Going Beyond the Body for Healing, Health and Happiness

By Lisa Natoli

“There is nothing outside you. This is what you must ultimately learn, for it is the realization that the Kingdom of Heaven is restored to you.”                                                               –A Course in Miracles

going beyond the body

There is a practice of going beyond the body which brings you to a state of wholeness in which you are perfectly healed. This is NOT an out-of-body experience. In this practice, you escape from the limitations of the body completely.

You are already doing it – many times a day actually – but you are probably not aware that you are doing it.

Here is an example: Whenever you see an accident down the road or you hear of a news story of a shooting or killing, or when someone tells you that have received news of cancer or a loved one has passed away, there is an experience where you go right to the person or situation. You don’t hesitate. You don’t have to know the person at all.

The love you are – the light you are – goes immediately to the person, to the family members involved. You go beyond the body, distance and time cannot stop this joining, and the the body does not limit you in any way.

In fact, this light cannot be contained by you. It naturally goes out and joins with another. In this moment, you forget about your own problems and pain. For that instant, you are your Self, joined with something other than yourself (which in truth is your Self).

As you become conscious of how to go beyond the body – realizing that nothing is outside of you – you can deliberately and actively do it all the time – instead of thinking about pain, problems and people.

The more time you spend going beyond the body (as opposed to being trapped in it), the more you see healing occur. You experience freedom and you will want it more and more.

In this video, I describe how this light of identifying with your true Self heals you and everything around you.

Going Beyond the Body for Healing, Health and Happiness

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Many people think they know who they are, but are merely describing either their emotional state, their physical state, their personality or what they do. They might say: I am male, female. I’m a mother. I’m an addict. I’m a highly sensitive person. I’m intuitive. I’m an extrovert. I’m an introvert.

This is not who you really are.

This describes the person and you are not a person. Who you really are is eternal, changeless, nameless, formless, with no beginning and no end, all light, joined with everyone and everything, forever and forever. This is the Self you are.

In today’s video, I describe the “layers” around your Self – the emotional layer that is your thoughts, feelings, grievances, stories and your ideas about past and future. Then there is the physical layer which is your own body, the external world and other bodies. All of it is imagined and not there.

The practice I describe comes directly from Chapter 18 of A Course in Miracles.

In the video I describe the practice briefly. I do this intentionally because I encourage you to read the entire section “Beyond the Body” in A Course in Miracles yourself – because it gives the full practice, in complete detail.

Who you really are

So often we want others to do the work for us. We want people to read to us, or to give us what we need in a quick downloadable PDF so that no effort is required on our part and we can get back to our lives.

You can’t get in shape by watching exercise videos from the couch. And you can’t transform by listening to other teachers like me talk about it. I’m just pointing the way, seeing who is interested in doing this. You have to want to change and be willing to practice.

Dismantling the entire thought system of fear to know your Self requires discipline and commitment, and not everyone is ready for that. But perhaps you are ready.

You will know if it’s your time if you feel a stirring in you.

If this message and video interests you – and you feel that stirring in you – like GIVE ME MORE – I encourage you to buy a copy of A Course in Miracles and make a commitment to do what it says. If you already have the book, but you are still suffering, do it again – but this time make no exceptions and no compromise. It’s a course in how to know yourself and contains a complete mind-training program that gives specific and detailed instruction for transformation and change.

A Course in Miracles meets you where you think you are in thoughts of anger, separation, blame, guilt and fear and leads you back home to the love you are. No preparation is necessary. All you need is to buy the book. Do what it says. It’s so simple. It contains a text with 31 Chapters, a workbook with 365 workbook lessons – one workbook lesson for every day of the year – and a Manual for Teachers.

If you want additional support, encouragement and inspiration to complete the workbook lessons, please check out my one-year audio program called ACIM 365. I give a 10-minute audio talk for every workbook lesson, for every day of the year. You can listen to the Introduction now for free.

And I would love to hear from you.

Question: Are you ready to go beyond the body and to start dismantling the thought system of fear? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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With Love,


Would you like some guidance as you do the daily workbook lessons of A Course In Miracles? Click here to learn more and register for ACIM 365 , daily ACIM workbook lessons with Lisa Natoli.



