Never Correct Your Brother

By Linda Leland

A Course in Miracles clearly answers the question, “How should I react to my brother’s mistakes?”


Very simply: Don’t.

Only the ego can see ego. Only error sees error. If you are worrying about another’s mistakes, you’re both confused.

No matter how crazy someone is acting, it doesn’t change that FACT that they are the perfect, lovable, indestructible, powerful, eternal, wholly worthy, supremely Loved, Son of God. This is the only Truth and nothing they do in this human experience can change it. Your only job is to stay super-focused on this. Anything else and you’re heading down the wrong path. You are lost. You are not helpful.

In this video, I will go into this topic in more detail.

Download the Video Transcript

If you’d like to experiment further with this new way of thinking, register for the 40 Day Program here (it’s free).

You have ONE job to do here. You came here to remember God; to remember your Wholeness. You must not let your eyes deceive you from your One function.

Whatever vision you have of this “messed up” person represents who YOU think YOU are. It’s showing you where you are locating yourself and should ONLY be used for correction. You are being clearly shown where you have buried fear and your deepest unconscious beliefs about yourself.

Hold out your hand because this brother has come to Bless you. He is the Son of God, along with You. This realization must be accepted for you to be released. Without this, you stay lost in fear.

Jesus says in ACIM that we must overlook the error. See only their Wholeness. Hold yourself there. This is how you remember your own wholeness. You cannot remember this alone. You need this brother. This is the whole purpose of your relationship. Do not use this situation to reinforce a lie. This is for YOU.

From now on, instead of correcting anyone, here are 5 steps, clearly laid out for us from A Course In Miracles:

  1. Your task is to tell your brother he is right (this does not mean verbally) (1:6)
  2. You heal him only (ONLY) by perceiving the sanity in Him (5:1)
  3. You must give your brother’s errors over to the Holy Spirit (5:3)
  4. You “see Him truly” and “accept Him as He is” (6:3, 6:4)
  5. Accept only the function of healing (YOURSELF) in time (8.3)

When you see another make a mistake, don’t react at all to his mistake. This isn’t an easy practice to follow! And it doesn’t mean that you don’t react at all to your brother, but it does mean that you do not react to his mistake.

Instead, you join with the Holy Spirit and respond as He does. You “overlook” the error (4:2).

“To overlook nothingness is merely to judge it correctly, and because of your ability to evaluate it truly, to let it go.” (T-10.IV.2:4)

You actually overlook it, knowing it is not your job, you don’t understand what’s really going on, and then get back to being yourself; full of joy, love and allowance. TRUST.

Now, you’re helping the Truth to enter into your mind, and theirs, instead of reinforcing separation. It’s quite beautiful. You’re gifting everyone!

I know this is scary.

The world tells you that it’s sensible and loving to try to fix someone you care about. That’s just not True.

This is a whole new way of being. This is the fast-track behavior of a master. We’re taking the Band-Aid off a very old wound. We’re laying down our fearful defenses and getting out of the way. Let the fear come up and hand it to One who can heal it. I am with you.

Question: What are your thoughts or takeaways on this topic? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

I will be sure to read every one.

So much Love and Gratitude for this journey we are on together,


p.s. If you really want to commit yourself to a new way of thinking, to becoming aware of these deep unconscious beliefs that are causing you needless worry and conflict, please join me on January 15th for a FREE 40 Day On-Line Program of Personal Transformation. Thousands of us will be with you. You’ll be guided and supported to stay in Right thinking for 40 Days. You’ll be totally blown away by the transformation that takes place in you. I hope to see you there. Let’s be fearless together! Here is the link to register.

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341 thoughts on “Never Correct Your Brother

  1. Thank you so much for this. I try to live by this especially since I started to study the Course. And I really do see that this is needful. I Love the people who just tell me they love me. There have been a couple who have felt they needed to tell me that I am mistaken. And I have to confess, I wondered if they were in their ego? I am trying to guard myself against not doing this. Because I know the feeling from both responses and I would rather receive Love.

    • hi
      ok this parat of the course is an enormous sinkhole for me.
      i have many many times seen my brother innocent and ended up bankrupt and injured badly.

      i am afraid to even consider this part of the course again

      i know my brothers essence is innocent as is mine,,,but,,,,,when a brother is a dangerous person then i have to accept the truth of him, but accept that in the dream this is dangerous and i need to stay out of harms way.

      i really am challenged with this

      and theory is not enough here, i have been seriously damaged by being a pollyanna,,,there is a middle ground here right>

      • Hi Anna,
        Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, this is a biggie! This is THE ONLY WAY to increase your own self forgiveness and self acceptance. Overlooking someone’s error and not making it real does not mean that you approve or indulge in it! You don’t even need to be in the same physical space with them in order to remember the Truth of who they are. This is the only way you will ever remember the Truth of who you are. You won’t get there alone-you must take Him with you. Just know that their errors don’t do anything to change the Truth in them. That’s your only job.

