How to Have a Miracle Body

By Kelly Russell

I know, it can seem like a pretty freaky thought, that this reflection looking back at us from the mirror; this entity that we spend so much time and energy thinking, worrying, and obsessing about the state of, isn’t even us.

how to have a miracle body

Not to mention the effort we put into working so we can have money to spend on feeding, clothing, sheltering, exercising, beautifying, defending, adorning, strengthening, protecting, repairing, enhancing, and trying to perfect it. Or feeling bad about not doing so.

Yet A Course in Miracles tells us, in about a bazillion places, that we are not bodies – and not only that – that the world is not real. That the world, meaning our whole concept of reality – including the body – is a dream in our ego minds; and that it is our belief that we are a body – and thus separate from our Creator – that is the real cause of our suffering.

There is a lesson in the Workbook of A Course in Miracles that is repeated multiple times that says,

“I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me.”

This idea meets with a great deal of resistance because we identify ourselves AS our bodies in the world. Our ego mind – that part of our mind that believes it is separate from God – in fact depends on us identifying ourselves as our bodies for its very survival.

As the Course illustrates,

“The ego separates through the body. The Holy Spirit reaches through it to others.”

But what the words “I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me” actually mean is that God created us as pure spirit, like Himself. Perfect, eternal, changeless, timeless, radiant light, endless love. That is who we really are.

Bodies in the dream world are temporal, corporeal, imperfect, changeable, not eternal; they are capable of aging, becoming diseased, breaking down, wearing out, and dying.

So, I know that I am dreaming this dream of what the Course calls the body’s ‘serial adventures’, where I appear to have relationships, and work, and have different experiences. However, I can learn to do so with a certain level of detachment.

Not disengagement or lack of being present, but not being identified with them AS ME.

If you have not explored the teaching programs offered by the Teachers of God Foundation, I encourage you to check them out here.

One idea that has helped me to gain some space from identifying as my body is to think of it like I do my house and my car. We use our homes to shelter us and provide us with creature comforts while we believe we are here living in this dream. The rest, as George Carlin so awesomely put it, is basically a place to keep our stuff. That’s all it is.

I might really like and appreciate my house, and enjoy inhabiting it, and spending time there, but do I identify AS my home? As in,

“My home is WHO I am”?


“I AM my house”?


No matter how much we might enhance, decorate, and adore our homes, they are a possession that provides a function for us while we believe we are in a world where we have need of them. When we no longer inhabit the dream of the physical world, we will no longer perceive the need for a house.

Let us consider our cars – a car is literally a vehicle to transport us from place to place in our dream world. Our cars may have a lot of fun, cool features, or they may have nothing but a questionable heater and an AM radio like my first VW Beetle.

Do I like my car? I adore it – I still drive a VW but now it’s a Passat and I feel like I’m in a Mercedes on the Autobahn every day experiencing fahrvergnugen. But do I identify AS it? Is the car me and I am the car? No. The car is part of my dream. When I make my transition from this dream world, will I take my car with me? No.

Similarly, A Course in Miracles tells us that the only purpose for the body is to be used as a communication device, while we believe we are in the world – because,

“In the service of uniting, it becomes a beautiful lesson in communion, which has value until communion is.”

Like a house, or a car, we may adorn our body, decorate it, or do things to enhance it so that we think it is more attractive. We may give it certain kinds of fuel, have parts of it repaired, or sometimes replaced – so it may operate more efficiently or last longer. It might break down, deteriorate, and it will eventually die.

It’s still not us, not who we are.

The body does not define us any more than a house or a car does.

Many of us get very attached to what our bodies seem to convey about us. Needing to look a certain way, or be at a particular weight or have a certain shape or silhouette in order to feel good or lovable or attractive or worthy. Comparing it favorably or unfavorably with that of others – just as we might with our houses or cars.

We give our power away when we do this, by allowing ourselves to be defined by the tools we are making use of in a dream. As if the kind of house, or car, or body we have, what it looks like, the size of it, what features it has, the condition it is in – could actually ever mean anything in comparison to the complete magnificent brilliant perfection of who we really are as the Son of God.

