How to Solve All Your Problems In an Instant

By Lisa Natoli

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24 thoughts on “How to Solve All Your Problems In an Instant

  1. Thank you Lisa!
    I know bóth ways..the old way of letting mind run the show, trying to solve, fight, do…and ‘going Home’ and ‘sitting’ in quietude. It feels so counteractive, especially in very challenging situations. But in and ás Silence questions have been answered, the most miraculous solutions have been offered. Not for the mind to solve, but resolving just occured! God’s mysterious ways are revealed.
    What I ‘do’ is speaking out loud, acknowledging and confirming what I really AM, what I know the truth of out of my own experience..not by hear say. What I ask for is a deepening of that recognition and Life or God always answers. Then it is clear that I ám the very abundance and possibilities and potential of Devine Being.

  2. Well, with this practice, and my ACIM studying, and continued help from all of you at TOG, I feel totaly confident that I can find all my answers in an instant. Especially, knowing where I was; in deep confusion and full of guilt, among other states of ego mind, and where I am now; tapping into the stillness, breathing that deep breath of peace and knowing that Jesus is within and wants to guide me. I will definitely be asking, “Is that all?” from here on out! Thank you, Lisa. I’m so grateful for your guidance. Xoxoxo

  3. Dear Lisa.
    I was told by HS to leave acomment before seeing your video. To day I ha a major problem. And I asked Him to help solving it, and tell me the gift behind it. It is getting more and more easy for me to get still and expect an answer. This time to day it was very very fearfull and not easy at all. But I managed to stay in the fear for a very long time. Maybee for 10 minutes because I knew He was there. I kept my faith in my heart even I was tempted to run away and hide. After some 10 minutes I could not keep the presence anymore. But He told me that it was all right. He told me that even if I had only managed 5 secunds it had been enough. It was my rend to let Him solve the problem that counts. Every time I ask for forgiveness I have not yet tried to get the answer while beeing still. A However I have trust and faith that the answer will come sooner or later. Sometimes even after a hole month. And the I allways remember what my question was very clearly. To day I got my relief after a few minutes and a kind of an answer Hald an hour later. I truly know that He will fulfill the rest and get the hole thing together for me when time is. That’s enough for me. I am calm now in my mind and feel therefore relief in my body. Thank you God.
    I love you Lisa. You leaded me so far. Now I feel I have so much faith that I can go on on my own, knowing for sure that we go together.
    Lisbeth, Denmark❤️

  4. Hi again Lisa, this is Lisbeth from Denmark again.
    After watching the video, I feel we mean the same. Maybe I use different words within myself, but happily for me I have the same goal for sure and the same leader. I forgot to tell that I often get answers through other people but they are not aware of it, because I hear between the words and stories that come out of their expression. Sometimes I get answers in the way people and animals behave. Or sounds in the wall or in the wind and so on. The world is telling me stof I did not know before. Amazing. See you. Much Love to you guys in

  5. I do feel confident that I can solve all my problems with the Holy spirit as I’ve already experienced it. I loved your video today. I love them all. You are always so passionately playing your part of Being Truly Helpful it’s inspiring and I love you for it ❤

  6. I found the phrase “all your problems in an instant” a bit misguiding. “Each problem in an instant” helps me understand better, as the problems need to be taken to the holly instant one at a time. Have I misunderstood?

  7. My experience is that I don’t always receive a clear answer as such or hear a voice but just by being still every morning if only for 5 minutes the answers or solutions occur to me or are given to me at another point in the day. I think it’s important therefore to just be quiet without expectation and simply trust that help will come in a myriad of ways. I’m not sure that it’s always hearing a “voice” in the same way that Helen did ! It might just be a knowingness, intuition, a visual sign, a book or someone else talking to us – wherein we receive the guidance. So important not to feel we haved fail if we don’t hear a voice or get an idea or answer in the quiet time itself.

  8. indeed your words of enouragement helped, and they worked! Thankyou for being there, I think you and I are about the same age, based on your testimony in the 40 day program which I was honoured to do this July. I’m 49, and live in Canada. Do you think of Jesus as being the same as the Holy Spirit? I think of the Comforter /Holy Spirit as being there for all God’s creations, as a guide. I know Jesus was a son of God, but not more highly exalted than you or I. He could have inspred Helen in ACIM, but don’t you think that it is the Holy Spirit, even God our creator , who is guiding us in the holy instant?

    Again, thankyou

  9. I truly appreciate how simple you are able to transfer the message. I like your illustrations too.
    Thank you Lisa for being as God created you!
    With gratitude,
    Linda Marshall from Canada 🙏💕

  10. I have many things going on in my life right now. Thank you I will try . I know in my heart and soul and mind I want this. To have answers that is I have many things that I need answers to so I pray that this will work I will try it thank you.

  11. Dear Lisa, I find your post as really inspiring and true. These days I am continously reminded of getting to the silent spot and enjoy the silence there. Thank you!

  12. Good day. Being honest here. |I don’t always have time to read or listen to all your emails/posts but really appreciate them.
    Today I did open and went to listen to How to Solve all your problems in an Instant… then I received a call that my cousin had just passed away. Hard to watch him suffer and very thankful that he knew the Lord and stepped out of this life into Jesus arms. Still had emotions about that and other things. This message brought me back to the Lord’s secret place and to where I found my rest and peace once again. Thank you so very much.
    God is so faithful. God Bless.

  13. It helps. Have listened at least five times. Do believe . that’s how God would work and does work. This takes away so much of the overwhelmed and overwhelming I have had for years in ACIM which limited me muchly. The degree of resistance was weighted with my fear, guilt and shame. No, my sins, shortcomings and perceived failures are not the worst in history as my ego convinced me to believe. A great excuse to remain “learning” and not “living” the Course. Simply illusions made from the mindless myth of my ego. My conclusion, “learn to listen longer and longer.” But first, long enough to recognize nothing as nothing and experience what follows…

  14. Huh. That was odd. I think I got an answer.
    So I was struggling with transferring within my company to a less physical position and the answer I got was “strong.” It just popped up. Which I’m meaning to take I’m not too old for the position I’m in after all.

  15. Lisa, thank you so much for all you do and share. I listen to you or read your words several times a week and always find them helpful!

  16. Hi precious Lisa. SO wonderful a message and very clear – the path to the miracle. So simple many would pass it by but what a Treasure!!!! This is an amazing exercise. Thank you, sister!