There Are No Private Thoughts

By Kelly Russell

Being a psychotherapist, I LOVE that the scribe of A Course in Miracles, Helen Schucman, and her collaborator and colleague Bill Thetford, were both psychologists.

there are no private thoughts

The Course came into the world through them presented as not only a spiritual philosophy, but as a complete psychological mind-training, which I think is SO COOL!

Many of the evidence-based best practices in psychotherapeutic treatment today are also centered around working with the mind, and the thoughts and beliefs that are responsible for the emotions that we have.

This aspect is very similar to what A Course in Miracles is talking about when it says,

“You may believe that you are responsible for what you do, but not for what you think. The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice. What you do comes from what you think.”

People tell me how someone in their lives isn’t treating them well – and when I ask them to elaborate on some of the thoughts they have about this person, I often hear a litany of criticism. People think that they have those critical thoughts because of how they are being treated. The truth is that they are being treated the way they are because of the thoughts they are having and the beliefs that are reinforced by them.

Lesson 338 in A Course in Miracles says,

“I am affected only by my thoughts.”


It doesn’t say,

“I am affected by the things my spouse says (or doesn’t say)”,


“I am affected by my disrespectful teen”,


“I am affected by my controlling mother”.


But that’s where most of us are operating from. We see the problem as,

“If _____ would just do/not do _____, then I would be happy.”

Both A Course in Miracles and modern psychology teach us that among the most powerful defense mechanisms the mind uses is that of projection – distancing one’s self from unpleasant thoughts, beliefs, feelings, or behaviors by attributing them to someone else.

Some beliefs may be deeply ingrained, or even unconscious. They may be felt as, “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not lovable”, “I’m not worthy”, “I don’t deserve it” – and when a person operates from that place they unconsciously attract situations that reinforce those negative beliefs. If you don’t think you are worthy of being treated well, you will find yourself in relationships where you are not treated well.

The truth is, all of the negative emotions we feel – guilt, resentment, anger, hurt, fear, sadness – are representative of feeling separate from our Creator. That is the one problem A Course in Miracles is concerned with us learning – and the one solution is for us to remember that the separation never occurred.

If we hope to ever be happy in this world we have to be willing to take responsibility for every single thing that happens in our lives. Not in a guilty way – blaming ourselves for what we create is just as destructive and erroneous as blaming others, and there’s no difference because we are all one mind.

Taking ownership of our experience means understanding that when we have a judgmental, critical, or condemning thought, that is what is going to be reflected back to us from the world.

One concept from A Course in Miracles that I think can be useful in explaining the idea of our thoughts controlling our experience in relationships is that of there being no private thoughts.

(WHAAAAAT? I know, right? When I got to that particular teaching of the Course the first time, I was like, “oh sh*t.”)

We are taught that as long as you keep your thoughts to yourself and don’t verbally express them – “keep it in your bubble” as they say to the kindergartners – that that means they can’t be heard, felt, or reacted to, and that you can’t be held responsible for having them.

So even if you think your husband is a total jerk, as long as you don’t say it, he won’t know. It makes sense that we would think that, because the whole idea of bodies is to keep us separate from our bros, right?

But guess what? We aren’t separate – all minds are joined, which means one of the biggest self-fake-outs we do is think that our thoughts are private. They aren’t.

I talk more about this subject in today’s video.

There Are No Private Thoughts

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In the world of bodies and form, where we think we are separate, we can see this illustrated by witnessing how thought energy travels.

Did you ever start to make a call or send a text and the person calls or texts you at that moment? Ever start to say something to a companion and they say they were just thinking the same thing?

That is not a coincidence – which is a false concept anyway. It happens because our thoughts travel faster than we can engage our bodies to articulate them – because they originate in our mind – our one mind.

So when you find yourself totally trash-talking someone in “your mind”, saying something like, “You’re an idiot”, think about the fact that they can hear you in “their mind”. That bubble that you believe keeps your thoughts safe within your mind is as chock full of holes as the idea itself.

The person may not say, “Hey, I heard you totally diss me just now” – but that’s mostly because we are heavily invested in the egoic idea that we are separate, and we don’t really want to think that our thoughts are not private. But the other person can feel the energy of the thought you are projecting at them just like the attack it is.

