Guiltless Decision Making

By Lisa Natoli

You are making decisions all day long.

Guiltless Decision Making

What to do?
Where to go?
What to say?
How to make money?
What to eat?
What to wear?
To post on Facebook or not to post on Facebook?

We think about how to fix problems, heal sickness, end pain, deal with people and situations. Most decisions we make are unconscious, automatic and habitual. So a great practice is to become aware of when you are making decisions. This is the first step! To notice what you are noticing.

Before you take action and before you do anything, have a practice of pausing and being still and going within for an answer, guidance, instruction, direction.

A Course in Miracles says an interesting (and eye-opening!) thing:

“Whenever you decide to make decisions for yourself, you are thinking destructively, and the decision will be wrong.”


Every time I decide to make a decision by myself, I am thinking self-destructively, and the decision will be wrong.

I don’t know about you, but that sentence stopped me in my tracks when I first read it. It’s from Chapter 14 in the Text of A Course in Miracles (I’m reading from the new Circle of Atonement version of ACIM which I love) in a section called “Guiltless Decision Making.”

No wonder I felt bad almost 99 percent of the time in my life-time! I was thinking self-destructively. I was making decisions alone, without my Inner Guide, without my Inner Teacher.

Here in the world, almost no one is taught to look within and acknowledge an Inner Presence.

I know I wasn’t. I was taught to use my senses to guide me.

A Course in Miracles calls this Presence by many names: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Christ, Light, the Love of God.

Other paths call this Presence by these names: Wisdom, Life, Energy, the Universe, the God of your understanding.

That all works too. You can’t get it wrong whatever name you decide to call this Presence. What’s important is that you acknowledge that you are not alone. Call it whatever name you want. It is YOU beyond all your ideas about yourself as a body, a person, a personality, a limited self-identity. It’s your innocence and your holiness and the Presence and Power of God is made manifest when you acknowledge this truth about yourself.

You are the light of the world, one with God.

You are not alone. You are not helpless. You are not weak. You are not bereft of help. With you, AS YOU, is One who knows the way for you and will quite literally guide you when you begin to acknowledge this Presence and trust in it.

Now obviously, almost NO ONE lives this way. Almost no one acknowledges the Presence of God in every situation. Almost no one pauses before each and every uncertain situation, gets quiet, gets still and asks to be shown the way.

And yet, when you begin to live in this way (making no decisions by yourself, making all decision with the Holy Spirit), your life will begin to get easier. Try it and see.

You will feel the joy and peace of God. You will begin to feel excitement and enthusiasm to know there is One with you, who loves you, cares for you, protects you and wants only your good and is actually showing you the way.

But here is the thing: You have to step back and let It lead. You must put this Presence in charge from now on. You will never see the Holy Spirit so living this way requires trust in the invisible, faith in what the body’s eyes will never see.

I suggest you give a definite period of time (one day, a week, 30 days or 40 days) to experiment with this idea. Play with it. Make it into a game, that for the next 30 days or 40 days, you will acknowledge a Presence with you that has all the answers for your happiness. You will make no decisions by yourself. You will say to the Holy Spirit “Decide for me” in everything you do.

If this idea interests you (and I hope it does!), please watch the video. If 20 minutes of video-watching is too much time for you to take, there is a transcript of the video down below. So you have everything you need here to get started. You absolutely do not need to struggle anymore in guilt and doubt.

Download the Video Transcript

Are you ready to become really aware of the thoughts you’re thinking, the words you’re saying , and the emotions you’re feeling? Learn how to become the observer of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experience so that you can make a different choice. Register here for the 40 Day Program for personal transformation. It’s free.

All decisions made by yourself without the Holy Spirit (even about what to eat!), result in guilt. And like my friend Max Just says about guilt:

“Guilt is the killer.”

The reason you feel guilty when you make decisions by yourself (without acknowledging His presence in you) is because you are not alone. That’s why you feel guilt. When you think you are alone, you are living in a very unnatural way. Without being conscious of it, you are believing in separation from God. When you think you are separate of God, you feel weak, afraid, angry, depressed, sad, unworthy and undeserving. The result of living separate from God is fear, guilt, blame, worry, comparisons, judgments about yourself and others.

