Abundance – Is It Spiritual?

Ok, so here is the honest-to-God truth… I am so scared to write these blog articles! I have written one so far, this is my second, and I have erased what I have written about 20 times.

One of the most important things I have learned through applying the teachings of A Course in Miracles is to be the truest expression of myself. Lisa and Bill are ALWAYS encouraging this in all of us. So I am going to S-T-R-E-T-C-H outside of my comfort zone, and share some details about my “story” and how I came to be what I call myself now, an abundance teacher.

It has always been so important to me to be liked and one of the reasons that I struggle with this blog article is that I feel that if I tell you the truth about my path, that people will think I am REALLY weird. So I have been trying to write this and to “be spiritual”, to say the “right” thing and it just doesn’t work. Because it’s fake, because I don’t ever want to pretend anything.

So here goes, this is straight from my heart to yours.

It is my greatest desire to inspire others to break free from fear, to shift and see only love, and to live a life filled with a love of God and to share their light with the whole world…

Ok, are you ready? I used to only care about being RICH, I mean, RICH. I used to have a career before I had my children and I made a lot of money. When I got married, my husband made A LOT of money in a short period of time, like over 5 million dollars. We bought our dream home for 1.6 million dollars in a gated community, I drove a Lexus, I had TWO Nannies, yup, you read that right, two! I could buy anything I wanted at any time… and so on, and so on.

The Love Of Money
When we drove through the gates of our new neighborhood for the first time, I made a CD with the theme song from “The Apprentice”… Do you remember that song, “Money, Money, Moneeey… Moooooooooneeeeey! It’s almost cathartic to admit it!

I had three kids, and two of them had the label of “special needs”… I felt like a victim. And I constantly had people tell me that my life was so hard and they wondered how I could possibly go on. My son, who had severe depression, anxiety and OCD, was suicidal. I will never forget the day that he threw himself onto the hood of my car as I was driving down our huge driveway, and begged me to run him over.

Amidst all of this chaos, I just started praying. That was huge, because I was a lapsed Catholic, and I truly believed that if there was a God, he never would let my child suffer like this, how could he let me suffer like this, and he gave my other son Down syndrome… so why would I ever have any faith.

One day, I just got down on my knees, next to my bed and I asked God “If you really exist, I want you to literally rain down on all of us.”

Then guess what happened???

We lost it all! The house, the car, the nannies, the company, jewelry, savings, our entire retirement, even my damn fancy bicycle that I had to sell.

Falling house
Then I went in the opposite direction and I decided to give my whole life over to God, and I found a very strict spiritual teacher and I was taught that the only way for me to find God was to renounce every material thing and want NOTHING! I became immersed in guilt and shame and was told that I was not worthy to have a relationship with God, but I was supposed to believe that this teacher was at a much higher level than me, that they had the connection with God and I could only reach God through them… I was taught that I was worthless, and many of my friends and family turned away from me because they felt I had become fanatical, and they were right.
So you can imagine, when I found out about A Course in Miracles I resonated so much with these teachings.

I can honestly say that through this work, in finding A Course in Miracles and doing these programs, that I found EXACTLY what I was looking for: Myself! I now understand that I created ALL of it. I brought these experiences to myself so that I could awaken and I have nothing but gratitude for every single moment of it. It took me falling that low, to bring me to the truth, I am worthy, I am a light in this world and I have so much goodness and love to share, AND SO DO YOU!!!

I have truly and finally let the past go. This quote from the course sums up how I choose to see it now:

“How can you who are so holy suffer? All your past except it’s beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing. I have saved all your kindnesses and every loving thought you ever had. I have purified them of the errors that hid their light, and kept them for you in their own perfect radiance. They are beyond destruction and beyond guilt. They came from the Holy Spirit within you, and we know what God created is eternal.” (T.5.IV.8:1,2,3,4,5,6).

Isn’t that beautiful, and it is true, for you, for me, for all of us.

So this path has taken me full circle, and what I realized is that it IS ok to live in abundance, and I’m not talking about just with money, I’m talking about living in a place of abundance in relationships, in our jobs, in our faith, and in every area of our lives, including having an abundance of peace!


Do you want to know my secret, how I left all my fear of money behind?


Yup, that’s what I said, I started to tithe and it is the single most powerful tool I have found to give up all fear of money.

“How is that possible?” you ask? How could giving money away when you feel like you have almost NONE, help you to overcome your fear of having no money! Well that’s what tithing DOES! And it has brought me to a place of complete trust in God.

It is an amazing process and it starts with giving 10% of all money that comes to me back to God, in other words, to where I am spiritually fed, which for me, is the Teachers of God Foundation. I acknowledge God in every penny that comes my way and when I tithe, I just release it for it’s absolute highest good. It literally feels like giving money to God, putting it into the flow to help others to experience this same kind of transformation and freedom.

