How to Do Away With Your To-Do List

By Kimberly Cartwright

Hello, Beloveds, Kimberly here!!

How to Do Away with your to Do List

I love you all so much!!! I feel so grateful for our loving connection. In sanskrit it is called “sangha” or community. We are a community, a family of like minded souls, and we lift each other up and support each other in our healing and remembering of our innate holiness. I appreciate our Teachers of God sangha, and my connection with God and Jesus are stronger because we are together. Thank you.

I have been going through a big transition over the past year with how to “get things done”.

Ego’s idea of getting things done and God’s idea of getting things done are, as I am sure you know, totally opposite.

I am in the midst of a creation process. I am creating an exercise program based on A Course in Miracles. In the past, I have tried to get things done and accomplish things by using to-do lists. I keep the lists on my phone, or in a notebook, or on pieces of paper all over the place! In the past, I would block out periods of time to take care of the to-do list, try to stay on a schedule, and try to check items off of the list.

However, about a year ago, this method stopped working for me.

I couldn’t force myself to do stuff anymore. Forcing myself to do things felt awful!! Like I was chewing on glass!! I had to figure out what to do because the to-do list method didn’t work anymore!!!

Jesus has a section in ACIM called the branching of the roads, where he says basically, you will get to a place in your journey to God where you cannot continue on the path you are on:

When you come to the place where the branch in the road is quite apparent, you cannot go ahead. You must go one way or the other. For now, if you go straight ahead, the way you were going before you came to the branch, you will go nowhere. The whole purpose of coming this far is to decide which branch you will take from here on. The way you came no longer matters. It can no longer serve.

This is exactly how I felt with my to-do list method. It no longer served. I could not keep going in that direction.

Jesus says if I do not decide which branch to take, my only other choice is to simply delay:

No one who reaches this far can make the wrong decision, but he can delay. And there is no part of the journey that seems more hopeless and futile than standing where the road branches and not deciding which way to go.

That is where I stood for a while: at the branching of the roads.

I was scared. My old way had stopped working. How do I move forward in a new way?

What got me to move was that NOT doing something felt horrible!! Just as Jesus says, standing where the road branches and not deciding which way to go felt hopeless and futile.

As I stood at the branching of the roads, I really allowed myself to feel how crappy it feels to be tied to my to-do list. I started calling it “The Tyranny of the To-Do list”! My To-Do list was like the Death Star in Star Wars- scary and dead and made to kill me and other people-just awful!!

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The ego mind loves the to-do list.

Ego wants my experience to be broken down into separate items. Ego wants to tell me that my worth and value and effectiveness come from getting things done and checking things off on the list. Ego says things like:

If you are a good girl then you will take care of the things on the list, and you cannot have ice cream until you have checked things off the list.

I realized from the way I was feeling that as I was writing things on the list I was channeling death.

There is only the past on the list. Ego is the past. Ego is death. Ego is never present- it is always some reference to the past.

There is no creativity in the ego, no life in ego. ONLY GOD IS LIFE. Ego is death. That is why the to-do list reminds me of the Star Wars Death Star. When I looked at my to do list, I got nothing- no joy, no warmth, no nothing!!! Barren.

What is good about that realization is that it meant that I was finally seeing that there is no life there. I am interested in being where life is, where God is!

I reached the branching of the roads-the intersection of “walk” and “don’t walk”-and I was trying to make my old way of doing things work. I do not want to do things by forcing myself anymore. I enjoy feeling good. I love the feeling of love. I love the feeling of life. In fact, I am addicted to the feelings of Love and Life. I have cultivated an insatiable appetite for the taste called “God”. And what I have experienced is that once you are bitten by the God bug, nothing else satisfies.

Jesus says that we are all going to decide which branch of the road we will take from here on. None of us will delay forever.