We do the same with other bodies. We think they define who our brothers are – our partners, our children, our parents, loved ones, friends. We often judge the way another body looks or behaves – yet the Course states that,

“When you look upon a brother as a physical entity, his power and glory are ‘lost’ to you and so are yours.”

Identifying ourselves or another as the body causes us to waste so much of our focus – instead of spending our time and energy using this communication device for its only purpose – to express love toward our brothers, which is also expressing love toward ourselves.

A Course in Miracles says,

“You do not perceive your brothers as the Holy Spirit does, because you do not regard bodies solely as a means of joining minds and uniting them with yours and mine. This interpretation of the body will change your mind entirely about its value. Of itself it has none.”



So in returning to how to have a miracle body, A Course in Miracles defines a miracle as,

“a shift in perception, from fear to love.”

When we are coming from a place of fear, we see our bodies as a reflection of who we think we are. The truth is, our bodies and the state we believe they are in is just a reflection of WHAT we THINK.

So if we are holding negative thoughts toward other bodies or our own, that is just another idea echoing our belief that we separated from God. We experience guilt about that and project that onto our bodies and those of others in the form of belief in disease, disorder, pain, narcissism, fault-finding, arrogance, blame, competition, comparison, self-hatred, shame, addiction,  abuse.

The only tool we need to perform the shift from fear to love is forgiveness.

Whenever we find ourselves experiencing thoughts about our own body or that of another, or comparing our bodies to someone else’s, or to an ideal – it means that we have located ourselves in the world as bodies and we are in fear. We can forgive ourselves for this misperception, by saying in our minds,

“You are spirit, pure, whole, and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

And then acknowledging the truth,

“I am not a body, I am free. For I am still as God created me.”

Now we have relocated our being to a place of love, which is who and what we truly are, and where we have never left. We remember we are infinite beings of light, and thus can regard our bodies with joy, gratitude and appreciation, as useful instruments to temporarily help us communicate – the root word of which is commune – with ourselves.

That’s what it means to have a miracle body.

god created us

Oh, and sidebar – in case you’re wondering what I do for exercise these days in place of all that crazy? Now, I mostly just DANCE.

Thank you so much for being with me today – I hope that something in this teaching was helpful to you. If so, I encourage you to share it with a friend, or post it.

If you have not explored the teaching programs offered by the Teachers of God Foundation, I encourage you to check them out here.

Question: Did this post help you to shift your perception regarding you body? Was there something in particular that resonated with you? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I love hearing from you and I promise to read every one.

I love you like crazy – and not just for your body. ; )

Rev Kelly Russell

kelly russell

If you have not explored the teaching programs offered by the Teachers of God Foundation, I encourage you to check them out here.

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39 thoughts on “How to Have a Miracle Body

  1. Kelly-
    All I can say is “WOW.” This was so helpful to me- thank you! Your way of comparing our bodies to our house, and our car, was great. You managed to put hard to “wrap your head around” concepts in a way that is easy to understand. I love you and your teachings. xoJill

    • I am a personal trainer, who loves to try and help people get in better shape. I also am trying to build more muscle and going to college to become a physical education teacher. Does this mean that this doesn’t serve much of a purpose to other people? Should I look into another profession?

      • Hi James! Thank you for writing. No, I do not think you should do anything different with regard to your work in the world, or how you care for your physical form. A Course in Miracles is a mind/training endeavor, and it teaches us not to identify as a body because we are so much more than that as eternal spirits. But it is also understood by Jesus as the author that we believe we are living here in the world of form, and so we work, care for our bodies, pay bills, drive cars, go to doctors, take vacations, etc because that is part of our dream. You can and should do work that you love if possible, and it can certainly have to do with maintaining the body, but you can do so and still not identify AS a body – treating it rather like a house or car as I described in the blog. It is knowing the truth but honoring our however temporary experience of the illusion.

  2. I found the analogy of the house & car with the body really illuminating. It’s nudged me forward in my understanding. Thank you so much. I love you.

