If I Am Not a Body, Do I Need to Take Care of My Body?

By Kimberly Cartwright

Today I’m answering a question from one of the members of our Teachers of God community named Dawna, and she asked a question that a lot of us have asked.

Her question is:

We are not our bodies, but to what extent, if any, do we look after our bodies or take care of our bodies?

Excellent question, Dawna, there are so many people who are glad you asked!

Everything has a purpose and a function. There’s a section in A Course in Miracles called The Setting of the Goal. And in this section it says that in any situation in which we are not certain, the first thing to consider very simply is:

What do I want to come of this? Or what is it for?

The clarification of the goal belongs at the beginning, so the question that we have to ask ourselves is:

What do I want to come from having this experience of having a body and what is the body for?

If you are an Olympic swimmer, you take care of your body in accordance with its purpose, which is to be strong and supple, so you practice swimming for hours and hours everyday, you receive coaching, you eat nutritious food, you get plenty of sleep, you avoid alcohol and drugs.

If you are a painter, you care for your body in accordance with its purpose, which is to be an instrument for your expression of art, so you spend hours and hours painting, you study other artists work, you have a mentor or coach, you schedule your painting during your most productive time of day, you take care of your hands and eyes, you learn about using brushes and various types of paints and canvases.

Just like an Olympic athlete, or a passionate painter, if you are a Teacher of God, you care for the body in accordance with your purpose of extending Love.

A swimmer and an artist need coaches and mentors to teach them how to perfect their craft. Being a Teacher of God means that we spend time with our coaches and mentors, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, learning how to be an instrument of Love.

Athletes and artists spend hours and hours everyday rehearsing and preparing for their performance, and so do we.

ACIM Workbook Lesson 49 is God’s Voice speaks to me all through the day. In this lesson, it says:

It is quite possible to listen to God’s Voice all day without interrupting your regular activities in any way.

We listen all day to God’s Voice, and it directs us as to how to care for our bodies in accordance with the function we have been given. We all have the same function: extending Love, but we each have a specific set of circumstances in which to extend Love.

If the swimmer wants to win the race, they trust the coach and follow the plan of the coach. If the painter wants to create a masterpiece, they trust their mentor to guide them to their greatest capabilities.

If we want to know how to take care of the body, we ask Jesus and Holy Spirit, our coach and mentor, what is this experience called the body for? What is its purpose?

If I Am Not a Body, Do I Need to Take Care of My Body?

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Coach Jesus says,

“You are my voice, my eyes, my feet, my hands through which I save the world.”

Jesus says our body is the means through which the Consciousness of Love operates to heal the world. When we use our bodies for love, Coach Jesus says the body functions flawlessly.

Our Mentor, the Holy Spirit says that if we use our body for truth and sanity, then the outcome is going to be peace. The body is the means by which the Beloved Child of God, which is all of us, returns to sanity. So the body is actually the way in which we remember that we are only love. That’s how wonderful this experience called the body can be when we allow our mentor, the Holy Spirit to show us how to use it.

Coach Jesus asks that we extend a hand to our sisters and our brothers. What does Coach mean by that? Jesus means, for example, that we take this physical body and visit someone in the hospital. We smile at the person that’s checking out groceries at the grocery store. We make time to have a cup of tea with a friend. We go for a walk with somebody.

As we extend a hand to our sisters and brothers in love, the Course says,

Now is the body holy.

When we follow Coach Jesus and trust our mentor Holy Spirit, the body becomes the instrument of Love.

In my own life, in order to fulfill my function, I follow my guidance to take care of and look after my body. For instance, I eat healthy food most of the time because I notice when I eat healthy food that my brain is balanced. I feel better so I can hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice and I’m more available to Love. I get enough sleep at night because when I wake up after a good night’s sleep, I’m full of energy. I have plenty of energy to do whatever Jesus asks of me that day. I drink water so I don’t get dehydrated and feel out of balance. And I exercise. I like to move my body. When I exercise I am calm and centered and energized. Those are ways that I take care of my body so that I can be the light of the world. That makes me happy.

I’m thrilled, Dawna, that you asked that question and I’d love to hear from everybody.

Question: How do you take care of your body and what is its purpose? What do you understand the purpose of your body to be? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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Thank you so much everyone. I love you. I deeply appreciate and honor you and I look forward to seeing you around the Teachers of God community.

Peace, love and blessings, my friends, Namaste.


Kimberly Cartwright, Teachers of God Foundation

For audio guidance with Lisa Natoli through all of the ACIM workbook lessons, click here to register for ACIM 365.


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8 thoughts on “If I Am Not a Body, Do I Need to Take Care of My Body?

  1. Thank you, Kimberly. Very helpful and reassuring me to start with my next workbook lesson for today…

    • Hi Kimberly. I love what you have to say. A couple of friends feel that someplace in god we should have the freedom to do whatever we please with the body. I need some reenforcing comments on this. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kimberly…the body…not my body..the body…way of mastery says do not deny the body but be willing to surrender your perception of what the body is…
    pg 325. a tool to shape and extend Unconditional love, to extend the good, holy and beautiful, to communicate forgiveness and non-judgment, an empty shell waiting to be unformed by love of God, consumed by spaciousness of Love. A question? At the crucifixion, J was no longer under the spell of the egoic mind or body mind but in a state of Love in midst of that context… the suffering aspect written in the bible? guitless do not suffer…he was beyond suffering?? Well, the role of the body is to bless, bless, bless…. Amen…

  3. Thank you, Kimberely, for sharing this!! I am becoming clearer about how to look after may body, trying to eat as healthily as I can without making an obsession about it and doing moderate exercise. I have previously before ACIM always been excessive – overdoing exercise, overdoing diets, bingeing and now am finding that I am in a much calmer state of mind overall as I am trying to work with HS in everything I do. Much love xxxx

  4. These are always excellent and informative. I eat according to my body’s needs and get proper rest and sleep. Otherwise, I feel awful.

  5. At 77 it’s not just important, it’s critical to work out and enhance my body’s strength and ability. This way, for me, being fully functional through my body’s health, I have a healthier mind able to interact with others open to what needs to move through me. I eat well, smoothies in the morning, generally good food the rest of the day. I’ve stopped most all alcohol, both for maintaining my clarity always, and for trying to clear a skin condition, rosacea. If I could just find the right mental state it would clear . . . soon. Vital health is important as I will to be independent until I return Home. Blessings!

  6. Eating healthy food, excerisize, drinking lots of water…. all sounds rules of this world and not really following the Spirit which is moment by moment spontenious living.

    It is just my opinion. I do not know if it is true :))