Having said that, before I get too far down the rabbit hole of talking about the “other person”, I just want to remind us that all minds are joined because there is one son of God and we are it. So (here’s where it gets all freaky) there is really no other person.

That is just the human being’s experience of appearing to be separate in our perception of the world. This means that whatever thought that we are thinking about another person, we are really thinking about ourselves.

One of the fathers of modern psychology and total rad dude Carl Jung called this our shadow side. He theorized that whenever we can’t tolerate something in another person it’s because we hate it within ourselves. Being unable to admit to and acknowledge this, we unconsciously deny it and project it onto them.

So, “you’re an idiot” really means “I’m an idiot”.

To better get this concept it is necessary for us to look at why we have the emotional reaction we do when we feel that someone has mistreated us. It is not actually what people are saying or doing to us that is causing our response. It is what we believe to be true about ourselves that their behavior is triggering that we find so upsetting – it is the meaning we make of it.

From A Course in Miracles’ perspective, we are projecting this world and everyone in it in our minds. This means that everything that everyone is saying or doing to us is also in our minds.

We are making the movie. We are creating the dialogue. So, why would I have someone saying hurtful or disrespectful things to me? Why would I have someone behaving in a controlling manner toward me? Why would I have my spouse be disengaged, my child be defensive, my parent be critical?

Because I feel guilty, and on a below the gut level I think I deserve to be punished.

I’m Not Good Enough (and I am Guilty)

I can tell you that in my experience as a therapist, the two most commonly occurring negative self-perception patterns people have are that they are not good enough and that they are guilty. If I had a buck for every time someone told me they feel guilty – about EVERYTHING – well, let’s just say I’d probably be writing this from my own private island.

The two beliefs are actually just one – we believe we are not good enough because we believe we are guilty. It is pervasive, not because our parents said it, or the priest or the nuns said it, or the Bible said it, or the televangelist said it – although we may have had the idea reinforced by any or all of the above.

The belief that we are not good enough because we are guilty comes directly from the ego mind – that part of our joined mind that wants us to believe we separated from our Creator – that we rejected Him.

The ego mind will use the vehicle of our thoughts to take us on as many guilt trips as possible if we allow it to take the wheel.

As the Course tells us,

“There is no more self-contradictory concept than that of ‘idle thoughts.’”

If you pay attention, you will notice that when your thoughts become idle they often turn critical of people with whom we are in relationship. We then experience guilt for having these thoughts, even if it is unconscious to us. We can even make ourselves feel guilty about feeling guilty!

So, what is the treatment?

How do we stop feeling guilty, and projecting our guilt onto others? How do we stop judging them and then experiencing the consequences of our critical thoughts playing out in our lives? How do we stop our thoughts?

First, we become more conscious of them. As we study and practice the lessons of A Course in Miracles, we will develop more of an in-the-moment awareness of our thoughts. We can then use the forgiveness practice as it is defined in A Course in Miracles.

When we become aware that we are having a critical thought about another person, as soon as we are able we need to take ourselves through the steps of the process.

For example:

  • I am forgiving this person for what they didn’t do, remembering that there is nothing to forgive because
  • I am dreaming an illusion made up by the ego mind
  • I acknowledge that the guilt is in my mind and I am projecting it onto them
  • I forgive myself for believing in the dream
  • I ask Spirit to change my mind, heal my projections, and help me see this differently

It is important to understand that this is what forgiveness means in A Course in Miracles. It does not mean,

“I forgive you even though you hurt me.”

As Jesus tells us specifically in lesson 221,

“Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and make them real. It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven.”

All YOUR sins are forgiven because you and your brother are one, so when you hold another person guilty, you hold yourself there too.

When you forgive and release them, you free yourself. It is important to learn this process and the steps it entails so that you really understand what you are doing – or rather – undoing.

Once you get it down, you can shorten the prayer to

“You are Spirit, pure, whole and innocent. All is forgiven and released.”

This version is great because it’s faster, and you can use it to forgive more and more when you notice your peace is disturbed. If you are new to this concept and process, it might take a while before you are able to forgive someone.