  3. Yeah liked your blog. I’m starting to stop worrying so much about how I look in the mirror, I am still a little concerned about health issues ( I’m on day 25) but feel I’m getting guidance. So thanks for your blog. Love and Blessings

  4. Thank you, Kelly. I just lived through being in the direct path of hurricane Irma. It felt like it was my final exam in ACIM. I aced it! No fear, no attachment to “this world.” Just a calm and peaceful affirmation that I am spirit. Here only to be truly helpful. I am never alone. I was guided through the event and have had no ill effects from this illusion. Irma has only the meaning I give her. Amen. You are a magnificent teacher. Thank you.

  5. Dear Kelly,

    once again,you have done a great job!
    I try to ‘feel’ the statement “I am not a bodys, I am free. For I am still as God created me.” But so far it was not much of a success.
    Now I can begin to feel it a little more. Now I ‘understand’, what
    the near death experiencers feel, when they see their own bodies
    with complete detachment.

    Thank you , Joachim

  6. Kelly-Thanks for your post today, “How to have a miracle body”. I actually took notes-I found several of your points very helpful!
    As a student of ACIM for the last 10 plus years, I’ve really struggled with this concept, “we’re not our bodies” (particularly since I’ve been diagnosed with cancer a year ago)! I keep trying to find the place of peace and groundedness regarding ACIM teachings on this…and mostly continue to be confused…
    But your post gave me some good and new possibilities-The ACIM texts you quoted brought a increased awareness to the meaning. Your house/car metaphor helped too and the words you used to try and define that “tricky place”, I.e. “Disengaging from our bodies (we’ll sort of), how we not only are identifying with our bodies, but AS a body, and try to create a distance between our bodies and minds, which is where it’s all happening anyway… Also, remembering, the priority of our bodies from an ACIM perspective- they’re a communication device and a way to commune with our brothers while we believe we’re here. The body is just a suit, our true essence is within the mind where it’s all playing out…
    I also loved your daily morning prayer and the ACIM definition, a la Kelly, of the purpose of our bodies! Some previous places of confusion kind of “clicked” into awareness or shifted my perception…
    Thank you Kelly…this really helped me get “unstuck” and I hope be able to come back to and stay more in this place of truth about the body….
    And, by the way, what do you do at Teacher’s of God”…do you ever teach or lead a group?
    May the blessings you give come back to you. Thank you!
    Kerry Lee
    Lunenburg, MA.

    • Hi Kerry Lee! Thank you so much for writing! I am so glad you found this way of regarding bodies helpful. To answer your question, I am a board member of the Teachers of God Foundation, and I do sometimes teach at their Friday morning A Course in Miracles study group at Unity on the River in Amesbury MA, which are also live-streamed. If you are not already receiving weekly emails regarding who is teaching and the topic, please visit and ask to be added to that mailing list. The recordings are all available on YouTube as well. Below is a link to the most recent one I did there on “A New Way to Look at Labor Day.”
      Peace. Love.Joy.


  7. Kelly,
    I absolutely loved this lesson about the body! This teaching has tripped me up for so long, and it was just yesterday that I asked Jesus for some help on this – “It’s driving me crazy!” I told him.
    When I first started with ACIM, I was almost totally in a fear based thought system. So, I took the lessons about “if you see your brother as a body, you are condemning him —-” (don’t remember the rest). My frightened ego took that and flew with it. I won’t go on, but journaling and, now, listening to your talk, I truly feel some clarity around this difficult “change of mind”.

  8. Kelly, this was such an awesome talk, and much needed. I really love the way you share the Course concepts in everyday language! xo

  9. Thank you so much for this! I love it. I love the saying, “I am spirit, pure, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” So much joy! One thing I especially loved realizing was that I dont have to try to rush out of the happy dream of being in a body–that the script is written so there is nothing I am required to do to somehow ‘accelerate’ the process of releasing identification as a body, simply a remembrance of what I really am. Not a process, but an instant. Blessed relief! Thank you for teaching and learning 🙂