      • Linda
        Thank you so much!
        This is a biggie for me and probably the whole world. Trying to not see fault and error to a person whether they be a sibling, spouse or friend who has hurt you to your core. I just ended a 2 year relationship and thank God for prayer and ACIM and print outs from Lisa Natoli that got me through with seeing only love and sending him love even though he took money, jewelry and hurt me however he didn’t break me because I have God who walks with me and I choose to see only love and forgiveness. This was a big lesson for me in trying not to create that separation. He sends me nasty texts and I send back love. It’s hard however if you keep doing it daily it becomes second nature.

      • Keep going RoseAnn. Yes. This is a biggie. The more we stick to this and Trust, the less we will suffer. It’s that simple.

    • Hey Mary! That’s it exactly. You are going to receive whatever it is that you give. Every time-no matter what. Offer condemnation and guilt and that’s what comes back to you. Offer Love and you receive it 10 fold. Thank you so much.

    • Absolutely spot on, so simple to know but so hard to keep vigilantly at it, ego tries to get in everyday. But this is the only truth there is, Thankyou my soul sister, you are Gods lightworker and I’m so blessed to know you can connect fully to all you speak about🙏

    • linda

      i also want to add to this fixing your brother,,,,,for me,,,,i have spent my life fixing myself! so of course my action of mind would respond kneejerk response to fix someone else

      for decades i have tried to fix myself, and after years each time some brother would coe along and break me worse. i realize now that it was a blessing because i cannot fix myself. i am seeing illusion. i am as god created me,,,whole and perfect, and until i accpet that and quit all other useless waste ot my time and energy,,,i will continue to be tempted to fix myself and of course my brother too

      what god made is perfect as it is,,,,,and my job is to see through all illusions which are blocks to the awareness of Loves Presence

      this is the only job


    • Thanks for the post and video

      I posted this at your youtube video:
      When we correct someone, we are in error and arrogant believing that we can correct them. We are putting ourselves in a superior position, which is flattering to our egos. Correcting them does not help. It is an attack disguised as love. Ultimately it hurts us because nothing of the ego is actually real.

      Now to continue:

      When we see errors in others, isn’t in some way a reflection of ourselves? If others are placed in front of us to show us our errors, we must be guilty of something since we see the error. (or is that perception incorrect?)

      I once believed that we were guilty of the same thing, but I now think it is only some of the time we are guilty of the same thing. It true that liars don’t like other liars and quickly point it out in others, but honest people see the lies too. Many people get upset about infidelity but don’t engage in it. So I think maybe people (egos) need to find an error they do not commit so they can point it out and be superior to hide their own other errors. AND… since I see it I must be doing something similar!!

      I feel like there has to be more to it. I think (believe or perceive) they are reflecting back something. Could it merely be reflecting that I too am in error and that I am in an error mindset? Not to imply that is a small thing, but it is simpler.

    • Hi Linda, thank you. This lesson refresher came just at the right time, as always. I just had an undoing with a long time friend the other day. I seemingly tried to “help” my friend who was telling me a long story (which I have seemingly heard many times for 5 years) by telling them they weren’t abused as a child because all I saw was innocence and guiltnessness now ! Oops! I thought I was bringing my friend “into the present moment” – and my friend reacted in what seems like a very adverse way (responding with a text message which tried to correct me back of course: “you don’t understand what it’s like” and so on) and thereby ended our friendship. Okee dokee…. The ego would have me believe I was assisting, and trying to help my friend when, looking back now and sitting with it, I realise that I was trying to correct. To be superior. To “teach.” It’s so easy to slip into that wrong-minded “world” teacher mode, especially whilst doing a Mastery program, because the “I’m here to be truly helpful” button can be activated in an unhelpful way, as it seemingly was, or my friend wouldn’t have reacted gay way. Having said all of that, I am strangely at ease with my friend doing that, because I know deeply that this friendship has been maximised for learning anyway, and that it has served to highlight this trigger point in me which I’ve been offering up for healing to HS since, and mind-watching for where it can creep in again so insidiously. The other area that is so tricky is when I perceive “people” are trying to correct/teach/instruct me or “put me in my place” (another ego best-seller!) lol… of course, there is no one outside my mind, so it’s just my inner wrong-minded teacher thinking it can teach me once again! Ego will stop at nothing to shapeshift until it’s seemingly “gotchya!” And even now I can feel myself trying to self-correct myself for correcting myself! Ugggh! This is all absurd and absolutely ridiculous. Thank you for reminding me Linda that I don’t need to play this extremely tiring game with myself, anymore. I totally see & hear you and I love you.

      • Rob,
        This comment is brilliant. HUGE awareness here!! We make things so complicated and the Truth is so simple. And when that’s all we want, it’s all we’ll see. I love you!!!

    • hi mary

      i think that what jesus means in the course about corretion is about our mind,,,our thoughts. we do not judge or correct in our mind and in our heart, we accept some responsibility for what we see, but of course people who murder are placed in jails in the horizontal so they will not be able to freely continue with tht behavior. but we know that the soul is innocent.

    • Thank you for this blog. I read it a few weeks ago and was just this morning guided to read/watch it again. It’s as if I’m reading it for the first time and I so clearly see where I have been correcting my daughter. Mostly in non-verbal loving judgement 🙂 It is so clear now that she is showing me my deepest, oldest fears and programs that are still running. Wow! I’ve got some handing over to do. This is wonderful. What a breakthrough for me. ❤️❤️ Thank you for this clarity.
      I see that as a Holistic Health Practitioner, this is a major component to any session I am in with a brother. I have to admit that I am conflicted about my role now. I’ll hand it over to the Holy Spirit… Do you have any thoughts Linda ?
      Blessings to you.

