Top 10 Benefits of A Course In Miracles

By Linda Leland

So many people want to know why A Course In Miracles (ACIM) students love it so much so I thought it would be fun to give you the top 10 benefits-just like David Letterman. LOL.

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Honestly, the happiest people I know are ACIM students. That’s how I decide if something works- I look for results.

I can’t even count how many programs, potions and techniques I’ve tried to feel better in my life and none of them really held up.


Because I had so many old thought patterns of fear and worry running through my mind that had to be addressed and dissolved first. No matter what I did or didn’t do, they’d come back and run the show and I’d be right back to my old uncomfortable patterns again.

I used to feel so hopeless for any real change. Once I addressed these thoughts, change became effortless. It naturally happened on its own. It all became so clear and my mind was blown.

That’s why I love ACIM so much. It gets to the core so healing is permanent.

I actually started to feel better right away and it kept happening and happening and it still continues to this day. I look back on my life now and I still can’t believe it. It made me so excited and now I want everyone to have the same experience!

So, here’s my top 10 list of the benefits of A Course In Miracles.

They’re in no particular order because they’re all so good!

Top 10 Benefits of A Course In Miracles

1) It’s a practical, spiritual course in how to really know your True Self.

2) It’s not based on any religion. There are no rules or dogma. It is solely based on Love and everyone is welcome.

3) Your life becomes one miracle after the other. (A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love.)

4) You absolutely EXPERIENCE the Love that God is. It’s no longer just some lofty concept.

5) It gives very specific instructions on how to heal relationships, health and money issues that actually work if you do what it says. Guaranteed.

6) Your life, right now, is the perfect school room for your transformation.

7) You’re shown how to be happy, NO MATTER WHAT!

8) You stop worrying. When you stop the war in your head, the Truth naturally comes forward.

9) It gently leads you back inward to your inner guide who’s only purpose is your good.

10) You are relaxed and fall madly in love with life.

There you have it.

What Is A Course in Miracles?

A Course In Miracles is totally awesome.

It’s a 1200 page book that contains 365 workbook lessons and some really beautifully and comprehensive text. The language is richer and probably different than what you’re used to but you will get used to it with time. You can get the book on Amazon. There are a few different versions. I recommend either the Circle of Atonement version or the one from the Foundation for Inner Peace.

Oh, and if you’re already an ACIM student and love it, this is a great post to share with friends or family who’ve been curious about what you’ve been up to! Click here to share this post on Facebook.

Have you ever heard people talking about A Course in Miracles and wondered “What is A Course in Miracles? And why does everyone love it so much?”

If so, we have good news!What is ACIM cover

Lisa Natoli has just released a brand new video that explains in very simple terms what A Course in Miracles is and why you may have heard people talking about how much they love it.

You can access the video now, for free. In it you will learn:

– What A Course in Miracles actually is, and why people love it and recommend it
– The types of results people get with A Course in Miracles
– Why many people find it complicated and how to simplify it for best results
– How A Course in Miracles helps people to be happy, NO MATTER WHAT!

the happiest people I know ACIM

Thanks for being here and being open to a whole new way to maneuver through this experience called “life” with me. I hope you find the consistent joy and peace that I’ve found through working with A Course In Miracles.

And I would love your feedback about this top 10 list or the ‘What is A Course in Miracles?’ video.

Question: Have you had the experience described in the top 10 list while you have done A Course in Miracles? If not, what has your experience been like? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

My wish is that you discover the overwhelming beauty of your soul and see that same beauty in everyone and everything.

Very, very Sincerely,


Linda Leland

Director of Operations and Teacher, Teachers of God Foundation

Want to learn more about exactly what A Course in Miracles is and why people love it so much? Click here to access your free copy of Lisa Natoli’s new video, ‘What Is A Course In Miracles?’.

what is acim

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12 thoughts on “Top 10 Benefits of A Course In Miracles

  1. Before ACIM, My beliefs were literally, physically killing me. I had believed the indoctrination by the world. That indoctrination began when I was a child and I did not seriously question it for many decades, though I saw it was hurtful and I carried a grievance.
    Only after I began to see I was having more near-death-experiences and close calls than anyone else did God’s grace bring me to ACIM.
    Now I have a very different life. I usually feel happy and content, even on ordinary days. I am no longer getting hit by cars or having near-fatal health crises. I actually am experiencing gift after gift and my health is superb. All my prayers are answered and I live in a place of happiness.

    • So great to read this Diane. Thanks for your testimonial about how life changing ACIM is. I want to share all of these comments with the world!!

  2. As a teacher of the Course. I love your list of 10 reasons why people love the Course. I will copy the list and give it to new comers to the study group. My study of the Course has changed my life is so many ways that I now have to write a book about it. I have gone from wanting to kill my husband (not literally) to loving him unconditionally even though he hasn’t changed a whole lot. I can honestly say now that I love everyone and find myself praying for people who I see behaving like jerks in public. Life is good!

  3. Hi My top 10 benefits have been the following:-

    1.) Getting to know my true self
    2.) Recognizing my self limiting beliefs and letting go of them
    3.) Recognizing my grievances and letting go of them
    4.) Having better relationships
    5.) Feeling better, sleeping better
    6.) Knowing to stop looking outside myself for any happiness
    7.) Knowing to stop looking outside of myself for solutions for any problems that are perceived as being external – they are all internal !
    8.) Knowing that my thoughts and beliefs shape my reality/ perception
    9.) Learning that forgiveness rather than self judgement/ self condemnation is the key to happiness
    10.) Learning the mind – body connection and that the mind is the only cause for all bodily symptoms

    I could go on and on 🙂

  4. One thing I’ve become very aware of is that I recognize who I am and what I do. It’s not just lip service or ideologies. Courage comes from an inner peace and it’s simply knowing what to do and doing it. The course also marks ones own responsibility in every situation without criticizing others. Expectations need be of ourselves continually. It is my attitude, my way of being in the world that effects any outcome. I am influential in helping others. Accepting physical mortality of our loved ones is the same as as accepting our own physical limitations. The body can only take so much suffering, so much aging, so much bombardment and then it ends. I am responsible for my spirit and my responses, that is infinite. To go beyond physical and emotional pain, this is what acim has been instrumental in helping me to not only manage but to reassure me of my original peaceful identity throughout. I have just lost a good friend and my heart is broken but without the knowledge that she’s happy and whole and returned to heaven with her maker, it would be impossible to carry on as usual. The spirit of our friendship is still real and will not disintegrate as the body gets cremated. Thx for all your help, ann


    YES, by simply allowing the H.S. to use these eyes, ears, senses and brain, it no longer matters “what happens”! EVERYTHING IS FOR ME!!…( Ha ha..) regardless “how” it looks. Beautiful expression, many thanks…o <3

  6. Practice and experience of ACMI is the most important activity I have realized in my life. It is more important than my studies in Electronics Engineering, more important than work and than any other activity in my life

  7. Hello Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    i share your love for ACIM!

    Throughout my journey of self-discovery i have come into contact with many spiritual ideas that have, in one way or another, served to adjust my trajectory in the continual search for the truth of who and what i am, where i am and why i seem to be where i seem to be. The ideas i speak of entered my awareness (only after being invited) packaged in a wide diversity of forms and impacting me with varying degrees of force. One idea in particular that I would like to highlight in this comment is the idea that the universe is an illusion.

    I do not recall exactly when or even how, this idea that the universe is an illusion came into my awareness. i get the feeling that it made its way into my conscious thoughts so gradually that i didn’t see it coming. And when it arrived, it seemed like it had always been where it was only i had never examined it. When i did notice it and began to investigate (many years ago), while i thought it possible, i couldn’t see how it could be applied. Having the idea that the universe i was experiencing wasn’t real did not change my experience. Indeed, the universe seemed to be pretty darn real to me.

    As my journey through space and time continued, I began to notice this idea of the universe and myself being an illusion, being reflected in my environment with increasing frequency through a wide variety of sources. Sources that often times appeared to be quite disrelated. But even though more and more individuals were stating that the universe was an illusion, there was no elaboration of how this came to be, how we came to be in it or how to get oneself out of it. However, in connection with some person stating the idea, i would often hear some form of the statement: “You just got to wake up.” And, over time, there have been numerous techniques for waking up that have been suggested. I must note, any technique that i ever attempted to apply with the purpose of waking myself up, has had some degree of viability.

    It wasn’t until i was ready to receive the teachings of ACIM that i finally was presented with a view of the illusion that i could thoroughly embrace as being a practical perspective that i could apply to better my journey. Through the teachings of ACIM i not only received an understanding of what the illusion is and how it came to be, i was given an incredibly simple means to undo the illusion. All i needed to do was demonstrate a willingness and commitment to apply it. i was more than ready to oblige.

    My journey through space and time (the journey that i’m not really taking) prior to meeting up with ACIM, had been an intense roller coaster ride composed of all manner of twists and turns, highs and lows and an ever present sense of not having enough of what i needed. I also experienced a great deal of reoccurring confusion regarding this journey we call life.

    During my first year of studying ACIM, even though there were many incredibly disruptive explosions that occurred as old firmly held belief systems collided with the thought system presented through ACIM, my journey, overall, became a better experience. And with each passing year of study and application since (five years now), my journey is increasingly better; there’s no more riding the roller coaster. 🙂 This is such a good thing!

    Another very important development that has come with my exploration of ACIM, is that i have been able to really get to know and trust my inner guide. Prior to ACIM the awareness i had that i was being guided would come and go. But even during those times when i was aware that i was being guided, i had no rapport with this mysterious influence. Indeed, many times i would bat this influence away as if it were some pesky gnat. i’m extremely happy to say that this is no longer the case. The rapport i now have with my inner guide is quite incredible!

    Yes, i do love ACIM and i do Love all my teachers who gather here at the Teachers of God!

    Thank you.

    In Love As Love
    I AM

  8. Yes its all true Linda!

    Amazing how powerful love is. And so simple. There is nothing my holiness cannot do. It heals every thought of fear and guilt in my mind.

    My life is completely changed from doing this Course!