The Yoga of A Course In Miracles

By Kimberly Cartwright

Hello, Beloveds! Kimberly Cartwright here!

Yoga of acim

I am a yoga teacher and personal trainer and I am interested in how exercise affects our brain, our mood, and our creativity.

As I have practiced ACIM and done the workbook lessons, I have come to realize and appreciate how Jesus teaches us to use our bodies to locate ourselves in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Jesus teaches us to use our body to create an internal atmosphere that is calm enough to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit. We can use the body as if it is a vehicle. We can steer the vehicle to whatever location we want to go-either to fight, flight, fear and ego or toward relaxation, recovery and restoration with the Holy Spirit.

Those are our choices. We steer the body by using our breathing.

Breathing can take the body to the location where we can hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

In workbook lesson 49, “God’s Voice speaks to me All through the day”, Jesus gives a perfect description of the two nervous systems we are choosing between all day long. The two nervous systems are the fear/ego based sympathetic nervous system and and the relax, restore and recover Holy Spirit based parasympathetic nervous system.

Jesus describes the ego based nervous system in Lesson 49 this way:

“It is this part that is constantly distracted, disorganized and highly uncertain”.

Jesus then says the part of the mind that is listening to the Voice of truth is “calm at rest and wholly certain”. That is the Holy Spirit based nervous system.

We can use our breathing to shift from the fight/flight ego nervous system into restore and relax Holy Spirit nervous system.

Using yogic 3 part breath, we can easily shift our experience. We can use the body as a steering wheel to go from being distracted, disorganized and highly uncertain into the state being calm, always at rest, and wholly certain.

Jesus says that the part of the mind that hears the Holy Spirit’s Voice is actually the only part there is-everything else is a wild illusion.

Breathing properly can bring us to the place in the mind where the Holy Spirit’s Voice is located.

In fact, Jesus built into ACIM many devices to allow our nervous system to access the peace of the Holy Spirit.

One of these is the use of a metered writing style called iambic pentameter, which is the same meter in which as Shakespeare wrote.

Iambic pentameter mimics the rhythm of the beating of the heart: da dum, da dum, da dum, da dum, da dum.

Jesus built into to the writing of ACIM an automatic way of calming the nervous system so that we align with calmness. From a place of calmness, we can hear the voice of the Holy Spirit.

If I am in fight, flight or freeze, I do not hear the Holy Spirit’s voice. In order to know my right mind, I have to be available to that location.

Jesus uses everything to bring us into the direct experience of our oneness with Love.

Jesus builds devices into ACIM so that just by reading it (and I highly recommend reading the Course out loud), our bodies become the steering wheel to get us in to the location where we can easily, effortlessly and joyously hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice.

ACIM is written in the vibration of calm, rest and certainty, and when we read it aloud in the rhythmic pattern that matches the heart and we also deeply breathe we go very quickly and easily into alignment with Spirit.

The Yogic Three Part Breath

I am going to teach you yogic three part breath, which is a way of deeply breathing that calms the body and mind.

After I explain yogic three part breath, I would like for you to practice doing it! You have to breathe all day anyway, so why not breathe in a way that brings you to the Holy Spirit!!

Here are the steps:

  1. Putting both feet fully on the floor, sit comfortably and relax your belly muscles-don’t suck your belly in
  2. Make the belly big with inhale and then let the belly constrict with exhale.
  3. Let your belly look like a baby’s belly when breathing.
  4. Use your nostril to inhale and exhale, not your mouth. Nostril breath engages the lower lobes of lungs and engages the relaxation response.
  5. The second part of yogic three part breath is letting the ribs expand-our ribs are 365 degrees like a barrel, so as you inhale, let the back ribs fan out, let the ribs under your armpits inflate, and let the ribs that protect your heart get big.
  6. The third part is the upper chest, shoulders, clavicle and sternum area. After your inhale has inflated the belly and the ribs, let the breath open the clavicles, lift the heart and move the sternum forward.
  7. When you exhale, let the chest, ribs and belly constrict.
  8. Try breathing in to all three parts: inhale belly, ribs, chest, and now exhale chest, ribs and belly.
  9. Try closing the eyes and feel the three parts of the body as they receive and release the breath. Dive into your experience.
  10. Know that Jesus is right here breathing with us.