  2. This was brilliant clarity! I finally ‘got it’ that my angst moments of others actions are not the other person’s problem/concern/fault . . . it’s all mine. What a service everyone is performing — for me! I have so much work to do! AND I’ve two more months of ACIM lessons to complete my full year!

  3. Thank you. I have signed up for the 40 day program and am inspired by your message. To practice this today. Reread and listen to your message each morning to practice again in the day.
    I have made a commitment to God and myself to work the lessons. I am turning each page as Lisa suggested recently. I re read the Introduction and am seeing more light. SO grateful for your sharings.

    • Patricia,
      I am so excited you signed up for the 40 Day! It sounds like you have really made the commitment to see things differently. I’m so happy for you. Your whole life is about to change-for the better-in every single way.

  4. Thank you Linda for these insights! While listening to you share, I realized how fettered I have been by this very topic…seeing error (judging) others and feeling the “need” to correct them…like I am some sort of “hit man” for God…seriously?
    (laughing as myself as I type!) Thank you for allowing the truth to shine through you! Love and Blessings 🙂

    • HAHAHAAAAAA!! I love that Karen. I’ve been a hit man for God at times too. That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Now, we know. We can lay down our handguns and cement shoes and bust out the Christ vision goggles. 🙂

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reminder!!! As I listened to this, I can see how recent interactions I have had with family members shows me “correcting” etc. And my “role” as an urban public school teacher in the dream, REALLY???? The outward behavior of students is always in need of correction according to the system and the way we operate here. So, I can honestly call myself out and say, I fail miserably at this! YUP! Just being honest! Because things happen so quickly, I often times forget to pause to ask to see as the Holy Spirit sees. It is a perfect set up for me to remain involved in the dream of chaos and conflict. Many of our students are quite violent and abusive towards their peers and teachers. How would you approach this without correction??? I know to see the Truth in them as Holy Sons of God, but their outward projections in the dream are “harmful” to themselves and others. Thoughts, suggestions, etc.???

    • Karen,
      Thanks so much for your GREAT comment and feedback. First of all, please go easy on yourself. Do you see? You’ve failed at nothing! There isn’t anything outside of you. What you see is merely a reflection of how you feel about yourself. Please read your comment again. All of these kids you see are your helpers. They are here for you. It’s ok to have a system in place for violent behavior-and its ok not to. Either way, the important thing is that you only see the perfection and wholeness of each being, no matter how insane his actions. He is an aspect of your fears and giving you opportunity for forgiveness. You’re being given a gift with each situation. xoxo

    • wonder if hoooopoono would work..from Hew Len – described in Joe Vitales book..Zero Limits .Sounds challenging.. bless you
      And im hoping this is not advice.. Prayer is im sorry please forgive me thank you i love you… that is it.. Byron katie says advice for others is for us to take so i guess i better reread that book for myself …

      • YES! Hooponopono is taking full responsibility for what you see and healing it in yourself. Same gig. spot on Roslyn

  6. Thankyou, this was just what I needed. I didnt see this in me. In my mind I have been wishing that my daghterinlaws would treat me differently. Somewhere so deep I didnt even know it. Now I see it thanks to you. This whole thing has been going on for some weeks now but now I can put end to it.
    I am doing the LIP-program and done the 40-days earlier and going on lesson 87 today. Thankyou for being.

    • Tuire,
      I really, really appreciate your comment. It was just what I needed too so I totally get it. So glad we’re in this together.

  7. I am new to ACIM and will be participating in the 40 day course about to start soon. Wow this is something for me to think about as I have just been giving someone I care about a lot of advice- now listening and reading this- it appears misguided. I hope in the 40 day course I might be able to discuss how one be’s with this.

  8. YES! This feels so right, and is SO helpful to me at the moment . . .

    Thanks HEAPS for sharing this daring perspective with such clarity, Linda. Very, VERY helpful!

  9. Hi Linda, thanks so much for this. Am busy with the LIP Programme, and have been experiencing continuing “disharmony”with a family member – now I know why!! Ego talking to ego – a recipe for disaster!! Crazy thing is, its what I do know within me, but needed to listen you to spell it out for me!! Ha!Ha! this life is crazy fun!! Love, Sue

    • Hey Sue,

      Life IS CRAZY FUN! That’s the best, most sane attitude ever. Glad we’re getting clear on this together. God knows, we’ll have many opportunities for practice before we don’t anymore. xo

      • Ringrazio Romina per questa raccolta che apre anche il nuovo an3&#o82n0;Che questo ebook possa essere anche un augurio per un anno pieno di successi!Anila

  10. Wow Linda! You have challenged me today. Every time I feel I’ve handled ego, it reappears. I love these videos as they bring clarity to the written word of ACIM which I sometimes find confusing. So grateful to have Teachers of God Foundation.

    • You’re very welcome Heather. We’re doing this together and we certainly have many opportunities for practice. So grateful you’re here.