Jesus in this section calls it “your pitiful appraisal of yourself.”

HA. That really cuts to the chase.

The reason I love Jesus so much as a role model and teacher is because he’s very direct. He says it like it is. He sees me in guilt and says,

“This is your pitiful appraisal of yourself. Stop it.”

He’s also the most practical guy I know and right here in this section in Chapter 14 of A Course in Miracles and in this video, you will be given very specific instructions for how to live in this new way, making no decisions by yourself.

Because I am a big believer in people looking within and beginning to rely on their Inner Teacher (instead of relying on people outside of them for answers, instruction, direction and guidance), I always suggest people buy a copy of A Course in Miracles and DO WHAT IT SAYS. Make a one-year commitment to complete the workbook lessons. Read the text. Know that the words contained in that book is Jesus talking directly to YOU.

Everything you need for a total transformation is within you now and the how-to instructions for how to accomplish this is in A Course in Miracles which is available to everyone.

So what have you got to lose? Nothing!

Everyone can pause and be still and be quiet every time they feel uncertain and turbulent. Everyone has the ability to say,

“Holy Spirit. Here I am.”

It might even come out as a question like “Holy Spirit?” (because in the beginning you don’t know for sure if what I am saying is true) and that will work too. You don’t have to believe in the Holy Spirit, you don’t have to believe in God, but if you want to see changes in your life, you do need to open your mind to the possibility that “maybe” what I am saying is true. And then play with the idea.

See what it is like to live for one whole day without making decisions by yourself. See what it’s like to be quiet every time there is a decision to be made.

“Unlearn isolation through His loving guidance, and learn of all the happy communication that you have thrown away but could not lose. When you are in doubt what you should do, think of His Presence in you and tell yourself this and only this:

He leadeth me and knows the way, which I know not.
Yet He will never keep from me what He would have me learn.
And so I trust Him to communicate to me all that He knows for me.

Then let Him teach you quietly how to perceive your guiltlessness, which is already there.”

You will most definitely begin to see the effects of the Holy Spirit in your life, removing obstacles and difficulties from your pathway and leading you.

Most of us have been taught to trust in ourselves and that’s the problem.

Jesus in A Course in Miracles says “you have been badly taught” and I believe him. We begin trusting in this Presence and this Power. Making no decisions by ourselves.

You are not alone

I would love to hear from you once you have spent at least one day making all decisions with the Holy Spirit.

Question: What kinds of things that happened when you stopped making decisions by yourself? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Do you want to extend this practice to 40 days? Join the 40-Day Program for Transformation.

With love,


Are you ready to become really aware of the thoughts you’re thinking, the words you’re saying , and the emotions you’re feeling? Learn how to become the observer of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions you experience so that you can make a different choice. Register here for the 40 Day Program for personal transformation. It’s free.

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18 thoughts on “Guiltless Decision Making

  1. Hi, I practice being patient waiting for the holy spirit to guide me but sometimes I make rash wrong decisions and now thanks to you I now know why I feel guilty, its like I betrayed my true self. Namaste ,Antonio

  2. Hi Lisa, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    Love this! The subject of decision making is such a juicy entry point to embark on the wonderful adventurous journey of self-exploration that can’t help but lead to a meeting and eventual collaboration with SELF.

    In the life experience of Monte, a big component of this illusory identity is that of being a carpenter and working in a diversity of scenarios within the construction industry. For over a decade now the construction scenario this particular myself has been engaged in is the renovation and restoration of historic homes. In the course of doing these projects myriad decisions have to be made with regard to structure, design and how to go about accomplishing desired outcomes. Due to the myself long ago recognizing that there was a Higher Self involved in its existence, and then gradually building a trusting relationship with the Higher Self, Monte, when working on of these restoration projects, does not plan or work from a plan. When what seem to be other participants in the scenario, ask Monte to explain where he gets his ideas, or how he knows what to do, his reply is…”This is probably going to sound a bit weird, but I have many ancient carpenters whispering in my ear telling me what to do.” On many an occasion this reply ends the questioning but, every now and then it just opens the door that allows the questions to flow.