The branch of the road opening before me is to be in direct moment to moment communication with Jesus, Holy Spirit and God. To live my life as prayer. Deciding to to take a branch of the road is the elevation of my level of consciousness: instead of scrambling around on the surface of the death star I am realizing that I am limitless. I am accomplishing God’s plan simply by using my mind, not running around.

I am God’s. Every breath I take, every time my eyes blink, everything I do and everything I am is God’s, so I can calm down!!!

That is the number one miracle of deciding on the branch of the road-I can calm down and enjoy the process, and enjoy the sights and the sounds because I am on tour, and there is not one bad gig when you are part of Jesus’s band. It is all good!!!

I will finish this article with a paragraph from The Song of Prayer, in which Jesus describes exactly how to overcome the tyranny of the to do list and demolish the Death Star:

The secret of true prayer is to forget the things you think you need. To ask for the specific is much the same as to look on sin and then forgive it. Also in the same way, in prayer you overlook your specific needs as you see them, and let them go into God’s Hands. There they become your gifts to Him, for they tell Him that you would have no gods before Him; no Love but His. What could His answer be but your remembrance of Him? Can this be traded for a bit of trifling advice about a problem of an instant’s duration? God answers only for eternity. But still all little answers are contained in this.

When I read this paragraph, I hear Jesus saying:

Burn the to do list! Forget about what you think you are supposed to accomplish! Put all of that stuff in God’s hands.

All of the tyranny and the death become our gifts to God because we are saying that we would rather have God’s Love than the momentary satisfaction of checking some bullshit off of a list!! And guess what? Not only do we receive the only real gift, which is the peace, the ease, and the joy of God’s Love, but Jesus says all of the little stuff, everything on the list, gets done by God, first class, and in style!

This is the Jesus, Holy Spirit, God SLAM DUNK! That’s right!! That’s our team!!

Know myself as the love of god

Thank you, Beloveds, for letting me share!!

I would love to hear about your experiences!!

Question: Have you reached the branching of the road in some area(s) of your life? Are you in “delay” in some areas(s)? Are you a to do list person? How is it working for you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Let’s hear your stories from “the road”!!!

I love you, my Teachers of God Sangha!!!

xoxoxoxoxo, k


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45 thoughts on “How to Do Away With Your To-Do List

  1. dear Kimberley.
    I am at that place too – almost: I still write lists, and at the same time, I allow myself to do it – and looking at it with kindness, knowing that there will be that moment where i will
    just smile at it and throw it away.
    I am noticing how writing it already seems rather silly – but there is a tenderness embracing the very act of it. VERY supporting energy.
    And – as the last time you posted – I get a mail with a poem that completely covers the same theme: the paths in the wood

    What If This Road

    What if this road, that has held no surprises
    these many years, decided not to go
    home after all; what if it could turn
    left or right with no more ado
    than a kite-tail? What if its tarry skin
    were like a long, supple bolt of cloth,
    that is shaken and rolled out, and takes
    a new shape from the contours beneath?
    And if it chose to lay itself down
    in a new way; around a blind corner,
    across hills you must climb without knowing
    what’s on the other side; who would not hanker
    to be going, at all risks? Who wants to know
    a story’s end, or where a road will go?

    ~ Sheenagh Pugh ~

    (What If This Road)

    • Beautiful poem-thank you so much for sharing that. I love what you said-looking with kindness at your lists knowing you will throw them away! Peace, love and thank you!

  2. Loved this, need to read / listen again. Although I do have to say the only thing that is “sort of” on my to do list is the 40 Days, but it doesnt seem to be on a list ……… it is now just the start of my day after thanking God ….. looking out my bedroom window …. inspecting the new glorious day. All assistance though is gratefully received. Wish all my friends were doing this. Love to you Kimberly.

  3. Love how you expressed this, Kimberly! Some truly profound thoughts/insights in there, creating amazing and memorable images in the mind . . .