Like the most delicious lasagna, let’s enjoy all of the layers that Jesus has baked into the Course:

  • the beautiful words of the Course
  • the meter of the words that match the beating of our hearts
  • the vibration of the Holy Spirit
  • the deep breathing from the calming of our hearts
  • Jesus’s Presence with us

All of these elements work together to steer our bodies into the location where we know that we and the Holy Spirit are together (actually the only thing there is).

Please read Lesson 267 aloud:

“My heart is beating in the peace of God.”

Breathe in and breath out. Let a little smile come to your face and enjoy the beauty of Jesus energy!

Here is your homework:

Please record your voice reading Lesson 267, and play it every day for seven days while practicing yogic three part breathing. You are training your nervous system to go to Holy Spirit energy easily and effortlessly.

You can use this breathing practice anytime, anywhere and under any circumstances to steer the body like a steering wheel. The breath is like the brake and the gas pedal-it can speed your vehicle up to get your energy going or slow your vehicle down to get you in alignment with the Holy Spirit’s thought system.

If you have any questions, I would love to support you in your A Course In Miracles yogic practice. I would love to hear your experiences using the breath practice.

Question: Have you tried the yogic breath practice? What was your experience with it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

Thank you very much for your peace and love and the contribution you are making to saving the world!!!

Amen and Namaste!!!

Kimberly Cartwright

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44 thoughts on “The Yoga of A Course In Miracles

  1. Hi Kimberly, Teacher of God, Light of the world,

    What a wonderful teaching you have shared! What you have described, and described so simply, is incredibly practical and doable. I thank you both for the technique and the perspective.

    I have had a couple of experiences recently where I was suddenly impacted with information that was both unexpected and non sequitur (bad news). In both occurrences it was as if I was walking along having a splendid day (which I was) when someone abruptly stepped out from behind a wall and hit me in the face with a baseball bat. At the point where I am struck with the impact of the information, the magnitude of force and surprise is such that my attention is knocked/shattered into a state of blankness. Then as my scattered units of attention begin to reassemble into some semblance of integrity, the egoic nervous system rushes in handing out its worst case scenario interpretations of what just happened, including how to react. Of course, this is all happening within fractions of seconds.

    For an instant, it appears that the ego, once again, is going to have things play out its way. However, I am guided to do something…I consciously breathe. And in directing my attention onto the process of breathing, things slow down and a peaceful space appears between stimulus and response. In this space I have the opportunity to turn off the ego’s mental machinery and choose to see things differently. I hear myself saying…I am entitled to miracles. And a miracle is exactly what I experienced in both incidents.

    Kimberly, the perspectives you have shared in your teaching has very much helped me to better understand the mechanics of these two experiences I recently had. Again, thank you.

    In Love As Love,
    Monte, Teacher of God, Light of the world

    • Thank you, Monte, for reminding us of the Way, the Truth, and the Light. This shows the conscious effort of breath control (life force) as the gift that allows miracles to occur in an unexpected and seemingly fearful situation.

  2. This was just wonderful. Two weeks ago, I did a silent retreat at a monastary. I felt so calm afterwards, but yesterday was in that confused, anxious state. I determined this morning to read prayers til I calmed down. I received your email and it was just “a breath of fresh air.” I realize the chanting of the monks probably had a similar effect! Thank you–a lovely lesson that I intend to incorporate.

  3. Hi Kimberly,
    I love your idea. Are you open to some feedback? While you have every right to call your Higher Power ‘Jesus’, doing so alienates a huge percentage of your potential audience. Jewish people don’t like it (even those who aren’t religious have a HUGE problem with it), and many Christians are offended that you refer to the CIM writings as being those of Jesus.
    Would you consider saying “Higher Power” or “Spirit” or even “God?”
    I think your message is so important that I can ignore the exact wording (yes, it bothers me – but I know how to ‘take what I like and leave the rest’) – but I’ve tried showing this to many friends and they won’t even consider reading/watching it because of this.
    Linda Leland, on the other hand, is much more ‘acceptable’ because she using the more generic names for Spirit.

    • Hi Sara, I am also Jewish and totally understand where you’re coming from. Have your friends read A Return To Love by Marianne Williamson who is Jewish and addresses the “vocabulary” used in ACIM.
      There’s nothing like doing the actual Course but at least Marianne does a great job on the “Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles” so they’ll at least have that.

