The Greatest Invitation Ever Extended

Please RSVP

You are cordially invited.

The great shift in consciousness has begun.  It’s being called “A Time of Massive Transformation”.  It’s happening right now.  It just got real.  It’s a time of deep healing and a collective awakening.

You have been invited but the choice is yours and it must be a conscious one.  You must make a deliberate decision.  Your certainty is required in order to attend.

You are being called upon to heal the world.  Are you coming or not?

This could be the most important question you’ve ever answered.  Are you coming or not?  You must decide.  Know this:  If you choose not to come, you will most certainly be in conflict.  You will be afraid.  It will not be comfortable.

Are you coming?

Or not?

Before you accept this invitation to heal the world, you must first accept these 2 Laws of Healing.

1) Healing is NEVER outside yourself.  NEVER.

I truly realize how desperately you want to see improvements in the world. You will NOT change this outside of you.  Not by praying, not by marching, donating, joining, ranting or lobbying.  This will keep you stuck and frustrated.

You are being pushed right now to take responsibility for your part and your part only.

Jesus says in ACIM:  

The world you see is what you gave it.  Nothing more than that. It is the witness to your state of mind, the outside picture of an inward condition. Therefore, seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world.  The world you see but shows you how much joy you have allowed yourself to see in you, and to accept as yours. And, if this is its meaning, then the power to give it joy must lie within you. T. 21

Woah.  Perhaps you should read that again.

So let me ask you:

What do you see when you look out upon the world?  

Where do you see that healing is needed?

That’s exactly the place where you need healing.

Do you see materialism and greed?  Where are YOU trying to meet your needs from the outside in?

Does the thought of building walls and exclusion upset you?  Where do you feel there’s not enough to go around?  Who have you not let into your heart or your home?

Do you see the world as sick and separate?  When do you feel sick and separate?

Do you ever find yourself hating the haters?  Judging the judgers?

It is promised.

When you heal that part in you, you heal it in the world.

2) Love is the only thing that heals.  ONLY.

Big statement here.  No wiggle room.

Not romantic, sappy, mushy love.  Not the way you love spicy food, puppies, a situation or a person.  Not the kind of love that changes, is demanding, conditional or keeps score.  That love is a mixed bag and it’s very confusing.  Let’s call that “Old World love”.

The Love that heals is just like God’s Love.  It has no limits.  It has nothing to do with the physical world. It is constant and includes everyone without exception.  It allows everything.  It doesn’t change with the circumstances. It’s One with everything.  It gives itself wholly and only gains thereby. It is Joy.  Let’s call this “Real Love”.

“Real Love” is the Love we were born with.  “Old World love” is what we learned.

So, are you coming or not?

If you’re hesitant, it must be one of the following reasons.

“Right now, it’s important that I honor my feelings of fear.”

Yes. Your feelings are very important.  They are showing you where YOU need healing.  They’re directing you to where you have hidden fear and showing you exactly where forgiveness is needed within you.  That is how you honor your feelings.  Projecting your feelings onto others or wallowing in them is not honoring anything.

“I’m not there yet.”

Please allow me to be very direct here.  “Old World love” or “Real Love” is a choice that you make.  You have complete control.  You’re “there” if you want to be.  It’s a conscious decision.  You decide which one is driving the bus.  It can’t be both.  You choose.  Instead of saying, “I’m not there yet”, you can be honest and say, “Blaming is more familiar and therefore, more comfortable for me right now.  I’m not taking responsibility for any of this.  Somebody else needs to fix this. I’m choosing to stay separate”.

“There is no way I can just sit around and accept (fill in the blank).  That’s just irresponsible.”

Listen, acceptance doesn’t mean giving up or condoning.  It means giving yourself completely to God’s plan.  It’s knowing that resisting or judging is the way you keep the situation alive.  Acceptance is how you open your mind to the place where miracles reside and solutions are found.

“It’s too hard to change my thinking.”

Yes, it does feel awkward at first.  It requires a different kind of seeing than you’re used to. But becoming willing to Love the way God Loves is so much easier than “Old world Love”.  There is no difficulty at all because it is a state of Grace.  It’s Heaven, right here on earth.

A Course in Miracles tells us that we can be re-taught Real Love’s meaning by the Holy Spirit but we have to choose it.  THAT’S OUR ONLY JOB.  We first have to be willing to step out of our old state of mind and away from “Old world love”.  We have a guide, NO, legions of guides, just waiting for us to reach up and say,

“I’m ready for a better way!” 

This entire situation is before you to teach you Real Love.  Unconditional Love.  Love without attack.  The only kind of Love there is.  This is the only purpose of time and it’s totally an inside job.   Making this decision for Real Love will bring a profound shift in your life and your outer reality (aka; the world) will change right along with it.

Now you’re a world healer.  Now you’re making a difference.