    I’ve actually never created to-do lists. Never felt like it was something I could work with. HOWEVER, I’ve sure felt I ‘needed’ to ‘do’ certain things in order to feel OK about myself, like keeping the house spotless, keeping everything sorted and in order, not getting behind with this or that. That tendency is still with me – yet, like your to-do list, it’s just not ‘working’ for me anymore (‘like chewing on glass’, ‘no joy, no warmth’, ‘barren’ are a GREAT ways of putting it), and I’m letting go more and more . . .

    Like you said, keeping caught up in the ego construct of ‘control’, we may gain some transitory satisfaction, yet it NEVER lasts, and leaves us feeling empty.

    Glad to be on the road to recovery (and inner God-Guidance) with you, Sister-on-Life’s-Path.

    Blessings to you, and thanks for such a terrific, thought-provoking sharing.

    Namaste _/ ❤️ \_

    • Thank you, my Sister-On-Life’s-Path!! I love what you shared about the areas other than to-do list that aren’t feeling like they work anymore!! YAHOO-FREEDOM!! peace, love and blessings, k

  4. I was comprising an email yesterday to the teachers of god with questions that were answered in your talk Kimberly! YAY!!! I loved it! I am standing at the crossroads:) I do define my self by what I “accomplish” during the day and I waste precious moments when I could be connecting with the Holy Spirit thinking about what (or what NOT) to eat.
    so today I will take a step on the right path….Many thanks for this post

    • AWESOME, Jen! Thank you for identifying where you are standing at the “crossroads”! That is step#1 for choosing a road-realize we are delaying! A good next step is to call a Mighty Companion, and tell them what it is costing you to be at the crossroads, what ego “benefits” are you getting from delaying, and then ask Jesus and Holy Spirit to choose your road with you and your mighty companion to walk with you on the road you chose! Thank you for your comment! Peace, love and blessings, k

  5. I feel that I reached the branching of my roads back in 2012 after I came back from a retreat with Living Miracles where I had met some beautiful teachers of God which kick-started a rather rapid awakening or inner-blossoming. I had been a long-time course student by then of about 25 years yet I had not really begun “living” the experience of Awakening as described by Jesus in ACIM. I had been immersed for so long in the theory, and not even attended a course group ever in all that time. Once I returned I left my academic career behind and took a very seemingly “menial” job because I felt guided by the HS to make a choice for God. That first fork wasn’t easy yet in hindsight I’m glad I went for it! Yikes! A white-knuckled financially and in so many ego-dismantling ways…. All my identity up until that point was career-oriented and it had brought me really not much more than constant stress and worry that I was never quite good enough. But this is where the rubber really hits the road… you see, there isn’t one fork in the road… sometimes there are forks off other forks… or at least that’s how my highway to heaven looked! At present, and for quite some time (at least 2 years now) I feel as if I am stuck at the next fork, waiting this time at a kind of train track which runs across my new branch in the road… you know those flashing lights and siren sounds that go off at an old-fashioned railway crossing? well… these flashing lights don’t seem to subside, as I watch train after freight train go by… wondering whether it’s safe to cross yet!!!!… in my heart I want to take the next step… I just want to jump on that freight train to heaven!!!! ( to use some old Gospel imagery) the next leap with Jesus/HS by my side but I don’t know what is next for me. I pray the healing prayer from the Course constantly, and yet still no real answers come. I have asked and asked, and prayed and prayed… yet nothing seemingly comes… I have heard course teachers and sages say that if no guidance is forthcoming then that is your guidance…do nothing! but somehow that too feels static…. that I am blocking the answer at some level. What should my prayer be for unblocking the blocks to hearing next steps at this new branch off the main branch along the highway to heaven? Thank you to Kimberley Cartwright for this joyful and practical post about to-do lists and to the TOG Foundation for opening up the space for such important expression sessions. I love you endlessly.

