Love Makes No Exceptions

With Bill Free

Thank you for your courage to ask hard questions and your openness to trust that the answers are always revealed within your own recognition of the truth of what you are.

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Today’s video presentation is from my talk at the Course in Miracles Conference in San Francisco In reference from Cameo 27 in the CE Edition and chapter 18 in the Blue Book, I need do nothing. It will offer answers or a practice for resolution of many of the questions that we receive at the Teachers of God Foundation because they all have a seeming similar cause that:

– I believe I am a personal limited self,
– All the issues are real , and
– I am a victim of the world I see.

When we give our attention to the storm instead of pausing for a moment (this Holy Instant) of release in the center of what is referred to in this video as the quiet place… most people have the tendency to do what Bill Thetford did. They are impatient about being quiet long enough to actually experience what the quiet will bring into your awareness to still the outer bands of the storm in your life where you will then find the clarity and have the peace and resolve to hear what your next step is.

This video is from my talk in San Francisco where I go into more detail about this topic. Below the video, I will answer some of the questions we see a lot, from the context of what I teach in this video.

Love Makes No Exceptions

When you have issues with anything, you can ask yourself,

Can I have peace without having the house, relationship, knowing what to do or what’s next?

Make peace your higher priority by living in the vibration of Trust. Practice being generous. Live from the place of being at peace with the house/without the great house, relationship, knowing what to do  next and when you are ready to begin trusting the Universe has got this. Your money issues, decisions, relationships etc. will dry up and you will forget they were even there.

We received a question from our reader Josie about destiny. My advice is to keep your attention on the present now. Focus on the quiet center and release yourself into your inheritance of Being.

Many people ask questions around being triggered. If you are triggered, it is good to notice and take full responsibility that you are doing this to yourself. You may be letting grievances or guilt hide the light of the world from your awareness.

Workbook lesson 69 is probably one of the best lessons for working through this and getting unstuck:

Using the ideas from workbook  lesson 69 You can stop right here and notice you have grievances against someone or something you feel is unacceptable. Notice this and when you are ready to resolve the matter, pause in the quiet, notice any disturbance you have and allow yourself to experience going through it in the noticing of your disturbance like passing clouds, Jesus invites us to go through them, actually let them touch our face (notice the feeling of the experience while staying in the quiet awareness of it) in this experience while pausing for Peace, stay quiet for 10 minutes or longer and allow Peace to come over you while acknowledging it’s presence. This is my paraphrase of the lesson, You may want to just follow it exactly for yourself.

Other situations:

Some of our readers struggle with being able to complete some of the workbook lessons. If you are having difficulty with this, decide what you really want. Go to workbook lesson 24, I do not percieve my own best interests. Follow this workbook lesson and fill in the blanks for your situation.

Then, maybe go to workbook lesson 27 and 28.

27. Above All Else I Want To See.

28. Above All Else I Want To See Things Differently.

These next two workbook lessons again are using Awareness to bring perceptions to the light of Truth and Clarity.

Workbook lesson 79 states:

Let me recognize this problem so it can be resolved.

Workbook lesson 80 says:

Let me recognize my problem has been resolved.

Then after going through 79-80 and then jump over to 361 – 365:

This Holy Instant would I give to you. Be you in charge.  For I would follow you, certain that your direction gives me peace.

This is resting in Awareness and Trust, keeping your attention on the Quiet Center even in the midst of a seeming storm. 


Give yourself the gift of Love and Inner Peace.

love is incapable of exceptions

Thank you for joining with me this holy week of Self knowing.

Question: Was this video helpful for you? Did it answer a specific question that you had? Please let me know. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I love you and we love you.

Bill Free, Lisa Natoli, TOG Blog Team, Kimberly, Kelly, Linda and Amy

Bill Free

Co-Founder & President, Teachers of God Foundation

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12 thoughts on “Love Makes No Exceptions

  1. Bill, I loved your litany of some of your favorite workbook lessons.

    One forgets! And all of the ones you chose were so powerful. I have them in my journal and plan to re-study them.

    You chose two of my favorite cameos to discuss. To be clear, are you saying, in “Here I am Lord” that this can be taken a 2nd way: “In this place, I am Lord.” Not : “I’m showing up, Lord.”?

    • Hi Anne, Thank you for the comments and question. In the 2nd way, It is the correction Jesus gives in The CE; Here is not a place but a recognized connection with Source as a Recieving and Giving channel of the Divine Consciousness. <3

  2. This was wonderful! I have a picture of Jesus on my laptop and as I was doing the meditation on the video and looking at this picture of Jesus I “got it.” It’s the lack of “self” love that keeps up my defensive thoughts to protect the small self in ego mind constructs of imagined hurts and slights. To fully accept that I AM Love, that I AM loved removes defense mechanisms that are like armor around my heart. Only Love is real. Thank you for this wonderful, peaceful, talk with such a loving meditation that shows me that I AM in God. Thank you Bill and Lisa.

  3. Thank you my dear friend. This time with you has been most healing and helpful. Love and blessings to you and Lisa.

  4. Your meditation was a confirmation to me that I am on my correct path. I go to UCOH in Austin .Tx. We are doing Unity’s Spiritual Education classes this next week.Spirit god me that I needed to take the course I of the Storm.So I am following directions. I have been seeking what is mine to do in service to the church. Last Sunday, I was asked to come to the Prayer Chaplains orientation by 3 different people! What an honor to be asked to serve! Can’t wait for this Sunday’s orientation! Talk about direct experience! Here I am Lord, is the song we sing when the new Prayer Chaplains are welcomed into the church!

  5. yes… dearest brother… thank you. when i listen to and watch you speak, a vast quiet comes over me… it is like your words are floating in a spaciousness within me… once again i had this experience with your talk here… may this gift from the HS and through you to me in our one unified mind remain with me today…

    in deep gratitude, nicci

    • Hi Nicci,

      I am happy we join in the recognition of the Truth and the Experience of knowing first hand that it’s true <3

      I am as God Created me, Radiant light and Perfect Peace.


  6. It helped me in remind me to be in quiet place of mine.
    please tell me what a Cameo means:… My language is not english thank you

  7. I loved this presentation. It helped me to center back to myself from the beginning. Thank you for the meditation piece at the end as well. Very powerful. Your being centered helps me get back to center. Thank you for that. Namaste <3