The Wholeness Experiment

4 Live Sessions

With Lisa Natoli

An Invitation from Lisa Natoli

Join Lisa Natoli for

The Wholeness Experiment

What you’ll get:

  • four 90 minute recorded classes  
  • teachings and practices to challenge your perception of yourself 
  • training in how to stay present, whatever happens

What you’ll learn:

  • how to live IN and AS and FROM wholeness
  • how to stay aware in every moment even in the presence of discomfort  
  •  how to know the Self 
  •  how to live from a place of welcoming 
  • how to live in love, in gratitude, joy, peace and appreciation 


"I began to understand that whatever happens to the body and whatever happens in life,  I don't have to go to it and get sucked into it."

Lisa Natoli

  Session Recordings:


Session 1: What are you being?


Who is “you” that you are being? Do you know who or what you are? Do you know “where” you are?

In Session 1, Lisa teaches the basics of the 30 day Wholeness Experiment: how to live in, as and from wholeness through the practice of welcoming.

This isn’t about pretending to be whole. This is about trying to be innocent, good or the light of the world. You have probably already “tried” to be the light of the world – trying to be generous, kind, loving - and have found out that it doesn’t work that way.

Instead, use the 2 practices  Lisa will teach, Welcoming and Here I Am every day to change your life forever.



Session 2: What are you expressing?


Most people don’t pay much attention to the thoughts that they think and therefore don’t give any attention to the words that come out of their mouth.

Session 2 is about The Pause.

Being Still.

Paying attention.

Learn how to pause and notice the thoughts, feelings and sensations that arise in your experience. Instead of trying to get rid of the thoughts, notice “Where am I?” You will know “where you are” by “what you are expressing”.

Once this is seen, a shift in perception is automatic. This is not about having positive thoughts and it’s not about being spiritual. It’s about noticing what you are noticing, being present to all that arises, without judgment.

Session 3: What limiting beliefs do you function from in life

In Session 3, Lisa will guide you to investigate the limited beliefs you hold about yourself, others and the world.

If you are not living in perfect peace and perfect happiness, then you are holding onto false beliefs and holding yourself in a pattern where you get “an external picture” of the  beliefs you hold about yourself.

Notice the word “holding” is mentioned a lot here.

Lisa covers this word “hold” in Session 3. Find out where you hold yourself in resistance reaction. Where you “live” and “function from” is a your own personal point-of-viewing, and can easily be changed.


Session 4: What are you creating?



In Session 4, you willl earn that you have always been a Creator.

The question is: What are you creating?

Most people create sickness, suffering, lack & limitation because they don’t know any better and because they have believed they are contained to the body, identified as a body.

This final session is about Creation, knowing I AM as the power to create. Creating is not something you “do”- no visualization involved here. No laws of attraction. No trying to get anything here. You already ARE a Creator and already powerful. Just look around yourself to see how powerful you are to create a life you don’t like. Now let’s reverse that and create a life you love, where you are connected, centered & aligned in the truth and light of What You Are.


Lisa Natoli

Lisa Natoli teaches healing as a natural ability that can be learned by anyone. She is the creator of The Healing Cure and The 40-Day Program for Transformation.

She had an awakening in October 2018 after being on a spiritual path for over 25 years. Over the years, she would have “moments” of profound clarity, peace and happiness and then would seem to “lose” it. Therefore she spent years wondering what she was doing wrong. She figured it was because wasn’t devoted enough, wasn’t committed enough and therefore experienced a lot of inner guilt trying to be good, release grievances, love everyone and everything. It mostly felt like a lot of effort, struggle and confusion. In 2018, she found the key to healing and awakening: Be where you are and welcome everything as it is.

She lives in York Maine with her awesome husband Bill Free and two cats, Joy and Vanna.


 The Wholeness Experiment - with Lisa Natoli

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"Before everything was in a category, this is a problem and this is how I want things to be. Now everything just is. Everything is exactly as it is and I'm here for it. Here for the adventure."

Lisa Natoli