay I am willing to pray.i have spent so much money on diets but to have freedom around food and my weight is my desire!! So keep me posted what you are thinking

  25. Yes, Linda, this makes so much sense. I might be interested in using food as a tool to remember and practice love. Need to know more. Sending love and thanks for the gentle, reassuring way you present your new relationship with food.

  26. Hi Linda I have always hated my body . Your message today really hit home for me. I would love to change my relationship with food and start living my body . Please include me in your next steps towards this. Thank you Linda as today I really needed to hear/read your message. I’m done with hating my body.

  27. Linda!!! Are you for real? OMG,your blog has hit my Inbox at the most PERFECT time – my life is about to change all because of YOU! And I’m sooooo grateful!

    The past few days my hubby (a workaholic) took a few days off to meditate and calm himself down because his blood pressure was sky high. Yesterday I went with him to the Doctors and she suggested medication and while my hubby steers clear of all meds, he said YES, because he doesn’t want to compromise his heart health … the funny bit here is that she was looking at his last lot of bloods and says ‘ohhhh your cholesterol is high, this and that is high blah blah blah’. Dave eats extremely clean so the fact that all these readings were coming back as HIGH baffled us …. and I said to Dave in front of the Doctor ‘you need to eat more bloody Tim Tams and then we will get you re-tested’ (as long as he’s blessing them first and not eating with guilt right?). The Doctor roared laughing but I was serious. Anyhow…. I’m reading your blog out loud to Dave tonight and he was gobsmacked and so was I. I’ve heard some of what you shared with us before but I’ve always had this push and pull thing happening, still having the belief in the body I guess which causes the confusion. And I will also readily admit that I never eat a piece of chocolate or a ‘treat’ without considering ‘how much weight I might gain’ AND if I miss my work out in the gym there is a sense of guilt. Linda, this blog is the ‘gentle’ nudge that my whole family needs right now – because I too have been the ‘mother’ who says you shouldn’t eat this or that, I have the cupboard full of supplements AND pesticide free tea – YIKES!!! Wow, it’s time to set my whole family free from this freakin’ madness! Please count myself and Dave in for any upcoming program – thank you, thank you, thank you, you are a true inspiration! Love you, Kath xo ps. I love your writing style, you had me hooked right from the first word, YOU ROCK!!

  28. Dear Linda-Live what you have written. Yes, I used to be a neurotic around food. What insanity. I learned to ask what I really wanted, AND listened for the response..and sometimes it was a warm chocolate chip cookie or a hot fudge sundae, but I learned not to eat again until my body told me it was hungry…Yes, I would love to be a “groupie”with you. Thanks for the great message.

  29. I belive and accept everything you are saying.
    Yes, Would Love to live in love , Gratitude and blessings.
    Thank you for sharing your experience!

  30. Hi Linda.

    This is the most intelligent, beautiful writing about food I have ever read. It almost brought tears to my eyes.

    I will be following your words from now on regarding food. I have a habit of sending people love, from my neighbours, to my family and friends, but to food? I have never thought about that. I will be from now on. Thank you so much. You are a life saver. I am now sending you lots of love and hugs.

  31. Hi Linda..
    Thank You!
    : )
    You describe exactly what I am doing, thinking, experiencing in the last few years.. I was a pharmacist and nutristionist.. and now I am leaving my old, fearbased learning behind..
    : )
    I am interested in the programm..
    the next step I would like to experience is that I am just choosing food because I like the act of eating and tasting and enjoying.. not because I think my body needs it.. there is no need.. there is no matter.. there is only spirit.. which I want to experience in a loving, joyful way.. completely without fear..
    Have a great day!

  32. I love this and will read it again. I have lived in fear of food for many years and have all the books. . Thank you, Linda

  33. Bless you my child!!! I was beginning to think I am the only one on the planet that thinks this way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  34. Thank you Linda I love this!! I too have spent many years if my life as a health/weight loss coach but became stagnant with all the fear pushing I was doing. Reading your article this morning was perfect for me! Not only the food part but also the fear part. I needed to be reminded of what living in fear does to my body (and my soul). Girl I absolutely LOVE your writing and always look forward to seeing your emails in my inbox!
    Count me ALL IN if you run a program.
    With love
    Robin Schmid

  35. Would love to participate in a program that would shift my relationship to food from fear to love Linda. The energy of what you shared is powerful and transformative. Thank you!!!! Love, Iriana

  36. Thank you Linda. This was truly inspiring, uplifting and clear. I love the simplicity. This is by far the best, clearest and most true application of the Course to our bodies and navigating the crazy world’s perceptions of health and well-being and how to achieve those that I have ever run across. You have reminded me to apply love to all of these aspects of my life. Thank you again

  37. I have been worring about my weight and how I look since I was a teenager. I had been in treatment for Bulimia when I was 47. I loved this article. I would give anything to look at food differently. I have been reading articles about just this since I had been in treatment and definitely believe that your thoughts make a difference. So I would love to have a class to look diferently at food and be able to quit obessing about this body. After all I am 75 I think its about time to just accept myself and enjoy life and be at peace.

  38. Thank you Linda! This article makes so much sense to me, and has reminded me of the path I should be on. I have forgotten about love and God recently, and have been in a very negative place, food plays a huge role when I feel that way! Your words have helped me turn a corner today! Thank you!! Xx I would be very interested in any program you set up around this xxx

  39. Hi Linda!
    Your thinking and writing about eating appeals so much to me, so much!
    I would Love a program like the one you describe!
    Thank you so much for this letter! I love the thinking!
    Love and Light!

