The End of Suffering

4 Live Sessions

With Tom Das

An Invitation from Tom Das 

Join Tom Das for 4 Satsangs 

The End of Suffering

What you’ll get:

  • four 90 minute sessions with Tom
  • opportunity to ask questions and receive teachings
  • direct pointings to your true nature 
  • on-demand access to replays if you can’t join live
  • an invitation to 4 additional live Community Gatherings on Zoom for support and interaction with your fellow participants

What you’ll learn:

  • that the fear of separation is our joy that became frozen 
  • how to challenge that fear and undo it
  • that the heart is the playground, the altar to the truth of who you are 
  •  how to let meditation become everyday living
  • that the chemical transformation from fear to joy happens very naturally.


"What we are is divine. What we are is truly infinite."

Tom Das

 Live Sessions Schedule:


Session 1: Discovering Your True Nature

November 7th at 3pm ET

You may have read a lot about "true nature", but what is it exactly?

What are the pitfalls and detours we might take on the path of spiritual awakening?

Is it possible to know your true nature now or is it only possible after a lot of study and practice ?


Session 2: Freedom From Physical Suffering

November 14th at 3pm ET

Is there a difference between pain and suffering? 

Is it really possible to be free of suffering while we live in these bodies in this world?

Session 3: Freedom From Emotional Suffering

November 21st at 3pm ET

Is it possible to be free of emotional suffering? What about those who have diagnoses of anxiety or depression or PTSD? 


Session 4: Living Your Realization in the Midst of Everyday Life


November 28th at 3pm ET

Do you ever worry that if you have a spiritual awakening, you might not be able to carry out your roles and responsibilities in the world?  


Community Gatherings Schedule:


Saturday, November 12th: 11:00am ET
Sunday, November 20th: 2pm ET
Sunday, November 27th: 2pm ET
Saturday, December 3rd: 11am ET

Tom Das

Whilst Tom has explored many teachings traditions including Advaita (Nondual) Vedanta, Buddhism, Zen, Christian Mysticism, Dzogchen and Taoism as well as more “New Age” teachings such as the Law of Attraction, his love is to share the teachings of his Beloved Guru, Sri Ramana Maharshi, as well as his devotion for Sri Ramana. That said, irrespective of your own seeking background, Tom has an uncanny knack of being able to meet you where you are and facilitate a greater clarity in those who approach him for guidance.

Tom lives with his wife and children in London UK. He holds meetings twice a week in person and online with the intent of sharing this wonderful message of love and freedom from suffering.


Join Tom for The End of Suffering.

Live Sessons with Tom Das


  • 4 Live Satsangs
  • On Demand Replays if you can't join live
  • Invitation to 4 live Community Gatherings on Zoom for support and interaction with your fellow participants


"Freedom is a total fullness without any sense of lack whatsoever and in which there's no suffering there at all."

Tom Das