    • Jesus is the author of ACIM. Your request that this information be changed so as to not offend is odd to me. It misses the point that there are no seperate religions or peoples, Jews, Christians, etc. We are all one, light, energy, love. No seperation or titles. The offense is an illusion.

    • Hi Sara,

      When I read your comment I recognized the concern about the terms being used and the adjustment you were suggesting as being very similar to my own not all that long ago. While the action is well intended, it is misguided by years of erroneous programming that, more often than not, is running below our awareness level.

      Not long after I met the woman, who is my wife of 23 years, she introduced me to a very worn book she had; the title – A Course in Miracles. I had absolutely no use for this book as I interpreted it to be Christian in origin and I had long ago concluded that I had no use for Christianity. Joy, on the other hand, frequently had her nose stuck in this book and, from time to time, she would venture to share something she was reading in it with me. While the content of what she read I found to be agreeable, the terms used to communicate the content really put me off. For seventeen years that book was lying around in open sight in our home and I never had the least bit of curiosity about it. However, after I had read a series of books (books my inner guide had directed me to) over the span of a few years, coupled with some mystical experiences I had along the way, there came a day back in 2012 when I became very interested in ACIM. So, I began to read it. And my life has never been the same since.

      Through my studies of ACIM, many opportunities have arisen for me to review the thinking that’s behind any particular behavior I might demonstrate. One behavior of mine that I finally became aware of after a good deal of self-inquiry was the compulsion and feeling of obligation, to adjust others to be more aligned to what I considered to be correct. Noticing this behavior in myself was quite difficult as it was justified by a number of stories that made it the right thing to do. However, during the process of exploring self, it was revealed that the thought process behind this behavior was nothing but programming from a diversity of sources that I had accepted without ever questioning or examining for myself.

      I used to believe that it was my responsibility to save the world and one very important way I could help do this was to get others to know what I knew, to explore and accept the spiritual paths I was exploring and accepting. What a tremendous relief it was when I discovered that wasn’t the case at all.

      It is not my purpose, goal or function to save, adjust or convert anything or anyone that seems to exist outside of myself, which is actually SELF. Instead, the only goal I have is to remember that I am one with God and the only function I have is to be the light of the world. And as long as I focus on my only goal and function, everything else will fall into place.

      In this illusory world we have a propensity to develop deep attachments to form. So much so that we often times become blind to the content being carried by the form. When my wife attempted to introduce me to ACIM, I was so fixated on the form it was in and the meaning I had assigned to that form, that I couldn’t view the content. At the time I had my own forms: i.e., symbols, words, expressions, conclusions etc. that I had assigned so much righteous meaning to, that those were the only forms I would accept to deliver spiritual content. Now, though, because of my study of ACIM and a great deal of thanks to Ken Wapnick, I am able to view and examine content despite the form it’s being communicated through.

      We each have a highly individualized path that we’re taking to get back Home. And everything that occurs on our path happens exactly when and where it’s supposed to. In other words, no need to worry about how others are reacting to form; they’ll have their realizations about that exactly when they are ready. Okay, that’s my segue to what I consider to be one of the most profound statements regarding acceptance made in ACIM…that is:

      “Your passage through time and space is not at random. You cannot but be in the right place at the right time. Such is the strength of God.”

      Thanks so much for the prompt Sara. I greatly appreciate your teaching!

      In Love As Love,
      Monte, Teacher of God, Light of the world

      • Perfectly stated reply to Sara, in response
        to her question of authorship of the Course. Even Helen Schucman, as a Jewish woman scribing ACIM, came into a place and time of merely knowing. It was not the path of least resistance for her, but rather the unmistakable unfolding of deep faith in Him. Yes, Kenneth Wapnick’s books, of which I have read most, teach directly from Jesus’ name. Yet in these hearts who cannot accept the name of the teacher of Whose works they love, are compelled to state their consternation and carry on, in a kind of filtering process as Sara explained. Even before coming to the Course in 2006, I studied some Messianic as well as non-Messianic Jewish teaching, in an attempt to understand. In a recent commentary by a Course teacher, I learned that one entrapment of the ego is about trying to create God- and that can include the attachment to generalizing His name to “universal” names. Still if this be palatable to the seeker then yes, Marianne Williamson and so many others respectfully obliged, simply because students of God’s love are in “the right place at the right time”.