  10. I used to hold a lot of judgments about my body, my husband’s body and the symptoms we experienced which I blamed on eating habits, his smoking etc….I started forgiving myself and working on letting go of judgments over the past year with good results especially in my being. My husband verbally, loudly expresses himself when he experiences pain in body. It used to bother me a lot, I wanted to help him by offering my ideas of “fixes” which I came to see, with time,was not useful. I did use the meditation given before ” You are Spirit, whole and innocent….all is forgiven and released” which also helped a lot! He is not interested in any of these teachings so we cannot do this work together! Your talk today is helping me to detach from seeing him as a body that “needs” healing. It is still hard to see and hear him expressing pain and limitations and sometimes I still think coffee and cigarettes are not helping his symptoms BUT….I am so Willing to surrender all these thoughts to Holy Spirit and see us both as God created Us. I am Willing to shift from fear to Love; to practice Forgiveness Every Day! Thank you so much! Namaste!!!

    • Carine,

      I empathize with your situation as I have a similar one. I also am just trying to bless my husband and see him as spirit, pure, whole. I am a “closet believer” as he is atheist and also most of my family. But, I am not going to let that dissuade me. I know the truth- and the truth is setting me free! Love and light. xo

  11. Hello Kelly, Thank you for your post. For many years I’ve been looking at the body as a vehicle too. It came about from an outer body experience I had 20 years ago (before ACIM). I’ve always been puzzled about what that experience was for. I was wondering whether you would be able to clarify or clear up for me what the purpose of an outer body experience would mean? Thank you.

    • Hi Paula! A Course in Miracles tells us that “What is it for?” is always the appropriate question to be asked with regard to anything that appears to happen to us. It also says that the answer is always the same – it is for forgiveness. So the forgiveness practice will shift your perception of the experience – if it needs to be shifted – from fear to love. I always recommend putting our questions on the altar to Spirit and releasing them, trusting we will receive an answer. Finally, I can’t think of a better demonstration of you NOT being a body than having an out-of-body experience! Than you for writing.
      : )

  12. I found your story gave me a different way of seeing my body as I have been struggling with this. Thank you love the teachings of ACIM many blessings to all.

  13. Hi Kelly,
    I was experiencing some weird anxiety-provoking back and chest pains at work today…then on my way home, I checked my inbox and saw your post. I listened to your video, and it was so comforting. It was the exact message that I needed to hear today. What a blessing to remember that I am not a body, I am free, I am still as God created me. Thank you for all of your beautiful teachings.

  14. Thx Kelly, for your insight. If I feel like a spirit and that’s where my true power is, then, I’ll choose food that enables me to feel lighter and that promotes flowing movement to match my spirit. Overdoing exercise or underdoing it can create too much maintenance of the body and the spirit will experience difficulty in expressing itself. We can easily get rid of our car and our house but our body is our permanent self on earth and it’s our only way of expression. Even as I type, it’s my fingers sharing my thoughts. When I experience being outside of my body and in the world, I’m huge and
    Purposeful but I can see that my body is from where I function. I can see myself spiritually outside of my body but vitally attached. My car and my house have no effect on me if I abandon them, however, if I abandon my body, I will physically die. It always needs proper nutrition and sufficient movement. So in order to carry out my purpose here on earth, I must be the body of Christ incarnate. God the father sent down his son and we are the body and blood of Christ, he catered to the lepers, he allowed mary magdalen to soothe his feet with expensive oils, he multiplied the loaves and the fishes to feed the people in the desert. There’s a book called walk like Jesus and it shows how being down to earth with every day healing of ourselves and others, keeps us in touch with our powerful spirit. The ability to rise above physical suffering and to rise above others’ suffering enables us to have the strength, the spirit to face it and somehow apply healing through god’s direction of indirection, e.g. Taking someone to a dr. Thx again for addressing this ,Ann

  15. Thank you so much Rev. Kelly. Seems like I used to know – really know – this, but then I forgot, again. This came at the perfect time. I’m so grateful!

    • Hello Catherine Smith-Gaines, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

      I completely agree, the metaphors are very helpful. Indeed, without the use of these illusory symbols we have labeled as metaphors, similes, allegories and mock-ups, being able to bridge from a conceptual world to an abstract world beyond symbols, would be most difficult. But, we do have these symbols and I am incredibly grateful when teachers, of any subject, know how to use them for they speed up the learning process tremendously. That being noted, I’ll share a story with you.