    • Beloved Robert, you are loved endlessly!! I have felt that I am being told to “be still” for many years!! I asked Jesus: am I in the slow class? I am still waiting for the gates to go up like you said so I know it is safe to cross! Robert, we are caterpillars turning to butterflies-let’s not break our Holy Cocoons open before we can fly, baby!! I am right there with you!! I love you!! Peace, love and blessings, k

      • I came upon a child of God
        He was walking along the road
        And I asked him where are you going
        And this he told me
        I’m going on down to Yasgur’s farm *
        I’m going to join in a rock ‘n’ roll band
        I’m going to camp out on the land
        I’m going to try an’ get my soul free

        We are stardust
        We are golden
        And we’ve got to get ourselves
        Back to the garden

        Then can I walk beside you
        I have come here to lose the smog
        And I feel to be a cog in something turning
        Well maybe it is just the time of year
        Or maybe it’s the time of man
        I don’t know who I am
        But you know life is for learning

        We are stardust
        We are golden
        And we’ve got to get ourselves
        Back to the garden

        By the time we got to Woodstock
        We were half a million strong
        And everywhere there was song and celebration
        And I dreamed I saw the bombers
        Riding shotgun in the sky
        And they were turning into butterflies
        Above our nation

        We are stardust
        Billion year old carbon
        We are golden
        Caught in the devil’s bargain
        And we’ve got to get ourselves
        back to the garden

        – “Woodstock” by Joni Mitchell

      • Beloved, I have thought of that song so many times since you posted it. Thank you. Powerful!

  6. I had chills reading this. I’ve been in the…borderland? Netherworld…yeah, for a “long. long. long” time, in this tiny tick of time. The old way working (if that’s what it could be called) has been gone baby gone. The new way doesn’t want to take hold! But there is no other way. There is no branch. I love you Kimberly, thank you so much for your contributions here.

    • I am so so so inspired because I have been fed exactly the same way-like wow, what’s taking so long!! All I can say is, let’s trust the only One who really knows-The J man!! Seriously, I would rather wait and kick ass on J’s schedule than try to rush things and make myself soul-sick! We have come too far to take any of this back into our own hands! As J says in The Branch in the Road: No one who reaches this far can make the wrong decision. I love you. Peace and blessings, k

  7. Dear Kimberly, waking up and hearing my answer to yesterday’s query, asked in prayer, was beyond words. How can the road to Oneness be any gentler than this? Just as I ask for answers from Jesus, it is given me through your beautiful sharing of love. I also am a list maker for at least 40 years. They no longer work, in fact, they serve the ego as reminder of a limited human being I feel as a body which can no longer “do” what if did 5-10 years ago. You demonstrate by example, that in the kingdom of Christ, treasure comes by willingness and openness to the Guide of Truth, who is always present. The kingdom of God is within me always as I am willing to be still & listen to remember what I am. Not a body, but free as God created me. Your message today was so helpful by being clear & simple. Thank you dear one. Peace to you 🙏🏻

    • Thank you for this, Ruth: In the kingdom of Christ treasure comes by willingness and openness to the Guide of Truth who is always Present. I love it!! Peace, love and blessings, k

  8. Thanks Kimberly!! I too am a list maker, and I too feel it not working anymore. The ‘things’ take so much space, there seems to be no room for life, for people. You put it right into words I can hear and use. I feel a little less lonely today because of you. Bless you as you have blessed me, for we are one!

    • Beloved Darcy, the miracle, the shift in perception, has occurred!! You are no longer satisfied with the “shabby gifts of the ego”, as J describes them. The ego “gifts”- momentary bragging rights that we got all our stuff done-come at the cost of no more room for life or for people, as you say. We want only the best, and God’s plan is that we have only the best-perfect happiness! We have nailed the first step-we know for sure that we don’t like the ego’s way. By simply being willing to question the ego’s way of doing it, you are inviting Jesus, Holy Spirit and like minded mighty companions to join with you, my friend! Do not let ego tell you that you are alone. You are all light, Sister, and you belong to God! Welcome home. Let’s hold hands with Jesus and keep walking on the road together! Peace and blessings, k

