The Door to Awakening

By Bill Free

I have the keys but where is the door?

the door to awakening bf

So many of us are seeking after enlightenment, truth, fulfillment or the answer to life. We ask questions like:

What’s this all about?


Why am I here?

It is much like a current in the ocean looking for the ocean, or the rays of the sun looking for the light.

At the earliest age as newborns we are looking for connection and the experience of love, safety and sustenance.

At first, it’s with our mother as she is the source of what makes us feel connected, satisfied, safe and loved. For a long time, we are connected to our source through her expression and extension of love. This is often expanded to our connection with others that love us such as Father, Brother, Sister etc. and we experience our own feelings of loving back in this beginning of the human experience.

What we don’t realize as parents and certainly not as children or young adults that this is the set up that put us to sleep from experiencing our knowing the truth of what we are.

Our understanding of the true nature of identity and source at an early age as we come into time and space is almost completely ignorant of the truth of what we are and where we come from.

This is why Jesus said,

“You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free.”

He said this because the truth and what you are has always been where you are looking from☺ and this experience is your ultimate release and re-union.

Join with me in your own experience even for just a brief moment by setting aside everything for just 5 minutes right now.

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In Quiet Awareness, you will realize what you have always known. You who have ears to hear will know and see.

quiet awareness

Question: How was this process for you? What were you made aware of? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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I love you.



Bill Free

Co-Founder and President, Teachers of God Foundation

Learn how to watch your thoughts like a hawk and transform your life in our free 40 Day Program for Personal Transformation. Click here to start today.

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26 thoughts on “The Door to Awakening

  1. Hi Bill
    That was Great! In stillness my Peace lies. We open the door to our Christed Self, the Oneness. Where we are Everything. Where we Feel it and Know it and Rejoice in our Awareness and Remembrance of who we are!
    Thank you

  2. Hi Bill, I love both Lisa’s and your ways to make ACIM more available – this was a good one to make me become more presence
    Thank you
    Ingrid from Sweden

    • Hi Cc this is good to notice. You are always seeing from the place of awareness and presence. You as God created you is never not the one in awareness as the Self.

      The interpreter of the experience is to be noticed.

      Short moments of awareness many times becomes the natural experience of being as God created me.

  3. Hi, namaste Bill! Nicely done! I love hearing the Truth, and this helps in pointing the way! Great suggestion! Love It! Every drop helps stay on Course! Many blessings with Love, Light, Gratitude and Appreciation, Elizabeth

  4. Hi bill, thx for putting a new take on delightful slumber. I have a friend who has sleep disorder and it causes her to be very moody. Most people take going to sleep soundly for granted, but perhaps your blog will make them realize they were more loved than they thought and they should pick up a phone and say thx for that ability, mom/dad, you did it right. If mom/dad are in heaven, you can still thank them, it’s never too late in eternity. Thx bill, love, ann

  5. Awesome experiance..Im ageless..Im Spirit watching
    When certain thoughts arise a emotion kicks right in and before I realize it Im crying..maybe becauae Im going through heavy grief at this time…I really dont know!!
    Thank you…🕉

    • Yes! Practice this and befree. You don’t need to know. Most times crying is a healthy letting go. Now just allow allow allow and stay watching this experience in non attachment. <3

  6. Bill,
    I so appreciate you! You have this awesome ability to quietly bring me to a place of peace, comfort, and stillness. Thank you for all of the work that you do!

  7. Yes! You need only instruct the mind. It is good for us to stop, pause and be present in Awareness. let’s remember to do this. And so it is

  8. “I have the keys but where is the door?”

    Bill, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    Your opening question instantly prompted lyrics from the Eagles song, Already Gone, to appear in my ‘mind’s eye.’ I have explored these lyrics before but this time my interpretation went a bit deeper and broader. Previously, when considering these particular lyrics, my attention had been focused on the metaphor of living my life in chains and not knowing I had the key, in this experience, though, my attention was directed to the line…”I’m already gone…”

    Oh yeah! I AM already gone. 🙂

    Here are the lyrics I’m referencing:

    Well I know it wasn’t you who held me down
    Heaven knows it wasn’t you who set me free
    So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
    And we never even know we have the key

    But me, I’m already gone
    And I’m feelin’ strong
    I will sing this vict’ry song
    ‘Cause I’m already gone
    Yes, I’m already gone
    And I’m feelin’ strong
    I will sing this vict’ry song
    ‘Cause I’m already gone
    Yes, I’m already gone
    Already gone

    I tell you, I never ceased to be surprised at the most unexpected ways that Spirit uses to get my attention and direct my attention to a particular concept that informs me of what I was doing before I forgot what I was doing.

