Living in Not-Knowing


 Jenny Beal 


The Replays 

We believe we know a lot about ourselves and about the world around us.
But what leads us to be certain about what we know and believe?
  • What do you believe yourself to be, in this moment?
  • Do you want to dismantle the limiting beliefs that veil your true reality?
  • Are you ready to let the words I don't know open the door to the recognition of your true nature? 
Purchase the Replays of Jenny Beal's 4-Part experiential Masterclass Series that includes guided experiments to check out new ways of thinking, perceiving and relating.

The inherent peace, happiness and freedom of your true nature is your birthright.


It is available to you all the time – not as just a peaceful state of mind, but as the felt reality of your being. 

What you’ll get:

  • Replay Videos of 4 x 90 -Minute Masterclasses with Jenny Beal. 
  • Replays include meditations, teachings, experiments and Q and A with Jenny. 
  • Replay Videos of 4 x Follow-up Community Gatherings
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios of all 8 replays to listen on-demand

What you’ll learn:

  • What we can really know for certain

  • How to embrace and welcome uncertainty
  • How to align the body with your understanding

  • The freedom that comes from living in not-knowing


“Living in not-knowing means openness. It means letting go of all beliefs. It means embracing uncertainty and enjoying it!"


Jenny Beal


 Replays of:


Session 1: What can we know for certain?


What do we believe ourselves to be, in this moment? Is there anything we can know for certain about the nature of the world? What leads us to be certain about anything?
Where does understanding come from? What is meant by phenomenal and non-phenomenal understanding?
Entering the path of no belief.

Session 2:
Embracing and welcoming uncertainty  

Challenging the beliefs that limit our sense of self. Common myths about spiritual awakening.
‘I don’t know’ opens the door to the recognition of our true nature. Can we prove that we are limited in space and time? How would it be to live as though we weren’t?
Seeing that understanding is effortless.

Session 3:
Aligning the body with our understanding 

The sense of ‘me’ in the body. Where do I feel myself to be?
Exploring the beliefs that reside in the body. Distinguishing different kinds of fears – those that come from natural conditioning, and those that relate to the belief I am a separate entity.
A sense of lack and a fear of death lie at the root of the sense of separation in the body. How to facilitate their dissolution?


Session 4:
Thinking the truth, perceiving the truth, living the truth

Where do our thoughts come from? Who or what chooses them? Can we control them? What does that tell us about our actions? Or other people’s actions?
Not-knowing in relationships. Judging ourselves and judging other people makes no sense.
Living in the now means no regrets and no worries.
The freedom that comes from living in not-knowing. ‘Follow your enthusiasm’. Life as celebration.


Community Gatherings:


Community Manager, Susan Telford and Masterclass participants discuss Jenny's teachings. 

Meet Your Teacher

Jenny Beal


Jenny discovered the peace, happiness and ease of being that is inherent in our true nature through the Direct Path teaching of Rupert Spira and Francis Lucille. She has a love of science and mathematics, and sees science as a set of mathematical models which express the beauty of unfolding patterns of natural phenomena, not as ultimate truth. She considers openness to examining and abandoning all belief systems to be the principal prerequisite for the understanding of our true nature. In Jenny’s view, the spiritual path has no beginning or end. Nor is there any distinction between spiritual life and life in the world. When asked a question, she temporarily becomes a teacher; otherwise, she remains a student and enjoyer of all that is.



Living in Not-Knowing with Jenny Beal

REPLAY PACKAGE: 4-Part Masterclass with Jenny Beal



  • VIDEO RECORDINGS of 4  Sessions with Jenny
  • VIDEO RECORDINGS of 4 Community Gatherings
  • Downloadable MP3 Audios of all 8 Replays 

" The more you recognize the constant background of love and happiness and fullness of potential, then the more you recognize the unlimitedness of what you truly are"

Jenny Beal