  40. Wow thank you for talking about how much we try to control our food thru restriction.
    I’ve tried many different ways to eat — not so much for weight loss but bec I have chronic constipation which I’ve tried to control most of my adult life. NOTHING has worked. I’ve tried vegan, raw, gluten free, dairy free, no nightshades, macrobiotic, OA (12 step), colonics and every supplement and detox challenge all to no avail!
    You’re right Linda… it’s all based on FEAR. Every time I read about the new wonder supplement I should take bec I’m lacking it, I want to jump on the band wagon and pray “Pls let this be my answer”.
    I’ve spent a fortune!

    Finally I came upon an amazing coach who said to eat with God and listen to my body for guidance on what to eat. No “expert” can match the wisdom of my intuition what nourishment I need/want.

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE support with this.
    I’m now eating without restriction (after 6 years of abstinence from sugar and gluten) and feel anxious bec it’s so new. It’s a process of letting go of how my mind was trained to think of certain foods as “toxic”. I can see restricting food was based on fear and it effected all others areas of my life. What I eat now is a choice and not a fear rule. I’m working on having a loving relationship with food. I’m so grateful for your post!

  41. I loved this. Women in society are taught we must be a certain size or we won’t be loved, and we pass it on to our children, who either fall for that crap( I have one that does) or doesn’t care and says” whoever said gonna love me is gonna have to love me this way too with some extra pounds” ( other daughter , and that one just loves everyone and exudes love!) she’s taught me that, being that I grew up in a very weight conscious era of 1970’s, 80’s. I went from power lifting and kickboxing( which was trashing my body, over time) to yogapilates, which has changed my whole body, made it stronger and flexible, and it spiritually centers me too, so my body is just a healthy vessel for God to use to carry his light and help others. Maybe age (57) has something to do with my shift, but I think it’s A Course In Miracles, I eat healthy( sometimes not) I do my yogapilates because I love it and I love me. FINALLY FREE!

    • Hey. Very cool site!! Man .. Excellent .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds adiI&donally…it#8217;m glad to locate numerous helpful info right here within the post. Thank you for sharing.

  42. Hi Linda. Love your article tho don’t agree with all you say. Yes I too hate diets. Eat this don’t eat that etc I never count calories either tho I eat as close to nature as possible and at 67 I’m very slim and full of energy. I know when I eat whatever for a while I feel stodgy and lethargic so the proof is in the pudding ” you are what you eat”. I have known many of my mothers friends who indulged in food and loved their sweets. They all died in their fifties of heart attacks and some with cancer. They were mostly jolly people. It’s inevitable that what we put in our bodies plays a huge part in our health. I do agree fear is a killer. I had an uncle that smoked all his life and died at 96 of natural causes tho my sister who never smoked died at 60 tho was a fearful person. Attitude definitely plays a part tho it’s not the be all end all 😄. Just my opinion 😄😄😄

  43. Hi Linda~

    Yes!! I am so very much interested in the topics of food, love, appreciation, and health.

    Much Love,

  44. Yes! Yes! Yes! I would love a program to support me around food and health. Love your article Linda.

  45. Hi Linda, Thnak you so much for writing this, I know it is the truth….although I still have my “issues” around the whole thing. I would like to participate in your program
    xo Jennifer

  46. ‘No accidents in Miracles” – your post is right where I am on my journey. Thank you! Please let me know how to be a part of your healing endeavor!

  47. Hi Lisa:

    Today’s message was exactly what I needed. I am interested in participating in a program using food as a tool to practice and remember love. I acknowledge the feeling of fear that just arose at the thought of it but I also acknowledge the truth that I have an inner guide to help me. So, yes, I am interested, willing and committed. I have battled all my life with food issues and I am ready to choose God.

  48. Thank you Linda

    I live with multiple sclerosis and 3 x through the workbook and I have real problems with the lessons telling me I asked for this. I believe it too! I am a real harbinger of fear and judgements and am guilty of all the negatives Jesus insists is TRUTH. I eat lots of fruit and vegetables, make my own whole grain bread and spend a fortune on supplements. I don’t like meat particularly and ate as a vegan for 2 years but my iron levels dropped so low I was seriously ill. I had to begin a diet of liver and Irish Guinness!! YUK! but I did it. Since then I am prone to terrible bouts of uncontrollable anxiety and despite my seeking comfort in the entire ACIM, nothing seems to give me any peace. I am fine if I throw the ego a bone or two but if I BEG God for help, ego hits back with a vengeance and then I run for cover and hide.

    I want to KNOW God, I want to be brave but ego is so vicious it retaliates in a bad way.

  49. Wohoow..!:)) Dear Linda, thank you so much for this statement! I totally agree with what you write!! I also believe that everything you EAT WITH LOVE must be good for you, even if you only eat ‘junkfood’.. But I have to say: nevertheless, I still struggle often with food (and everything else) because I still loose awareness often.. So, thank you for your inspiring/awakening words now. It would be great if you offer a food-as-tool-to-love-program, I would be in!:) With love, Carine

    • O dziwo chwilowo specjalnie siÄ™ tym nie martwiÄ™, że jeszcze woje nie ruszyÅ‚y (wiadomo czemu -_-’). I apropos xstyczeÅ„(‮)dÅ‚ugi„ to szkoda, że luty to nie styczeÅ„…. ale nie poddawajmy siÄ™… nadciÄ…ga marzec… no i jak sÅ‚usznie ktoÅ› zauważyÅ‚, po nim nieuchronnie nadciÄ…gajÄ… kolejno nowe miesiÄ…ce, których nazw nie bÄ™dÄ™ przytaczać

  50. Linda, love to you. I just read your blog on food fear. I love Dr. Emoto’s pictures, they really show the effects of my thoughts on water, and then my body. Right now I am so grateful to be in Austria, where I don’t even know the names of the foods I’m eating, let alone how they were prepared. I try to remember what you say. Isn’t that the idea behind saying grace before eating? And ,yes, I would be interested in a program to heal my thoughts and worries around food.