      • Monte,

        I have been scrolling/reading through old post on the teachers of god website. After reading through the post I come to the comments section to also read those. I just wanted to say that amongst others…I thoroughly enjoy coming across and reading your comments. They are very loving and enlightening. 🙂

    • Thank you for that beautiful video, Kimberley! I have done this breathing practice before, but your comments and the ACIM reading made it a much more calming experience. I love the steering wheel analogy. I would be very interested in finding out about what else you have to offer. Thank you,again💖💖 Sharon

  4. Beautiful Kimberly! So well done! Thank you so much for this deeply inspiring and empowering practice! I love your energy! I look forward to your next video! 🙂

  5. Your message would have been more complete if you had included chapter 267 so we could actually have practiced yogic breathing for the 7 days.
    Thank you

    • Dear Malinda,
      Here is Lesson 267 – “My heart is beating in the peace of God”.
      I have taken it from website
      [Link deleted]
      God Bless the Ones who discovered the light within.
      Kind Regards,

  6. thank you Kimberly. i am finding this truly helpful. one question: when instruction is given to pull in the belly toward the sternum on the exhale, are we meant to actually use the belly muscles or just allow the deflation naturally?
    in endless gratitude for your teaching and Love, nicci

  7. Thank you so very much Kimberly for this beautiful lesson!!!
    I too am a yoga instructor and a student of a Course In Miracles.
    I often wanted to some how incorporate the two in to a class.
    You have made me feel so inspired to really try to do so.
    I love what you did with the Lesson and the breath. It was so beautiful!
    Namaste and blessings to you!!

  8. Thanks you Kimberly. I am a long time yoga practitioner and also a teacher. I appreciate the perspective and it gives new intention to my efforts with students. I am starting a teaching opportunity with incarcerated men next week and will be sure to keep the idea that I am providing an opening to a potential path to God in mind as we practice together.

  9. Kimberly…I am a yoga devotee myself and have found the mind/body/spirit connection so in sync with The Course. I have been doing “Yoga with Adriene” online for some time now and can say that her messages, comments and emails could be directly from The Course ! Can’t recommend her strongly enough for anyone wanting to do a home yoga practice. Light and love to all, joani

  10. Thank you , for reminding us of the breath of life, and the life in the breath .
    I am also a yoga teacher and love how ACIM , joins with the teaching of Yoga , Advaita Vedanta and the Upanishads.

  11. I had heard of and did the abdominal breaths the way you explained it But, adding the expansion of the lungs with such a beautiful explaination and the third part of the excercise using the shoulders and clavicle was a new and much deeper way of experiencing the breath!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this excercise; I will do the homework with gratitude and let you know my experience with it next week!
    Thank you again

  12. Dear Kimberly,

    Thank you for teaching the yogic breath!
    It is very relaxing, but in the third part, the part of the chest, I get tension in my neck and head. Can you advise me what to do to change this?
    Thank you!

    With kind regards
    Angela van Kleef

  13. Hello and thank you. I have tried this 3PYB before in yoga class but didn’t incorporate it in life. Now that Im completely dedicated to the 40-day program, I will do the work being asked of me. I intuit that my mouth breathing is weakening me, so this lesson is perfect. Beautifully done lesson.
    …wish me luck, Tracy S

  14. I love that you are seeing and sharing the yoga of the course in the use of the breath. Its so important.

    I came to the course 40 years ago and would like to share what Jesus shared with me regarding the breath and how to use it to move through the day.

    Its very simple, combine the breath with an inner repetition of his name flowing it in and out of the heart. His presence builds in the heart and then flows through out your entire being. With a little practice you will find His name will become so sweet you simply cannot live without it.

  15. Thank you, Kimberly, I love the quote it’s very comforting. When we control our breath, we control our life so it really is indicative of whether or not we’re connecting to our higher self. The breath is the best tool to the avenu of Christ. Thx for calling m to remember. Ann

  16. To have the 3 yogic breath explained and demonstrated in such detail, and linked to the lessons, is just so helpful. I have been given a valuable tool this morning. Thank you and bless you!

  17. Great, great blog, once again Kimberly! You’ve managed to give us another tool for Love and Peace and for aligning with the Truth and with Jesus. So grateful for you.

