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13606796_1271696769509971_5627140944403771562_nThe Teachers of God Foundation is one of my spiritual homes- I am always welcome, I can be myself, and I know I am safe and loved. Thank you, Beloved members of the Teachers of God Foundation. I thank God for you!!

– Kimberly Cartwright

2017-01-05_1749The Teachers of God Foundation has provided me with the tools for living life fully in each moment. Through their Programs, I have connected with real Truth of who I Am. I have risen from the dead! My life today is FULL of LOVE, happiness, peace, & ease! I wish this for everyone. Join us in the Light!

– Maureen Lynch Yarbrough

The 40 Day Program is a life-changer and in some instances, a life-saver! For me, it tripled my joy! I will forever be grateful to Lisa Natoli for all the hard work she has put into simplifying the message of The Course in Miracles so we all can understand it. I give it a 10-plus rating out of 10.

– Bonnie Nihart-Wineinger Mason

The 40 Day Program changed my life. Seriously. It delivers on its promises. I’ve studied and taught A Course in Miracles for years but incorporating it into an everyday every way experience whilst taking care of my 96 year old mother and working full time was too much for me and I lost my temper allot. I’ve been able to drop in in a way that no longer activates reactive behavior. My income has tripled and I’m free to love. I’m so happy. Thank you Lisa!

– Cybil-Kathleen Yorke

I feel so grateful to have found Lisa Natoli, Bill Free and the Teachers of God Foundation. I “met” Lisa first when I came across her books “It Matters Totally” and “Gorgeous for God.” Lisa has a way of sharing ACIM that is honest, practical and authentic. I joined the 40-day program and went on to complete the 6-month Living in Purpose Mastery Program.

I was working at a job that I was ready to release but no clarity as to what to do next. With inspiration from Lisa, Bill and dear Judy Morton, I wrote and published my own online 40-day program (Moving from Pain to Purpose), left my job and created a nonprofit called Coaching for Inner Peace.

I LOVE my life! Even if there are times when the ego mind tempts me, I recall my purpose – as Lisa often says – I am the Light of the world and I am here to extend and share Love. From Bill Free I have learned to put all that is not of God on the altar – again and again! And from Judy, I continue to learn that Love is all that is real and anything is possible!

– Seema Khaneja

Lisa & Bill, You are an inspiration to all of us.

Before the 6 month program I was preparing to die. No I wasn’t ill but I may as well have been. I had settled in to the idea that I was getting old, and the aches and pains in my body were natural due to old age. I retired from my healing profession and began to lead a sedentary life while practicing the course in miracles principles. LOL. Talk about taking things out of context.

Since completing the 6 month course I have a new lease on life. My daily talks with Holy Spirit, prompted by Lisa, have led me through another door and a new lease on life. I have returned to my healing practice in a completely different way and my life has become richer because of it. Death is no longer an option because my life is just beginning. This has all come to fruition in the past week with lots of preparation before that and daily guidance with Holy Spirit, God and now Jesus. Not sure I will meet you in April but I do hope to meet all of you one day.

– Betty Tersigni

In November 2016 I was rushed to hospital and was considered to be on my deathbed. I was totally unaware of my surroundings and incapable of any communication with my beloved children, mother and husband. I lay there for I don’t know how many days feeling isolated and terrified.

Late one night I felt the presence of someone with me. Someone filled with love and hope. I came to the realization that God was me and I know longer felt alone. He told me that I was needed to help him in the near future. This gave me strength and I prayed night and day for his guidance.

I got stronger and despite trips back to the hospital in December, January, and March, I began to search on how to give thanks and best serve him.

I have been diagnosed with chirossis and was told a liver transplant was necessary. It was around March when a Facebook message appeared from Lisa and Teachers of God regarding the 40 Day Program.

I was immediately drawn to this and signed up. I followed my lessons faithfully and discovered that I Am All In. I believe my body and soul are one with him and you all.

I was at the end of my 40 days and I knew I was going to miss Lisa’s voice and daily guidance. I then enrolled in ACIM 365 and bought my ACIM book.

On May 16 2017 I went to my specialist. To his amazement and our surprise he informed me that my liver was regenerating and I would NOT need a transplant.

I know that ACIM and my trust and love for Lisa, Bill, Judy, Linda, and everyone at Teachers of God organization showed me how to live daily with Gods love. From here anything is possible. Gods plan for me will unfold and he will provide. My next step is to take the Living in Purpose program. Thank you everyone. My journey has begun.

– Gayle Agnew-Smith

Yesterday I was watching a video of Bobby McFerrin singing Ave Maria (on Facebook) and at the very end of this beautiful performance his smile of love was amazing. I never could recognize this experience of love in my life until I started my study of ACIM and my introduction to the TOG foundation.

The 40 Day Program and Living in Purpose Program have been immense learning tools for me getting to the place I am now. These types of programs are brought to us for a personal reason. My suggestion is don’t let this pass you by.  I love you all.

– Arthur Gay

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