  51. Yes! This program sounds like it could be so much fun!! Please kee me posted. Thanks for your service, Linda.

  52. Wow …so interesting how all of this has opened up to me. Yes I was open and looking. I had a liver transplant 2 1/2 years ago.I’m just on a whole new level with food and eating. In a way if I could live on air I would try. I’m kinda over the the prep part of the meal thing and don’t really enjoy eating like the old Cindy.What that means I do not Know. What you are saying resonates with me.

  53. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am currently enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which is a fantastic program focusing on primary foods which are relationships, Spirituality, exercise and career and food is a secondary food. I am training to be a health coach and what you just explained is exactly where I want my practice to go. I would be very interested in a program like you described. This email couldn’t be more timely, it gives me chills!! 🙂

  54. Wow!
    I’m a health consultant, and I have been feeling ALL of what you are talking about & didn’t know what to do with my career! !
    I’m very glad you explain it so right 🙂
    I started to practice some things but with this wonderful information I have a wonderful work ahead of me..

    • La révolution ? mais elle est en train de se faire : en douce à petits coups de lois et décrets liberticides. D’ailleurs le mot &llqpo; révoaution&nbsu;» est tout à fait approprié: aujourd’hui, nous sommes au début du tour à l’envers.

  55. First of all, i want to tell you that I LOVE food, & love to cook. However, like so many of us, I have been obsessed for years listening & reading about what foods to avoid, what’s bad for me, what I should eat, etc. I have reached the point where I can’t do that any more (too tiring), plus I am still not as healthy as I could be. I have been studying The Course, which is why I have pretty much stopped the obsessive fear-based relationship with food & health.

    However, I would definitely be interested in your program, as I still have moments of guilt, shame, etc. regarding food & body image.

    Your note couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you.


  56. Your message hit home. Perfect timing. I feel overwhelmed by all the information about what to eat and what not to eat. I must admit I had totally forgotten about Dr Emoto’s water experiment. You just did a great service to us all. God bless you and your work.

  57. Thanks so much for your article Linda! I too am pretty obsessed with eating right and avoiding chemicals so what you said hit home with me. Wow how freeing to think we don’t have to follow the worlds rules about nutrition like Jesus tells us in ACIM.
    Looking forward to more articles from you!

  58. Wow Linda!!! This is so right on! I have been living in food fear, for sure! I always ate pretty well and Never worried about my weight or weighed myself etc but an definitely worried about food as a parent regarding my kids. My son won’t have his friends over because I won’t buy “fun” food. And he skips a lot of meals with us. We have lots of tension and arguments about food and even though I’m trying to all of the right things
    I would love to have peace around food and the family table and have my kids have their friends here so I can know them and be part of their lives! I would love to relax about the whole thing and know my daughter will still be ok. She reacts strongly to sugar and dyes. I feel like we are in a constant battle around here over food and I would LOVE to shift that! I really love that ACIM approach. Focus on love not fear. And I LOVE Dr Emoto too. This whole post was perfect timing for me! Love you Linda!!

  59. Dear Linda,
    As always with the Course, this is exactly what I needed to hear today! It reinforces what I’ve started doing recently. I’ve decided to stop worrying if what I’m putting into my body is “bad” for me. Before I take a bite or sip I say I am grateful for it and know that my body will see it as healthy for me.
    Trying to eliminate the fear around what I eat and drink.

    Yes, I’d be interested in learning how to continue to change my relationship to food .

  60. Hi Linda,

    LOVED your article! I could relate to all of it! I come from a background of bulimia. I eat pretty clean now. Used to be militant about only clean food… Anyway, I am so interested in participating in a program on food as love!! I am IN for sure!! You are awesome, Linda!!

    Love and Light,

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    • I concur on Melanie Phillips. I think little is more important than understanding the demographic and political incursion of Arab islam into western civilization.I am re-reading Saul Bellow’s “More Die of Heartbreak” because it’s about the peculiarties of men’s magnetic draw to women even when it makes little sense. [And I’m there now.] That’s the novel where the nephew of the great botanist observes and comments on his uncle’s inability to protect himself from his delusions about women. It’s slow going–I’m only one chapter in–buit that first chapter: so tasty, such classic Bellow.

    • ….¨Ο πατριωτισμός είναι μια φλόγα που σιγοκαίει κι όταν έρθει η ώρα γίνεται πυρκαγιά¨ … και θα κάψει οτι παρείσακτο, σαθρό και βρόμικο σέρνεται ως ερπετό δίπλα του.

    • Du har vært sååå flink, Tovepia! Det er slike ting jeg hvert Ã¥r tenker jeg skulle fÃ¥tt gjort mens temperaturene er noelunde varme og gode, men sÃ¥ springer sommeren alltid sÃ¥ for fra meg! Fint er det i allefall blitt;o)Her gÃ¥r det i utebod – som forhÃ¥pningsvis skal fungere som mer enn det;o)))Ha en strÃ¥lende uke, vennen.Klem fra Solveig

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    • There’s a price cap of $40 until 2015! Er, I might be mistaken but I thought the whole point of an ETS was to allow market forces to allocate the costs of transition as efficiently as possible. With the free permits, assistance packages & price fixing, it would be hard to create something more unconducive to an efficient market if they tried.