  11. Wonderful! Who among us doesn’t need to hear this from time to time? It is so easy to succumb to the ego’s nagging: ” I’d do it differently”, wheather it is teenager,spouse, friend or national political leader that we’d like to correct.
    Thanks so much!

  12. Wonderful, Linda! As I was watching the video, little light bulbs were going off all over the place. What HS helped me see clearly was how trying to “fix” another simply DESTROYS my peace. I get caught up in the ego, and waste hours, days, weeks, thinking of all the “helpful” advice I can give them the next time I see them. None of my business! This lets everyone off the hook; if I look with the eyes of HS, NOBODY needs fixing. Win-Win. Thank you.

  13. Oh Linda, Thank you for clearly reminding me that any time I see something that needs to be “changed” in someone else or in myself that is my ego talking.
    I did need to hear that again with a human face. So glad to be connected to The Teachers of God.

  14. Thank You So Much For This Reminder. I have a program still running in me that I need to suggest to my adult children what would help them.It is a challenge because the mother program is still running.My younger son has had a challenge with drug addiction-and relapse happens. The suffering I felt with his addiction brought me to Alanon and then A Course In Miracles.I can only accept the atonement for myself-this is a perfect gift for me right now.
    In Love and Gratitude,

  15. Thank you Linda ! A wonderful way to start my day and a spot on reminder that my judgements have been my perennial stumbling stones.

      • This is the first time I comment here. I must say I don't like the comment rating system at all. Spam got worse I know. But this isn't the solution. I agree with all the previous arguments. This system won't do any good. Plus it's not practical. .Also I think a comment can't be 'wrong' or &#;9hrig;t&#393. This is a community , everybody has different opionions. I'd rather ignore 'bad' comments or type 'I agree' than rating them.

  16. Perfect timing Linda! Thank you so very much. The great experiment is underway.

    Lots of love and gratitude.
    Sherri M.

  17. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Love YOU. This IS such a fearless endeavor! Who are we all without our judgments of the behavior of others? It amazes me how often I see myself and others in my life taking the idea for granted that we have the right to think we know what other people should be doing. AMEN Sista, thanks for the consciousness-raising!

  18. I don’t mean this in a bad way. I am not a God person. I know there is a God and I love God but I don’t like all the God talk so much. However I have signed up for the 40 day program and I am looking forward to it. I really am and I enjoy the little videos and the messages. I am getting those messages and I am learning.

    Thank you I am truly needing peace in myself and I am hoping this will help me with that.

    • Penny!!!!
      I love your message so much. I seriously used to think that people who did a lot of “God talk” were freaks. LOL. It’s totally ok. Let the word “God” represent whatever feels right to you. Perhaps you use the word “Love” or “Universal Wisdom” or “higher power” or whatever. It totally doesn’t matter. Use the name “George”! Hahahaaa. This is such a transformational program for learning to be happy. I’m so glad you signed up and you’re not letting your old feelings of the word “God” get in your way. You will NOT regret it. I can’t wait to see you there. xo

  19. Thank you for this talk. I am trying very hard not to correct people I see as doing something wrong: my granddaughter for giving up college, a friend who always plays the victim card, my daughter for valuing the wrong things etc etc.Ironically, as you say, I hate being corrected myself and still smart from things that were said to me years ago!Everyone has their own path in this life I know and I need to get out of their way and concentrate on myself!

    • YES! When you are struggling, do you want another person to respond to you as little and broken or as the powerful and perfect being you are? Love your comment Maggie.

  20. Hi Linda,

    I’ve studied the Course for years and I really enjoyed reading this email because it reinforces the things TO DO. I can arrive at the same destination by training my mind on the things NOT TO DO as well.

    For example I use (and remember) a very simple word association from The Course.

    Judgement = Pain.

    My goal is over-learn this word association so that it is like knowing not to touch a hot stove with your hand. Every (adult anyway) knows not to do that. How can I correct a brother without going to judgement first. And why would I knowing that

    Judgement = Pain.

    I understand your 5 steps and accept that they work. But for me in the heat of the moment. 2 words work best.


    Höllviken, Sweden

  21. Wow that was great! Thank you. There is such a crevasse between full acceptance and the sight of God in all and the usual way of moving through life. Thanks so much for going out on a limb and sharing this!

  22. Thank you, Linda. I am willing to see my brother for the innocence in him. When I see an error I hold the higher space of Love for him knowing he is innocent and that this is a mirror of my own Truth and is coming up for my healing. Sometimes I get caught up in the scheme of the energy and do not realize the course that was taken as a Mis Take, until I have been able to step back and see with clear vision. That is when I am able to forgive myself and know that this is a healing for all. This is a practice that is continuous in my day moment to moment life. The hardest, I find is my son, he is my biggest teacher of Truth.