  9. Dear Kimberly,
    I always love your videos! and the message STAYS with me as it is what I need to hear in that moment… I have just recently started doing this and it has kind of just morphed into being… No thought, just follow where I feel led or what I feel led to do in the moment… even if it is just in my home doing various things around the house, studying, etc…. and I am getting way more done!!!!! I do have a question though, in regard to the song of prayer.. I need a new car… and I get confused with not asking for what I think I need… So I am guessing I just offer it up.. but what exactly am I offering up? Let God decide what I need? do I decide what I would like and offer it up and say “I give it to you to decide how this all comes about?” Do I give specifics? I know it seems silly but I usually get tripped up on the little things.. the details of how it all looks I guess…

    Thank you for doing what you do! You are a beautiful soul and appreciate all you do for all of us:))))))

    • Beloved Paula, I love what you said about no thought, just follow where I feel led or what I feel led to do!! Right On! That is miraculous living-heart to heart with the Holy Spirit!! Now, as far as the car situation, I want you to think about how you feel when you think you “need” a car. What J is saying in the song of prayer is that in order to BE the beautiful magnificent song, like the way you are being the song of ease and joy doing various things around the house, you cannot feel needy and magnificent at the same time. Feeling the lack of a car is like having a bad wifi connection and you can’t download any of your love emails. All you get is error messages and screens that say that you are not connected. That is all-let go of what you think you need and invite Jesus to watch your favorite movie with you until you feel full of the feelings of joy and gratitude and love. When you feel the love of God in you, then you ARE the song of prayer and all things come to she who is the kingdom of Heaven. That is what J is saying. First BE the magnificent song, and then watch all the gifts come swimming in-they gotta come to you-you are the Love of God! Let me know how it happens-I can’t wait to know your miracle story! Peace and blessings, k

  10. Kimberley beloved soul sister, Yes, I believe you’ve been standing next to me at the branches for a while 🌺 And I believe we have chosen to follow the same path from here. My old ways of doing things, checking up on things and controlling things just don’t work for me anymore, and they don’t appeal to me either. I am talking to Jesus and the Holy Spirit every day and every day they gently give me opportunities to learn and choose again ❤️ I love your blogs and videos 😍

    • Beloved Sister Mona!! We are in good company standing together at the branch in the road! I am reaching out to hold your hand and tell you how grateful I feel to be here together with you making this choice to give all decisions to Jesus! I love just saying that!! We are so lucky!! Thank you, Beloved. See you on the “road”!

  11. I hadn’t even really noticed until this video, that my to-do lists had faded away. I used to come home at the end of the day (especially on Friday – to get ready for all that “free” weekend time) with a huge list. Soon, I realized that I wasn’t actually doing very much of what was on it – AND I didn’t feel bad about that! Now there are no lists. I will leave little visual cues if there is something that really needs to get done, but that’s about it. Holy Spirit directs my weekends and evenings now.

    • I have a teacher who says that when we are healed through Love, it happens when we aren’t noticing, just as you described. How wonderful that you are just growing in trust and knowing that you are free!! I love it!! Thank you for your share!! xoxoxox,k

  12. Thank you so very much, dear Kimberley! Yes- I am at the branching of the road right now- and it is VERY INTENSE! I made the decision to ONLY TRUSTin LOVE and GOD- and to BE who I truly am. A dear “friend of mine” turned away and quit the relationship with me- she said “A TRUE FRIEND HAS TO DO…. this and that…. HAS TO ACT in this and that way….- and you did not…..” and that she NEVER EVER WANTS TO SEE ME IN HER WHOLE LIFE AGAIN! We´ve been working together and teaching the COURSE for years…..!!! This was shocking to me and at first it felt VERY PAINFUL…. and then I stopped in all my thinking and knew: this is the branching of the road. LOVE is all there is. I love her- and she has been sent to me as MY SAVIOUR! I resist the temptation to judge back on her, to see any attack in this Situation, to argue and try to “win her back”….. there is ONLY LOVE and by this I recognice that I have already chosen the right track. LOVE is the only way- NO MATTER WHAT! She IS my friend and I will forever stay her friend- and nothing can ever change that. Even if she is “banning me” out of her life. Nobody can ban a son of god- and he never will do so with his brother. There is nothing I need to do…. it is all in gods loving hands and I continue my path in love, peace and surrender…. I AM AS GOD CREATED ME… and so is she- and we are only this love- together. This is the choice I have made on my path- and there is NO TURNING BACK…. no matter what. I thank you and I LOVE what you share! Namaste.