    • Tennessee is wonderful. It really depends on what part you are going to as to what to do. Rafting the Ocoee is fun if you have enough in your group. Ruby Falls and Rock City are fun if you are near Chattanooga. Gatlinburg is supposed to be nice. I’ve never been there though. I have some friends who live in Nashville (or maybe just near it) and they love it.References :

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    • Au moment où tu es au soleil, nous, nous sommes dans la grisaille de l’hiver avec beaucoup de pluie depuis quelques jours ! Je vois que tu fais de belles découvertes, illustrées par de très belles photos. La ballade en éléphant a l’air un peu sportive (du moins j’imagine d’après la photo).C’est la période des voeux, je te souhaite donc une très bonne et heureuse année 2008 avec une bonne continuation dans ton voyage !Jean-Pierre Baron

  61. Thank you for the beautiful truth about food. I would be interested in participating in a program using food as a tool to practice and remember love. Since working with ACIM I have noticed a lot of changes in my relationship with food which is such a gift. A quick history with food for me: age 14-21 Bulimic; age 22-30 binge/starve/exercise like crazy; age 31-now (55), mixture of binge, starve and more and more happy, healthy, ‘normal’ eating.

    • We’re all selfish and need support, don’t feel guilty. I’m glad your28#17;&e finding joy. Even if you realize it the next day or the next week. Maybe delayed joy is like double joy or is that double luck?

  62. Thank you, Linda! Lots of “food” for thought here! I love the concept of totally changing my mind about food, dieting, etc. I am starting NOW!
    Blessings, Diane

  63. Oh Wow! I needed to hear this. I too am a “health coach” with a focus on Nutrition. I have been sensing exactly what you described about food and your change of mind around it. I would totally love the class you described. Sign me up!

  64. I am so moved by your teachings this morning.ive had food issues all my life and slowly have healed the underlying emotional imbalances. Thank you. And yes, I would be interested in a food/love program.

  65. Thank you for reminding me that everything is love and appreciation and gratitude. Fear is the ticket here the ticket on a never ending merry go round. We have fear about everything! And it’s just not working for any of us. Time to get off this fear go round!
    Eat with God and being present while eating is sound advice.
    Thank you

  66. Thank you Linda for the tear-jerker. I literally cried while I was reading it. It came in at the perfect time, isnt it always like that though? I AM that parent with constant fear teachings about food to my daughters. I hope I can reverse the garbage I’ve instilled in them. Time to set them free, but I know that it will start with me as an example. I would love a program to help me teach myself to be a better example!

  67. I would love to participate in such a program, Linda. I have long known that my body is not responding to what I’m eating, but to what I’m thinking. Yet, I still have body image issues and want to finally let go of them.

  68. I think this message comes at a perfect time for most of us. We are constantly bombarded with fear based ideas and your ideas are a reminder of what is truth. I am interested in taking this further with you.

  69. I’ve been on a gluten-free diet for 15 years and have come to understand that I don’t have a gluten problem, I have thinking problem…a fear problem. I’m afraid that if I don’t follow this diet, I’ll get sick and do damage to the body – as though gluten is a “real cause”. While I know this isn’t true and am living free of fear in so many other ways, I don’t how to take the next step to heal this thinking about gluten, or even if there is a next step? Do I practice eating foods with gluten and loving those foods (and my self) while I do this? I’m not sure where to go with it and am interested in healing this belief.

  70. Magnificent! Thanks and blessings, Linda, for all you have thaught me today. After taking the 40-day program I started to change in many positive ways and one of them was to not feel guilty about my body. I never ate as much as many of my friends did but I was the one who gained weight while they remained “slim and cute”. And I love to cook and I am good at it! Your words of today are a precious gift for me. And about a program using food as a tool for love, I’m in!


  71. Linda,
    I love this concept of loving my body and blessing all that I eat. Would be very happy to participate – count me in!

  72. Thank you Linda.
    This changes everything.
    I would be interested in joining the program.

    With warmth and love,

  73. I just loved reading your blog, Linda.
    With all the World around you telling you what to eat and what not to eat and proclamations about food causing cancer – food that supposedly used to be good for you – it’s become very frightening to eat at all. No wonder your food makes you sick!
    Thank you so much for this eye opener. I’ll share this with a a couple of friends who really need to read this.
    Much love

  74. I just loved reading your blog, Linda. So well written and so relevant.
    Furthermore it came at a perfect time for me.
    So thank you so much.

  75. Food, a favorite special relationship of the ego. My my. Change your mind from fear to Love and change in behavior follows. Growing your Awareness of Truth is what works to align all imbalances to Love.

  76. Linda, thank you ! This article is right on! I have been in the “limbo ” of healthy food and which food is good and not good for me for ever. This helped me to see the fear abd choose the love! Yes I would be interested to participate in a program!

  77. Thank you Linda!
    I love your article, makes sense to me.
    I want to see things different and leave all the fears. Food, bad habits, how I see my body with shame and guilt!
    YES, I want to join this program!!!!
    Thanks again and Bless You❤

  78. Dear Linda,
    Thank you! I too have been praying for God to show me how to eliminate all fear and my body identification is a huge place to start. Like so many of our mighty companions who have showed up here my ego is very vicious and so frightened of my decision to leave it behind and dwell in God’s home of love. I welcome hearing the plan Holy Spirit is delivering thru you. Again many thanks, I extend love from my mind to all who read this! Have a LOVING day everyone!!!

  79. Linda. Thank you for this gift. I’m forever changed by TCI M and stay connected to my Friday morning friends through your online communications.. The day we walked into Lisa and Bill ‘s first class was the day I was blessed!! Your wisdom is a vital piece in an area of my life that isn’t always filled with light and love, an area where I have been inattentive to god’s presence, that changed today Blessings to you and the dear fri morning class. I will engage in any follow up you choose. Love, Linda C

  80. Hello Linda. I am new in ACIM and your article was exactly what I needed these days. Thank you very much for your words!
    I would be very interesting in the program you mentioned!