  23. Hi,

    THis sounds beautiful to me and I would really like to work on it, I do need to work on it in many ways and situations. Still I see a problem whith it directly. For example my son (10 years old) does not like his teachers way of speaking to him and I don’t either. I want to tell his teacher in a proper way that they dont see his qualities and that she speaks in a wrong way to him which makes him feel little, stupid, unable and so on…so how can I tell his teacher this without “error” her? I dont think it is only my sons fault that he does not like school – or I am sure it is not – school makes him feel stupid an not good enough etc. How handle this wihtout trying to tell them that – what they say to him and the way they treat him makes him not comfortable, competent etc … he just dont fit in to the schoool system the way it looks today . How do I handle this? love from Ingrid

    • Ingrid, I don’t know the right way to handle anything. If you choose to take your son out and put him in a school that fits with him, that’s perfectly ok. The important part is that you see this teacher for the Truth of who she is, in your heart. This is the work. It’s the only way. You can’t get to Peace and Truth without her.

  24. We’re not to correct our brothers as to not make error real, OK, but I’m sure that doesn’t mean we’re not to counsel our brothers as in “don’t stick that needle in your arm”, or “don’t pick up that crack or meth pipe”, or “if you sleep with that man or woman you’re risking A.I.D.S because they’re HIV positive”. All in Love because the body is being misused. What am I missing?

    • No, that is not our job to tell someone not to stick a needle in their arm or sleep with so and so. Wouldn’t work anyway. I’ve tried it.

    Linda, this is a very intimate thing we all have going here with you and Lisa. We are One; I KNOW this, and yet when synchronicities occur it just blows my mind. I was just reading last night the Manual for Teachers and this was my focus on this one quote: .
    The sentence that grabbed me was this: “For hatred is forgotten when we lay comparisons aside.”

    I mean, REALLY, LINDA! If this is a coincidence I’ll eat my hat! I have been concentrating on Reality, the Real world, vs the dream, ego illusion and working on the understanding of Reality.
    My ACIM Brother told me to read the manual for Teachers under, WHAT DOES THE TEACHER OF GOD DO FOR HIS DAY?…or something like that😶. Can’t remember the exact section name. This quote can up. As well in class Tuesday our mentor, Bob Paterson, read the Lesson 193 to us: THIS IS THE WAY I WALK IN GRATITUDE.
    This lesson was so perfect about helping me to understand that the nature of judgment is exactly the same as making comparisons about my brothers! Thank you for your entertaining and powerful lesson. you are so kind to share yourself with me and others. Gratefully, Marky Mander, Pipe Creek, TX

    • Marky!!!!!! I was just reading that synchronicities are commonplace when you are on the right path. This is no coincidence. I love your comment. So grateful for you.

  26. Thank you Linda. I see the truth in this, yet I must admit it’s a huge challenge to overcome. I am very aware that my own ego loves to make others wrong & keeps correcting them even if it’s all going on in my own head. It’s clear it’s only an image of myself fighting with an image I’ve made of them so it can’t be true, as neither of us are images. Or it will make me wrong & over & over that in my head.It’s clear that it’s no peaceful. It’s war. A lot of wars going on inside me & are affecting my digestive system. Lots of frantic dreams of separation also at night. Peace doesn’t see it at all. It knows it’s all made up in my mind. Peace is what I truly want & peace is here deeper than all this waring. This is where I need to place attention. Thank you Linda very much it’s a great reminder.

  27. Thank you Linda.. This is a problem I’ve had with a friend of mine and with my son.. I knew better but gave advice anyway .. i hope this will remind me next time i am tempted. I love this and I appreciate your help . And everyone at teachers of God.

  28. Hi Linda, What if someone is constantly trying to fix & correct me? I am aware I don’t enjoy it & am being looked down on. What is my response to it? I do my best to look for the truth in it as everything is valuable somehow.What’s your insight on this?

    • Same thing but in reverse Caroline. Know this is coming from their ego (fear). Look past it. It’s ok to set limits from Love. And then remember the Truth for both of you. Great questions.

  29. Yep. Used to be a corrector, and thought I was pretty damn good at it too! Only, it never worked, of course. The year that just went by was the year in which I listened to Spirit; and let it live through me, directing pretty much everything. And though my actions and behaviour was judged by many, as per normal, there was no longer any room left for debate, which had been the previous habit. As such, regardless of the moralistic accusations made against me (and some were so sweetly expressed and others pretty blatant, haha), I remained defenceless, finally preferring the deep calm of non-judgement, abstaining from attempt to justify or correct. My opinions now of what others do or say are simply nowhere. And it’s true, “something else” comes to fill the space that’s left. And the trusting is not waiting for future reward either. It’s accepting the trust God has in me. And this cannot be adequately explained to anyone ordinarily, so there is little point in trying. But then, truth doesn’t require an explanation. Duh, kind of obvious, but thinking it and living it are worlds apart. Thank you Linda! I wonder if anyone else has spotted a nuanced, comical, subtle cosmic irony in the tone of this wonderful video. It tickles. x

    • Shaun, your writing is exquisite and touched my heart with the Truth. Yes, people will think we’re weird. LOL. That’s a really good sign.

  30. How glad I became reading theese words! It’s just what I have learned the last few days – after having tried to fix my “brothers” problem. Trying to help my “brother”, didn’t at all make our relation any good. I feel much better today, realizing that I must focus on myself and trust in Gods love and plan for me.