    • Wow, Mary!! Thank you for sharing your courage and strength with us!! It is a huge test to teach only love when a close friend and mighty companion has chosen another path that doesn’t seem to include us. I love your truth!! I love that you say she is your friend and will always be your friend. It is true. As you say, there is only love. I have a sibling that said something similar to me-that I did something unacceptable and she did not want me in her life anymore. It is the best training I have EVER had in returning consistently to Love, and noticing my thoughts and giving them to Jesus. It is the gift of a lifetime!! I have grown so very much!! Like you said- she is your savior-and my sister is my savior. You have chosen a road and there is no going back!!! Congratulations!! Thank you for sharing your journey with us! Peace, love and blesssing, k

  13. This post right here is just perfect for where I am at because I was just thinking about how I am always doing the stuff on my to do list and not sometimes doing stuff I enjoy! I think doing stuff on the list is easy and keeps me somehow safe and kind of numb. I’m scared to do stuff want to do. Like make some paintings…. The things to do list never ends. Thanks again. You look so pretty on your video!

    • Beloved Marlaya: I am so grateful that you shared your expereience becasue we have all had this feeling-as you said-doing the stuff on the list is easy and keeps me somehow safe and kind of numb. That is some really good awareness right there! And once we are aware like you are, then we can choose how long we want that bargain to continue. I am so excited about your creativity-which is God- having a chance to express itslef.
      I want to make sure you heard what I just said-YOUR CREATVITY IS GOD HAVING A CHANCE TO EXPRESS ITSELF!! Thank you for sharing your experience and looking clearly at your relationship with your to do list.
      And-thank you for saying I look pretty on my video-I know we aren’t bodies, but it feels great to have you say that!! xoxoxoxo, k

  14. Hi Kimberly, thank you so much for sharing! I don’t know where I stand… at the corner or already made a choice between left and right? Maybe want my ego-mind know that ; ) I also have ‘to-do lists’ but most of the time I do not care so much anymore when it is done or not… I try to feel in the moment what is the best I do and sometimes I remember to ask to God… Maybe can I learn to ask much more to God but like it is now it feels quite good actually ; ) Are my intuition and God the same? I think so bcs each moment I follow my intuition I receive miracles in my life and most big miracles! -God bless you- Virginie

    • Beloved Virginie!! You answered your own question beautifully-Are my God and intuition the same? …each moment I follow my intuition I receive miracles in my life and most big miracles-Right On, Virginie-you are the One Who Knows!! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us! I love you! xoxoxo, k

  15. Beautiful Kimberly, You are such a bright shining Light. Thank you for sharing such a thought provoking message. I’m at a crossroads right now with my health and life and just standing there wondering what is going to happen. I feel like the death star is trying to suck me in. It reminds me that I need to stop and listen for the stillness and let go of all those “things” as well as ideas about the way life is and will be. Love you so much!