  81. Hi Linda,

    Thank you so much! Just what I needed to hear and yes, I am interested in your program. Much beautiful Love!

  82. I’ve started…..mindful eating, psychology of eating epigenetic, ACIM etc…….and I’m interested in that kind of program you mentioned bcs it’s always easier with support……

    Thank you for the great article….. 🙂

  83. Thank you Linda for your wonderful article! I, too, was raised by a mom who was obsessed with dieting. Although I have never been overweight, I have always had a fear of becoming that way. So I have always stayed on top of the latest rules and have noticed that they consistently change. It has become so confusing. I just never know what is ok to put into my mouth anymore! Your article is a breath of fresh air. I would love to be a part of your program!

  84. Great job Linda. Well written. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and what goes on with food for you. I’ve gone in and out as well. Would enjoy a program utilizing food. Yummy!

  85. Hi Linda,

    Thank you. I so enjoyed your post! Thank you for reminding me to bless my food. I love your sense of humor…I LOL many times while reading your post! Yes, I would be interested in participating in a program using food as a tool to practice and remember Love. Thank you! With Love, Kathryn

  86. I believe the Course teaches that the ego uses the body for three purposes: pride, pleasure and attack. All seem to play a part in my relationship with food. In my spousal relationship it looks like this: my wife is like your mom, Linda, health consciousness on steroids. My fear is rooted in the pleasure side. Any form of food denial or rationing or limiting evokes utter panic. Yet pride and attack are part of the picture also. Watching her be in control of her eating and weight triggers prideful fear. Then I attack myself for having a fat body, etc. This crazy cycle has led to giving up on the whole topic. Your article comes at a great time and is in alignment with what I trust is true. I’m very curious to learn more about what you might be cooking up.

  87. You are way out their in love and rational logic–and I am right with you! Hooray for your courage to speak truth. Yes, for interest in food follow up. 🙂

  88. Thanks for your wonderful article. This is exactly what I have discovered for myself, particularly since I have begun growing my own fruit, herbs and vegetables and attending organic gardening group lessons. I have heard the fear behind thoughts about soil, chemicals, nutritional value, calories in regards to cooking methods.
    I have discovered that I garden because I love being in nature. I love sharing my produce without expectation of getting back knowing that abundance is everywhere. My food is grown with pure love and joy.
    I have discovered there is no high life, too much of a good thing creating problems in the body.
    So my body appears to be a little overweight. There is no such thing. I am simply love and this body is simply love and loved.
    Very timely article confirming truth for me. Love and blessings to you.

  89. Great article. Thank you. Food has been a big part of my life. I was a chubby kid and dieting from the age of ten and jogging miles on end from the age of 18 until my 40s. Always striving for a better body with different diets and exercise. Now I’m much gentler on myself and maintaining my body and health splendidly. There is still much focus on healthy eating. I have to work on not playing the blame game with doctors and big pharma and big corporations that poison our food, air, and water. Thank you for the reminder. This is my healing. Change my thoughts and Iwhat I “see” in the world will change.Those attack thoughts bring a rush of power but ultimately love is the healing power.

  90. Hi Linda, Thank you so much for this article.
    I have been hypnotized by the good and bad food
    syndrome and have started to dehypnotize myself.
    It is a bit of a slow process,so was very happy to read this.

  91. Thank you Linda! After our conversation last year about food I have been more conscious about my thoughts around it. I would be most interested in a program that keeps me on track.

  92. Hi Linda – I love what you wrote. I’m potentially interested in the program you mentioned. Thanks!

  93. I totally agree with what Linda says, the only thing is that pretty much out of the 7 billion souls in this planet, at least 7 billion of them are at 7 billion different levels of awareness, that is why what won’t kill one person might kill another one in a heartbeat! While in the perception of this world, if you are at the average level of awareness, for the most part the body rules and the mind is enslaved to the body’s wishes, desires and demands; the body is no different to any other vehicle, like a car, if you put gasoline on a diesel vehicle, you will have to purge the fuel system and the engine to avoid further damage, if you don’t maintain it with the regular oil changes, tune ups, detailing, etc. it will decay, malfunction and will last you a couple of years at the most as opposed to many nice classic vehicles from the 30s in new like condition. On the other hand if before you were born you agreed to live so many years in the current fleshy vehicle, you will live those many years either 1 or 130, or who knows how many more, regardless of what kind of fuel you feed it; if you are at the level where you know and are aware of the unreality of the body, and of this world, and you really believe it, you will be able to put any poison you want in your body and live in perfect health to tell the tale.

    What many people don’t know or are not aware of is that we are all one inclusive Love perceiving each other as separate and exclusive, what we eat or not eat is not of real relevance, what really matters is that we change our belief system and learn to broaden our awareness past the veil of physicalities into what is Real. These vehicles and the fuels we put in them are not good or bad they are just to real.

    Peace… ; o)

    • “These vehicles and the fuels we put in them are not good or bad they are just to real.”

      I meant “just NOT real.”

  94. When you say you eat mostly whole and unprocessed food, you sound like a vegetarian or a vegan.

    I don’t cook. As a result, I eat what is called Just Right Eating processed food, and I’ve had health challenges since 2002.

    I, too, attend a Unity Church, and I focus on love a lot. I bless my food whenever I eat.

    However, I need to get my mind off bodily issues.