      One Friday night In the late seventies, while residing in Portland, Or., myself and as many as 30 – 40 other people attended a talk given by Charlie Vollum. The subject of the talk was: You are Not You’re Body. The attendees of this talk had varying degrees of familiarity with the subject. Certainly, at least on an intellectual level, all present knew they weren’t their body. But knowing intellectually requires affirmation. And at this particular talk, affirmation was delivered beyond expectation.

      Here is what impacted me that evening:

      Charlie, with a level of intention that was more than a bit atypical, says, “You are not your body.” That message impinged the group consciousness with such intensity and certainty that there was absolutely no doubt or reservation that what had been stated was pure truth. After allowing his verbal projectile to dissolve and integrate into the group’s mind, the next message he had for us was this: “Your body is a doll body that you operate from the outside.”

      Well, he definitely had everyone’s attention. We were all present and tightly focused on this man standing in front of us. Charlie was not serious, he was playful, animated and funny. So when he stuck out his hand as if it were holding a doll, it was received with great anticipation for what would be next. What happened next was Charlie showing us a day in the life of a mocked-up doll body he was pretending to hold in his hand; the doll body he was identifying as being himself.

      He began began his depiction with waking the doll up and making it get out of bed. The doll was making loud noises of protest in being forced to come out of its deep sleep. Once the doll was out of bed he had to sort of drag it into the bathroom where he proceeded to empty gross fluids out of the doll. Next, he felt the doll needed to be washed off so he put it in the shower and and gave it a good cleaning. From bathroom he returns the doll to the bedroom where he picks out clothes for it and gets it dressed. Charlie continues taking the doll through its typical day of going to work and interacting will all types of other doll bodies and their peculiarities. His animations and commentary while taking his pretend doll body through its day were downright hilarious. Along the way he was pushing a ton of buttons we all have on bodies as well as buttons in quite a few other areas but doing so in a George Carlin sort of way. Of course, the doll body had to have sex and that particular depiction had us all rolling in the floor with tears streaming down our faces. By the time the doll body came to the end of its day, I think everyone in that room was out of their own body and recognized that yes, their body, was indeed a doll body that they did operate from the outside. I know that was the case for me.

      Much later I came to realize that Charlies’s doll body shtick was actually a process whereby he was exteriorizing the attention of each person in that room from a location seeming to be inside their body.

      At the end of his doll body mock-up when he obviously knew we were all outside our bodies, he had us go to places all over the world as well as out in space. In the frame of mind we were in at the time we could easily shift our point of view to be anywhere he directed us to go. And, from that point of view, perceive and interpret what was there. He would direct us to go to some specific location, have a look around and then have us return to the room and share what we saw, heard, touched and experienced. It was a blast! Also, the whole experience we shared that night felt surprisingly normal.

      Catherine, I dare say that when Charlie had finished with us that evening, everyone in the audience had transcended the intellectual knowing of “I’m not my body” concepts to knowing I’m not my body in the abstract that is Reality.

      Thank you Catherine for your prompt. I really appreciate reviewing this experience.

      In Love As Love,
      Monte, Teacher of God, Light of the world

      • I just watched a video of David Hoffmiester’s, What You Extend You Are, and in his talk he quoted a line from Jesus in the course. It was from Chapter 18. The quote:

        “The body is outside you, but seems to surround you, shutting you off from others and keeping you apart from them.”

        This quote from the course brought to mind what Charlie Vollum said in the story I related above; i.e., “Your body is a doll body that you operate from the outside.” Charlie’s depiction of that concept through his animation and commentary, gave everyone in attendance that night an experience that made the concept of not being your body and operating it from the outside very real. However, there was something very important to be stated about the ‘doll body’ that Charlie didn’t mention in his talk that night. Jesus, though, does not neglect to state what Charlie didn’t.

        The next statement Jesus made after what he said in the quote cited above was this: “It is not there.” Meaning, of course, that there is no body there. I like to speculate that Charlie knew this was the case but perhaps believed or perceived that stating that the doll body, even the concept of a doll body, is not there…might be too much truth for the group as a whole at that point.