  31. Dear Linda, Thank you for your great video on never correcting your brother. It is much needed in my life just now After years of judgeing ,pleading with,praying for other people and trying to fix their lives, even been resentful ,angry and hurt by the way i have been preceiving their behaviour.I now see the error of my ways .It is like a great weight is lifted of my shoulders. I like the way you explain the lesson easy to understand ,sincere and honest.Much love Maura.

  32. Was there one particular area of the Text that your quotes were taken from? Or were they from various parts of either the Text or Workbook? Would like to read more if there is a specific chapter/section. This really resonated with me. Very very helpful — direct and to the point.

  33. Thank you, Linda! Of course, this is just what I need at the perfect moment. I’ve been struggling with my son testing be and all his seeming behavior issues have veiled his Light. I’ve strongly felt I needed to correct him very often, but it is always awful, for him and me.

    Can you offer any clarity on correction at another level? My husband and I have been trying to stop bad behaviors (hitting little brother, being disrespectful, etc) and encourage starting positive ones (getting out the door with all necessities on time) without “a reaction/emotion” on our part. But, man! Is it hard to be constantly badgered, tested and manipulated without loosing it. I’ve been trying not to get upset, but it’s feeling like I am a ticking bomb holding it all in. My point is, I feel like I need to stop his bad behavior — which is foolish. How do I know if it is foolish, or the ego tricking me? Surely I sound like a raving lunatic…

  34. As a course student, I know this but sure needed to be reminded at this time. It was a perfect message. Thank you.
    I appreciate your dedication to these teachings.
    Love and light, Linda “Namaji”

  35. Wow! This came flying into my inbox at such good timing. I find as a mother I have been addicted to “fixing”, “advising”, and “correcting” my adult children and it is so stressful! Although this approach seems a real challenge to me, I am willing to do my best to do it and forgive myself when I can’t. Thanks, Linda!


  36. Thank you so much. This arrived yesterday but I opened it today only, which was the perfect timing. Just had a “correcting” incident with someone and was so frustrated as I realised that I was getting nowhere.
    I also realize now that I often try and do things on my own forgetting to ask Holy Spirit to help. Doing things by myself is also getting me nowhere. So now, thanks to this, I am right on track and with the 40 Days starting soon, I trust to stay on track. Once again. THANK YOU!

  37. Thanks so much Linda , perfect timing. My wife has been going through some really heavy stuff at her work lately and I have been listening quietly, and what I thought was lovingly, to her expressing her pain. I believed that silently willing her to see things differently would alleviate the problem and was beginning to wonder why things even seemed to be getting worse. Then I watched and listened to your message and this really made me sit up. It had escaped me completely that I was missing one of the key principles of the course , and I am so grateful for this message which was right there in front of me all the time. It is really hard not to judge a situation instinctively , but not so hard to just watch this happening.
    I will just give her a nice foot massage instead and leave the rest to the one who knows.

    • David,
      You got this message at the perfect time when you were ready for it. It’s all going perfectly. This situation with your wife is for YOU and your unfolding. Giving her a foot massage and leaving the rest to One who knows, now that’s the best thing I’ve heard ALL DAY! You’re so awesome!!

  38. Linda,
    This is one of my favorite lessons or topic from the course. I remember the first time I read it and I was blown away by the simple directive, Never Correct Your Brother. Simple statement, complicated practice but oh so enlightening to do it. A weight just lifts when you accept the truth of your brother and you. You are spot on my sweet. I love you and thank you for the reminder of the truth of who we are.

  39. Wow, I am feeling so blessed this morning to be a part of this community. I did the 40 Day program in the Fall and I am planning to do it again in a week! Todays teaching was so relevant in my life as I am a master of judging and trying to fix everybody, I’m a nurse and that’s what we do, YIKES! But thank you Laura for being a beautiful teacher and leader…for sharing your truth and being an inspiration….there is hope for me too, LOL. I must save I have a very sick and broken Ego and I need all of this…I need to trust the Sweet Spirit to lead me down the path because I have had so many miracle when I do. I look forward to becoming a more active member in ACIM as I can not do it alone and need a Spiritual community to be surrounded by theses truth teachings.
    Also I get so much from all the great sharings. Thank you ALL so much. Much Love.

    • Christine!
      Please go easy on yourself. We all have a very “sick and broken” ego. LOL That’s exactly what it is. Just deciding to feed the Truth of you instead is HUGE! Now Holy Spirit does the work for you. So glad you’re here. Keep going my friend.

  40. Linda, this just confirms what the Holy Spirit was telling me as I was praying this morning. He said, as you pray for each person…say the name of Jesus. I had such wonderful peace that I didn’t want to get up and do my routine. Thank you so much! Alma

  41. This is so helpful and just what I need to focus on right now, especially with my children who are teenagers and young adults and provide many regular opportunities for me to choose again how I will see them and myself. Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂 <3

  42. This is such a powerful, though challenging, concept. And as usual the exact message I needed today.. having spent some time correcting what I perceived as others mistakes and misconceptions. Remembering who I am. Remembering love first. That is all there is. I am rereading and journaling about this message as it hits so powerfully home with me today.
    Thank you