Here’s the awesome effect, which will become self-reinforcing and be your motivating factor for wanting to practice this form of forgiveness. It is like magic, in that as you do it, you will find that one of two results happen. Either the situation in the world actually appears to change, because you changed your projection, thus shifting your perception. Or you just will no longer experience a charge on it.

changing our thoughts

As you get into the habit of “hearing” your own thoughts, you will get better and better at catching them, and forgiving them immediately. Eventually they change as you are thinking them, you find yourself reframing them – another common psychological tool – into a positive and loving thought.

The result of this will be that your relationships will improve immensely.

You will be more accepting, and able to allow people to be as they are and not feel like you need to change them. You will find that you experience greater peace and harmony, more joy, and you will definitely have more fun.

When you realize that you control your experience with your thoughts, you empower yourself to create miraculous relationships.

Thank you for spending time with me today, it is such a privilege for me to be here with you.

I hope that this blog post was helpful to you in some way.

And now I’d love to know…

Question: Did this conversation deepen your understanding or inspire you? Did it cause you to consider your relationships from a different perspective? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

If you have not experienced the Teachers of God transformational programs, I invite you to explore them. They are amazing, and will change your experience of life. Click here to explore them now.

I send epic thoughts of your brilliant, radiant, vibrant, shimmering awesomeness your way.


Rev Kelly Russell

kelly russell

If you have not experienced the Teachers of God transformational programs, I invite you to explore them. They are amazing, and will change your experience of life. Click here to explore them now. 

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32 thoughts on “There Are No Private Thoughts

  1. Hi Kelly,

    When I begin my comment by saying, “Hi Kelly,” I realize that I am addressing a thought; a symbol. I have never met Kelly so I have no recording (mental image picture) to access in my memory and place in front of me as I compose this communication. Yet I have seen the symbol, Kelly, as a form. Through watching videos, I have perceived Kelly at Teachers of God Friday Morning gatherings, Kelly teaching through videos (like the one on this blog) and I have seen photographs of Kelly that she has included on her blogs. Consequently, I have numerous recordings (memories) of Kelly in videos and in the form of photographs that I can access and project in the space around my laptop where I am presently arranging thoughts to send to a receipt point across time and space. At least, that’s what it seems like is happening. But absolutely nothing in the dream world is what it seems to be.

    I am not presently arranging thoughts on a computer screen for the purpose of sending a communication to Kelly. Kelly is the thought of a human being that is in my sleeping mind and, for me, there is nothing to be gained in communicating with an illusory human. Therefore, the communication I am composing is not for Kelly, the thought. Instead, this communication is intended for the Teacher of God and Light of the world that the symbol, Kelly, points to.


    Using the symbol ‘responsibility’ and the symbol ‘thought,’ opens up a huge door to a vast realm within the mind that is begging to be explored. If one chooses to step across the threshold and enter this realm alone, it is certain that they will find themselves exploring a labyrinth of seemingly endless “rabbit holes.” However, if one chooses to enter this realm joined with their inner guide, what they will be exploring is a classroom beyond description!

    At your invitation Teacher of God, Light of the world, I am ready to explore the realm of responsibility and thought, that is; I am ready to enter an unbelievable realm in quest of discoveries. My inner guide has assured me, The Observer, that profound discoveries will be made. That mentioned, I expect that as the days seem to go by, there will be a few more comments that I will submit for posting in the comment section of your blog.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  2. Thank you. I just came acriss your name yesterday in Podcasts as I was searching for Course in Mirackes teachers. I read the Course 2 years ago and did the lessons. But I see now I was just pushing thru to find the solution to end my misery. I was not wanting to do the work.
    I just picked up the Course again a week ago and I am starting over. This time I understand what I’m reading, absorbing what I’m reading and realize it takes work. Your blog from today was perfect as that is the whole key to mind training. It reinforced what I’ve learned and I wrote down your interpretations of words of ways to change our thinking statements.