What I have found now is that God is providing everything that I need, I trust Him completely. What tithing has done for me is it helped me to give up my “attachment” to money and live in total trust in God. Acknowledging that he is taking care of me and my children and all of us, in every moment.

If you would like to hear more about my journey into abundance through tithing I invite you to listen to a radio interview I did with Lisa a few weeks back on her Unity FM Living in Joy radio show. Here is the link to that episode:


The Teachers of God Foundation will also soon be offering a new online course on Abundance… stay tuned as this will be launching in the next few months!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I am so honored to be able to share this with all of you, my mighty companions.

I love you,


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173 thoughts on “Abundance – Is It Spiritual?

  1. Judy, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! What a gift it is for you to be so open and share your story with us! I am inspired!!!!

    Love and hugs,


  2. Dearest Judy, Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful of expression of you. I had a somewhat similar experience, not on such a grand scale, but close enough. I remember always saying all I really want is a room with a bed and a lamp so I could read. Guess what that did happen at several points in my journey. The transformation came about when I began to see that I did deserve to be comfortable and could still be dedicated to my journey with God. It all happens for a reason and we are blessed to be able to share, and to you to share with us. With Love & Joy, iriana

  3. Judy

    Judy, this is beautiful! You are on an amazing journey. You have a special “story” yet to tell that will help parents with “special needs children”…..
    More to come! <3 <3

  4. Judy,
    I’ve taken the 40 day class twice and have been following Lisa and Bill for a few years, among other ACIM communities and teachers. I’ve only once ever commented about something online. But, I just had to tell you that this short but heartfelt message made me feel connected to you and gave me a great reminder today to be the love that I am and see it in others. Thanks for stretching yourself for you and for me!
    Peace, love & joy,

  5. Thanks for your honesty Judy Very encouraging to see how you have embraced The Course Your a testament to its teachings. Ty

  6. Hi Judy i’m so glad and Happy for you ,thank you for sharing .Your story gives hope and strengt to me to keep on going .I Love you ,Thank you.

  7. Thanks for being soooo open. I have been working on ,of that, of which you speak, for years now. I am still a work in progress.
    I choose to belong to no specific religion & have more belief & faith than ever.
    I love your writings!

  8. THANKYOU Judy ……..yes a beautiful heart felt expression that I join you in here ……It’s amazing when one finally says I don’t know anything now take over my life ….how it all comes in very gently and easily ………..How the perfection of the whole story comes out to truly honour all in the most highest loving ways without judgement ……yet it was all as it was for one to finally let it go and allow the higher GODSELF to fully lead the way …………THANKYOU so much for sharing and THANKYOU for your loving Holy light here …..I see that to go deep is to truly be of service for the greater Good of all…….as also my experience ……….Blessings and miracles are abundant now in every area of ones life as one lives in this beautiful GRACE …….❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Thank you for your forthcoming and authenticity. I appreciated you sharing about the CD “money” song from the apprentice. I too was taken in by the false esteem/accomplishment of money. Great share, very happy for your journey to awakening. The false teacher had to have been your rock bottom.

  10. Judy my dear sister, thank you for laying your heart on the Altar for all of us to See. Your story humbles and inspires me. I love you!

  11. I love the idea that all our kind, loving acts are saved. It’s a bit like keeping all the beautiful paintings our children made when they were little!????

  12. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and your Self so openly with us. This message came at the perfect time and has brought me much comfort. I am especially interested to hear more about how your circumstances with your children have transformed, as I have 4 children that each appear to have their unique issues and I have just truly created a disaster to help wake me up, and cannot seem to find that point of breakthrough, and I have been very low. I pray for help as I feel so close and yet so far away from receiving the miracles I know we are entitled to, and the suffering in our home just seems endless and I cannot stand another moment in this hell I’ve created ???? So, thank you for the hope you’ve given me in this moment. I cannot wait to join you on the other side, as my Self!!! Xoxo!!!

  13. Thank you so much Judy! I see the truth in what you write and Lisa teaches us- that sharing is a foundation of LIVING the truth that giving and receiving are ONE…. cause and effect are ONE. It feels like turning ALL previous thoughts about money- which are SO MUCH fear- connected – into a totally new dimension. To be honest…. There is still fear in me when considering to FULLY JUMP into tithing…. and at the same day I realize that giving it a try, a START and TRUST in GOD is the only way to FREE THIS forever! And as I am truthfully wanting this from the bottom of my heart I will GO FOR IT and make the commitment TODAY! I’m IN too! I have nothing to lose and the gift of freedom and prosperity is at the end of the dark and frightening tunnel! I’m back into the LIGHT! Lack is an illusion and the truth is- there is NOTHING to fear!
    In deep gratitude for your love and openness in sharing this teachings and all of your experiences and realizations with the world- to the whole teachers lf god team!!!!!