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13 thoughts on “Going Beyond the Body for Healing, Health and Happiness

  1. Hello Lisa

    I am wondering, “What is the purpose of the body”? I agree that who we really are is our spiritual self of Light and Love. Why do we have a body though and why are we on this earthly plane if we are meant to connect and live from the spiritual? I thought we are spiritual beings who have come here to have a human experience in the body. Thank you in advance for your assistance with this. Cora

    • Lisa, you are amazing. Again just what I needed to adding the nect glims to the others. I am so happy. Thanks again and again for you❤️ Lisbeth, (Denmark)

  2. Thank you for all the sharing you do. Loved this message and it’s great to be reminded to practice the principles – they work.

  3. Hi Lisa,

    Your video “Going beyond the Body” stirred radical new awareness within me and self inquiry. I have been considering my tendency to spiritual bypass the moving center (body) and emotional center ( feelings of self and others) and just comfort myself in the Greater truth of detachment or the “SONSHIP” much to the demise of my own spiritual growth and relationships. But still I defended my ego while listening to you and thought” How can I embody a body that isn’t there? But I waited for the truth that I knew you were speaking to sink IN. Then it hit me what you were saying. I my must get in touch with the experience of my illusion body mind emotions WITHIN the context of the TRUE ONE UNIVERSAL BODY of REALITY for the false self to absolve into the TRUE JOY and PEACE of the SONSHIP. Therefore integrating the Holy Instant into my dream experience with the LIGHT of truth and find full liberation.

  4. Thank you for sharing your light it means so much to me each time I sit and learn your sharing of where you have grown to with the teachings in A Course in Miracles. I Love you, Bill, Linda everyone there. Love Mary Catenacci

  5. Hi Lisa, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    There are numerous points within your teaching that invite more investigation on my part but the following concept is what asked me to address it now. “…You have to want to change and be willing to practice. Dismantling the entire thought system of fear to know your Self requires discipline and commitment…”

    Having the above concept in mind, here is a symbol that can be useful. The symbol is the word, ‘glib.’ When going to dictionaries to check the meaning of glib, a typical definition provided is: readily fluent, often thoughtlessly, superficially, or insincerely so. This definition is sort of useful but there’s more. Many years ago I met someone who gave me an expanded definition (you won’t find this in any dictionary) of the word glib that I have found to be most useful. It’s usefulness comes from what it points to; that is, the underlying mechanics of non-application or misapplication of ideas.

    Glib: The ability to confront the significance (idea) of something but not the doing of it.

    Who hasn’t known someone that at one time or another has talked at length about what they’re going to do yet never can follow through with actually doing it? Or, if it is done, it is done incorrectly so the outcome is not what was desired or expected. Of course, there are always reasonable reasons for not doing what was intended to be done or why it didn’t work out but the justifications, as reasonable as they may be, don’t explain what has happened. However, the word ‘glib’ (in its expanded definition) does point to what is going on.

    The person that is glib has the ability to confront the multitude of aspects attached to the idea of what they desire to do, but they don’t have the ability to confront all the steps required for the “rubber to meet the road.”

    The word, confront, is a word derived from a symbol that appeared in language (Middle French) in the 15th century. It meant to “stand in front of.” And in Latin the symbol meant – “with, together.” Later, negative connotations began to be added to the meaning of confront, and it is not uncommon for people today to think of the word confront in regards to dealing with something that’s negative or being dealt with negatively. The word confront, though, is hardly ever thought of in terms of it being an ability. But, if the origin of the word ability is looked at, the idea that ‘confront’ is an ability makes sense. Ability derives from the Old French ablete, which meant – “state or condition of being able; capacity to do or act.”

    What is deficient in the glib person is the ‘ability to confront doing.’ It’s one thing for a person to obtain ACIM and talk about reading it and studying it and applying what they learn to their living of life (this is what the glib person does), but it is quite another thing to actually open the book, study the information in the book and then put one’s understanding of that information into practice in their life. To do this requires the ability to confront doing. But what is it about doing that glib person is unable to confront? It’s a good question to explore. It might have something to do with the symbols, force and awareness.

    Thank you.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  6. Thank you Lisa & team! I just watched day 1 & am printing my commitment letter. This is divine intervention that I completely appreciate. I lost my job the beginning of Oct. and know I needed to adjust/refocus my life. My Mom purchased the ACIM years ago & I hope to begin reading after I finish my day’s goals of de cluttering & quiet time. God Bless!