  3. Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for this enlightening, clear, understandable blog post of yours. You really hit the nail on the head several times for me (aha moments) with this way of looking at the “private thoughts” topic that has been confusing me somewhat as I read about it in the Course. You are definitely the answer to my prayer and request of the Holy Spirit to “Please help me to ‘get it’, to understand it and be able to put it into practice and receive the miracles that it promises. This is like the missing link, the puzzle pieces I’ve been looking for….just as your blog on “how to get absolutely everyone to do exactly what you want them to do” that you posted a few months ago. I love your teaching style, and I appreciate you very much, I hope you can feel it.
    (Smiley face and hearts)

  4. Busted!!!
    Thanks Kelly for a great reminder, I have found myself being quiet but there have been thoughts in my mind.
    There are no private thoughts.

  5. Hi Kelly,
    Your Clarity of mind and presentation of the course is inspiring and life changing. I will certainly share this with my wife this evening. We are newbies having just taken the 40 day program and are now on lesson 42 I think. “God is the Light in which I see.” But this One ! #338 “I am affected only by my Thoughts” Dude! I am blown away!! I am liberated with the Hope that I can get this ! and stay ALL IN …as Lisa would say. You have captured in a few words what the Son of God is dying to hear. All the lessons are pure Gold.


  6. Beautifully illustrated Kelly. I’m going through that exactly with my new job. I feel that I’m not getting the help and assistance to start off on my newly found career because in my mind I’m not good enough Orr knowledgeable enough to succeed. I now see exactly what I’ve been doing to myself and will change my thoughts to Love and appreciation to those around me at work. It’s is all coming from me, thank you.

  7. Kelly, your explanation was enlightening! Thank you so much! I’ve been studying the Course for almost 20 years now, but I m still learning….Sometimes a get stuck or go backwards, and then something just happens that makes me progress in my way to God. May He keep blessing us with your contributions and understanding of the Course. In peace.

  8. Wow! What a wonderful post. It kept me engaged and wanting to read more. It felt good to read it and is in alignment with the Mind service that I’m doing. I will share it with friends. I’ve been blessed!

  9. I don’t understand the forgiving someone for what they didn’t do because it was an illusion my ego made up.
    The part about projecting unto them how I feel about something myself helps.
    I get that no one can get me mad, etc. it’s my reaction and I’m responsible for that.

    • Hi Michelle! Thank you for writing. I know – the concept of forgiving someone for what they did not do can be hard to get and even harder to accept! It is based on the teaching of A Course in Miracles that the entire WORLD and everyone in it is a projection our ego mind made up to make us believe we are separate from God and each other. We are not. We are an extension of God, all of us, as one Son. God is perfect love. Therefore, we are perfect love. We cannot come from perfect love and somehow be imperfect. That is the Truth. Anything else we are believing in is an illusion, including this world, our bodies, our bros as separate beings in bodies, and anything that they appear to do in this dream. ❤️

  10. Yes, I do believe the first relationship is between myself and god. From here i learn forgiveness of myself and being loved unconditionally. With this experience i can walk in the world lovingly and forgivingly. Frequent visits to the lord are necessary to recharge. This is the covenant but it’s eternally ours, so I can rely on it whenever………I’m at odds with someone about something. I feel gods understanding and he encourages me to open my vision and get out of the peephole. Attempting to view things from another’s angle requires expansion of thought/feeling (compassion) which isn’t possible if anger creeps in as anger and frustration result in shrinkage (lack of empathy). Thx for this post, Kelly, Ann

  11. Thank you! Being able to have your words printed was most helpful ( I like reading), my phone gigs were used up a couple of weeks ago, thus waiting a few more days for video power to return. This happens monthly…gags to gigs! So the seeds of the TRUTH are being nurtured daily. All of you LIGHTS are shining on my path….Iam gratiful.

  12. Thank you Kelly for explaining this so clearly. I never quite understood what was meant by “there are no private thoughts” and how important it is to be aware of them. Blessings of Peace Love and Joy!

  13. Thank you so much Kelly for this! It’s funny… I’m exactly up to this lesson in ACIM so you’ve really helped me clarify it and it’s also something I felt I really needed for my day to day life! Blessings and love beautiful soul!

  14. I loved it very clear. Helped me to understand both thought are really one thought. Loved the reality their are no private thoughts and the practice of forgiveness was really clear. Thank you Namaste’

  15. Beautiful presentation Kelly, Thank you!!!
    My friend T and his pardner Christine realized that pointing out each others shadow never worked out very
    well because they were often met with resistance and their own mind’s obsession with another’s “short comings” became part of
    the problem. So they turned it around and started confessing, “I believe my happiness is contingent on you changing your
    behavior around blah, blah, blah..” The beauty in this is it reinforces the truth of “my happiness is my responsibility”, gives
    the other person the ability to respond without feeling attacked and responding defensively and allows hidden “problems”
    to come to the surface..

