Why Wait for Heaven?

By Bill Free

Would you agree that most people on the planet are in search of the same experience or the same goal of inner peace and a sense of fulfillment?

why wait for heaven 1

Whether it shows up in the desire for lots of money so you can do whatever you want and seemingly be free, have harmonious relationships, notoriety or fame, adventure and experience, or even good health… these all in the end amount to the desire to feel whole, wanting only Peace, Love, Joy and the experience of sharing it.

While all this seems to be a desire, it is all actually just in search of what we are and we can’t seem to grasp it because we think it is outside of us. We believe it is only to be experienced when this happens or that happens or after we reach enlightenment.

Stay tuned because you can have it now… really!

This is not a play on words or concepts. You can see if this content resonates with you and actually practice this as an experience at the end of this video.

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The Peace of God is shining in you now…

There’s no need to wait for Heaven.

why wait for heaven

Join with me and your own inner presence as we enter together as One mind, One Heart, Pure Presence and the Kingdom of Heaven.

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You are what God is.

Question: Was this video helpful? Did it help you to be able to access the heaven that is right here, right now? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

All my Love,


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19 thoughts on “Why Wait for Heaven?

    • Its nice to finally meet you Bill, I have been so Blessed by YOU and Lisa & The teachers of GOD foundation
      The truth that Ive beens shown has opened my eyes and my HEART to the TRUTH of who I AM. Im eternally grateful to my Creator and the person of Jesus Christ. Thankyou so much for being an open and willing vessel of Truth, Love & Light
      I love you both very much. This h has been a Divine appointment in my life. Namaste♩🎵🎼

  1. Beautiful meditation at the end of this video.I did experience that timeless awareness during a meditation just for short time ,but that was enough for me.Thank you , Bill Free for everything you do for us .

  2. Good morning, namaste Bill! What a wonderful meditation moment, loved it so much. With the quiet, soft Truth brought me right in. Felt the Presence, Awareness as Love and Light, Still,breathing effortlessly in Onement, serenely feeling All is Well, less ego-attachment. Thank you and for this heavenly reminder, centering in Truth together. Blessings, namaste, with Light, Love and appreciation, Elizabeth

  3. Appreciate the reminder that I create my own heaven and hell. Also really liked the reference to childhood training that if I’m good I get rewarded and if I’m bad I’m punished. I overtrained in “if I do it wrong” I need to attack myself. Loved the refresher in where that came from, and, now, I can chose again. Many thanks.

  4. Great blog! And what an awesome lesson. And you sing so well….beautiful songs. And thanks much for meditation!
    My holiness blesses your holiness!

  5. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart ,you gave me back my life
    Love and light and God bless you all 😇😇😇😇💗💗💗💗

  6. Bill, thank you for this blog and video! Your surety and constancy of staying in Awareness is so helpful to me. You have taught me a great deal! Love, Sandy

  7. It was very helpful, showed me where I was mistaken. Although I don’t know if I can literally sell everything I will try to detach.

  8. Thankyou for fanning my flame which was nearly out.
    Being a light in this crazy world is a big ask.
    Love from my heart to yours ♡
    Joanne from Australia

  9. Love your vlog ❤️
    I was going to talk about this tonight in the studygoup ( Called The Bonfire) that I teach 😍 Isn’t that funny 😃

  10. Thanks as always, Bill. The guided meditation is reassuring today, and I also very much appreciate the statement, “You are what God is”. There is so much truth and powerful praise each time a Teacher of God shares a simple talk on a Workbook Lesson from ACIM with us. Relating your own life experience coming to know Jesus is just like what a friend would do.

  11. Hi Bill
    I loved the meditation you did! <3
    I really felt totaly the peace and freedom within. And I dont usually do that even if I concentrate…
    So a Big Thank You for this!
    I am going to see this blog again and follow you in the meditation again!
    <3 <3 Carina