  14. Hi Judy, you already know how similar our stories and how much I relate to you. You are such an inspiration to me. I feel like im following a little bit in your footsteps from the moment we first talked on the phone till now. What a change i have gone through from when I first started acim. It is so cool. I feel like my life has definitely taken on an abundance and have so much more peace than I ever had. Its funny but from when you and I talked trying to decide whether i take lip first before the 40 day program, so much has transpired and transformed. I am excited to be alive and look forward to waking up each morning in anticipation to see what God has in store for me. I feel like I am being led and I am coming home, back to myself. Thank you for being such an inspiration. I love you,

    • Cayetina, veo que nadie comentó tu “ahh, hoy es visn2ee&#8r21;. Lejos, lo más exitante que escuché en muuucho tiempo; más que ratones, tenía canguros en la cabeza; me volaste los sesos! Sos muy grosa!

  15. Thank you Judy for sharing your story with us and for being so open and honest. You are an inspiration to us all. Many Blessings.

  16. Thanks Judy,
    I never write in comments like these, but with you I am Compelled to respond. Lol….
    It just struck me how obvious it is when we hear the voice of ego. It is Always upside down and backwards.
    What you extended was the opposite of Weird. We All get it. That’s us too. That’s the beauty of the deep, honest sharing. It is inspiring. I can relate in compassion from my heart and that makes me feel and know I am not alone. There is unity.
    I never want to respond to these articles because I have this real fear of exposing myself, putting myself out there. Getting it “wrong.”
    Well….you inspired me to say ” so what!, get over your little self!!!! Join.
    Keep them coming Judy.
    You got this….again.

  17. Judy – thank you for sharing your experience, your strength, and your hope. You are all light. Love, joani

  18. Dear Judy,
    What a great gift to give; so we might be inspired to grow and share our life of Light back to you and to others. Thank you Dear One. I, too, lived a life of monetary abundance, losing it to a trusted, long time respected financial planner. He was indited by the SEC and was sent to prison. His misdeads affected dozens and dozens of people. I am learning from you and Lisa the way for me to release all grievances and fear of not having enough money is by tithing. Last month I held my breath, and took the step that sets me free from this fear of lack. Thank you, thank you for being my light that shines my way to trust and faith in abundance from God, my Father. I love you. How deeply grateful I am.

  19. I was deeply touched by your story dearest Judy. What réally touches me is the mercy and innocence of God. He is surely the kindest most tenderly giving one beyond dreams. . . To be wrapped up in Him is to live secretly and sacredly in Glory Divine! We áre without a care. I used to think if i give and give i keep losing and losing . . then i saw that as I reached into my pocket I have simply transferred that giving into anóther pocket! You can néver lose what God gives in the first place. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof . . and to give and receive is the same.

  20. It is quite remarkable what happens when someone shares honestly an inner and outer journey. I for one, totally join with them as if I am them on their journey. Judy, you gave me part of yourself here and I am deeply grateful. It is so true that what one person does effects everyone……especially when you share so nakedly. I have your personal experience as part of me now. Thank you, in the Great Love.

  21. Judy!!! I love you so much! I look up to you so much! Thank you for pouring your beauty and love into this heartfelt blog. YOU ARE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! Thank you God for sending Judy’s light to help us on our way! I AM in such gratitude for you, can you tell 😉

  22. Judy, thank you for your candor and your courage in telling your inspiring story. It was helpful to me, and affirms for us that putting our trust in Spirit as our only Source is all we need ever do. Peace to you. Namaste.

  23. Hey Judy…FABULOUS blogpost!!! Loved it! So courageous for sharing your journey to The Course in Miracles….and INSPIRING! Thank you SO MUCH!

    • You woud2n&#8l17;t believe it but I’ve wasted all day digging for some content articles about this. You happen to be a lifesaver, it was an great read and has helped me out to no end. Cheers!

  24. Dearest Judy. I have just red your story.
    I was so touched. Real stories is what inspires me the most. Thank you so much for sharing with such an authenticity. It really touches my heart.
    Love you Judy ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Dear Judy, You are wonderful and amazing! Light of the World……….FOR SURE!!! Thank you for sharing your “freedom story”! Love <3 <3 Liba

  26. Powerful message, Judy… very well written! It feels like you’ve unshackled yourself from so much constraint and now you’re breathing deeply, getting lots of fresh air and being in the moment in your TRUTH. Yippee! So inspiring!