    There aren’t any guarantees how the other will respond but it can clear long held resentments and brings relationships
    into the circle of spirit for healing and awakening and that’s what they were for all along..

  16. Thank you for this post. It was just what I needed. I read this just as I was trying to work through some angry feelings toward someone whose behavior was reflecting a negative idea I have about myself. Exactly the right words at exactly the right time.
    I am grateful.

    • I agree that my discomfort comes from how I judge the experience, but not letting what others do hurt, has made me get more isolated. For example, my children nor my sisters family participated me of their

  17. It made me think more about my thoughts, but what am I to think if someone is in my face and blatantly disrespects me? Am I to say it’s not true it’s just my imagination…..

    I’m confused.

    • Hi Cc! Thank you so much for your question. From a Course in Miracles standpoint, someone in your face blatantly disrespecting you is a projection of unconscious guilt that is in your own mind. It is also a cue for you to question where you may be thinking disrespecting thoughts toward others. The answer is always the forgiveness practice that I discussed in the blog post. This does not mean that in the world of form you have to stay in the presence of someone who appears to be attacking you. It means you understand that the ego mind is making up the whole dream – you as a body, them as a body, and the conflict. Practicing forgiveness allows you to overlook whatever the person is appearing to do in the dream, remembering that you are not separate – you are one being – and to reconnect with the love that you are as one in reality. You can leave the conversation and still practice forgiveness.
      As you do this consistently you will notice people either being less disrespecting toward you, or it will not have the power over you that it presently does. ❤️

  18. Well I was mentally abused by my husband. Was fixing to leave. My being n love with him was gone, he got saved but I’m not in love with him now. But I feel God told me that I promised him God that I would stay till death do us part. So I’m trying for God’s sake. Let him deal with the situation.

  19. Dear Kelly,
    Thank You for your teaching . I don’t usually reply &
    I am . I am inspired by your perspective .
    I have been studying the course for about 11 yrs,
    & most recently really struggling .
    Thank You very much!!!!

  20. Thank you for this article!! I think I should read it every morning before starting my day. I think it will not only help the daily workbook lessons but re-frame the whole day.❤️

  21. Hello Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    You wrote: “If we hope to ever be happy in this world we have to be willing to take responsibility for every single thing that happens in our lives. Not in a guilty way – blaming ourselves for what we create is just as destructive and erroneous as blaming others, and there’s no difference because we are all one mind.”

    I have been exploring this concept as well as reviewing what I believe I know about it. I would like to share my observations with you as a means to share them with me.

    It seems to me that the symbol ‘responsibility,’ like the symbol ‘truth’ is a symbol that points to a pure singularity of which there can be no versions. Meaning that it is impossible for one to be partially responsible or partially truthful. One can only be completely responsible or completely truthful. Any condition other than being fully complete is an illusion.

    Operating in the dream world (the ego thought system), everything we experience is an illusory version (interpretation) of some other illusory version. Be that as it may, we can use illusions and versions of illusions to bring more awareness into the dream (wake up inside the dream) to the point where we recognize that there is another choice that we can make; a choice that will awaken us from the dream.

    In the human condition we are operating with versions (illusions) of responsibility. But what is responsibility in a world composed of dreams and what does it mean to ‘take responsibility’ or ‘be responsible?’ Well, I have no doubt that anyone that makes the attempt to answer this question, will produce an answer that is a version peculiar to them. So the next question to ask is, “Among all the versions of answers to the question, which one is the best?” My answer to that is…it’s the one that brings more awareness into the dream. But this does not mean there is not a “one size fits all” answer. As one’s path through the dream is highly individualized, what the best answer is for myself is not necessarily the best answer for another. This circumstance, though, does not prevent us from sharing and comparing our answers, indeed, it is through our sharing and comparing illusions within the dream of being human, that helps us to eventually join in our one mind.