    • I love you, Arthur!! You are da bomb, Man!! I love what you said about being continually connected while the body does whatever it does!! I can totally feel that from you! Thank you for the transmission of that experience from your mind to mine! I dont get the Charlie Brown thing, though-what do you mean? I love you, Brother, xoxoxoxox, k

    • Beloved and Divine Ms. A!! You are at the branch in the road, baby!!! It feels like pressure here because on some level we know that if we just picked a direction the stress we are feeling would dissipate. I am with you, Jesus is holding our hand. We are not our kookoo ego thoughts, and that is where all of the pressure is coming from. I love what you said-listen for the stillness and let go of all those things and ideas about the way life is and will be. YUP! Let’s keep doing that! Thank you for your wisdom and courage, xoxoxox, k

  16. hi Kimberly, my only purpose here is a relationship with God. my job here is to be in love and extend love . so my to-do list , 1) God time 2) be available when Jesus sends someone to me who is ready to receive love. 3) see number 1. I love how you said be in prayer always while going thru this experience. that’s what I have been practicing being continually connected while the body does whatever it does. I truly need do nothing. we have been given Gods perfect gift (Jesus, Holy Spirit). LOVE IS. You are the bomb Kimberly , I love you. p.s. Charlie brown is a dude.

    • I love you, Arthur!! You are da bomb, Man!! I love what you said about being continually connected while the body does whatever it does!! I can totally feel that from you! Thank you for the transmission of that experience from your mind to mine! I dont get the Charlie Brown thing, though-what do you mean? I love you, Brother, xoxoxoxox, k

  17. OMG! From Death Star to Rock Star! As a Star Wars geek myself for, like, 40 years (yes that anniversary was this month) , I luuuved this metaphor! (plus, I hate to-do lists.) Thank you, Kimberly, for giving us all permission to blow up the Death Star of the ego and choose The Force of Love instead! ❤️

    • I love you, Kelly Sister!! I love the picture of you with your Star Wars memorabilia!! Star Wars is so A Course In Miracles, right?
      Let’s Blow that shit up!!
      Love you so much!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, k

  18. Thank you Kimberly,

    I have recently recognized that I am most content when I let go and give my troubles to God.
    I like your presentation and reminder. It will help keep me on track.
    Love, Ann

    • Thank you, Ann! I love that you are giving troubles to God! It is healing the world! Peace and blessings, k

  19. Hi Kimberly, whew! me and my list, and guilt and not completing it are not loving and I feel encouraged by the freedom you’ve reached to let the list go. W
    hat’s been going on for me is I’ll start the day asking Holy Spirit to decide for me, and I’m guided to make “the list”. Duh, each time I don’t get to the things I consider are VIP, guilt! and, especially as the guidance came from the Holy Spirit. Yet, I think it was only meant as a guideline, and so if “re-routing” is required during the day, then that’s that.
    A list will not eliminate procrastination/avoidance which is why the list seems of value. Yet until there is readiness, and the real reason for the avoidance is not addressed, it just needs to be prayed, blessed and loved instead of “guilted” and “listed”. Thank you so much for sharing the big picture.

    • My favorite thing you say is “it only needs to be prayed, blessed and loved”. End. Of. Story.
      Love you!!!

  20. I was going online because I wanted to make a ‘to do list’ to help me with my chronical depression.
    But then I heared a song on the radio and the women was explaining about how she learned making ‘miracles lists’ instead of ‘to do lists’.
    So i googled that instead.. Then i stumbled on your blog…

    I can only say thank you.
    This is really what I needed. It all felled so hopeless. Even the littlest things on my ‘to do list’ I couldnt accomplise. But because of you I got reminded that it isnt about ‘to do lists’ but about living with Jesus. Just being with Him.

    These words are life:

    Burn the to do list! Forget about what you think you are supposed to accomplish! Put all of that stuff in God’s hands.

    All of the tyranny and the death become our gifts to God because we are saying that we would rather have God’s Love than the momentary satisfaction of checking some bullshit off of a list!! And guess what? Not only do we receive the only real gift, which is the peace, the ease, and the joy of God’s Love, but Jesus says all of the little stuff, everything on the list, gets done by God, first class, and in style!

    Thank you!

    (i’m sorry if there are any mistakes in my spelling, i’m from the Netherlands