    Another thing that Monte tells the more interested inquirers, is that he found the ancient carpenters in what, at the time, he thought was the tiny, often passed over space that exists between stimulus and response. Now, of course, he recognizes that this “space” is not a space at all. Instead, what he discovered between stimulus and response, was a loving, nonceptual, limitless, all powerful intelligence. And in this space that is not a space is where perfect decisions are made.

    People often want to know how a project is going to turn out. Monte’s standard reply is, “I don’t know the specifics of the outcome but I trust that whatever the outcome is, it will be better than I could have ever imagined.”

    With Love As Love, A Teacher of God, the Light of the world

  3. Dear Lisa, I have taken your 40 day course which was the best thing I ever did. I knew how to go to a peaceful place in my mind after your course. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful messages you have continued to send me even though I haven’t signed up for any other courses. I have needed these messages and the one you sent me today has succeeded in giving me inner peace as I was dreading a really stressful day. Once again, I have felt your blessing lighten my life and let the joy enter. Thank you so much. God bless you, love, ann

  4. Hi Lisa:
    I’m trying to let the Holy Spirit inside make decisions. I’m having difficulty with discerning whether the decision is from the Spirit inside me or my ego.

  5. When I remember that only NOW exists and I can be there if only for a short period of time it’s just enough to hear the word of God, the answer for now. It may come as a thought like “wait” or
    “Let it lay”.

  6. Thank you . I shared on Facebook. In process of big decision today so perfect . I have felt God guiding me for many years- can feel the difference since it is opening , in heart, clear, lighter.
    I wanted words from God to put on God vision painting – postcard. And your words were there for me to use,along with other from ACIM and a Sufi prayer, ” There is only God. Nothing exists but God. ” . This is so important for my family healing. Holy spirit , please decide and remove all the stones in the way . Please speak through me and move all concerned to do what is right and good for all. God Bless you and yours.

    Suradevi CArolyn Garberiana

  7. YES!!!….The experience of life has altered beautifully since the awareness that I AM naught save an instrument for the H.S. to play!…Upon waking each morning, I ask that HE play me , see through these eyes, hear through these ears and think through this brain that each encounter, be it on the physical plane or in mind, be a holy encounter…xo…<3

  8. Thank you, Lisa!
    I’m still with you, and placing my decision-making in charge of the HS more and more often, therefore my life is getting easier. I love the new Circle of Atonement version of ACIM and our Unity Thursday class uses it regularly. If I’m in charge tomorrow, I’ll bring up this topic.
    Love to you and Bill,

  9. Thanks for this blog Lisa, it seems to be confirmation for an experience last night. After going to bed I began to roll from one side to the other, becoming more annoyed with myself and was going to make the decision to get up when I thought I would ask God for help to sleep. I did and I was directed to place pillows behind my back. Then as I lay back I felt a deep sense of peace and relaxation, I went right to sleep and slept fully all night.

  10. There is no anxiousness about outcome. This body-mind responds appropriately and does not react. There is peace and a sense of guidance, relieving the burden of aloneness. (Isolation)

  11. Thank you Lisa for this post. I really needed to hear those words. I took the 40 Day Program but have fallen back to my old ego driven ways. I still watch myself like a hawk and sometimes it’s an afterthought which brings on the guilt. I love the Teachers of God organization for all the work and love you share with all. Namaste.

  12. I had such a day, following the view of the video. Lisa, you have a beautiful, neat, cool way of transmitting the message. That traduces into my happiness and growth because I apply it the way I should. Eternally you will be remembered 🙂
    Love, Santi

  13. Lisa,
    Thank you for teaching ACIM. I love these reminders/lessons, though I’ve taken the 40-day twice, and listen to the Friday sessions most weeks, I find your teaching bits and pieces like this are necessary reminders for me to constantly dig deeper and apply the lessons more fully (& I find that you breathe life into the lessons, as I must admit I find the text rather dry when I read it myself). I will report back after (again) practicing having the holy spirit decide for me. I know life will become even more wonderful.
    May you paths always be made straight,

  14. Extremely grateful for this new hint to a subject I thought of course I know 🙂
    But what is knowing without practice? back to practice right away! Thank you so much!!!