Hearing God’s Answer

By Bill Free

How often do we have conversations with people and we think we know exactly what they need to hear and then in hindsight realize that what I was saying to him or her is what Spirit is telling me for me?

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What I share in this video is a prime example of how connected our life is in every conversation and relationship we have.

As I share with Jim in the example you’ll see, the most important relationship any of us can have is our Divine relationship with love, with God, with our own desire to be connected with and as our spiritual Self.

What I realized after speaking to Jim is that what I was sharing with him is exactly what I needed for myself. A simple practice every day to remember my identity in God as love, as the experience of The Awareness of love.

Hearing God’s Answer

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the message your brother gives you

So, after watching the video if you don’t already have a solid spiritual practice that helps you to remember the Truth of what you are, then I encourage you to give yourself the gift that I’m giving to myself in 2018.

Fifteen minutes every morning in 2018 and five minutes at night before going to bed, allow yourself the quiet of Awareness just being present, Aware of thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, even the sensations of the body. Allow it to just be noticed without engagement commentary or attachment of any kind. Being aware of being aware, being as God created you, just present in Awareness.

You may ask yourself the question,

What is it that is Aware of my experience with any of these experiences?

Being as God created you, as I said, just getting quiet and Being in the space of Presence and Awareness.

If you think you’re ready for it, you can do the workbook lessons of A Course in Miracles. You can read the lesson each day in 2018 for the 1st time in your life (or the 10th time), or listen to an audio of the workbook lessons from  one of your favorite spiritual teachers.

Make yourself a declaration of spiritual practice that you are willing to invest your time to this year like you would an important relationship that you really care about and deepen your experience with the Truth of what you are as Spirit and make 2018 the best year ever by making it about your relationship with You as God Created You.

Be courageous and tell me in the comment box that you’ve made this Declaration for 2018 for yourself.

Question: Are you making the declaration for yourself this year? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I love you and thank you for being here,

Bill Free

Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

Register here for daily audios with Lisa Natoli to support you as you do the daily Course in Miracles workbook lessons.

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35 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Answer

  1. Hi Bill, Thank you for sending me the link. I appreciated what you said about spending the time with God, with yourself. I know that spending time with God is very important, and spending time 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening, can increase daily if we wish. Thanks for the tip. Theresa

  2. By making this commitment to myself I believe I am investing in all that I really need in life – the love and connection with God! How simple yet how evasive I can be in missing this wonderful gift to myself.

  3. Thank you Bill!
    Done! New ritual:)
    — before sleeping I will give my heart to God. Yes! To protect my mind while I’m sleeping so mind is dwelling in the truth. Love it.

    I love your post. I coach 6 women who were sent by Central Casting
    🙂 so God could use my ministry to speak to them. Everything they bring to me is what I need to hear. My/God’s feed back is always my answer too. I love how this works… it’s the infinity symbol!
    When two or more are joined there lies God. In 12 step they say this is a “we” program. Thank you for your blog on this. I love your ministry ((💗))

    • Hi Laurie,

      I know, something so simple to just acknowledge our deepest love and understanding in others and the noticing is the way we connect with the we:)
      Thank you so much for your ministry and for supporting the Teachers of God Foundation.

      I’ll see you next time Lisa is in NY <3

  4. Hi dear Bill. I am so grateful for this video which spoke to me. After watching, I went into a quiet place to just listen for God’s message to me and it came through loud and clear. God said that even as I pray for peace in the world, my true assignment today is to stop attacking myself and to be at peace with me. I feel such a sense of peace right now. Blessings to you.

  5. Thanks Bill,
    You have reminded me of similar experiences that I have had. I love how God gives you a gentle nudge, always talking to you in the unexpected way.

    • Thank you Kim…

      It’s so good when we share the witness of God Presence. It really is occuring all through the day.

      Much love

  6. Thank you Bill!!!
    I here declare I will invest in my spiritual life and my relation with God this 2018. I love you and bless you❤

  7. thank you Bill. “your decision about your brother determines the message you receive.” just the teaching i needed reminding of. endless Love, nicci

  8. what is our role in interrupting injustices in the world: classism,sexism,male domination ,racism. I`ll want to totally forgive my fellow brother ,showing him only love knowing we are one but it feels like i`d want to say “i love you brother and what your`e doing or saying is coming from fear and you don`t have to give into that voice” .I get the impression from the course that because this world is an illusion we get permission to put our heads in the sand not that doing the work of being guided by our true Self is paramount love you

    • Hi Jim,

      The Course says never correct a brother. If I’m getting a charge on something it is for my realease. If I’m not it is meaningless and of no substance. If I stay in Awareness as Presence, I’m am told what to do and I do it. I love you Jimmy:)

  9. Hi Bill, I am currently in the middle of the workbook lessons and am making the commitment to deepen my experience with the lessons and deepening my desire to know God and the truth of who I am. I want nothing more than this!! I offer up my genuine willingness and with an open heart. Amen!