        I have known for most of this illusory body’s seeming existence that I was not it. Having this awareness that I am not my body has afforded me perspectives and interpretations of so called ‘Life’ that, for the most part, I have had to keep to myself. As it has been my consideration that sharing such perspectives and interpretations would just be too much. And there have been many occasions when, after my misreading where a person was with regard to their level of awareness and openness, it was overtly demonstrated to me that, indeed, sharing what I had to share was most definitely too much.

        In the above paragraph I digressed from where I thought I was going, which is…I want to say that with the degree of awareness that I had regarding that I was not my body, that I couldn’t die, that life could not die, that the world was an illusion, I really didn’t get it until I began studying ACIM. When I started taking in what the course was stating, there was no resistance to the message, but the message, for those first few months, was a real mind f***! In an explosion of recognition, my awareness was rearranged and realigned. It was wonderful!

        There is a statement I frequently make to my body identity aka myself – There is always an earlier beginning, therefore, there is always more to the story. ACIM, points to the earliest beginning (the beginning that never was) and tells the rest of the story. I am so grateful that I am where I am and have what I have.

        In Love As Love
        I AM

  16. Hi Kelly! This was awesome! Such a magnificent job of presenting the lie of what one believes to be true, to the truth of who we really are. As the words were being spoken, they danced before me like a beautiful flower, opening & joining wholeheartedly to the love that is all. I could feel my heart beating with such elation and excitement. Inside I was smiling and saying, “Yes, Yes, Yes!” Thank you so much, Kelly! Love & BIG Hug! Jane xoxo

  17. Hi Kelly, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    I really like the title you gave to your blog. As I read the words, “How to Have a Miracle Body” it was interesting to notice the various images, meanings and evaluations that the ego thought system instantly generated for me to accept as the obvious interpretation for the perception. However, I chose to decline the ego’s interpretation by way of rejecting its absurdity with a bit of laughter. I remembered to laugh. 🙂

    This dream character, Monte, that in the dream world I commonly refer to as being who I am, is recognized by both name and body. In the time I have been associated with this illusory identity as it seems to journey through time and space, it has served as a repetitive prompt for me to wonder and question who I really am, what I really am and where I really am (not necessarily in that order).

    Within the projection that, as ACIM students, we refer to as the dream of the ego world, I view bodies (all bodies) as being organic robots that are manufactured and programmed by other organic robots. While the thought system that is the basis for the programming is enormously varied, there are a few fundamental programs that all bodies have in common.

    When a body is manufactured, it is given a single command, that is; Survive! All subsequent programming (thinking) and resultant behavior that occurs in the bodies seeming existence, is an attempt to serve this command. And how this plays out within the duration of a body identity, is dependent on the programming it receives and accepts along the way that make up the body’s belief systems, which dictate the choices it makes that result in any number of probabilities being activated in the form of experiences. It’s an interesting paradox that a body that will inevitably die, is given the command, by the ego thought system, to survive.

    If a tiny aspect of Awareness believes it is a body, the experience of being a body will be incredibly horrifying and brutal beyond what can be described with words. Bodies, in their attempt to comply with their prime directive; i.e., survive, will commit all manner of atrocities on other bodies.

    While a tiny aspect of Awareness is believing its a body and is devoted to the ego system of thought, the life experience of the body identity that Awareness is identifying with, is pure hell. However, when Awareness begins to wonder about and question its origin, that is an invitation for more Awareness to be present in the experience. Of course, the more Awareness that is present, the less complicated and hellish the dream becomes. And when enough Awareness is present that it recognizes that it is not the body…well, that’s when the body can become an incredible classroom within the dream.

    For whatever reason, when my body identity became four years old, a considerable amount of Awareness was present that prompted the “Observer,” the illusory deciding mind that is choosing between ego and Spirit, to start asking questions. One of the ways this showed up in the life experience was through a little bedtime prayer that my mother taught me to say every night before I went to sleep. I’m sure you will recognize it: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the lord my soul to keep. If I should die before I wake, I pray the lord my soul to take.”