So, are you coming or not?  Are you willing to soften and adapt with a deeper awareness of what’s within you?  Can you leave behind the heavy burden of fighting and fixing the unfixable and shift your focus on healing the separation in YOUR mind?

Do you see that healing the world comes from YOUR decision to be One again?

You’re being forced to decide right now.  To wake up or to sleepwalk a while longer.  You are being called.  Do you choose to listen?

Question: Are you ready to be a person of expansion and elevation no matter what’s happening outside of you? Will you be that One that extends perfect Love? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I am.  I am that One.  I am here to heal the world.  Are you coming?

Real Love From your Mighty Companion,


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421 thoughts on “The Greatest Invitation Ever Extended

  1. I am called. This email is the final nail on the cross. I choose to be! I choose to be Love. What is, is.
    God loves me. I love God. He is, therefore I am.
    Thank you Linda

  2. Wow Linda! Full force forward! Count me in, I’m all in, present and walking that road. More and more companions are joining. We are not alone! And so exited to be part of the movement, the only one I want to be part of. It’s time. Let’s blow our horns and gather the ones who are listening. I love you. xxx Joan

  3. I Am One Now and Always in All Ways. Universal is where I Am Now. Thank You for reflecting so perfectly who I truly Am and where I’m truly At Now. It is done. I Am Home.

    i humbly and gratefully accept this invitation
    My name is GAELIC
    it was made up by my father for me
    it means
    warm regards at your service
    Cara Iosa Mehigan

  5. Im not in the USA but there are Trumps here too. Im taking responsability for seeing them. And for all I see: gossiping, judging, illness, racism, and the list goes and goes… the Holy Spirit must have a difficult time helping me!
    Thank you for being part of the help.

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  6. I don’t understand what you mean when you say the things I see outside in the world are within me. I see a troubled world that I wish wasn’t like that I see a government that cares nothing about its people. I see people that don’t believe in God and what he stands for. I see corruption and deception. I see the people vote for someone they know it’s evil and not trust God with his decisions okay to run the country. I trust God it upsets me when other people don’t recognize what’s going on here. I try to tell them they look at me as if I’m crazy. But that’s okay I’ll be crazy for Christ. So I don’t know what you mean when you say what’s happening in the world is part of what I’m feeling. Cuz I don’t feel what’s going on in the world. I want to do something to change it. And I asked God to help me to change it and every opportunity that I find.

    • Donna: i was reading your comment and i can feel a sadness and dicouragement in me when i read it.
      I recognize this within me as its a view ive seen from within before, and so i am familiar with tgat place again as i read.
      But; i have a relenting faith tgat after much much pttactice i know how to petceive a different world, it doesnt “do” something different but i change how i see it, and i first remind myself to look for the good, see the love, and tge way i have been told to see love is to BE love, i e tge love i see comes from within…
      As i see the love that originated from with in me, the fears of the other view have no room and so my perception changes and my conciousness changes from fear within to love within…
      And so from within then it is throughout the view…
      As i love from within it actively changes the conciousness of the whole…
      The rest is semantics,…. lol well or insanity!

  7. Yes, I’m in, I’m answering the call to Real Love. I know there is a new way and I’d like to walk the path with You and You and You.

  8. What a powerful sharing, Linda. Once again, I remember to say “Yes!” to the invitation. Thank you and I love you.

  9. Beautiful and clear message…thank you Linda you rock as always….Off course I be there together with all of you …as one….as love …and nothing else.
    Blessings and Love

  10. Tanks for the reminder Lisa – Yes ! I`m coming – with love -with joy – with happiness –
    this time it is all inn ! – and I am exitet . Now ! – I am ready to go .

  11. I am on this path with you my friend. We go together, you and I, because I cannot go alone. We are joined in love by Love Itself and it is His Will we return to Him. Let us join in this happy journey and transform this world together.

    I’ve studied the ACIM for over a decade now, and it has permeated my mind in such a way that I’ve recently written my first book titled, “Awakening To One Love,” based on the Workbook lessons and conversations I’ve had with the Holy Spirit as He carefully explained each one to me. I hope to have it published soon!

    Blessings and gratitude to you for hearing Him as well!

    Beth Geer

    • Normally I do&128#n7;t learn post on blogs, however I wish to say that this write-up very forced me to take a look at and do it! Your writing style has been amazed me. Thank you, very nice article.

  12. Yes yes yes yes yes!!! Thank you so much & Linda. This is exactly what I needed in this moment and I love you so much! Your words have brought me so much peace.

    Love and light, Leslie

  13. THANK YOU> So powerful. I am grateful for your calling and being our teacher today. I accept this calling and invoke in my thoughts all that GOD IS.