  95. Dearest Linda,
    Just as I was about to embark on yet another soul destroying “diet” your email appeared in my inbox. Thank you. Your post touched my heart, and my brian. I would definitely be interested in a program that relates to food and LOVE. Sign me up.

  96. Hello how are you. You are Lina or Lisa Notoli?

    Do you have a site in spanish?

    I would love to be your neighbor , knowing the English language and guies me , I’m looking for a savior . I ‘m halfway ACIM but not for the storm , still life a living hell . But I have no other to be patient , try to find the faith and confidence that I am not alone. Thank your information fell me like a glove , study medicine and urology and intolerance I have had a lot of food and I have done more diets and fasts that you surely . Thank you thank you thank you. I love you.

  97. Linda, this is fantastic – I received this message exactly when I needed to hear it and this will help me. As a full time mum of toddlers and teenagers my world revolves around the whole process of food- shopping, cooking, eating – the whole time battling resentment with all that comes with it, more so because of my own ongoing battle in my relationship with food and my body.
    As this relates to so many, it’s another massive pathway in helping people REMEMBER truth/love. Obviously I would be interested in participating in this program!
    Thank you!

  98. Linda, thank you. This is the shift my heart desires. I am interested in learning more, being a part of the shift.

  99. Hi Linda. I would just like to share my story around food. I have suffered from irritable bowel syndrome for over 30 years, so what are considered ‘good’ and ‘healthy’ foods are somewhat of a no no for me. Although I eat protein foods, a large part of my diet consists of bread, cakes, chips and chocolate. I’ve made it to 65 so far, so I must be doing something right!! But the point I really wanted to make is that I never worry about it. I’m aware of what my body will tolerate that day, so I just eat it without any sense of guilt. This seems to be quite a big subject for a lot of people. Thank you Linda for this post. Much Love to you <3

  100. Thanks Linda – great article.
    Dur it is “everything” we have to think of with love. Funny how so many of us have issues around food, (and money and sex and work and and and) – all same same.
    Also like Dr Emoto and if water is so impressionable so are we and everything else….. Had a real epiphany with this.Thank you.

  101. I really love this good news, so thank you so much for putting light on this issue! We need to eat every day, so why not with peace? 🙂
    I really love food and also good wine, but maybe I´m a little too happy sitting at the dinner table haha, so YES I´m interested how this programme will approach on this matter,
    I always make my food from scratch, even if I´m eating alone. God bless the food!

  102. Linda,

    In reading your words I felt the oneness with you and all who commented. I am 78, recently widowed, and always had ” a weight problem”. I came to realize I’m an emotional eater…food is my go to drug. So as I trust that God knows best, and it’s never too late, I am willing to try Love on myself, my body, my food choices… Count me in.

    Mary Ellen

  103. Hi Linda. What a great post and as many people have mentioned – so timely. I actually just a short while ago listened to you and Lisa from this past Friday’s meeting, and your words there and here now totally resonate with me. Would be very interested to participate in a program with you on this topic and feel happy happy happy to have connected with you Thanks for sharing all that you do 💕

  104. Thankyou with Blessing Linda
    I am totally with you in your belief that we need to change our thoughts and mind on
    food- and what it does to our bodies
    I had jus last night asked God to please help me in my desperate need to change my eating addiction / habits ,
    And here you are !!!!
    Love you –

  105. I am ready and willing to experiment a little bit to understand the truth behind my relationship with food. Thank you for this opportunity.


  107. Thank you Linda. It was so lovely to read about cooking being a form of love – I’ve always felt that but still fight with guilt and self condemnation for “overindulgence”. I would love to find a way to be happy, healthy and free about food.

  108. Dear Linda,

    A brilliant article and very well written! Thank you for posting and sharing. I will share with those in my circle that can benefit.

    As a doctor, since coming to ACIM my main practice is that health is inner peace- so my focus is that- always and all day. The rest just follows and if something is off with body- a wonderful opportunity to release and let go and let God 🙂

    Love and blessings to you,

  109. thank you so much Linda – would very much like to be part of the party!!! extend love in every possible way…blessings and lol (lots of love!!)

  110. I love this Linda. I have struggled with weight most of my life. I have recently had some weight loss success, but recognize that the feeling isn’t about love and it doesn’t feel right. There isn’t anything wrong with food, but I don’t feel I’m thinking about it correctly and judging myself. The fear is definitely there. I would be interested in learning how to apply what you have said above.

  111. Thank you Lynda! This confirms what I have been realizing myself. I have become really interested in further exploring this topic after recently doing the lesson,’ In my defenselessness my safety lies’ and food and diet has been a big one. Also, my attitudes about ‘germs’, the sun, exercise, etc. I am shifting away from all the fear based ‘rules’ for ”good health and overall well being’ to remembering the truth about myself and I would be very interested in joining with others in doing this.

  112. Hi Linda, I loved your article…I really do eat everything and anything but then when I hear other people comment about what is good or not so good I get into the “fear” mode and at the end suffer…Now I’m just eating and being happy, and enjoying all the wonderful things all over the Earth that we have to eat. Blessing and being thankfull is the best cure for everything …what and easy and wonderful medicine if you ask me!

  113. Yes, yes started giving in to eating as it comes after I started to read and getting involved with ACIM.

    Please Linda let me know about this as I also have such a heart to teach and help those around me who hurts and need this. Hallelujah praise God for this timely article!

  114. Yikes! I avoid looking at pictures of myself but my sister shared pictures of a recent trip and I lost it. I CAN’T look like that. I thought as myself as strong and maybe stocky. The picture showed otherwise. My body is huge! Shame, blame, self hate and loathing came rushing back-again. How can I love that? What to do? Yet another diet? I give up. Your article came at just the right time. When will your program start. PLEASE SIGN ME UP

  115. I WOULD LOVE TO BE A PART OF A PROGRAM AROUND FOOD..!!!!! It has been my biggest issue for so many years!!! I want nothing more than to be free!! FOOD FOR ME IS LOVE!! Thats why in periods of time, when I am so scared to live.. I abuse food and my body.

