The 40-Day Program

This Online Retreat for Joy, Clarity & Abundance is for anyone that is ready to:

✓ Put all the stories and judgments on pause for 40 days, and to just leave them behind.

✓ Become aware of the chattering mind and learn to not let it run your life anymore.

✓ Realize you have the ability to be happy in all circumstances, no matter what.

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7 Days to Awakening

This powerful experiential FREE course with Bill Free & Lisa Natoli is based on non-duality teachings that offer opportunities to experience the True Self.

Seven 30-minute video teachings, with simple practices that you can implement immediately to shift your day-to-day experience.

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The Awareness Podcast

Every Friday, one of our 4 hosts, Bill Free, Jenny Beal, Cyndi Krupp and Susan Telford and their guests explore spiritual awakening in everyday life.

Listen in as they discuss their newest insights and share what has helped them remove the obstacles to Self-realization, inner peace and happiness.

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Masterclass for Awakening

A Course in Awakening through the nondual translation of A Course in Miracles...

In this Masterclass, Bill Free offers you his unique pointing and direct experience that led to his own realization to open the door to your immediate and lasting Awakening Experience...

✓ Gain a new, deeper understanding of the progressive and nondual paths.

✓ Learn practices that you can take into your life experience.

✓ Be pointed, again and again, to the Truth of who you are.

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Evolve Membership

Teachings, practices and support from spiritual teachers in a community devoted to spiritual awakening.

Monthly Masterclasses

Evolve Book Group

Evolve Community 

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Living in Oneness

12-Module Non-Duality Intensive based on the Teachings of A Course in Miracles & Rupert Spira, by Bill Free & Lisa Natoli

✓ Live from a deeper understanding and knowing of I Am Presence.

✓ Trust in I Am Presence as the true Self known as God's Son.

✓ Shine as the Light of Pure Presence in all your busy doings.

✓ Abide in the Truth as your natural state of Being in this world.

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