    • Impostori sunt peste tot!Iar &q&uq;vedeteleotuot; astea de carton prost impreuna cu redactoreii astia de 2 bani isi folosesc imaginatia pe masura lipsei de talent real, ca sa se bage in seama!Eu n-as lasa lucrurile asa, chiar daca a trecut niste timp! Dreptul de autor nu va fi respectat de ceilalti daca nu il impune autorul insusi!Pe de alta parte, asta e soarta creatiilor frumoase, valoroase, in toate domeniile….;)

  14. I am not in the USA but God’s plan is the only plan that will work no matter where you are. I am all ready to heal the separation in my mind.

  15. Oh HELL YES!
    Freaking ayyyyy!
    Im already on the raft heading that way!
    Is there another option because i cant see it!
    What i can stayvwith all the insanity? Ahhh NO!
    Ohhh youre inviting me to go with all the cool people? !?! I like that!

  16. I am absolutely ready, willing and able! There is only One way and no going back. It took me a long time to get here but it sure feels good.

  17. “It’s knowing that resisting or judging is the way you keep the situation alive.” I think that sometimes you have to resist. If you see someone being attacked for the color of their skin or their religious beliefs, then you better open your mouth and say something! If you see or hear a domestic violence situation, do you not call the police? Isn’t that resisting the situation? Or do you just ask yourself what it is in you that wants to beat up that woman? I do believe that in truth we are all Divine and that sometimes that means not just not “condoning the situation,” but actually resisting attempts to oppress the dignity of each human being (even if it’s all a dream).

  18. Thank you Linda, for this invitation. About twenty years ago, in my quiet time, I heard these words, “You are here to assist in the salvation of the world”. Just as clear as that. I’ve wondered about it, but did not see the type of opportunity that I had expected. Until now. Clearly my help is needed and that is why I came here. I am, I am that One. I am here to heal the world. Whatever it takes.

  19. I enjoyed receiving your dramatic and well-written message, but I already signed up for the 40 day ACIM program through Lisa Natoli. Sooo…a bit confused, but that is normal.

  20. Yes! I’m in!! RSVP party of ONE 😃
    Thanks for this, what a time to awaken. I have a feeling that soon it won’t be a choice as much as a necessity. Love MK

  21. I have been brought to the truth that the only control I have is in my action and attitude. I choose “real love”. Thank you for the calling to be present in my ability to act. Projecting my fear into the future robbed me of one. Love is the only answer.

  22. Hi Linda – I have finally managed to open your message…my computer-skills are not massive!.. and it reached me in an hour of need…
    Thank you so very much for the heart/head-support!

    • My partner and I absolutely love your blog and find almost all of your post’s to be just what I’m looking for. Does one offer guest writers to write content to suit your needs? I wo#ldn&u8217;t mind writing a post or elaborating on some of the subjects you write with regards to here. Again, awesome blog!

  23. I want this and I’m scared I can’t do it. I know it’s Ego. I leave and come back. I know it’s where I’m meant to be. Where I want to be. I get overwhelmed. I know it’s Ego… It’s all I think about and yet I get tired of trying so hard. It’s so easy to fall into the old ways… Even though it is not where I want to be… I want to flip a switch and be there and I know that’s not possible…. well anything is but it’s not likely… not with my ego mind… I dig in and study and then I go periods where I don’t want to read anything. I don’t know if it’s just resistance or the part of me that want to just live my life not study it…. I know this is what I want… Where I’m meant to be… I need to let go of distraction…

    • as a former military spouse, i totally get this. of course i still have the fuck it mood while im with my current du2#3e8d&0;we have 4 kids and he works a lot. some things need wine, mom, and fuck it. lol

  24. Hello Linda,

    Yes, I would like to be ‘a person of expansion and elevation no matter what is happening outside of me.’ I want to understand fully love as a power that heals me, and everyone around me.

    Thank you for invitation!


    • Io ho dato tanto finora ad una persona che mi ha rifiutato perchè non riesce a superare i suoi blocchi emotivi, nonostante a me ci tenga. E tutto questo mi fa stare malissimo, e non riesco a trovare una spiegazione che non sia ancora una volta "hai dato amore a chi non lo voleva da te eppure lo pr.aoevne&qudt;. Che tristezza e abbattimento, ragazzi

  25. ‘Like this post’ you say? I LO-O-OVE this post!!! You’ve got such an direct, to-the-point and impactful way of explaining things that just move me every time, Linda! Thank you very much! Your posts and videos and aaaaawesome!

  26. This was good for my soul as I had to dig deep to fully accept a few huge responsibilities that have been added of me. I do honestly wish I wasn’t chosen to be asked to do this but I will carry thru on the wings of a vulture. Thank you for shaking me up to fully commit. Ann

  27. Thankyou for the invite. How could I refuse. The spirit of love does indeed have tremendous power and reach. Thank you for reaching out with your rays of hope for the recognition of the one truth that holds all meaning to this earth life, to extend unconditional love. I’m on board, guide me. Ann