    Thanks for this articel..! It brings me back to life!!!!

    Love Caroline

  116. I absolutely want to be part of your program on food. I’ve been obsessed with food all my life which causes me much anguish, regret, and guilt.

    Thank you for starting this valuable program.

  117. I would love to be a part of your program, Linda. Food, especially sweets, has been my best friend and my worst enemy all my life and I want to have a different experience. An experience of love. Thank you!

  118. Add me to the list of volunteers. I want this “meat-covered wagon” to go the distance in right action, peace, and love. I used to say my “delivery date” was 120 but now, after reading about Jose Aguinelo do Santos, I need to revise it upwards: 127 AT LEAST! Who knows how much good stuff God can send me out to do in that time.

    When I’m 127, I want to be interviewed by someone like you and be able to say that what attributed to my long, healthy, happy life was simply “…listening for God and letting God plan my life. It’s always been a surprise”.

    I’m ready when you are!


  119. Linda, this is perfect! Thank you so much!!! I’m so excited to let go of rules about gluten, oats, and so on and so forth, and I’m diving in with your shared practice. Love, love, love you!!!!

  120. Every word resonated with me. I would be more than interested in a class on this! I am so, so tired of food/weight/body image issues ruling my life… I want to be free.. I want to trust what I believe through my studies of ACIM. Count me in!!!!!!!

  121. I love this….my thoughts exactly. I just gave a talk on this very subject at the Real food Revolution. Would you mind if I quoted and referenced your research on the people regarding longevity…..Thank you Linda. You are a gift!

  122. Beautiful and perfect! I have been a health,wellness and fitness hobbiest since the single digits, became an RYT 200 six years ago, certified health coach 5 years ago…and still couldn’t figure this all out. This article clearly says what I have been rolling around in my head for the past year! Thank you!! And yes, I’d be totally interested in exploring this all further.

  123. Dear Linda,
    I so relate. Yes yes and yes: I want to transform my relationship with food and remove the fear from it. I seek balance and am tired of extremism, from over indulgence to denial. Really, a healthy relationship with food is one of our earliest adaptations from birth and at the ripe age I’ve reached I believe it’s about time I meet that milestone. If you’re starting a program where we learn to heal our thoughts about food, body image and healthy eating, please include me in your number. Thank you and bless you.

  124. Hi Linda
    I have just read this and it so inspired me, thank you so much. I wonder if you ever did set up a program around this subject, if so would love details please. I am currently over-weight and have spent most of my adult life on diets of various kinds. I have been a comfort eater and emotional eater. My meals are healthy but I snack on rubbish and am aware when I’m doing it, that it’s a call for love.
    I am on day 39 of Lisa’s 40 day transformation and have learnt so much, for which I’m truly grateful. I am now walking with God (mostly) and have awareness. I am also doing the course in miracles on day 82 today, which I also love.
    What is your opinion of Marianne Williamson’s book ‘A course in weight-loss’ based on the CIM? To me it seems much more simple than doing work-book exercises. Just hand over to God and trust in him. I loved the quote that cooking is an expression of love, so true.
    Thank you.
    Love and blessings

  125. Wow! What an article Linda Leland! I love your thoughts and the expertise you shared with us. I am just now reading this and may be a bit late to the party but would love being involved in a program to do with eating, cooking and my body! I hope the program is in development and that I have not missed an opportunity. Thank you!

  126. Years ago, Dr. Oz did a segment with a gerontologist who looked at the lives of people over 100. They did all the studies…was it diet, exercise that kept them living longer? He had the same conclusion as here. He said the diets varied, they could find no correlation. What was the biggest influencer for a long life?
    Positive attitude:)

  127. Yes, I’m interested in a whole new relationship with food, cooking, and my body course. Thank you Linda for this blessed message. It brought me a sense of relief and joy concerning food. Over the past two years I’ve taken a course on nutrition/digestion and learning the signs and symptoms of deficiency and how to correct them. This has become an interest of mine due to my own experience of growing weaker, having lower back stiffness and pain “everyday” for no apparent reason (no trauma), and a lack of enery. So, I thought about being a nutritionist/digestive health professional. At age 51 and devoting 30 years to my current employer, I’m now tuning in to discover my true passion in life. I dont even know what that is. What do I want to do for the second half of my life? I’m ready for something new professionally and a new way of being spiritually, in the world. I just started Living in Purpose and I’m excited about the program. I am ready! Thank you for sharing your love and light. Love, Anita

  128. Dear Linda, thank you for your awesome message regarding our relationship with food. I relate 100% with what you shared and I am definitely interested in participating in the program you are offering.

  129. Thank~you Linda and I am excited and very interested in participating in a program using food as a tool to practice and remember Love!
    I have /am using food for every other purpose know under the sun but…
    Keep me updated please and Bless you~

  130. Hi Linda!

    Loved what you’ve written here! I’m a little late in reading it though as I just found the Teacher’s of God at the beginning of the year. I would be interested in a program using food as a tool to practice and extend love. Please include me or make it a course like the True Prosperity of 40 day program or whatever fits. I’m all in and believe it would be well worth the price of admission.

    Amy Borel

  131. Hi anything new regarding a program using food as a tool to practice and remember love? Working my way through the 40 day program. Love of self has always been extremely difficult. Would really LOVE a food program just like the 40 day program. A combination of the two would really be a Miracle!!