    For me, responsibility is a symbol that points to CAUSE. A pure state of being a willing and knowing total CAUSE of all effects. And there are no modifiers on the effects; that is, there is no good and bad, right and wrong, more or less. This state of being is absolutely inconceivable and incomprehensible to any aspect of Spirit that is pretending to be human.

    In the human experience, there are numerous other symbols that are attached to the idea of responsibility. Some examples of these are: good, bad, right, wrong, fault, blame, regret, guilt, punishment, cause, effect, control and so on (I expect that you will have some symbols to add to the list). There are two symbols from this list that have helped me to understand how to ‘take responsibility’ and ‘be responsible.’ They are the symbols: control and cause.

    What is control? Control is the ability to cause (start) a thought and cause (stop) a thought. What is a thought? Everything is a thought. Of course, there is something that occurs between start and stop and that something is change. The process of change is but a continuous vacillation of start and stop that produces the illusion of a thought in motion, which produces the illusion of time. The illusion of time is dependent upon the illusion of motion.

    When one is pretending to be a human character existing in a hypothetical world, the symbol responsibility is synonymous with the symbol control. Taking responsibility then, means taking control; specifically, taking control of thoughts. Being responsible is being in control of thoughts. The more thoughts one can control the more responsible they are.

    When a person is not being responsible, they are not being in control of their thoughts. Instead, they are being controlled by their thoughts; essentially they are being the effect (victim) of the thoughts they caused (started) then denied doing so, thereby, making themselves powerless to stop the thoughts that seem to be victimizing them. How can one stop something they didn’t start?

    Blame is a way for the person to assign cause to someone or something that seems to exist outside of their self. Blame is a transference of control to a thought. Blaming is a way for me to say that I did not cause this effect; this other thing (this thought) that I’m pointing to did.Therefore, I am electing to give control of myself over to this thought. By blaming I maintain myself as an effect (victim) of thoughts I caused (started) then denied ownership for. Blaming is a most efficacious way to remain in hell.

    Back in the mid 70’s a co-worker informed me that I was one-hundred percent responsible for the condition I was in. I don’t recall exactly what it was that prompted my co-worker to tell me this, but I suspect it was due to my incessant blaming of a former girlfriend. I was assigning her cause for all the horrible things that seemed to be happening to me at the time and my co-worker, I’m sure, was sick and tired of hearing me go on and on about it . In any case, I instantly revoked this notion of my being completely responsible for my condition and I had lots of examples to give for why he was in error. My protests, though, did not sway my friend from his mission to enlighten me. And, little by little, he did enlighten me to the point where I could experience the idea that I was, indeed, 100 percent responsible for the condition I was in. Whether I interpreted my condition to be good or bad was not a factor; I was fully responsible (cause) for the condition.

    I discovered that the degree that I accept the idea that I am completely responsible for the condition I’m in, is proportional to the amount of control I demonstrate in my seeming journey through time and space.

    Another enlightenment my friend gradually nudged me into was the idea that I was responsible for everything because I was the cause of everything; even if it seemed that it had absolutely nothing to do with me. But this is another story.

    Thank you.

    Note: Yesterday I composed a lengthy comment addressing the subject of responsibility but I did not get a chance to complete it. I planned to do that this morning. However, I had just got up from bed this morning and was headed to the bathroom when my inner guide informed me what I had written was off the mark, and I needed to discard the comment I was working on and give it another go. So I did.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  22. Hello Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    There is an old saying that I find applicable in this seeming journey of remembering who and what I really am. It is a statement of the obvious – You cannot see all the elephant from standing in one spot. To see all the elephant, you have to walk around the elephant.

    My journey of remembering is a metaphysical one where there seems to be countless versions of myself looking at the elephant. For a long while, because of the wildly varied descriptions I was hearing or reading about the elephant, I was fairly certain that each version of me must be looking at a different elephant than I was. Now, though, I have come to realize that it has always been only the form of the elephant and forms of description that were appearing to be different; the content was the same.

    The teachings from the Teachers of God that take the form of blogs on this website are a good example of walking around the elephant. The teachings all have to do with the same elephant but the perspectives are varied. By reading the blogs, and the comments added to the blogs, I am given the wonderful opportunity to view different aspects of the elephant vicariously. In my assuming the point of view of the teacher through their blog, surprising explorations of thought are always prompted. It would be physically impossible for me to share the scope of these explorations by adding comments to a blog. Nevertheless, I am often nudged by my inner guide to share perspectives of the elephant that I experience through my explorations.