  10. Namaste Bill! I want to thank both yourself and Lisa for telling me about the new Circle of Atonement version of the course. I am truly loving the experience of reading this and though I am only getting started (I am still reading through the principles and Cameos as they are suggested) I must say that I feel as if this book was written “specifically” for me. Not that I am special…but that for the first time I feel naturally willing to accept the forgiveness of Jesus. I feel totally and completely forgiven and free! And because I have accepted this forgiveness as mine I am for the first time able to truly give it to others. What a mind blowing experience this is! What a beautiful way to begin 2018. I LOVE your teaching of “quiet awareness” and have decided to make this experience a part of my daily practice. Time to shake things up even more! And now I can hardly stand to continue to write, when all I want to do is read this book!!! lol! I have been a student for some time and have done the lessons and read the entire ACIM, and have done the 40 day program with Lisa and also The Teachers of God Prosperity program, and while I learned so much and experienced shifts and transformations it is nothing like I am experiencing now reading this new version. It is as if Jesus is standing right here speaking to me. As if I am Helen and he is telling this to ME. What fun!!! I want to scream it from a mountain! Thank you my friends in Christ for being Gods messengers. Sending much Love! Robin from Nebraska 🙂

  11. Dear Bill, dear Lisa
    This is maybe more a general mail…so sorry if I write on the “wrong line”:).
    Last year about this time I got to know about you and your organisation through breathwork with Binnie Dansbye and Sondra Ray. I live in Denmark. In the spring of 2017 I followed the 40-day program and ever since I have been a true fan:). What you teach is so meaningful and so simple and I love to read your posts and sometimes also manage to follow your Friday meetings. You make the world a more beautiful place to live and be, and I work on living your ideas every day, including spending quiet time with my inner guide, which brings me and my surroundings lots of warmth and love. Thank you. I seriously consider to do something in Danish. Do you have experience working with other countries/translating to other languages? Warm regards to snowy New England. Vibeke

  12. Thank you Bill, I really enjoyed this post. I have developed a very deep and consistent practice thank you to you all. I have made a consistent practice of spending at least an hour every morning and often another half hour or so in the evening reading my daily lessons, listening to the various talks, doing my LIP and 365, I am all in!
    But what this message reminded me is that what I am not doing is really spending time being just quiet with H.S. this is the practice that I really need to focus on, I need to sit quietly so I can hear the voice of God guiding me.
    I Loved the first Cameo, where it says , His mind flits about too much for good communication. here I am Lord, and don’t think of anything else.
    Thank you soooo much for all you do. I Love You.

  13. Thank you Bill. I really needed to hear this as well. I have a friend who’s life, health, etc., seems to be in total turmoil… and yet when I heard what you said I wondered if the advice I gave her was what I needed to hear.. this is my year to GET IT!. I printed my response to her (was in email) and I am highlighting all the main points and I’m going to reflect on how this could apply to me as well. There were suggestions that applied to life in general and I ended with spending time with God… It probably all applies!!! lol!! Thank you for this:))

  14. Thank you Bill!!!
    So amazing I was trying to realize this morning what it I need to do in my daily practice to relive a my connection with my source. I had been waking up last year for some time with such a connection with God , and was wondering how to get it back?
    Today instead of doing my practice I was drawn to open my laptop and am drawn to your email which catches my attention.. Is this not amazing? as if this was what I need to hear. My heart fills with joy to hear what you suggest. I know exactly what you are talking about and it it seams the answer to my question.
    So Yes. I here declare I will invest in my spiritual life and my relation with God this 2018. Thank you and bless you both of you for all that you do !❤

  15. I am not new to ACIM but am to the ToGF. I have seen several posts this new year, am watching the Friday streaming from Amesbury and have begun the 40 Day Program. I am feeling and thinking of God more frequently already. YEAH! What I want to really say, tho, is how every Teacher of God I have encountered so far clearly and truly sends LOVE through the screen. I feel it for sure every time and it just warms my heart. It is what makes me want to return to another video. You all are the real deal, as they say. Thank you!

  16. Dear Bill,
    Thank you for this video/its suggestions, for reading the Workbook For Students’ lesson each day and for all the work you, Lisa and everyone at Teachers of God Foundation continue to share. Your light helps illuminate my darkness and gives me hope.
    In gratitude,
    Kimberlee Worth

  17. I sm going to committ to this with Gods help as i have wanted to pray and meditate dsily before’ Am good for about two weeks and then the motivation goes and i stop and start from then on. So i pray for better self discipline.Thanks for sharing this

  18. Sure enjoy you, Bill. Your messages have meant so much to me. This one is splendid. I already give my sleep the HS. My ACIM brother taught me that. And then the mantra, “Jesus. ” I am out like a light. And the practice in the morning: rhis is just great. I will add this to my morning, Bill. Many thanks, Marky Mander, Pipe Creek, Texas

  19. Thank you, Bill.
    I really appreciate you sharing your experiences and showing us how a simple practice can make a huge difference to our lives. Namaste.