  132. Just reread your message. And your question. I think it’s time to start a group or program where we can use food as a tool for practicing joy and love. And Count Me In

  133. Linda,
    I love this! I have been struggling with the “right” diet my entire life and am 55 years old. I’m done now, thanks to your insights here. I am doing to do all in love and that now includes eating (but not eat when what I am actually seeking is love – great reminder!) This piece also made me laugh out loud – especially the part about having a bowl of chemicals with pesticide sauce!! LOL! That really called me on my crap, so to speak. So, onward and upward in love and having Holy Spirit make my food decisions, as I continue to learn to not live in fear (by defining some foods as “bad”).
    I would be interested in the group you mention, too. Thank you so much for these insights, Linda!

  134. Linda, first thank you for being YOU! YES, PLEASE go for it….love and food, wow there’s hope! I have eaten so much “guilt” and self disappoint in my life (not proud, just honest). Have gotten much saner with relationship with food with passing years. However, I like your style of speaking and I “feel” your joy as I read your sharings. I once took off 80lbs. (still gone) and to feel energized daily is still a true desire. Do think down deep in me is that “fear” that I am not doing “it” right. Like I don’t love me enough…hmmm, what if I surrender trying to love me and trust the Holy Spirit and God to carry me until I able to join them… funny as Iam typing this my mind is watching these words. I have never had the thought before to allow myself to be loved up until I could..hmm, to have more love I can give it away, cause I have endless to give. Ok, shall finish this comment. Bless you! P.s. what does self love “feel” like?

  135. Dear Linda,

    Thank you so much for reminding me of this. My perfectionism and control around trying to figure out the most healthy way to eat is simply fear. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in my fear-based orthrexia and always trying to find the perfect diet that will help me live healthily to 100 while forgetting to align myself with the thoughts of God and practice loving-kindness, forgiveness, and compassion for others and myself. Thank you!

  136. Thank you for speaking so clearly about a loving relationship with food. As you say there is so much fear involved in eating certain foods which takes the joy of eating away. For me, I am always afraid of gaining weight with anything I eat. I certainly would be interested in a program to build a better relationship with food. Thank you for your post.

  137. Hi Linda! I just read the article on “Food Rules…” I have never been concerned about what I eat and have enjoyed eating anything I want. Over the past year I have been gaining wait for the first time. I know that I’m out of alignment with my Self in some way. It’s mind stuff (overactive). I never thought that it could possibly my beliefs about food and all that I’m learning about GMOs, etc. I have heard of Dr. Emoto and the positive and negative effects on water based on thoughts and feelings given it It’s pretty amazing that our thoughts, words, emotions are that powerful. Wow!

    I’m interested in participating and experimenting with changing my beliefs about the foods I eat. Thank you!


  138. I throughly enjoyed your treatsie on the elements of food and how the amplitude of gratitude changes the crystline structure of H20. Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches people how to use the quantum field, an invisible environment of ALL Possibilites, to bring what we want in the future, into the present though elevated emotions: gratitude and all the synonyms for it. He has see healing cancerous,tumors, parkinsens disease, arthritis, excema, broken relationships, impotence and more. Google his name, check out You Tube as well, and your world will expand BEYOND YOUR IMAGINATION.
    Blessings on you.

  139. I would love to participate in a program using food as a tool to practice love and shift all of my old perceptions. about food.

  140. Hi Linda! I have been a serious ‘foodie’ now for years after saying these words to the HS back in 2009 (in the bathtub!) ” If I can have this body smaller (I was about 30 lbs too heavy for my frame)…I will be able to have You come through me in the world more easily”. I lost the 30 lbs and have kept it off to this day, but in the process became obsessed with food and how to ‘manage’ it for myself and others.
    I would LOVE to find a different way to see food and to have it become ‘nothing of mine’ here in this world!

  141. Stick a fork in me I am well done. Suffering from high blood pressure, extensive exercising to to point of multiple injuries and to overeat, I continue to search for different solutions. I googled God and diet and “Wahla” this article appeared. After reading, I felt an immediate change in my relearionship to food and my fears. I would be willing to engage or participate.

  142. Yes, I would love to join a group with all of the above as the focus. Weight is not an issue, but FEAR and body identification is, especially when it comes to food, so I would love to practice and reinforce the Truth using food. After experiencing serious illness 2 years ago, and recovering using a change in diet and use of supplements (as well as ongoing deep spiritual work), I am ready to leave all of the conflicting food rules and the fear behind and experience freedom and the Truth of myself as Love. Thank you Linda!

  143. I love this. I have thought about the same way, without knowing it. Id like to take part of this foodthing you talked about.

  144. Dear Linda,

    thank you for your words, I´m in the forty day program of Lisa, day 36 and I got confused about the food and your article is the answer to my questions.

    Thank you so much!

    love and light,

  145. Thank you so much for this, Linda…for sharing your brilliance. Food issues have always been where my obstacles have concentrated, like since early childhood! I’m so ready to be done with the REAL issue beneath it all, and I’d absolutely love to participate in an ACIM based program to do just that with others on a similar path. Thank you for offering!

  146. Dear Linda
    thanks for the great article, yes I would be interested in learning more.
    Kindly send me some details.

    Best regards

    Rosie McGrath Panchini

  147. Linda great article. I have been struggling with food since I’ve been in my 30’s
    I am 76 now. I would love to learn a different way. Thank you

  148. OMGosh… this post was food for the soul! I have been living under this death penalty of fearful consumption for more years than I can recall. Your words enabled me to pen much-needed prayers to view food and the correct sustainability for my remaining time here on planet earth. What a release… thank you for this post.