    Well, let me tell you Kelly, this little prayer confused the dickens out of the Observer. As a child, many, many hours were spent lying in bed trying to figure our what “I” was, what the “soul” was and how they were related. It seemed like the “I” was the body, but was the “I” me or the “soul” me? Through this bizarre little prayer, Awareness woke up the Observer and in so doing revealed a path that was not dictated by ego programming.

    It’s only recently that I recognized that this body named Monte that I have identified with now for 66 years of dream time, has been serving as my classroom. And through this classroom myriad lessons have been taught and although many were not learned at the time they were taught, they are being learned now. As I review my time with this illusory body identity, and zoom in to examine various experiences that occurred in its seeming progress through time and space, the lessons pour over me.

    I am grateful to you Kelly for writing this blog and I am grateful I was guided to read it. What you said prompted me to once again review that period of time when the Observer was awakened and the body ceased to be a prison. It’s such a joy to examine this!

    In Love, As Love
    Monte, Teacher of God, Light of the world

    p.s. the ego really does protest my identifying Monte as a teacher of God and Light of the world; gives me an intense upbraiding for doing it, calls me lots of derogatory names. All I can do in response is smile. 🙂

  18. Thank you sooooooooooooo much !
    What helped me was the way you did the comparaison the body with a car and a house …I heard this before , but now ,
    I realy understand it !
    So , now I can dance again , whithout sorrow about the idea that
    my body dont excist ,
    it is there in my dream , and I can use it ,
    as an instrument for yhe Holy Spirit ,
    it IS NOT me , I use it , like I use the house where-in I live and my bicycle …and the cars and trains I use to move on …
    Thank you ,
    and when I dance again I connect with you ,
    what we already are …in the ghost …
    You are pure , whole , love .

  19. Hi Kelly,
    Thank you for your message about the body.
    I will continue my post in my leanguage spamish and I hope you could translate or understand. Sorry, but I want to well say my opinión.
    Estoy muy de acuerdo con el punto de vista de Un Curso De Milagros en considerar nuestro cuerpo como un vehículo o casa en el que nuestro espíritu habita en esta vida. En mi camino de aprendizaje de Quien Soy Yo, he ido tomando poco a poco más conciencia del valor que tiene considerar nuestro cuerpo en su real dimensión. Si bien, puedo aceptar que yo no soy mi cuerpo, este sin embargo cumple un papel bastante importante en cómo proyectamos nuestro ser a través de él. El cuerpo es el vehículo a través del cual nos comunicamos en este plano o existencia, por tanto, «habla o dice o refleja» lo que vivimos interiormente. Importante es hacerse varias preguntas respecto a mi relación con mi cuerpo. ¿Me gusta, lo acepto con sus límites y potencialidades? ¿Lo cuido o pongo la necesaria atención? ¿ Lo respeto en la salud, el aseo, en mi sexualidad?, etc. El cuerpo puede ser un buen reflejo de mi alma o puede ser una máscara detrás de la cual me protejo o me defiendo de los demás. Como artista pintor que me gusta hacer retratos, he podido descubrir buena parte de la belleza exterior e interior que tenemos y somos. Disfruto y gozo de esta capacidad que he ido desarrollando y para mi consiste en percibir la belleza que cada uno o una es como criatura de Dios.
    Gracias Kelly y debo decir que eres y tienes un bello rostro.
    Con cariño,

  20. My Beautiful Friend and Teacher, Thank you for this relatable, powerful and loving message. I love the analogy of the house and the car. This meat covered wagon is not me!! It’s a communication device. And a damn fine one at that. LOL. I love you and every single teaching gets better and better and I don’t even know how that’s even possible because they’re all so good!!!! Your SFAMATSFahhja, Linda

  21. Hi Carline! Thank you for writing. You are correct in that the Course teaches that all healing – as with all sickness – happens in the mind. Therefore it is with the mind that we must work.
    First, practicing the Course’s version of forgiveness toward any and all aspects of your body that appear to need healing, and toward yourself for dreaming them. is the most powerful and effective thing you can do. Replacing every thought of illness or disorder, or judgment of your bodily condition, with the forgiveness prayer changes your projection, which shifts your perception.
    Next, ask your Inner Teacher to guide you in what would be most helpful to you. One way of doing this is through the Course’s version of true prayer – by placing the concerns and questions on the altar in your mind and releasing to Spirit to be transformed.
    Finally, as with our homes and cars, we sometimes need to have repairs done (sometimes complete overhauls or renovation!) in the dream.
    It is our BELIEF in medical practioners, medicines, treatments, exercise, etc. that actually make them appear to have healing effects – so if you are experiencing benefits from doing these things you should certainly continue to do them.