  43. Wow I heard what you were saying but boy would that be hard to do. I think what you are saying just watch yourself not your brother yes? Does that mean just stop and go on with out ever commenting on anything anyone ever says to you that you feel is wrong? Not ask someone to stop doing something to you or at you that is not in what you feel is wrong? Not sure about what you meant maybe my ego is making me deaf to your message im going to as the holy spirit to help me to understand it. Thank you

  44. Thank you Linda. I had a situation just 15 min ago where a projection /attack came at me in a text message. Knowing the course quite well I knew that the fear that first raise up in me wasn’t true. I knew it was an opportunity for me to heal and continue the road home. I remembered having seen your article on fb. So just having watch it …. I thank you 🙏🏼 For helping me to heal, myself and thereby everyone else as well.
    Bless you. ❤☀🙏🏼

  45. Dear Linda, thank you so much for the lesson in not correcting my brother. Without going into details, I always found studying hard. Did not not always comprehend, could not concentrate for long. The result was that I did not pay full attention to all you’ve said. I decided to copy your lesson in my journal as I found in the past that it helps me to focus and the result is nearly like a meditation as I write, I read it aloud and because I do not write so fast, my mind receives it better7

    I found a gem (pearl) in your writing about TRUST : “Now you’re helping the Truth to enter your mind, and theirs instead of reinforcing separatio n. It’s quite beautiful. You’re gifting everyone.”

    When I read Truth something nearly exploded in my mind. I remembered Lesson 107: Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

  46. Hi Linda,

    Thank you for this video. I am very much a fixer of others, professionnally and too often, personnally. I could see sometimes you wanted to laugh because you could probably identify many occasion where this topic was challenging for you. That made me laugh! Yep, this is a hard one for me since I have been doing it since childhood (it’s not working) and have recently been ‘seeing’ the pain this is causing in my relationship. I will try my best to follow your many suggestions, join with Holy Spirit more often when I feel tempted to correct another. The ego thought system is so hard on us.

    In gratitude…

  47. Well it’s interesting. Today I went to a talk relating to the bible where they spoke about correcting a Brother when he’s creating conflict within the organisation. Then if he continues eventually he’ll be thrown out. He will though be given chances to repent & amend.Now I must admit I saw the truth in it because it can really upset many people when someone attacks repeatedly without awareness. Of course they made a point of correcting from love. Then I also realized Mooji who’s one of my main teachers points out mistakes with love. So my conclusion at this point is as long as we come from love all is well.Sometimes too there a practical reasons to correct. However much of the time we’re in the habit of correcting from fear & judgement just because we think we know the way & we don’t. This is a power thing & not loving. This is what I must give up. I wondered what you have to say on this Linda? Thank you so much, as putting this into practice this week has been very revealing. I can see how much guilt I carry when other people think I’m not good enough & I take it on by attacking myself. It’s not true I am as God created me, we ALL are.I’m handing it up & being true to myself. I’m stepping out of the story, theirs & mine. I’m handing myself to the Holy Spirit whenever there’s disturbance inside me & listening for guidance. When reactivity comes & I want to kill someone(!!!) I own & confess it & make it into comedy if I can & hand it over. It can be so strong inside me sometimes the need to be right especially when I’m criticized within the family I feel the hardening!!! It triggors those old wounds. A lot of tears & pain under the hard need to be right mask. Vulnerability. It’s all a bit messy!!!

  48. I feel so guided to this 40 day program. It makes me feel so happy and that is always a sign for me that I am on the right path. I loved your video and can’t wait to see more.
    Much love,
    Linda O’Connell

  49. Thank you for this and all the videos you send us.
    They are helpful to me because they make it clear how to apply what Jesus is teaching us.

  50. Linda, This is indeed BOLD! Can I do it? As always, this is the message I needed to hear today, so I AM all in!! I will do it with you, and take comfort in knowing we are doing it together. I love this about ACIM – that it is bold and uncompromising, and tells us clearly what to do. We don’t have to decide which situations in our lives to apply these lessons to – we apply them to ALL situations.
    Tonight I will attend “family night counseling” at my daughter’s drug rehab house, and I will see her differently – I will take the hand she is offering me to see her wholeness, not “my addicted daughter who needs to be fixed.” What a challenge. I’m not sure how to handle the nuances. She IS showing me that I have buried fears and beliefs.
    Thank you for bringing this radical idea to my attention. I love being bold!

    • Nancy, your comments filled my heart in a way that I can not explain to you. Yes, I join you. You are so courageous and brilliant and totally guided. You’ve got this, and, Yes, I am doing this right along side you. I can promise you that. Sending you so much Love and gratitude!!

  51. I was a people pleaser, fixer! Always thought I was being so helpful with my ideas, my ways, and my direction. Until I realized those were just “judgements” and people were feeling judged! It’s hard for people to accept you as a non fixer..saying no thank you! But it’s truly for the better, the growth between you and people will sprout and grow!

