Valentine’s Day 2.0 Remix – A Virtual Relationship Coaching Session for You

By Kelly Russell

In honor of Valentine’s Day – an entire day devoted to LOVE – I am gifting you and your awesomeness with a virtual relationship coaching session RIGHT NOW. Whether you are partnered, or dating someone, or neither, I’m pretty sure you have some relationships in your life. As both a spiritual life coach and psychotherapist, […]

Valentine's Day 2.0

Take the Quiz: Find Out the Name of Your False Self

By Lisa Natoli

“The ego is not you. This false identification makes you incapable of understanding what anything is for.” –A Course in Miracles Do you ever as a kid play make-pretend? Almost all children do. We played cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians, doctor and sick person (the best game of them all), Batman and Robin. Back […]

find out the name of your false self

Christ Vision and Awareness

By Bill Free

God is, Awareness, Presence, Being, Christ Vision… Are all these descriptions really a different word talking about the same thing and leading us to the same experience of our own True Nature? In today’s video, I will walk you through the way workbook lessons 1 – 40 lead you to the experience of Christ Vision […]

christ vision and awareness

Perfectionists and Control Freaks Only!

By Linda Leland

If you can put a check mark next to 3 or more of these behaviors, this article was written for the both of us. ____ You have an underlying feeling, most of the time, that you’re not enough or that you’re not doing enough. ____You dump on yourself (or other people) often because you’re usually […]


Celebrate Your “Breakdowns”

By Kimberly Cartwright

Celebrate your “breakdowns”! Embrace the challenges and rejoice! Hello Beloveds, it is Kimberly here. I want to change the way we look at the “breakdowns” in our lives. You will notice that there are quotation marks around the word “breakdown” because there is actually no such thing. Only from the perspective of a separate self […]

celebrate your breakdowns

How to Solve All Your Problems In an Instant

By Lisa Natoli

When you have a pain or problem, do you get quiet? Do you wait in silence long enough to receive an answer? I have asked these questions to many people over the years and usual response I get is “the blank stare” followed by a “no”. “Getting quiet” (and expecting to hear an answer) is […]

How to solve your problems in an instant

Hearing God’s Answer

By Bill Free

How often do we have conversations with people and we think we know exactly what they need to hear and then in hindsight realize that what I was saying to him or her is what Spirit is telling me for me? What I share in this video is a prime example of how connected our […]

Hearing God's Answer final_1_1