    • Hi Caroline,
      You can use whatever forgiveness prayer or process that works for you. The important concept is that we are essentially forgiving the person or situation for what never happened because we are dreaming it, and ourselves for believing it, thus remembering our brother’s innocence and our own, and releasing it all to Spirit. I often use the prayer I referred to in the blog post, which was taught to me by Gary Renard, a wonderful teacher of A Course in Miracles: “You are Spirit. Whole, and innocent. All is forgiven and released.” The benefit of this prayer is that it is short, and therefore easily memorized, so it can be applied both quickly and frequently to everything that seems to disturb your peace (in case you’re like me and sometimes find yourself creating a lot of forgiveness opportunities!)😊
      It covers all the bases – seeing everyone and everything as spirit, and thus eternal and not part of the dream. It is a way of letting go of making anyone or anything wrong or holding people responsible for what we judge them for.

  22. Hi Kelly, this is my second comment. I have since read montes 2 comments and was intrigued as I followed the exercises. I really am blown away by your comment, Kelly, that when something happens (untoward) we need to ask the question “what is it for” and the answer is always ‘forgiveness’. Wow! This certainly can put the ego immediately to sleep. I wrote it down on my very highly valued kayak hrs. Schedule and put it on the fridge to constantly remind me of this most precious life lesson. Also, an image of forgiveness popped up in my mind when i read your comment, Jesus on a white horse and this will be my go to in difficult situations, an instant image of purity and empowerment, thank you, ann

  23. I love to watch your video’s. It’s full of light and peace. The teachings transcending immediatly to the true self where there is no ego. Good work. Big hug

  24. Hi Kelly, this is my third comment as I’ve just read your post again. It pushed me to ask what is forgiveness since you said it is the reason why we have conflicts, in order for us to use it. I always thought it’s about blessing a person in spite of what they did. Of course, this always let the person immediately or over a certain time back into my life, my thoughts, my sharing, my enjoying. However, I’ve just gotten a finer thread of inspiration on this sacred topic. Now, as of a few minutes ago, I clearly see that forgiveness is: Accepting that person whom I felt offended me back into my life but without that item of offence. “Forgive them for they know not what they do”. If they are not aware of what they do, it’s nothing so it should not alter my perception of them whatsoever. If it is nothing, it should have no effect on me either. I really struggled with this because I had been, so thought, actively forgiving, however, I was embracing that person back into my life with their blemish of offence/sin which really is not forgiving. Now I’ve corrected this for my most difficult moment of forgiveness and it feels great as I’ve taken away the blemish and let only her Christ in which is our connection. We connect with the Christ in others as that is our power and we connect with god in the universe. So I’m not taking in the the thing that hurt me, I am truly letting it go and stay in the darkness and give it no reality. As I connect with the divine in you, I thank you for making that effort with your fingers in typing and your voice in speaking. You have provoked my further understanding of forgiveness and the need to give credence to one’s self and ignore the dark ego, why pull its blackness out of the black hole when we are gifted unlimited light. Thx again, ann

    • Hi Ann, thank you for writing back about your elevated insight. You nailed it when you said you always thought forgiveness was “blessing a person in spite of what they did.” That is actually the opposite of true forgiveness – making the person guilty by making the situation real. You came to a new understanding with your statement about not taking in the thing that hurt you – letting it go and giving it no reality. Lesson 221 in A Course in Miracles has a part in the Introduction called “What is Forgiveness?” Which explains this concept really clearly. It begins with, “Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and make them real. It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven.”
      I recommend reading the whole section to see the explanation in it’s entirety and gain the most clarity from it. ❤️