  18. Kimberly, Thank you so much for your delightful teaching of lesson 47 and 267, and the Yogic 3-part breath. I truly enjoyed it. I felt more alive, and at the same time more peaceful, calmer, and joyful after the practice. Several times during your presentation I smiled, feeling the truth of your message and feeling at one with you. You are a delightful soul. I’m in the LIP program and over the past 2 days or so, I’ve come to “know” and at times “feel” everyone as my brother and sister. Have a Fabulous day! I love you! Anita

  19. Hi KIm! Awesome message… I have been thinking very strongly about getting my body back in shape.. I used to be buffed… I’ve been thru several Life challenges…mostly financial & emotional..lately surgery on my knee in May… its allot better!!
    I’m interested interested in exploring personal training with you? I love the combination of the ACIM and body health… Please reach out and let’s “tawk!”

  20. Very good idea! I definitely will incorporate the yogic breathing into my day, especially when I feel disorganized or fearful.
    Thank you🌼

  21. Hi Kimberly!

    I thought it was very cool when I saw that you were teaching about yogic breath and ACIM. Every time I watch your videos, I am always grateful for your presence, which I find so calming, peaceful, and loving. Your voice is also very soothing and kind. Keep teaching, you are an absolute gift from God!

    With Love,

    Sandy Zimmerman

  22. I took Yoga several yrs ago. I did this breathing i think we called it envelope breathing. I saw and felt the energies of light beings or Angels and alot of activities they were doing including healing lme

  23. Prayers answered. Perfect, Kimberly. Thank you from a lifelong devotee of yoga, and lifetime student and teacher of ACIM. On this very day my husband needed this healing help, and thanks you too. With love, Gwen

  24. The Book–The Presence Process by Michael Brown also has a breathing practice in it. and i am working on that as well.. I have a hard time being present so of course its what i need to keep doing.. thank you for this , love, roslyn

  25. Thank you for sharing this information. I’ve been practicing the technique since you first suggested it. It really works. Many thanks.

  26. Thank you so much Kimberly. As a yoga instructor and ACIM student I just loved this exercise and it brought a whole new dimension to the three part yogic breath. It inspired me deeply. I sometimes bring ACIM into my yoga classes. Would love to hear of more ways to do that.
    Thank you for your beautiful presence.
    In loving kindness,

  27. Thoroughly became Woke!

    It’s amazing, simply amazing to realise how breathing can calm one down, especially through the nostrils

    And I’m happy to have watched is video now
    About two weeks ago, whilst preparing for my fourth 10K Race, one of the athletes we were training with advised me to t into a breathing pattern /technique, and create a rhythm to my run

    I was confused when I started doing it, but kept to the breathing technique during my race and ran my personal , two races in a row, I managed to shave off 2min to my 10K

    So, thank you
    I will definitely practise the three part breathing technique and add that to my Morning Time with God

    Thank you

  28. Thank you for this share. I am 73yrs now; and just begining to FEEL THE H.S PRESENCE. I am realizing that I spent my time reading about TRUTH. But now I am into the experience of the truth of the life I am.
    You said it so sweetly that “You have to breath anyway” that shifted me to doing the exercise you gave for homework. Still practicing. Great to understand that we have a body, Rather than we are a body.
    I wish to know more of what you do, and your location. I reside in Lady Lake Florida, and struggle to do Yoga here. But it is always short lived. To do it with meaning is what you offer. Being a student of ACIM; I was really in sync with using the lesson. Thanks Again.

  29. I googled:’I have chosen you as my teacher’ cuz a Course friend said that He said that. Never found it in the text. Got your page! I LOVE what was said abot heart rhythm/iambic pentameter and breath. Fantastic, i have felt more peace in the past while,then ever,just reading acim slowly,out loud, and i copy stuff i like in fountain pen. Been into acim for 4-yrs. intensively. Do you use counting at all? I like it cause it helps me focus. Funny that just this week I also,on the bidding of a freind, have gotten into Dr Weil style breathing. So helpful. Thank you for this brilliant-ness, and your nice mellow kind energy. Do you have any yoga videos?

  30. I am over-the-moon thankful for your words on breathing…I have been hearing ‘take a deep breath’ all my life…but, until now, it has made now differnce….
    ..but now I ‘got’ it..and it works, it makes me connect with being me….and it is a tremendous help!
    For ever thankful!!!