Join Helen Hamilton for

Awakening to the Truth

Have you ever asked yourself.... 


What is awakening?

How does awakening look in real life?

Am I awake? 


Helen Hamilton invites you to explore these questions live this September.

> Dive into what awakening actually is...and isn't.
> Learn practical techniques for living an awakened life.
> Experience directly what is real and essential so you can finally be free of all fear and come to love your timeless, infinite Self.




What you’ll get:

  • Four 90 minute Masterclasses on Zoom with Helen Hamilton.
  • Meditations, teachings, practical tips and Q&A with Helen. 
  • An invitation to 4 live, follow-up Gatherings on Zoom for support and interaction with the community.
  • On-demand access to replays if you can’t join live. 

What you’ll learn:

  • To experience the reality of your Being.

  • That what you are is infinite, formless and totally loving.

  • Practical tips for falling back in love and liking who you are.

  • How to create healthy habits and live in constant peace, love and joy.


" The more you recognize the constant background of love and happiness and fullness of potential, then the more you recognize the unlimitedness of what you truly are"

―Helen Hamilton

Live Sessions Schedule

Monday, 4th September 2023  at 3 pm ET

What is Awakening

We have been taught to experience who we and others are, what the world is through our thoughts and perhaps it is all we know at first. In this session we will take a look into why we have learned to go to our mind first for answers and how we can gently move away from that and begin to experience the reality of our Being. Understanding why thoughts seem so powerful and addictive is the key to transcending them. 

We will also look at what awakening is NOT so that we waste no more time on this precious journey. 

Monday, 11th September, 2023 at 3 pm ET

Self-Inquiry: Moving into Direct Experience of What We Really Are

In this session we will work with some powerful self-inquiry questions that can take us to a direct experience of our real nature. What we are is infinite, formless and totally loving. Only a direct experience of this will allow us to move away from our mind and into deep peace. Once we know how to directly experience our real Self we are free to experience it whenever we want to.

Monday, 18th September, 2023 at 3 pm ET

Falling in Love Again with Yourself

Most of us are very judgmental, critical and harsh of ourselves and we often say things to ourselves we would never even say to anyone else. How do we begin to like or even love ourselves? Let's look at some practical tips for falling back in love and liking who we are. Loving thoughts, words and actions will allow our real Being to begin to shine through us.

Monday 25th September, 2023 at 3 pm ET

Constant and Effortless Peace

How do we bring all of this together and live in constant peace, love and joy? In this session we will look at how to create healthy habits that empower us to continue moving deeper into the Truth of our being and bring more peace, love and abundance of all kinds. As human beings we are creatures of habit and we can either consciously build new and helpful habits or be at the effect of our unconscious habits!

Saturday September 9, 16, 23 and 30 at 11 am ET

An opportunity to join with the Community Manager, Susan Telford, and fellow Masterclass participants for guided meditation, support and discussion of Helen's teachings. 


Meet Your Teacher

Helen Hamilton

Spiritual Teacher and Author


Helen Hamilton is a spiritual teacher based in West Yorkshire, in the north of England and is a mother of four. After struggling through her own awakening several years ago Helen was driven by the urge to simplify awakening for all beings and to share the essential pointings that allow us to overcome common challenges along the path to freedom. 

Helen's teaching style is direct and uncompromising in its insistence that we already are what we are searching for and yet encompasses compassion and wisdom to help us dissolve our ego with love and understanding. She teaches worldwide and holds regular Satsangs and other events.


Awakening to the Truth with Helen Hamilton

4-Part Masterclass


  • 4 LIVE Sessions with Helen.
  • On Demand replays to watch at your convenience.
  • Invitation to 4 Gatherings on Zoom for meditation, community support and discussion. 

" So awakening was for me, first of all, this willingness to see what is real and then the willingness to let that change my thought process"

―Helen Hamilton