    Wonderful teaching Bill. It’s never about what ‘myself’ thinks it’s about and I interpret that as being a good thing…seems to be an effective way to circumvent the ego.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  9. Wonderful. This is but the simplest process I have come across.
    One should be aware of the different components of one’s make up in order to better comprehend the ‘I Am’ self. The -I, which is always used is both knowledge and the error I. Now observe the I Am as the present,all Knowing without birth,gender,lack,non-objective etc. as you.
    Now be establish in this Knowing.
    Know yourself to be That truth.
    That Truth will set you free.
    Love your work.

  10. Hello again Bill, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    One of the many aspects of the Teachers of God group that I very much appreciate and is a primary reason I join with you all, is the experiential approach to teaching the course. While we can originate all kinds of very creative ways to point to the abstract, no matter how creative the manner of pointing may be, it’s only experience that can take you to the place that is not a place.

    During the first 28 years or so of my body identity’s journey through space and time, there was an awareness seemingly integrated into the body that was really wrestling with the concept of God. In earnest, this awareness desired who and what this God was. However, there was no concept that was being presented from any source in its environment, that this awareness could latch onto as being the definitive explanation for this invisible entity, that, was being proclaimed to have all power over the entirety of existence. The awareness, not having its desire to know satisfied, announced to another body identity, that had the role of being its mother, that it would search the world over to find God. The mother didn’t know how to respond to her six year old son’s proclamation, but she knew enough not to make him wrong for it (I knew this about her when I chose her to be my mother).

    It wasn’t long after stating such a bold and outrageous goal that the goal gradually slipped beneath awareness where it was no longer perceived. The intention of the desire that prompted the goal, though, was so pure and strong that, even in its obscurity from awareness, it compelled awareness to stay true to its goal all the while doing so unknowingly. In other words, even though the awareness was aware of what it was doing, it was not consciously aware of why it was doing what it was doing.

    The unconscious search for God that awareness was engaged in, resulted in numerous spiritual experiences that not only served to magnify the enigma of God but did the same for such existential questions like; Who am I?; Why am I here?; What is my purpose for being here?, and the many other questions that are spawned in the asking of these.

    Along its journey, awareness, through some of the spiritual practices it had explored, learned to assume points of view outside of its body identity. In 1984 there came what seemed to be a genuine moment of spontaneity where awareness decided to go out into the universe and find God. Awareness began travelling through the universe continuing to assume points of view, each one farther away than the one before. Finally, awareness arrived at a point of view that it could not go beyond, and there beyond there, is where awareness found God. Not as an object composed of matter, energy, space or time; but as an experience that could never be explained, described or labeled. And in that experience, the universe ceased to exist. No longer was there anything at all to be aware of.

    Although awareness returned to continue to associate with its body identity, the experience of God never slipped into the unconscious. And while the reality of the experience of being one with God never dimmed, awareness continued for many years thereafter to remain unconscious of the goal it had earlier set for itself; the goal to find God.

    For the last 15 years awareness has been exploring many paths with the goal of trying to understand what’s really going on. Throughout the various explorations of self-discovery, awareness made reviewing its journey a morning ritual. In the process of reviewing its journey as the pretense of being a body identity, awareness became more and more consciously aware, which resulted in major changes in its interpretations of perception.

    In its journey as a body identity, awareness accumulated a vast storehouse of seemingly disrelated dots (interpretations of perception existing in a state of confusion). What was learned through some of the explorations down spiritual paths served to connect a few dots and seemed, at least, to also increase probabilities of understanding.

    In 2012 the path that awareness was traveling intercepted ACIM. The timing of this interception, as with all the interceptions prior, was perfect. With the interception of ACIM, that vast storehouse of seemingly disrelated dots has since diminished in volume markedly. And as the morning ritual of review of the journey of awareness continues, the reviews go deeper and deeper within.

    Note: Bill, when I am prompted to respond to a teaching, whatever I might think I’m going to address, is never what I address. I learned to be comfprtable with this occurrence very early on. However, my experience in posting comments to the numerous blogs I’ve followed over the years has demonstrated that it is not atypical that the comments I post are often interpreted as being off topic or non sequitur (at least until you get to know me). That being noted, I don’t expect that will be a concern here. After all, as the course has reminded me, there is nothing random in one’s journey through space and time. One cannot help but be at the right place at the right time.

    Thank you very much for your teaching. I am most grateful.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  11. Hi dear Bill I would like to have your email address so that I can email you on something interesting – is that possible and okay to ask you for? ❤️ Rosie

  12. Namaste, Bill. I am Zakiya and I live in Roxbury, a neighborhood of Boston. I sometimes participate in Unity In The City which is how I learned of the Teachers of God Foundation and the 40 Day Transformation. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, Day 24.
    I was looking for support for my 40-Day Transformation tonight which led me to TOG website and your post.
    In truth, ego mind just ran rampant and I only found a few seconds of “I AM!”
    So I’ll keep making the effort. Thank you for sharing your freedom with men/ the world.