    Your teaching, Kelly, has prompted a most incredible exploration of thought that I am being gently, but steadily, nudged to share aspects of. When, though, is never for me to say. I have long since turned the timing of every step I take in this journey over to my guide and I fully trust that my guide always knows best.

    Thank you.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  23. Hi again Kelly, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    You wrote: “People tell me how someone in their lives isn’t treating them well – and when I ask them to elaborate on some of the thoughts they have about this person, I often hear a litany of criticism. People think that they have those critical thoughts because of how they are being treated. The truth is that they are being treated the way they are because of the thoughts they are having and the beliefs that are reinforced by them.

    “Having said that, before I get too far down the rabbit hole of talking about the “other person”, I just want to remind us that all minds are joined because there is one son of God and we are it. So (here’s where it gets all freaky) there is really no other person.”

    It’s about viewpoint isn’t it? A person is confused and mistaken about what they seem to be perceiving because they don’t know where they are perceiving from. Asking oneself the question, “From what point am I viewing this from?” can be helpful in discovering where you actually are.

    A thought that has itself located in the dream does not recognize that from it is perceiving is an assumed viewpoint; that is, it is unaware that it is assuming the viewpoint of a person; a body identity with a name, story, a past, a present and a future that they mistakenly identify as being “I” or “Me.” And from this assumed viewpoint there are other body identities that fall into one of three categories; i.e., they either help or they attack or they exist as pending; meaning they are neutral until being judged as helpful or harmful.

    Existence from the assumed person viewpoint has four primary perspectives and each perspective has two intentions; to, which is interpreted as attack and for, which is interpreted as help. The first perspective concerns self to self…what am I doing to myself; what am I doing for myself. The second perspective concerns self to others…what am I doing to others; what am I doing for others. The third perspective concerns others to self…what are others doing to me; what are others doing for me. And the fourth perspective concerns others to others…what are others doing to others; what are others doing for others.

    In the dream world of the garden variety humanoid the idea of cause and effect manifests as three separate identities. Effect manifests as the victim identity. And the script for the victim is some variation of this statement: “Look what has been done to me.” And the victim’s statement will be delivered with whatever emotion; e.g., anger, fear, grief, helplessness, etc., that the victim judges will be the most effective in enlisting the help of another. Cause manifests as being one of two identities. One identity of cause is that of the persecutor and the other cause identity is that of rescuer. So what we have here with the three identities; persecutor, victim and rescuer, is a triangular relationship of cause and effect, which I’m sure Kelly that you recognize as being the Karpman Drama Triangle.

    This triangular relationship between persecutor, victim and rescuer is an incredibly efficacious trap. Any person playing one of these roles, in a round robin way, is actually playing all three roles and is simultaneously being cause and effect, which the course informs us is actually only an effect as there is no cause in the dream world.

    When the Karpman Drama Triangle is coupled to the four primary perspectives a person has, we have, I think, an insightful view of the structure that represents the framework of the illusory world that is interpreted by the person as being their home. Knowing the structure can be useful in helping the thought that is pretending to be a person, see where it believes it is and then recognize that this is not where it really is. Thereby, the thought that is pretending to be a person can begin to withdraw from that insane viewpoint and assume the viewpoint of the Observer.

    From the Observer viewpoint…thought, if choosing to align with the Higher Self, Holy Spirit, Inner Guide or whatever other name is assigned to the pure reflection of True Self, can recognize that there is no such thing as “others” in the dream world, nor is there any such thing as a person, there is definitely no such thing as cause in the dream, in fact, there is no dream world! This recognition is quantum forgiveness.

    Thank you.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  24. Thank you so much Kelly!
    This was exactly what I needed to read and listen to today! You really made forgiveness as The Course In Miracles teaches it so easy to understand and apply.
    Many blessings to you!!

  25. Thanks so much for a clear, well-explained post. Sometimes I’m not sure of the meaning of what I’m reading in ACIM but your post has clinched so much of it for me.