  7. Thank you Lisa for beeing there. I love to see you and I love to hear you and I love you. My daughter C and I are Reading the Book for the second time and it keeps beeing new to me. I see the world changing. It is Amazing. Lots of love from Stockholm. Marianne

  8. I got to read Chapter 13 SECTION VII: Attainment of the Real World as you suggested in one of the lessons. It was wonderful. Another was, THE COMING OF THE GUEST.
    There was a part that suggested that we needed to LET GOD BE WHAT HE TRULY IS with regard to your body. I think this is what you are saying in this video, Miss Lisa. If I let God BE WHAT HE TRULY IS to me then the Light does shine through. My body does not hold back the light. Thank you for suggesting Chapter 18. I will read it now. Blessings of Love and Light, Marky
    Pipe Creek, Texas

  9. Hi Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    At an early point (not yet exactly located in time) in the illusory journey of the body identity Monte, that I seem to be so intimately associated with, I had a dream like experience that I only recently recalled. This experience, even though forgotten for so long, allowed the me, being the Monte character, to know something without knowing how I knew. In the experience the point from which I was viewing was high above the United States. And my left hand was holding onto Monte (located in the state of Texas) and was moving me, the person, as if I was a piece on a game board. While my left hand was moving Monte, my right hand was moving other people and things in such a way that their paths would, at some point, intercept the path Monte was being moved along. As I was seeing and doing from this higher point of view, I felt a real caring for the character pieces I was moving on the board. I sensed that I definitely had an agenda but whatever it was, it was out of my view. What was clear, though, was that I, feeling from this higher viewpoint, was going to care for, guard and protect each figure on the board that I was involved with.

    After that dream like experience, that I immediately forgot, without knowing how I knew, I knew that I (Monte) was being guided and my guide was benevolent. I must say my knowing this was not consistent. There were times when I seemed really connected to my guide but there were many other times when I considered the idea of me having an invisible guide steering me through life, as being a condition of delusion; i.e, a case of me losing control of my incredibly vivid imagination. And there was a span of thirty years (age 26 – age 56) where the idea of having a “spiritual” guide was nonexistent in my awareness.

    When I, as Monte the body identity, reached the age of 55 I began a morning ritual that continues to this day. What prompted this ritual was the desire to know how I came to be where I was; geographically, mentally and spiritually, as well as where I might be headed.

    The ritual involved me getting up early in the morning when it was still dark outside and when my wife sleeps the most sound; the house, the neighborhood and the city are at their quietest. And in the dark and quite with a good supply of coffee, I began to explore my journey as Monte. After a few years of this I came to realize that, yes indeed, I had a guide that had my best interests in mind, and that regardless of those times when I was not aware of it, or didn’t believe it, my guide had never once not been lovingly guiding me. At one point, I recognized that it was my guide who steered me onto the path of self-discovery. And it was my guide who I was, and am, conversing with during my many explorations of self, which eventually became explorations of SELF. As the explorations of the self evolved into explorations of SELF, I realized that my guide did not exist outside of me; my guide existed within (not within the body). Turns out my guide is SELF.

    Throughout my process of self to SELF discovery, my guide has steered me through some of the most incredible, remarkable, bizarre and seemingly disrelated encounters that I would have never imagined. And I have a pretty good imagination. When viewed as individual experiences occurring along my path, they don’t make much sense at all. However, when they’re all assembled and viewed as a deliberately directed sequence of events designed to adjust my many belief systems (especially the fixed ones), the path traveled by Monte has never been anything but a perfectly designed and executed path to serve the purpose of getting me to remember and recognize who and what I really am.

    Lisa, I sat down with my laptop intending to write and submit a comment on your blog. This is not the comment I thought I would be writing. But they hardly ever are. 🙂

    Thank you.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  10. Chapter 13: The Guiltless World
    III. The Fear of Redemption

    Here is both his pain and his healing, for the Holy Spirit’s vision is merciful and His remedy is quick. Do not hide suffering from His sight, but bring it gladly to Him. Lay before His eternal sanity all your hurt, and let Him heal you. Do not leave any spot of pain hidden from His light, and search your mind carefully for any thoughts you may fear to uncover. For He will heal every little thought you have kept to hurt you and cleanse it of its littleness, restoring it to the magnitude of God.

  11. It has been so intense this past year with health scares,challenges, and a cancer diagnosis which I no longer have by the way! All of this came up full force this year because I asked for the blocks to love’s presence be removed. Now as I am still experiencing some lingering physical symptoms, I am so curious to really experiment with the truth,the light that I am ,to let the belief that I am a body to fade back and allow the light to take center stage so I can experience miracles and further healing!!!