  52. Thank you Linda this was most helpful. I have a close friend (traditional Christian, church, …) who has had one thing after another happen to her mainly with relationships of spouse and son and moving place where the grass is greener over and over. Last night she told me her son was in behavioral health division of hospital for 2’weeks for delusional thinking and bizarre behavior. I think I did a good job listening and then encouraging her strategies that she has in place for him. I can look at him as a holy child of God and if she lets me go to see him and do that. He has given me the impression that he might hear me.
    BUT I do not know what is best for him or why he and his mom are on this journey. Maybe the mom needed THIS to be strong for him and not coddle him and do what he wanted in every instance. He really directed their lives. ( he is 19 years old and you would be amazed at the stories of how she did whatever he wanted his whole life. ) So as I step back I am seeing this perfectly. She is getting what she needs for her growth. I hope she can get it. I see her now as stepping up to the plate and I think this is metaphor I will use instead of tough love. It is interesting that she never calls me, when I call her, she opens up right away about the latest. I always feel good about what I give her. But I need to be careful and not think I am her savior. I will reread the section you are reading from. I found it. 🙂 . Text chapter 9, section 3. Peace to you. And thank you.

    • Thanks for your feedback Theresa. We are not here to fix this illusion. It’s like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. LOL!!

  53. Hi Linda. This post is extremely helpful. For a lot of years I thought that I could fix MY world by telling others, especially significant others, how to be for ME. It was an ongoing battle. Then I realized that the ME was a false sense of something conjured up in thought, and in the thought system of the world. And I realized the insanity. That the action of the ego is to project and protect and to do anything that maintains the illusion of separateness. Still, I forget, and when I am seemingly being right, and too tolerant of thought, I have to ask for help in remembering. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  54. Thank you. This sure makes life simpler. I admire your humility. Because I identify. And now I can use my energy elsewhere.

  55. hi everyone

    as i was doing lesson 16 this morning it occurred to me all the things i used to do to fix my thoughts. i would tap EFT points to erase the thought. other acim people would go on and on about how i should do byron katie. others would want to use psych k. always there was some technique to fix my mind and my thinking. i would feel irritable about it all. this morning i laughed and realized somehwere in the course it says our minds are complicated and so it is hard for us to be simple in our thinking. all i have to do is my lessons! it is all done for me in doing the simple straightforward lessons! i can let go of all the other ideas of how to fix my mind, it is right here and very simple, just do this. and thought i am working the lessons, on a deeper level it is being healed for me as i just do as i am asked to do

  56. p.s. to my last post

    as i was listening to the 40 day intro and wondering what i was addicted to,it occurred to me,,,,,lots of things like being human and mortality and old age sickness pain and death in all its forms.
    i saw that the means i use to justify it all is fixing. i try to fix myself all day and night. that is my meaningless reality.
    for me fixing myself proves to myself that i am not as god created me. that i have needs. i need this and that. i need my bother to help me. i need something.

    so, i would like to use this forum to make my declaration out loud,,,,

    I have no f_____g needs.
    I am as god created me

    Thanks for being out there to hear my declaration!

    • Anna,
      I can not tell you how timely this message is and how it PROVES how connected we are and that we are ONE. I made the exact same declaration this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no f_*&^ing needs! I am as God Created me. I love you more than words can describe right now.

    • I don’t know exactly what the Course means about never correcting a brother, but I doubt the phrase is meant to be taken literally and I don’t know anybody that does take it literally. If you doubt my claim, ask any of the proponents of that phrase that are commenting about it on this site if they think we should do away with our civil and criminal justice system and if they are honest they will say no.

      I think there is value in the concept and it probably would have great value in reducing the nastiness we see in politics and the like but taken literally would send this imaginary world that we see into chaos.

  57. Jonh8You&#,217;ve got it my friend. Thanks for helping Karen and Joann too.Keep pressing on and keep me posted.I’m glad its all starting to fall into place.Rob.P.S. Nice looking Incredible Seo Article Writing Service you’ve set up..-= Rob Canyon´s last blog .. =-.

  58. I’m on day 30 of the 40-Day Program, and this fits like a glove. I know is working because before I started I would have forwarded the video to the person I thought was too critical ( I see the irony now) Thank You

  59. Loved this video Linda, thank-you so much.
    I am on day 18 of the 40 day program and starting to get my head around this new way of thinking and loving it.
    Sending you love, Eve xxx

  60. This is definitely sent to me by the Holy Spirit who I was calling on without really knowing how to stop myself from trying to correct my friend. I knew I was wrong because of how I felt, I tried to stop because of the feeling ; I did realize I was not helping and stopped talking{by phone} eventually and just listened. I was still thinking I wanted to help her see things differently after I got off the phone and came to review a lesson when I saw this subject on side bar and Knew the answer was there!!! Thank you so much; the timing was Perfect! I downloaded the transcript, I want to really GET this, LIVE this, YES!!!

  61. SO need this message right now! My question is how? In the moment? I wish there were some roleplay videos or some other way to see how this would actually work out in real conversations. This morning my husband and I were talking about something on Facebook that got him all riled up and I said that it’s best to make changes with individuals instead of spreading poising and giving energy to our “pain bodies” by getting involved in things we haven’t personally experienced. I was correcting him, and although the teaching is right, my method was not. It would be awesome to see reenactments of HOW to do it…

  62. This was excellent because I looked up “hauty eyes” to be clear on it’s meaning and I was able to find a very helpful reminder that I can share and reap benefits from at home with my son and husband. Your lesson shared from ACIM and your words are just great and a wonderful reminder. I pray that we will expedite our journey with loyalty to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen