Transformation is Simple, Like Boiling Water

By Lisa Natoli

One of the most common complaints I hear from people who want to experience change is that “nothing is happening.”

In today’s video I illustrate simply why “nothing is happening” by comparing transformation to boiling water.

Transformation is simple and happens of itself when you meet the necessary conditions for it to occur.

Here is what Jesus in A Course in Miracles tells us:

“You do not have to seek reality. It will seek you and find you when you meet its conditions. Its conditions is part of what it is. And this part only is up to you. The rest is of itself. You need do so little because your little part is so powerful that it will bring the whole to you. Accept, then, your little part, and let the whole be yours.” –A Course in Miracles

Like boiling water, the water needs to reach a certain temperature (and once it does that, it boils. You do not have to think about it, pray about it, visualize it, nor talk to God about it. You bring water to a certain temperature and it boils. Plain and simple. And if you keep the water boiling, it evaporates.

Same with you. When you stay in the fire consistently, transformation occurs. And when you keep on staying there, you evaporate! All your problems and difficulties evaporate like the water in the boiling pot. There is no effort involved in transformation but it does require you entering into it with total abandon.

In this video, I describe what “the fire” is when it comes to healing, change, transformation.

I encourage you to consider taking some of the programs that the Teachers of God Foundation offers. You can learn more about each of them here.

Be ALL IN, consistently, with the fire on, and you’ll be amazed how quickly the circumstances in your life change.

transformation is like love

B139_CircleEdition.jpgIf you love this video, I encourage you to do A Course in Miracles. Get a copy of the book and do what it says, follow the instructions. Put the heat on.  It’s that simple.

If you find A Course in Miracles difficult or if you find your consistency wavering, check out our online programs for support, encouragement and inspiration. You’re not alone and the way is one of joy and ease.

Question: Are you ready to go all in with your commitment to transformation? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this video and what it brought up for you. You can leave a comment by clicking here.

*Important: If you have friends or family that want to change but can’t figure out “why nothing is happening”, please share this post. Thank you for joining in the conversation and for being ALL IN.



Lisa Natoli

Co-Founder & Spiritual Director, Teachers of God Foundation


If you find A Course in Miracles difficult or if you find your consistency wavering, check out our online programs for support, encouragement and inspiration. You’re not alone and the way is one of joy and ease.

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32 thoughts on “Transformation is Simple, Like Boiling Water

    • I’d say that I have been spinning my wheels since 2008. I dream of being great, but haven’t until recent days a means to heal myself, through God, so that my steps are ordered. I have been the yellow pot for years. I must admit while I’m ready for change, it is somewhat scary…but I know finding this course is what I need right now. There is hope.

    • Lisa,

      Thank you so much for this post. I love your analogy! A simple reminder to always be conscious of our thoughts and how they impact our progress.


  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for yet another wonderful video! I completed your 40 Day Program in mid August and found it to be sooo beneficial! You have such a special way about you and your teaching. I find it to be so simple to understand and actually put into practice. I look forward to starting Living in Purpose in January, as I am enrolled in another program until then. In the mean time, I appreciate and am so grateful for all you so freely offer and the the many other offerings of the TOG foundation.
    I would like to make a contribution. Can you please assist me with that?
    Thank you, again, dear Lisa!!
    With much love and deep, deep gratitude,

    • Hi Sharon, I love you comment and feedback! Thank you so very much. You are going to love Living In Purpose Mastery Program. Advanced students from around the world all living the principals of A Course In Miracles. Can’t wait to see you there. There is always a donate button at the top of our web site at Much Love!

  2. Perfect timing. I love how Lisa you keep reminding us how simple and joyful the process is! Keep it up! Thank you! I need to turn the heat up and keep it on! And yes just being aware of if the flame goes down and simply turning it back on. Today I will be showing up differently as I get back on track and quit wondering why the water isnt boiling. I know perfectly well. 🙂

  3. I’ve had the fire on but it was on low, slow to boil. Thank you for the gentle reminder to crank it up !!! You are the Light of the world and I thank you for the cooking with gas class.

  4. Hi Lisa,
    The video was great,simply,short but very easy to understand.I believe that all miracles start happening when I say yes I will,and I don’t believe my ego anymore.I have listening my ego too long,and now I see what it has done to me.I’m finnish so my english is not very well ☺but yes,the wideo was great like all your teaching,thank you!!!

  5. Lisa…love your video on transformation ! Such a great analogy with the boiling water…you make things soooo simple! You are my ACIM guru! I love you ! joani

  6. I’ve been working on transformation for some time now. Last week I had an unsettling experience where I spent two days and nights consumed in fear. I would have a ‘vertigo’ experience and then waves and waves of fear and anxiety flowed through me. It’s all I could do to keep centred in “the storm”! I kept focus by saying I’m safe, I’m loved over and over. Is this part of the transformation process? A cleansing/healing etc? Bringing fear to the surface? Or?????? Am I going crazy? I kept asking myself if I needed to go to the hospital, doctor, chiropractor, acupuncture but the inner answer seemed to be a clear no.

  7. The cold water was me until about 4yrs ago, then the heat was on and off as you so beautifully explained. I have bought the book and I Am so willing and ready to go all in with transformation now! Thank you so much for all that you and your staff share, it is the fire I have and will continue to be in as I committ to Love transformation!!!
    Peace and Love to you and yours!!!

  8. Hi Lisa.
    I have discovered that people in Denmark are much more afraid of the words God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and so on than they are in USA. That is why it is more ‘difficult’ to introduce AKIM here. They simply back off alone by tittle many of the people I know. But I have kept the vater boiling for quite a number of years now. So I have just discovered that the seads that planted is unfolding. People have begun to ask for my advise because they are interested in why I have changed in my mood. And why is that they ask. So now I hear myself speaking to them in a very confident manner to each of them and they understand and want to hear more. So when I saw your video now I know that the transformation had come. I could not have done it without this group of teachers like you. Because I was stuck and felt very alone with EKIM before. Love from Lisbeth.

  9. Hi! Namaste Lisa and all who read this! Love the steam analogy as the Light just shining through appearances, simple! Reminds me of Truth just is needing no defense, justification or justifying, it just is! And our awareness being key, staying conscious, present! Thank you for this, well done! Bon appetite!

  10. Hi Lisa,

    I love how so many of the ideas in A Course in Miracles are similar to Indian and other Eastern Philosophies. i.e. In yoga, there is a term called “tapas” which is austerity, or fire, burning desire and enthusiasm towards your practice. This is what it takes to transform and train the mind. The key, as in all disciplines, is “consistency.” Nothing will transform unless that “burning zeal” or “fire” is there consistently. Then the magic happens! Thank you so much for sharing this and for the visual. I love you, Lisa.

  11. Oh!Sweet Lisa!
    I have completed your 40 day course consistantly repeating your daily videos ,studying your written formats,journalling…and started my next day with the workbook acim lesson number 1…today its acim lesson day 45. I’ve the Heat on!CONSISTANTLY I’m All in Now, have been for 95 days!…Loving it!Wow! Today chapter 7 is the last step……Your video made me laugh ..timing!… its so simple its so true! I’m unstoppably boiling baby!..nothing is the same any more! I am New!,calm,at peace, confident,lighter,in joy consistantly.I believe. I now understand the utter perfection of it all!…. and its so simple!
    I bless you and thank you for sharing your wonderful interpretations,metaphors and life experiences so joyfully heartfelt!
    extending from my heart to yours eternal peace and love and abundance
    Lori Nelson Bayonne France

  12. Thank you Lisa for this great example!
    I know sometimes I am the water sitting in the pot and not having a flame.
    I love A Course In Miracles but I know that as much as I try I haven’t been completely in. This example was so eye opening and made me realize that I totally want to be “All In”!!!
    Thank you for being such a light to me and to all of us!!!

  13. I would like to do the transformation .it sound simple , but is not.I have heard everything from you , did the 40 days twice, and is always somebody, something that make me feel is not my time yet to do the change ..Why I feel this way, why circunstances change my beliefs.I don’t like to be this way. What’s there that I missing..thank you all for you ME.

  14. Thank you Lisa for this practical example of what transformation is and how it works. For years I’ve told my students that you can read all you want about how to play the piano, but until you sit down and start banging on some keys, you will never experience the joy of playing the piano.

    This works for exercise equipment. How many of us have purchased exercise equipment in the expectation of transforming our bodies into that healthy communication device we all hope for. Most of the time the only transformation that happens is the exercise equipment transforms into a clothing hanger. It takes a full and complete commitment to go all in.

    I am going all in on bringing A Course in Miracles to Livingston Cty, Michigan. We plan on having a teaching center and a monastery for extended stays for students. There is a quick little explainer video at my website that I invite you to view. Now the real work begins to keep the fire burning, keep pressing forward with guidance from the Holy Spirit and deny the voice of the ego that says who am I to make this happen. I have mighty companions in this bold endeavor.

    Thanks again for all you do to heal the Sonship.


  15. Lisa,
    First I want to say I Love You!! This is an explanation that will be so easy to share with others. So simple but with deep meaning and uncompromising truth. Thank you for all you do. I will watch it again for sure. ALL IN. Genesa Joe
    P.S. Love Linda’s Kitchen and the wooden carving of J. I have a carving of Santa that will do for now …..Perhaps it’s J in a Santa suit. I did not ask what he pulled out of the closet this morning. Ha!

  16. Hi Lisa, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    I’m most grateful for this teaching and very much appreciate the method of delivery.

    In pointing to the abstract, crafting words into metaphors, similes, allegories and analogies, as helpful as this can be in assisting to add illusory substance to what cannot be perceived, can be effectively boosted via physical demonstration, illustration, animation and so forth. Being able to watch you physically demonstrate the process of transformation metaphorically by way of boiling water Lisa, was incredibly effective in helping me to really “see” what it takes to continue the transformation process.

    Spirit, when passing itself off as form, perceives the illusion its projecting as being a solid reality where every meaning is coupled to an object that has some degree of physical mass encapsulated within a field of vibrational energy, located at a specific point in space and time. Humans are deeply rooted in this belief system, from which a particular mechanic of learning within the illusion became a human need. This learning mechanic regards the importance of maintaining a balance between meaning and mass. In other words, attempting to learn about an object without having enough meaning for the object can pose a formidable barrier to learning. For example, suppose you were given some sort of machine that you had never seen before and told to get it operating. However, you are given no meaning (operation manual) for the machine that you’ve been directed to get running. Without having the specific meaning that goes with this machine, it could be more than a little difficult to comply with the assigned task. Conversely, if you are handed an operator’s manual and told to learn how to operate the machine it has been written for, yet the machine you were studying was nowhere to be found; not even an illustration of the machine…well, this might not go so well either. The point I’m trying to make here, the point that Lisa’s teaching prompted, is that human learning is greatly facilitated in maintaining a balance between meaning and mass. And when there is not a balance between these two components of learning, the process of learning is markedly impeded.

    When we study that which is inherently abstract, not only is there no mass, there is no meaning. So how do we overcome such an efficacious barrier to human learning? What we do is we point to the abstract, by way of supplying illusory meaning and mass through all manner of symbols, arranged as metaphors; wonderful metaphors like the one you provided in this teaching Lisa where you gave us both the meaning and the mass.


    Lisa, I too really enjoy cooking. I’m a slow cooker and in the process of cooking slow, I somehow arrive in that quite, vast and still space between stimulus and response where Awareness can remind me of who, what and where I really am.


    Back in the early 80’s I attended a lecture that had to do with being more Spirit and less human. During that lecture the speaker told a short story about a man that had purchased several very expensive courses that were designed to help a person become more spiritual. However, the person, after paying for the courses in full, would not allow himself to be scheduled to attend the courses. Finally, after months of not being able to get the man scheduled to attend the courses, the man that was presenting our lecture, went to visit with the man. The man’s reason for not attending had to do with the proverbial “rat race.” He was a very successful businessman and he was earnestly involved in winning the ‘rat race.’ Our lecturer, Larry, patiently listened to all the man had to say and when the man had come to the end of his list of very reasonable human reasons for why there was no way he could take the time to attend these courses, Larry said, “I see.” A deliberate pause followed then Larry looked past the human mask and located the speck of Awareness that was pretending to be human. And to this speck of Awareness, with a great deal of intention and love, he said, “Even if you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.”

    That powerful little statement of truth pierced my human mask and when it did, I experienced a major shift in what I considered to be both valuable and important. This truth prompted a realization that almost everything I was doing in my life, I was doing to serve the body in some way. I could see how I was deeply rooted in the human cult of Be the body, Worship the body and Care for the body; to the point of obscuring Awareness/Spirit through diminishing its value and importance in my life.

    By the way, over the years I have had numerous opportunities to deliver to others this powerful little statement of truth. Provided I deliver the message to Awareness and not the human mask (body identity), the message always impinges.

    In Love As Love
    Monte, Teacher of God, Light of the world

  17. Omg Lisa. Your video was so perfect. I clicked on the email the day you sent it and took one look and recoiled. My mind said ” more yagger yagger, talk talk talk, I can’t hear anymore talk about how to wake up, Talk is cheap. “. I clicked off and walked away.
    The next day my mighty companion sent me an email with your one attached. She said Watch this ….blar blar,… something something .. ACTION.
    All I caught was the word ACTION. So I clicked on the video and there you were cooking in the kitchen, filling up pots, turning on the heat. Lisa in Action. Watching you Doing that simple but profound task snapped me out of my funk. It had the effect of being hit over the head.
    I have been listening to all the inspiration coming in but not APPLYING it. Not taking any action, not taking a step. I was using the inspiration to fill me up just enough to never have to actually do anything. Just surfing from inspirational talk to the next. It’s a very sneaky little trap. Watching you do something so out of character just Snapped me out of my trance. So simple but so effective. Brilliant.!!
    Thank You. Your awesome. It feels good to take back all my projections. Amen

  18. Thank you for this wonderful explanation! I have noticed that real truth is always so simple, that you cannot even imagine before it comes to you. This what you told was exactly that simple.

  19. Thank you Lisa!! Is so true, I can see myself how I stop and go so many times … This video made me so much aware more, I decided im all in!
    I’m listening and loving all your podcasts.
    You are the best, you changed my life in so many way.
    Thank you! Thank you! Helga

  20. Like the analogy, kind of reminds me of this passage in the Book of Revelation: Revelation 3:15-16
    I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

  21. I love this so much! This morning I burned my arm on the steam coming out of my coffee percolator, and after watching this video (which has been open on my browser for a week but I just happened to finally play it), I think I know why! Perhaps I’m being alerted to where I’m at in this transformational process. Fire is so powerful…I love the idea of it being used to burn off impurities and “boil things down” to what’s essential and true. I will reignite the fire of my awareness to keep the transformation going…such a rich analogy, I love it. Really needed this as I have been feeling stuck, but I think I just need to keep the burner on. So much love and gratitude to you and the teachings, Lisa, thank you!!!

  22. I have to be very honest and transparent. As I have been on an intense journey, and have discovered ACIM, and Lisa with 40 days. I need to express my gratitude, although I’m still struggling as I believe in the words and practice. However I do find myself so lost with the heartbreak of losing my Mom, who was my best friend, and my go to to make sense of this world. So I guess what I’m looking for is others who have trudge through these incredibly painful parts of our journey to enlighten me… as I know I’m not alone, and do have the peace of God… just having to exist here for awhile🙏